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Last comments - Tiathena
GREEK, Attica, Athens, Athena and Owl359 viewsAttica, Athens, (449-413 B.C.), AR-Tetradrachm, Sear 2526, Athena and Owl,
Obv: Head of Athena right, wearing crested helmet ornamented with three olive leaves and floral scroll
Rev: owl standing right, head facing, to right AΘE in large lettering, to left olive sprig and crescent
diameter: 23mm, weght: 17,19g , axis- h,
mint: Attica, Athens, date: 449-413 B.C., ref.:Sear 2526,
4 commentsquadrans06/24/12 at 05:29Tiathena: Spectacular!
Byzantine, Anonymous Follis, SB 1813, AE-Follis, Class A2/F39type, (Constantine VIII. (976-1025 A.D.)), 404 viewsAnonymous Follis, SB 1813, AE-Follis, Class A2/F39type, (Constantine VIII. (976-1025 A.D.)), #1
Class A2, attributed to joint reign of Basil II and Constantine VIII.
averse: +ЄMMA NOVHΛ, IC-XC, Bust of Christ facing, wearing nimbus cross with various ornaments in each limb.. pallium and colobium, and holding books of Gospels.
reverse: +IhSyS / XRISTUS/ bASILEy/bASILE - in 4 lines, Greek legend, "Jesus Christ, King of Kings".
exergue: -/-//--, diameter: 27,5mm, weight: 10,30g, axis: h,
mint: Constantinople though Metclaf states several provincial mints within this group. some with rev legend differences., date: 976-1025 CE, ref:SB 1813, Class A2/F39type,
5 commentsquadrans06/21/12 at 01:18Tiathena: What a wonderful specimen of the type, as these ar...
Claudius AE As163 viewsRIC 100, Cohen 83, BMC 149
12.04 g, 29 mm
S-C across fields, Minerva standing r., brandishing spear and holding shield on l. arm
Ex: HD Rauch Auction 87 Lot 353 (08-12-10); Roma Numis.
9 commentsMark Z06/08/12 at 20:15Tiathena: Really wonderful! Love the Minerva, too - she'...
45 viewsCarinus
Alexandrian tetradrachm
A K M A KAPINOC CEB, Laureate and cuirassed bust right
Athena seated left on throne, with Nike on right hand and spear in left hand, shield beneath, LB across (year 2) 282-283AD
Emmett 4001, rated R3
1 commentstjaart06/06/12 at 20:12Tiathena: Wonderful coin! Congrats! I love the reverse espe...
moneta 333.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Maxentius Follis, Rome - RIC VI 21075 viewsMaxentius Follis
obv: IMP C MAXENTIVS P F AVG. Laureate bust right.
rev: CONSERV VRB SVAE. Roma seated , holding globe and sceptre, shield at side, in hexastyle temple. Wreath in pediment.
exergue: RBT
Struck 308-310 A.D. at Rome
RIC VI 210
1 commentsJericho07/18/09 at 07:29Tiathena: Lovely example of the type.
ROMAN EMPIRE, Maxentius - Roma51 viewsMaxentius (Caesar 306 - 307, Augustus 307 - 312 AD).
AE follis.
Aquliea 307 - 310 AD.
Obv.: IMP C MAXENTIVS P F AVG; laureate head of emperor right.
Rev.: CONSERV VRB SVAE; Roma seated in hexastyle temple with star in pediment.
In ex.: AQP.

RIC VI, Aquilea 121a.
5 commentsSylvianus07/18/09 at 07:10Tiathena: Indeed, a great coin!
RI 152j img.jpg
152 - Maxentius - RIC VI Aquilea 113221 viewsObv: IMP C MAXENTIVS P F AVG, Laureate Bust right
Rev: CONSERV VRB SVAE, Roma seated left, on shield in tetrastyle temple, right hand handing globe to Maxentius (in military dress standing right) left hand holding sceptre; seated captive between; victories as acroteria; wolf and twins in pedament
Minted in Aquilea (AQP in exe.) between 25th July 306 A.D. Autumn 307 A.D.
References: RIC VI Aquilea 113 (C)
5 commentsmaridvnvm07/18/09 at 06:31Tiathena: Fantastic reverse!
Syria, Coele-Syria, Heliopolis, Valerian I, BMC 2850 viewsValerian I, AD 253-260
AE 28, 16.0g
Bust, draped and cuirassd, laureate, r.
Price-urn with two palmbranchs between two price-urns with one palm-branchs
in ex. CERT.SACR / CAP.OECV / ISE.HEL (in 3 lines)
BMC 28; SNG Copenhagen 440; Lindgren III, 1284
rare, VF

The solution of the ex. is Certamina Sacra Capitolina Oecumenica Iselastica Heliopolitana. In total this inscription describes the holy games (certamina sacra) held at Heliopolis (heliopolitana) in honor of Jupiter Capitolinus (capitolina). The ludi iselastica were games in which the victors had the privilege of a triumphal entry into their home cities. Baalbek-Heliopolis was famous for its temple of Jupiter.
2 commentsJochen07/15/09 at 21:39Tiathena: Treasures that make one ->
Thrace, Chersonesos Ar Hemidrachm132 views(400-350 BC)
Obv.: Forepart of lion, head turned.
Rev.: Quadripartite incuse. Pellet / Crested helmet.
SNG Berry 502
6 commentsMinos07/04/09 at 04:59Tiathena: Superb!
Islands of Caria, Rhodes Ar Tetradrachm109 views(229-205 BC). Tharsytas, magistrate.
Obv.: Radiate head of Helios facing slightly right.
Rev.: Rose with bud to right; to left, eagle standing right on torch.
Ashton 215. SNG Keckman 550.
5 commentsMinos07/04/09 at 04:57Tiathena: Absolutely Gorgeous!
Corinthia, Corinth Ar Stater64 views(380-360 BC)
Obv.: Pegasos standing with curled wings.
Rev.: Head of Athena wearing Corinthian helmet, dolphin in front, thymiaterion behind.
Pegasi I 283. Ravel 779.
4 commentsMinos07/04/09 at 04:56Tiathena: .. Just ... Speechless ...
Alexander III the Great Ar Drachm92 viewsChios mint (290-275 BC).
Price 2322
1 commentsMinos07/04/09 at 04:39Tiathena: Surely one of the most Beautiful Alexander drachma...
Lucius Verus Sestertius56 views163-164 AD. Rome mint.
Obv.: L AVREL VERVS AVG ARMENIACVS - Laureate head of Lucius Verus.
Rev.: REX ARMENIIS DATVS IMP II TR P IIII COS II S-C - Verus seated l. on platform; behind him two soldiers; in front, officer standing r., holding rod; below, Sohaemus raising r. hand to his head.
RIC 1374.
1 commentsMinos07/04/09 at 04:35Tiathena: Fantastic! What a wonderful Verus!
Mysia, Parium Ar Hemidrachm81 views4th cent. BC
Obv.: Gorgoneion with protruding tongue, EP monogram in hair.
Rev.: ΠΑ / ΡΙ, bull standing left, head reverted, wreath between legs.
SNG Aul. - ; SNG Cop. - ; BMC -
5 commentsMinos07/04/09 at 04:32Tiathena: I Love these! What a fantastic coin! & here, the f...
Moesia inferior, Nikopolis ad Istrum, 23. Macrinus, HrHJ (2018) viewsMacrinus, AD 217-218
AE 26, 9.76g, 25.5mm, 195
struck under governor Statius Longinus
Bust, cuirassed with scale armor, seen from behind, laureate, r.
Apollo, nude, stg. frontal, head l., holding bow vertically in l. arm and laurel branch in extended r. hand
ref. a) AMNG I/1, 1735, pl. XV, 5 (same rev. die)
b) Varbanov (engl.) 3435 (same dies)
c) Hristova/Hoeft/Jekov (2018) No. (same dies)
scarce (R5), about VF/F+

Pick: The object in Apollo's extended r. hand is surely a laurel branch; but otherwise Apollo seems to be depicted in this way nowhere.
1 commentsJochen07/01/09 at 18:13Tiathena: A wonderful Macrinus! ..Wonderful coin... (Looking...
GREEK, Sicily, Syracuse, 344-317 BC164 viewsSicily, Syracuse 344317 BC
Obverse: Long haired Zeus facing left, ZEUS ELYTHEIROS in greek script around.
Reverse: Horse prancing to the left, SYRAKOSION in greek script around.

Dated according to N.K. Rutter: Greek Coinages of Southern Italy and Sicily, page 169.

Ex. A.H. Baldwin collection.

Bronse litra.
W=18,51g; D=26 mm.
7 commentsKjetilK07/01/09 at 08:32Tiathena: O' what a Magnificent Zeus, indeed! Beautiful...
Cleopatra Thea & Antiochus VIII41 viewsCleopatra Thea & Antiochus VIII
Antioch 125-121 BC

O: Head of Antiochus VIII, with ray diademed to right
R: Owl on recumbant amphora
2 commentsarizonarobin06/25/09 at 14:51Tiathena: These are such charming coins! Yours proves they l...
Antiochos VIII.JPG
King 20. Antiochos VIII. AR Tetradrachm. Damascus mint.93 viewsSeleukid Kings. Antiochos VIII. 121-96 BC. AR Tetradrachm (16.56 gm, 32 mm). Damascus mint. Year 193 (120/119 BC).
Obv. Diademed head right
Rev. Zeus Uranios standing facing, nude, head left, holding star and sceptre; monograms in field; all within wreath.
SNG Spaer 2649 (var); Newell LSM 89.

Great style. Multi-colored toning. Lustrous EF, with a hint of obverse porosity in isolated spots.
3 commentsLordBest06/25/09 at 14:48Tiathena: Wow ..! What a Beautiful coin, LB! Such lovely di...
Caracalla Denarius RIC IV 33039 viewsLaodicea ad Mare mint, Caracalla Denarius, 196-197 A.D. AR 19mm 2.67g, RIC IV 330, BMC 459
O: M AVR ANTONINVS PONTIF. Boys bare-headed draped and cuirassed bust r., seen from behind
R: SECVRITAS PERPETVA, Minerva, aegis on breast, standing left, inverted spear in left and resting right on grounded shield

1 commentscasata137ec08/27/08 at 19:43Tia: Just a wonderful coin! Handsome youthful portrait ...
Plautilla Denarius RIC IV 35946 viewsLaodicea mint, Plautilla Denarius, 202 A.D. AR 17.5mm 2.69g, RIC IV 359, RSC 2
O: PLAVTILLAE AVGVSTAE, draped bust right
R: CONCORDIA AVGG, Concordia standing left, holding patera and scepter
1 commentscasata137ec08/27/08 at 02:00Tia: Very lovely coin.
Julia Domna Denarius RIC IV 53646 viewsRome mint, Julia Domna Denarius, 194 A.D. AR 19.8mm 2.739g, RIC IV 536, Cohen 194
O: IVLIA DOMNA AVG, draped bust right
R: VENERI VICRT (sic), Venus, seen from behind, naked to below the buttocks, holding palm and apple, resting left elbow on column

*purchased from the Forvm catalog, comments from Joe: Interesting "error coin". The celator mixed up the final two letters of the reverse legend. The coin reads VICRT instead of VICTR[IX].
2 commentscasata137ec08/27/08 at 01:57Tia: Wnoderful reverse: ..Error & all...
Julia Domna Denarius RIC IV 57229 viewsRome mint, Julia Domna Denarius, 204 A.D. AR 18.5mm 2.34g, RIC IV 572, RSC 150, BMC 62
O: IVLIA AVGVSTA, draped bust right
R: PIETAS AVGG, Pietas standing left, veiled, sacrificing on altar left & holding incense box
1 commentscasata137ec08/27/08 at 01:55Tia: Very lovely Domna portrait. An elegant die.
Severus Alexander Denarius87 viewsO: IMP C M AVR SEV ALEXAND AVG, laureate draped bust right
R: ANNONA AVG, Annona standing left with corn-ears & cornucopiae, modius at foot.
20mm 2.65g RIC 133
4 commentscasata137ec08/26/08 at 02:20Tia: &nd from very fine, lovely dies. Beautiful portra...
Septimius Severus Denarius RIC 43370 viewsEmesa mint, Septimius Severus Denarius, 195 A.D. AR 17mm 2.25g, RIC 433, RSC 659, BMC 406
O: IMP CAE L SEP SEV PERT AVG COS II, laureate head right
R: TR P III IMP V COS II, Parthian captive seated right, hands bound, amidst arms
3 commentscasata137ec08/26/08 at 02:17Tia: Wonderful coin!
Septimius Severus Denarius RIC IV 226 26 viewsRome mint, Septimius Severus Denarius, 209 A.D. AR 19.5mm 3.251g, RSC 525, RIC IV 226
O: SEVERVS PIVS AVG, laureate head right
R: P M TR P XVII COS III P P, Jupiter standing left, holding thunderbolt & scepter, two children (Geta & Caracalla) either side
1 commentscasata137ec08/26/08 at 02:15Tia: Wonderful reverse type and truly lovely portrait! ...
54 views1 commentsareich08/20/08 at 02:50Tia: Fascinating coin! A first for me for the type. H...
Marcus Aurelius, Denarius - 009095 viewsRome mint, AD 170
M ANTONINVS AVG TR P XXIIII, laureate head right
COS III, Fortuna standing left, holding rudder and cornucopia.
3.30 gr
Ref : Cohen # 136, RCV # 4888

Style fruste mais exemplaire superbe
1 commentsPotator II08/14/08 at 19:45Tia: Lovely! A beautiful Fortuna! ..and a fine portrait...
ACHAIA, Achaean League, Elis. 167-146 BC.133 viewsAR Hemidrachm. 2.30g. Laureate Head of Zeus right/ AX, F-A across, LY above, Sigma Omega below; all within laurel wreath. Dark toning. EFBCD-664, Agrinion-349a, Clerk-281; BCD 664; Benner-Elis-27. HJBerk BBS 160, lot 105.4 commentsCGPCGP08/14/08 at 15:38Tia: Lovely coin - &nd a wonderful Zeus!
moneta 332.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Honorius, Cyzicus - RIC 2854 viewsHonorius AE2
obv: D N HONORIVS P F AVG. Diademed, draped, and cuirassed bust right.
rev: GLORIA ROMANORVM. Emp stg. facing, head right, holding globe and standard.
exergue: SMKB
Struck 393-423 A.D. at Cyzicus
RIC 28c
Van Meter 38
2 commentsJericho08/10/08 at 00:34Tia: A very lovely portrait indeed - & a beautiful pati...
Honorius RIC X, Ravenna 1310159 viewsHonorius AD 393-423
AV - Solidus, 4.37g, 21mm
Ravenna, after the death of Arcadius AD 408-423
Bust helmeted r., draped, cuirassed and diademed, bearded, helmet with three stars
Emperor stg. facing, holding long staff topped by Tau-Rho and placing l. hand on hilt of
sword; he is crowned by the Hand of God and places r. foot on neck of prostrate
serpent-tailed lion.
in field: R/V
exergue: COB
RIC X, Ravenna 1310; C.43
Rare; nearly EF
added to

This type was struck probably soon after the death of Arcadius. The uncharacteristically warlike effigy of Honorius may bee seen as a response to the threat posed by the usurpation of Constantine III and the mutinous state of the army. He is bearded, perhaps in mourning for his brother Arcadius. (RIC X)
3 commentsJochen08/09/08 at 23:25Tia: Wow ..! .. 'Superb' doesn't...
Honorius RIC X, Arcadius 24164 viewsHonorius, AD 393-423, son of Theodosius I
AV - Solidus, 4.47g, 21mm
Constantinopolis 7. officina, 402 - ca. 403
cuirassed bust, laureate, helmeted and pearl-diademed
head 3/4 r., with spear across r. shoulder and shield with
horseman spearing enemy at l. shoulder
Constantinopolis sitting frontal, head r., with r. foot on prora,
holding sceptre in l. hand and in r. hand globe with Victory
holding wreath
field: l. star, r. reversed Z
exergue: CONOB
RIC X, Arcadius 24; C.3
R2; EF
added to
PRORA, prow, is the symbol for Constantinopolis, as a city with access to the sea in contrast to Rome
2 commentsJochen08/09/08 at 23:21Tia: Absolutely! ..Very beautiful! What a Superb rever...
ROMAN EMPIRE, Honorius 395-423 Constantinople161 viewsObv: D N HONORI-VS P F AVG
Rev: Victory Crowning Emperor, VIRTVS EXERCITI
RIC X 61(c)
3 commentsLaetvs08/09/08 at 23:10Tia: Lovely specimen! Wonderful portrait & beautifully ...
Theodosius II, Siliqua - *123 viewsConstantinople mint
D N THEODO SIVS P F AVG, diademed draped and cuirassed bust right seen from front
VOT/XX/MVLT/XXX, within a laurel wreath, CONS* at exergue
2.16 gr, 18.5 mm
RIC X, # 381
2 commentsPotator II08/05/08 at 18:13Tia: OUCH! What an utterly remarkable coin! ...
074. Theodosius II, 402-450AD. AV Solidus.506 viewsAV Solidus. Constantinople mint. Obv: DN THEODO-SIVS PF AVG - Three-quarters bust right, draped, cuirassed, holding spear over right shoulder and shield in left hand Rev: VOT XXX MVLT XXXXS - Constantinopolis seated left, holding cross on globe and scepter, her left foot sits on the prow of a galley and at rear of her throne, a shield sits; in right field, a 'star'. Exe: CONOB : AD 430-440, RIC X, 257 (s) Scarce, page 259/ 4.48 g. Choice FDC.
15 commentsLordBest08/05/08 at 18:08Tia: Phenomenal... ! Well deserves its place in Best o...
Theodosius II solidus56 viewsObserve: D.N. THEODOSIVS P.F. AVG.
Reverse: VOT. XXX, MVLT. XXXX.
Weight: 4,5 gr.
1 commentsCorduba08/05/08 at 18:07Tia: Very lovely reverse (die).
Theodosius II RIC X, 233106 viewsTheodosius 402 - 450, son of Arcadius
Av - Solidus, 4.42g, 21mm
Constantinopolis Jan. - Oct. 425
cuirassed bust, laureate, helmeted and pearl-diademed
head 3/4 r., with spear across r. shoulder and shield with
horseman spearing enemy at l. shoulder
rev. SALVS REI - PVBLICAE (var. A)
Theodosius II, left, sitting frontal, both feet on footstool, and Valentinianus III, right, smaller, standing frontal, both in
consular robe, holding mappa in r. and long cross in l. hand;
above and between them a star
exergue: CONOB
RIC X, 233
R2; VF, graffitti (Epsilon) on obv.
added to

The 3 dots above the head of Theodosius are the rest of his crest.
2 commentsJochen08/05/08 at 18:04Tia: Beautiful portrait.
Theodosius II Obverse and Reverse.jpg
Theodosius II 402-450 A.D.42 viewsThis was the first coin I attributed by myself. Diademed, draped, cuirassed bust of Theodosius II facing right. Obverse inscription reads DNTHEODOSIVSPFAVG.Reverse of a wreath containing the letters VOT/X/MVLT/XX.1 commentscwonsidler08/05/08 at 18:01Tia: Wonderful specimen. Nicely centered and very decen...
Thodose II solidus.jpg
Theodosius II - solidus of Constantinople68 viewsD.N. THEODOSIVS P.F. AVG. , helmeted bust facing holding spear and shield
IMP. XXXXII COS. XVII P.P. , Constantinople* seated left holding cross on globe, foot on prow ; exergue : CONOB

*The description in Sear says it is Roma. But Roma is never depicted with a foot resting on a prow. Constantinople does, and it must be a commemoration of the naval battle of Chrysopolis, not far from there, won by Constantine the Great against his rival Licinius.
2 commentsGinolerhino08/05/08 at 17:58Tia: A beautiful coin. Wonderful dies - and in lovely ...
ROMAN EMPIRE, Theodosius II AE4 402-450 Cyzicus (SMKA)109 viewsObv: ...SIVSPFAVG
Rev: Cross in Wreath
RIC X 449
(I photographed the obverse at an angle to try to best capture the is very artistically executed, especially for this issue)
3 commentsLaetvs08/05/08 at 17:51Tia: Indeed, extremely fine specimen of the type. Wond...
ROMAN EMPIRE, Theodosius II 402-450 Antioch (ANT Gamma)109 viewsObv: Bust right, indistinct legend
Rev: Cross (-Rho?) in Wreath
RIC X 453v
(Cross-Rho? Or just a cross with a big pit at the top? To my knowledge there are no published late Roman AE4s with cross-rho reverses. Ex Henry Clay Lindgren, who listed it as a cross-rho. What do you think?)
1 commentsLaetvs08/05/08 at 17:41Tia: Interesting coin. I think surely pitted. There c...
Aelia Pulcheria, sister of Theodosius II. Augusta, 414-453 CE.321 views 4 (14 mm, 0.82 gm). Constantinople mint, 414-423 CE.
Obv: AEL PVLCH-ERIA AVG, pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right, wearing necklace and earring.
Rev: SALVS REIPVBLICAE, Victory seated r., inscribing Christogram on shield set on cippus; CON? in exergue.
Sear 4309; Goodacre 9; Tolstoi 43; LRBC 2226.
1 commentsEmpressCollector08/05/08 at 17:27Tia: Wonderful specimen of a marvelous coin. A treasur...
Eudoxia, AE4110 viewsAntioch mint, third officina
[A]EL EVDOXIA AVG, diademed and draped bust right, above, hand holding wreath
SALVS REIPVBLICAE, Victory seated right, inscribing christogram on shield. [ANT Gamma] at exergue
2.35 gr
Ref : Roman coins # 4241

Based on the observation of another example minted with the same dies and with a visible exergue on reverse, the Antioch's third officina provenance of this coin is now certain. Thanks to Myriam at Nummus Bible II forum for her perspicacity and for providing me with the information
2 commentsPotator II08/03/08 at 13:57Tia: Indeed. Very fine details in high relief. Have n...
ROMAN EMPIRE, Eudoxia, wife of Arcadius. Augusta, 400-404 CE.181 views 3 (15 mm, 1.94 gm). Cyzicus mint, ca A.D.402.
Obv: AEL EVDOXIA AVG; diademed and draped bust right, hand holding wreath above.
Rev: SALVS REIPVBLICAE, Victory seated right, inscribing Christogram on shield set on cippus; SMKA in exergue.
RIC 103; LRBC 2589.
1 commentsEmpressCollector08/03/08 at 13:51Tia: A quite pretty portrait for Eudoxia: - &nd all aro...
AELIA EUDOXIA228 viewsEudoxia AE3 20mm

Attribution-RIC X Cyzicus 103

OBV-AEL EVDO-XIA AVG, diademed draped bust right

REV-SALVS REI-PVBLICAE, Victory seated right on cuirass, pointing one hand at a shield inscribed with the Chi-Rho as she balances it atop a column with her other hand.


3 commentsblack-prophet08/03/08 at 13:45Tia: Indeed. An uncommonly fine specimen for this impor...
Gratian AE 265 views4.5 g, 21.7 x 22.0 mm.

RIC 26a2 for Siscia. Minted 378-383 AD.

OBV.: Gratian right, DN GRATIANVS PF AVG.

REV.: Gratian raising kneeling turreted figure, REPARATIO REIPVB, BSISC in exergue.
4 commentsTLP07/02/08 at 19:51Tiathena: Excellent coin! Probably the best preserved rever...
Gratian AR Light Miliarense59 viewsGratian AR Light Miliarense. Treveri mint. 376 AD. DN GRATIANVS P F AVG, diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right / VIRTVS EXERCITVS, Emperor standing facing, head turned left, holding vexillum in right hand and resting left on shield. RIC 42b.


Ex. Numismatic Fine Arts, Inc., Beverly Hills XXVII (New York 1991), 208
Ex. AUCTIONES SA, Basel Sale 23 (1993), 624.
Ex. Hess-Divo 2007
3 commentsTrajan07/02/08 at 19:48Tiathena: Truly a fantastic coin in every respect...
Gratian Siscia Victory Advancing30 viewsDN GRATIANVS PF AVG
RIC IX Siscia 15c, type xi r
1 commentsecoli07/02/08 at 19:45Tiathena: A very cool & helpful coin! I didn't realize my G...
mamilia6 denar.jpg
C. Mamilius Limetanus denarius serratus (MAMILIA6) BC82122 viewsobv:Bust of Mercury right, caduceus behind
rev:C MAMIL LIMEAN Ulysses walking right, his dog before
ref:Cr.362/1, Sear282, Albert1253
1 commentsberserker07/01/08 at 18:44Tiathena: Such a wonderful type! I continue the search f...
cornelia58 den-.jpg
CORNELIA 58 Pub. Lentulus P.f. L.n. Spinther AR denarius 71 BC150 viewsobv:Head of Hercules right, behind Q.S.C.
rev:Genius of the Roman People seated facing with cornucopiae & scepter; Nike flying above & crowning Genius
ref:Cr397/1, Syd 791
Very rare
Publius Cornelius Lentulus, nicknamed Spinther because of his likeness to a popular actor of that name, came from an ancient Roman patrician family of the Cornelia gens. Although treated with great favour by Julius Caesar, Spinther eventually came to support the aristocratic senatorial cause of Caesar's great rival Pompey and to align himself with the Pompeian party. This proved an unwise move that would eventually lead to his political destruction and perhaps to his death.
6 commentsberserker07/01/08 at 18:41Tiathena: Absolutely! Superb!
ACHAIA, Achaean League, Corinth. c. 167-146 BC277 viewsAR Hemidrachm, Obv: Laureate head of Zeus l. Rx: Pegasus flying r. over AX monogram with A-K-S across fields; all within laurel wreath, tied left. Ex John Twente Animal Collection; ex HJB Buy or Bid, 2/17/1981. About VF, 2.27g. BCD-73.2, Agrinion-583, Clerk-111; Benner-Korinth-11. HJBerk BBS 159, lot 167.3 commentsCGPCGP06/18/08 at 10:42Tiathena: Fantastic coin! A great reverse, but the Zeus is r...
Achaia, Achaean League, Dyme. 88-30 BC.136 viewsAR Hemidrachm. Obv: Laureate head of Zeus r. Rx: Monograms above and to left of AX monogram F to right, fish r. below; all within laurel wreath. Ex John Twente Animal Collection; ex CNA Mail Bid Sale XXI, June 26, 1992, lot 674 (part). VF, 2.36g. BM-30, Clerk-53; Benner-Dyme-16. HJBerk BBS 159, lot 165.1 commentsCGPCGP06/18/08 at 10:40Tiathena: Very interesting coin. What an intensely-focused ...
ISLANDS off CARIA, Rhodos. Circa 125-88 BC. AR Hemidrachm350 viewsRhodes. (13mm, 1.46 g). Gorgias, magistrate. Radiate head of Helios facing slightly right / Rose with bud to left; sun to right; GORGIAS above; all within incuse square. Jenkins, Rhodian, Group D, 147; SNG Keckman -; SNG Copenhagen -. Near EF, hairline flan crack.

ex CNG 184, Lot: 56.
11 commentsCGPCGP06/18/08 at 10:26Tiathena: I agree completely with all the above... Very lov...
THESSALY, Larissa. Ca. 370-360 BC. 99 viewsAR drachm (19 mm, 5.94 g). Head of the nymph Larissa facing slightly right / Horse standing left, about to roll. Cf. Lorber pl. 1, 1; Herrmann grp. VII/L, pl. VII, 4. VF, reverse crudely struck. Heritage Auction #441 lot 500435 commentsCGPCGP06/18/08 at 10:24Tiathena: Beautiful coin indeed! Nicer than my specimen - b...
MACEDONIAN KINGDOM: Philip II (359-336 BC). 181 viewsAR tetradrachm. Amphipolis, ca. 342/1-329/8. Laureate head of Zeus right / Young male on horseback right, nude, holding palm branch, bee under horses belly, janiform head under left foreleg. SNG ANS 549-555. Two test cuts on reverse. Nearly very fine / good fine (14.27 gm).

ex Freeman and Sear
4 commentsCGPCGP06/18/08 at 10:21Tiathena: Wonderful!
titus elephant reverse.JPG
Titus RIC-115312 viewsAR Denarius, 3.40g
Rome Mint, 80 AD
Obv: IMP TITVS CAES VESPASIAN AVG P M; Head of Titus, laureate, bearded, r.
Rev: TR P IX IMP XV COS VIII P P; Elephant, stg. l.
RIC 115 (C2). BMC 43. RSC 303. BNC 37.
Acquired from Old Roman Coins, May 2003.

A reverse type that records the opening games of the Flavian Amphitheater.

The coin looks much better in hand than the pic shows. Some very nice toning is starting to develop on both the obv and rev.
5 commentsVespasian7006/05/08 at 02:31Tiathena: A much Larger photo of this one would be wonderful...
titus curule rev.JPG
Titus RIC-108 (1)122 viewsAR Denarius, 3.13g
Rome mint, 80 AD
Obv: IMP TITVS CAES VESPASIAN AVG P M; Head of Titus, laureate, bearded, r.
Rev: TR P IX IMP XV COS VIII P P; Curule chair; above, wreath
RIC 108 (C2). BMC 66. RSC 318. BNC 53.

A pulvinar type issued in celebration of the Colosseum's dedication. Possibly represents the pulvinar of Divus Vespasian, honouring his labours in building the structure.

A coin which has nice detail on the reverse, especially in the wreath.
2 commentsVespasian7006/05/08 at 02:29Tiathena: Another! What a Fantastic coin! Indeed, the wreath...
titus capricorn.JPG
Titus RIC 19150 viewsAR Denarius, 3.40g
Rome mint, 79 AD
Obv: IMP TITVS CAES VESPASIAN AVG PM; Head of Titus, laureate, bearded, r.
Rev: TR P VIIII IMP XIIII COS VII P P; Capricorn l. : below, globe
RIC 19 (C). BMC 22. RSC 280. BNC 16.
Acquired from Old Roman Coins, March 2004.

A reverse type that copies one struck by Augustus. Vespasian also used this type. The BMCRE conjectures that the Capricorn may have been Titus' natal sign, but it seems more likely that this was just a restoration type.

A very beautiful coin in hand that suffers only from some flatness on the portrait, evidenced around the ear.
2 commentsVespasian7006/05/08 at 02:23Tiathena: What a treasure!
1400 - Julius Caesar, Denarius250 viewsDenarius minted in North Africa c.47-46 BC
No legend, Diademed head of Venus right
CAESAR, Aeneas left, bearing Anchises on his shoulder
3.91 gr
Ref : HCRI # 55, RCV #1402, Cohen #12
5 commentsPotator II05/20/08 at 12:25Tiathena: Who could add to any good effect to what Noah has ...
1373 - Julius Caesar, Denarius347 viewsDenarius minted in Italy, c.49 BC
CAESAR, elephant walking rigth, trampling on snake
No legend, Simpulum, sprinkler, axe and apex
4.05 gr
Ref : HCRI # 9, RCV #1399, Cohen #49
6 commentsPotator II05/20/08 at 12:21Tiathena: .. Speechless... !
1638 - Mark Antony and Octavian, Denarius202 viewsDenarius minted in Asia minor c.41 BC
M ANT IMP AVG III RPCM BARBAT QP, Bare head of Mark Antony right
CAESAR IMP PONT III VIR RPC, Bare head of Octavian right
3.62 gr
Ref : HCRI # 243, RCV #1504, Cohen #8
Ex Coll Alain M.
4 commentsPotator II05/20/08 at 12:16Tiathena: Absolutely Stunning!
1718 - Mark Antony, Denarius375 viewsDenarius struck in a travelling mint, c.32-31 BC
ANT AVG III VIR RPC, Galley right
LEG IV, Legionary eagle between two standards
3.67 gr
Ref : HCRI #352, Cohen #30
11 commentsPotator II05/20/08 at 12:14Tiathena: By Inspired Venus that is Superb! "Almost perfect?...
Cypriot lekythos23 viewsCypriot lekythos, c. 3rd century BC1 commentsmauseus04/13/07 at 22:12Tiathena: Such beautiful form! Truly lovely...
Septimius Severus | Apollo - Nikopolis ad Istrum, AE18 - 193-211 AD.99 views
Septimius Severus | Apollo - Nikopolis ad Istrum, AE18

Obv: Laureate head right: AV KAI CE . CEVHPOC
Rev: Apollo (or Bonus Eventus), nude, standing left, holding shallow patera in outstretched right & laurel branch in lowered left hands: NIKOPOΛEITΩN ΠPOC ICTP

Exergue: Blank.

Mint: Nikopolis ad Istrum
Struck: 193-211 AD.

Size: 19.80 x 16.87 mm.
Weight: 2.66 grm.
Die axis: 160

Condition: Very fine for all extant devices, beautiful dark-olive patina. Irregular flan.

Pick, AMNG 1356
2 commentsTiathena04/13/07 at 22:02Tiathena: Wonderful & much-cherished gift from a very dear f...
Gallienus: Apollos gryphon158 viewsGallienus (253268)
Rome mint, workshop D.
Obeverse: GALLIENVSAVG, Galllienus head right.
Reverse: APOL[I]NICONS[AVG], gryphon left. Greek delta below.

Comment: Do anyone mention Buckbeak?

W=1.88g[Sic!]; D=19x22mm.
1 commentsKjetilK04/06/07 at 01:42Tiathena: Wonderful gryphon!
ROMAN EMPIRE, GALLIENUS. Silvered Antoninianus of Antioch. Struck A.D.266 - 268.180 viewsObverse: GALLIENVS AVG. Radiate and cuirassed bust of Gallienus facing right.
Reverse: MINERVA AVG. Minerva standing facing left, leaning on shield and holding spear in right hand. In exergue, VIIC, which denotes Gallienus' seventh consulate.
RIC V i : 617 Weight 3.7gms.

Gallienus was born c.A.D.213 and made co-emperor with his father, Valerian, soon after the latter's elevation in A.D.253 and became sole ruler after his father's capture by the Persians in A.D.260. He was murdered in camp at the seige of Milan in A.D.268 and buried in a tomb on the Via Appia.
3 comments*Alex04/06/07 at 01:41Tiathena: Very Nice coin! Beautiful..!
Miletos - Lion | Ornamental incuse - 1/12th Stater, Ionia, Late 6th Century BC.100 views
Miletos, Ionia - Lion | Ornamental incuse - 1/12th Silver Stater

Obv: Forepart of male lion right, roaring head turned back left, jaws open, lying prone head slightly raised above right forearm and paw.
Rev: Ornamental floral-star pattern in incuse square.

Exergue: None.

Mint: Miletos
Struck: Late 6th C. BC.

Size: 9.57 mm.
Weight: 1.171 grm.
Die axis: Omni-

Condition: Remarkably good. Excellent details in lion's mane. End of nose unfortunately severed off-flan, otherwise, fairly well centered and nicely struck overall. Beautiful details in the floral-stellate pattern of the reverse. Good silver, nicely toned and a wonderful little coin in hand.

Sear, 3532
BMC p. 186, 22 ff.
SNG Kayhan, 476 ff.

5 commentsTiathena03/18/07 at 12:09Tiathena: Thank you J.C.! ..I'm really fond of this one ...
Septimius Severus Color Impression474 viewsA quick colorized marble statue. Hair might be too brown for reality, I believe in older age it was peppered with grey like the famous family painting (the one with Geta scrubbed out), but he looked younger here so artistic license was used. Also, he should really be darker skinned but working on the white surface of the original pic made what I was doing seem dark ennough, in retrospect he should probably be a little more dark toned.12 commentsScotvs Capitis03/12/07 at 03:40Tiathena: That just Is very-cool! Wonderful piece of work i...
Miletos - Lion | Ornamental incuse - 1/12th Stater, Ionia, Late 6th Century BC.100 views
Miletos, Ionia - Lion | Ornamental incuse - 1/12th Silver Stater

Obv: Forepart of male lion right, roaring head turned back left, jaws open, lying prone head slightly raised above right forearm and paw.
Rev: Ornamental floral-star pattern in incuse square.

Exergue: None.

Mint: Miletos
Struck: Late 6th C. BC.

Size: 9.57 mm.
Weight: 1.171 grm.
Die axis: Omni-

Condition: Remarkably good. Excellent details in lion's mane. End of nose unfortunately severed off-flan, otherwise, fairly well centered and nicely struck overall. Beautiful details in the floral-stellate pattern of the reverse. Good silver, nicely toned and a wonderful little coin in hand.

Sear, 3532
BMC p. 186, 22 ff.
SNG Kayhan, 476 ff.

5 commentsTiathena03/05/07 at 19:21Tiathena: ..Thank you Noah!
Vrbs Roma126 viewsAnonymous Issue during the reign of Constantine I.
Obverse- VRBS-ROMA, helmeted bust left.
Reverse- She-wolf standing left, head right, suckling Remus and Romulus.
Alexandria mint, 17mm.
6 commentsb7002/23/07 at 01:43Tiathena: That O' so lovely style! - &nd Beautiful patina!
GREEK, Macedonian Kingdom, Alexander III the Great Tetradrachm686 viewsOne of the best examples of a temnos tetradrachm that I have seen. It has a high-relief beautifully-struck centered obverse, and as well as a wonderfully-struck reverse. Still boasts a mint lustre and nice toning.5 commentspeterpil1902/23/07 at 01:25Tiathena: The Masterful engraving of that Zeus, alone in-its...
Doe, a deer--a female deer!692 viewsSalonina -- Died AD 268. Wife of Gallienus. Augusta, AD 254-268.

Billon antoninianus. Rome mint.
Obv: COR SALONINA AVG, diademed and draped bust right on crescent.
Rev: IVNONI CONS AVG, doe walking left, delta in exergue. RIC 16, Cohen 70; Sear 3041.
7 commentsEmpressCollector02/21/07 at 01:01Tiathena: A beautiful coin, indeed!
GREEK, Euboea, Histiaea, 3rd-2nd c. BC, AR tetrobol166 viewsObv: Wreathed head of nymph Histiaea right
Rev: ΙΣΤ−ΑΙΕΩΝ. Nymph seated right on galley stern; wing on galley.
2 commentsOptimus02/16/07 at 00:03Tiathena: Beautiful specimen! Just lovely!
RI 051a img.jpg
051 - Marcus Aurelius denarius - RIC 259290 viewsObv: M ANTONINVS AVG TR P XXVI, Laureate, cuirassed bust right, seen from the rear
Rev: IMP VI COS III, Roma seated left, holding Victory and spear, large shield at side
Reference RIC 259
4 commentsmaridvnvm02/13/07 at 22:21Tiathena: Fantastic portrait & a wonderful coin!
Thasos Trihemiobol.jpg
GREEK, Thasos, AR trihemiobol146 views3 commentsOptimus02/12/07 at 20:19Tiathena: Absolutely! Fantastic Satyr!
Marcus Antonius Galley | Legion X, AR Denarius, 49-27 BC.82 views
Marcus Antonius Galley | Legion X, Silver Denarius

Obv: Manned Galley right, banner at prow, ANT AVG III VIR [R P C].
Rev: Two military standards with Legionary Eagle between them, LEG X.

Exergue: None.

Mint: Moving mint, perhaps Patrae.
Struck: 32-31 BC.

Size: 17.44 mm.
Weight: 3.24 grm.
Die axis: 0

Condition: Quite good. Beautiful to me! As shown by the photo, in any event, which is quite faithful to the coin in hand.

Sear I, pg. 283, 1479
Crawford Vol. I, pg. 540, 544/24
3 commentsTiathena02/11/07 at 19:03Tiathena: Thanks for the catch Zach! I'd passed that over, h...
ANTIQUITIES, Greek, Corinthian Arybalos147 viewsCorinthian Arbalos
5th Century B.C.
Two Warriors Facing Boar
2 5/8" Height
3 commentsBarry02/10/07 at 23:05Tiathena: Indeed! Fantastic and Gorgeous!
MYSIA45 viewsc. 320-284 B.C. Silver diobol, BMC 9 ff., VF, Pergamon mint, 1.240g, 10.1mm, 0o, obverse head of Herakles right, clad in lion's skin headdress; reverse PERGA(M), Athena standing facing, holding spear and shield1 commentsdpaul702/10/07 at 07:39Tiathena: A pleasant coin. Rev. shows a statue of Athena - ...
MYSIA41 views2nd-1st C. B.C. - Bronze AE 21, S 3976, BMC 149, VF, Pergamon mint, 7.983g, 21.1mm, 0o, obverse [SELEUKOU], laureate and bearded head of Asklepios right; reverse P-ER/G-A/MHNWN, eagle standing half-left on thunderbolt, head right1 commentsdpaul702/10/07 at 07:04Tiathena: Wonderful coin... I love the portrait!
ROMAN EMPIRE - GORDIAN III85 viewsBronze "limes" denarius, cf. RIC 131, RSC 347, BMC 347, choice VF, 2.889g, 19.1mm, 45o, Rome mint, 241 A.D.; obverse IMP GORDIANVS PIVS FEL AVG, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right, seen from behind; reverse VENVS VICTRIX, Venus standing left holding apple and transverse scepter, and resting left elbow atop and leaning on shield.2 commentsdpaul702/10/07 at 06:59Tiathena: &nd Venus - resting left elbow atop and leaning on...
Geta, 207 AD105 viewsP SEPTIMIVS GETA CAES
Bust draped, right
Minerva standing left, holding spear, leaning on shield
Rome, RIC 34a, S 2015, C 104
5 commentswhitetd4901/27/07 at 19:26Tiathena: Ditto, to be sure, to all the above comments... bu...
Caracalla | Fides * Rome * AR Denarius - 198-217 AD.96 views
Caracalla | Fides * Silver Denarius

Obv: Laureate bust right. ANTONINVS PIVS AVG GERM
Rev: Fides Militum facing, head left, standing between and holding two standards either side in left and right hands. PM TR P XVIII COS IIII PP

Exergue: Clear

Mint: Rome
Struck: 198-217

Size: 20.40 mm.
Weight: 2.83 grm.
Die axis: 0

Condition: Excellent. Clean, clear, well centered and struck, superb images and good legends. Lustrous silver with some light toning on the obverse.

Sear, 1937
Van Meter, 63/11

Status: TCJH, Private Collection.
3 commentsTiathena07/15/06 at 19:52Tiathena: Thanks Ecoli! TCJH, initials of my full name.
Moesia inferior, Nikopolis ad Istrum, 14. Septimius Severus, HrHJ (2018) viewsSeptimius Severus AD 193-211
AE 16, 2.67g, 16.40g, 45
bust, laureate, r.
Nike, winged, richly draped, standing l., with l. ellbow resting on
column, holding wreath in extended r. hand and palm in l. arm.
ref. a) AMNG I/1, 1371
b) Varbanov (engl.) 2562 var.
c) Hristova/Hoeft/Jekov (2018) No.
rare, about VF
1 commentsJochen07/15/06 at 00:00Tiathena: That was fast Jochen! I was watching this one ...
ROMAN EMPIRE, Vespasian COS VII106 viewsVespasian, 76 A.D., Rome.
OBV: IMP CAESAR . VESPASIANVS AVG, laureate head right.
REV: COS VII, Eagle facing, standing on cippus, head left.

An interesting coin, as the dot in the obverse legend is a mystery. It is not known for sure what purpose the dot served, if any.
7 commentsancientcoins07/14/06 at 23:57Tiathena: Wonderful coin!
RI 064ak img.jpg
064 - Septimius Severus denarius - RIC 50970 viewsObv: L SEPT SEV AVG IMP XI PART MAX, Laureate head right
Rev: MARTI VICTORI, Mars standing right, holding spear and leaning on shield set on captive
Minted in Laodicea-ad-Mare, A.D. 198 202
References: VM 80/1, RIC 509 (Common), RSC 321
1 commentsmaridvnvm07/10/06 at 18:04Tiathena: I just Like this coin! What a wonderfully, thorou...
Mysia Kyzikos 480-450 BC AR Obol177 viewsMysia Kyzikos 480-450 BC AR Obol
0.35g, 9mm
Obv.: Forepart of boar left, tuna behind
Rev.: Lion's head left
SNG Turkey 57

ex MediterraneanCoins
6 commentsareich07/07/06 at 22:41Tiathena: Magnificent!
titus bonus eventus.jpg
Titus RIC 89217 viewsAR Denarius, 3.31g
Rome Mint, 79 - 80 AD
Obv: IMP TITVS CAES VESPASIAN AVG PM; Head of Titus, laureate, bearded, r.
Rev: BONVS EVEN-TVS AVGVSTI; Bonus Eventus, a naked youth, standing l., holding patera in extended r. hand and corn-ears and poppy in l.
RIC 89 (C). BMC 106. RSC 25. BNC 83.
Acquired from Apollo Numismatics, January 2006.

An undated reverse type with the meaning "good outcome". The BMCRE alludes that this may follow in a Neronian tradition.

A very difficult reverse type to find...I spent the best part of a year looking for a VF or better example in good style. This one fits the bill.
6 commentsVespasian7007/01/06 at 00:50Tiathena: Gorgeous!
divvs vespasian victory.jpg
Vespasian-RIC-364284 viewsAR Denarius, 3.45g
Rome mint, 79-80 AD (Titus)
Obv: DIVVS AVGVSTVS VESPASIANVS; Head of Vespasian, laureate, r.
Rev: EX SC l. and r. in field. Victory, draped, stepping l., with both hands placing round shield on trophy, at base of which sits mourning captive (Jewess as type of 'Judaea Victa'?) l.
RIC 364 (C). BMC 112. RSC 144. BNC 90.
Acquired from Vaughn Rare Coin Gallery, June 2006.

This coin is part of a series of denarii which commemorates Vespasian's deification. The others in the series include the following reverses: the shield column and urn, two capricorns supporting a shield, and funeral quadriga.
The reverse is a reference to Vespasian's great victory in the Jewish War and the type was also used during the last year of his reign, of course with a different legend.

A very nice example of this type: good metal, strong portrait and a well executed reverse. Note the dot at the end of the Obv legend. I've always preferred the style of Titus' denarii which feature the dot.
4 commentsVespasian7007/01/06 at 00:49Tiathena: Absolutely beautiful!
vesp quadriga rome.JPG
Vespasian RIC 49226 viewsAR Denarius, 3.08g
Rome mint, 71 AD
Obv: IMP CAES VE-SP AVG P M; Head of Vespasian, laureate, r.
Rev: No legend. Vespasian laureate, standing in triumphal quadriga r., horses pacing, holding branch in r. hand and sceptre in l.
RIC 49 (R2). BMC p. 14 note. RSC 643 var. BNC -.
Acquired from Ephesus Numismatics, December 2005.

This reverse celebrates Vespasian and Titus' Judaean Triumph at Rome.

Most examples of this reverse type are Antioch mint issues which copy the Rome mint type.

This example is unusual because of the obverse legend IMP CAES VESP AVG PM. RSC records this reverse with COS IIII, which is the Antioch type.

This type is a rare official variant which Ian Carradice knows of only three other specimens.

RIC II plate coin.

Kind thanks to Harry Sneh for the attribution help.
2 commentsVespasian7007/01/06 at 00:46Tiathena: Agreed! &nd regardless of the roughness - the hors...
vesp titus dom asia minor.JPG
Vespasian-RIC-1411204 viewsAR Denarius, 2.80g
Ephesus mint, 70 AD
Obv: IMP CAESAR VESPAS AVG COS II TR P P P; Head of Vespasian, laureate, r.
Rev: LIBERI IMP AVG VESPAS; Titus and Domitian, togate, veiled, standing l., each holding patera in r. hand, l. hands at sides; in exergue, horizontal Φ
RIC 1411 (R). BMC 443. RSC 249. RPC 819 (5 spec.). BNC -.

An early coin issue of Vespasian announcing his intentions of founding a dyansty. Minted at an uncertain mint in Asia Minor, perhaps Ephesus.

A fairly scarce coin that I had trouble finding in good condition. This is one of the better examples I've seen...full legends and nice detail in a wonderful style.
7 commentsVespasian7007/01/06 at 00:43Tiathena: Absolutely! Magnificent coin!
VESPASIAN 69-79 AD130 viewsVespasian. 69-79 AD. AR Denarius (3.49 gm; 16 mm). Struck 72 AD. Antioch mint.
Obverse- IMP CAES VESP AVG P M COS IIII Laureate head right.
Reverse- NEP RED Neptune standing left, right foot on globe, holding acrostolium in right hand, sceptre in left.
RIC II 361; BMCRE 506; RPC II 1928; RSC 274.
2 commentsb7006/28/06 at 03:45Tiathena: &nd Exceptionally handsome portrait! Beautiful co...
Moesia inferior, Nikopolis ad Istrum, 10. Commodus, HrHJ (2018) (plate coin)81 viewsCommodus, AD 177-192
AE 26, 12.68g, 26.29mm, 100
struck under governor Caecilius Servilianus
head, laureate, r.
River-god, bearded, leaning l., holding rudder(?) in outstretched r. hand, resting
with l. arm on urn from whitch water flows l.
ref. a) AMNG I/1, 1235, pl. XVII, 31
b) Varbanov (engl.) 2160
c) Hristova/Hoeft/Jekov (2018) No. (plate coin)
d) not in RPC online
rare, about VF

The object in the r. hand of the river-god appears as a thin stick but should be a rudder; anyway it is no reed as Santini has suggested (Pick).
The big bronzes from Commodus are from bad style. They all seem to come from the same die-cutter, perhaps his first ones (Pick).
2 commentsJochen06/25/06 at 14:46Tiathena: Truly fantastic coin! Superb reverse!
ROMAN EMPIRE, Caracalla, AR Denarius94 viewsCARACALLA AR silver denarius. Struck at Rome, 213 AD. ANTONINVS PIVS AVG BRIT, laureate head right. Reverse - PROFECTIO AVG, Caracalla standing right, holding a transverse spear, accompanied by signifer, standard behind him. RCV 6877, scarce. 19mm, 3.5g. Good Very Fine2 commentssseverus06/25/06 at 14:15Tiathena: Wonderful portrait! Excellent coin... Congrats!
ROMAN EMPIRE PROVINCIAL, Septimius Severus395 viewsSEPTIMIUS SEVERUS - AR Tetradrachm - LAODICEE, 202-2115 commentsAlwin06/22/06 at 02:51Tiathena: Magnificent!
RI 132ma img.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Probus, Lugdunum, RIC 64 Bust Type G864 viewsObv: VIRTVS PRO-BI AVG, Radiate, helmeted, cuirassed bust left, holding spear and shield, decorated with emperor riding past row of soldiers with shields
Rev: ADVENTVS PROBI AVG, Emperor riding left, right hand raised, left holding sceptre; at foot, captive
Minted in Lugdunum (IIII) Emission 5 Officina 4. End A.D. 277 to Early A.D. 278
References: Cohen 69. Bastien 256 (2 examples). RIC 64 Bust Type G (S)
Appear to be an obverse die match to the plate example in Bastien.

9 commentsmaridvnvm06/22/06 at 02:49Tiathena: Absolutely Beautiful! Less than 5 stars here only...
RI 132jv img~0.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Probus - RIC 877 var - Bust Type H (Serdica) (KAΔ) (unlisted with this bust type)331 viewsObv: IMP C M AVR PROBVS P F AVG, Radiate and cuirassed bust left wearing imperial mantle and holding eagle tipped scepter
Rev: VIRTVS PROBI AVG, Emperor galloping right, spearing enemy whose shield lies beneath horse
Minted in Serdica (KAΔ in exe) Emission 4 Officina 4. A.D. 277
Reference: RIC 877 var. Bust type H. (RIC does not list this entry with this bust type)
2 commentsmaridvnvm06/22/06 at 02:44Tiathena: Just gorgeous!
ROMAN EMPIRE, Plautilla AR Denarius Superb UNC718 viewsRome mint, Issue II, AD 202. PLAVTILLA AVGVSTA, Bust, draped, hair coiled in ridges, either vertical or horizontal and fastened in bun at back/CONCORDIA AVGG, Concordia standing l., holding patera and scepter. RIC 363a, Sear 7065, BMC 236,411-414, RSC-1, Cohen-1, Hill 583. UNC, full proof like luster.9 commentsLordBest06/22/06 at 02:42Tiathena: 4.3 for this specimen is as sick & as stupid as if...
181 viewsLegionary Denarius - 32/31 BC. - Mint moving with Mark Anthony (Patrae?)
Obv.: ANT AVG III VIR R P C, Praetorian galley right
Rev.: LEG III, eagle between standards.
Gs. 3,6 mm. 17,20x17,96
Craw. 544/15, Sear 1479, Grueber II (East) 193

2 commentsMaxentius06/12/06 at 11:31Tiathena: Indeed! Beautiful!
RI 066am img.jpg
066 - Caracalla denarius - RIC 144b50 viewsObv: ANTONINVS PIVS AVG, Laureate bust right
Rev: VICT PART MAX, Victory advancing left holding wreath and palm
Minted in Rome.
Reference: Van Meter 104. RIC 144b (Scarce). RCV02 6895. RSC 658
1 commentsmaridvnvm06/11/06 at 22:00Tiathena: Great portrait!
Appius Claudius Pulcher, T. Manlius Mancinus and Q. Urbinus. 111-110 BC224 viewsAppius Claudius Pulcher, T. Manlius Mancinus and Q. Urbinus. 111-110 BC. AR Denarius (3.94 gm).
Obverse- Helmeted head of Roma right; circle behind
Reverse- Victory in triga right
Sydenham 570; Claudia 2.
2 commentsb7006/10/06 at 13:04Tiathena: Utterly fantastic! Without question one of the mo...
Phoenicia, Tyros, Elagabal, SNG Righetti 234452 viewsElagabal, AD 218-222
AE 27, 11.71g
bust, draped and cuirassed, laureate, r.
rev. TV - RI - O - RVM
Two baetylic stones (the so-called 'Ambrosial rocks'), standing each on a base, between
them Holy Oil-tree
in ex: dog of Herakles, walking r., finding Myrex-shell
SNG Rughetti 2344; BMC Phoenicia, pl. XLIV, 7 and p.cxli, para 2, citing a spec. from Berlin
rare, F
From Forum Ancient Coins, thank you!

For more information look at the thread 'Coins of mythological interest'
1 commentsJochen06/10/06 at 12:58Tiathena: What a treasure! Simply fantastic reverse! Congra...
Star within wreath127 viewsHelena. Augusta, AD 324-328/30. 19 Follis (2.31mm, ). Thessalonica mint. Struck 318-319 AD. Draped bust right / Eight-pointed star in laurel wreath. RIC VII 50; LRBC 821. Good VF Ex-CNG

The coinage of Helena as Augusta commenced with her elevation to full imperial status in 324 and continued until her death five years later. Preceding these issues, however, was a remarkable series struck circa 318 AD at the Thessalonica mint on which both Helena and her daughter-in-law Fausta are accorded the lesser title of Nobilissima Femina (N F). Both ladies had borne this rank for some considerable time, Helena since her son's elevation to imperial status in 306, Fausta since her marriage to Constantine in March of the following year. The significance of the anepigraphic reverse with star within wreath remains unexplained, though presumably it contains some reference to divine providence and destiny.
3 commentsecoli06/10/06 at 12:51Tiathena: Indeed! ..Nor have I ...
RI 087a img~0.jpg
087 - Gordian III Antoninianus - RIC 07054 viewsObv: IMP GORDIANVS PIVS FEL AVG, Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right
Rev: ROMA AETERNAE, Rome in military dress, seated facing left, on shield, holding Victory and spear
Minted in Rome, A.D. 240
Reference: Van Meter 48, RIC 70, RSC 314
Weight 4.43 gms
Dimensions 22.96mm
2 commentsmaridvnvm06/07/06 at 02:36Tiathena: Stunning reverse! To be sure, the entire coin is ...
Septimius Severus, AE 1970 viewsAV L SEPT SEVHROC
Bust laureate, cuirassed, draped, right
Kybele seated left, holding patera, leaning on tympanum
Interesting variant, omits lion, similar to Blancon List 41, 2003, 129, an AE 20, but has rev. legend running from 8 to 5 o'cl. and laureate head only on obverse (Courtesy of C. Clay).
Varbanov (Eng.) I, -; H&J -
Ex. Forum Ancient Coins
1 commentswhitetd4906/07/06 at 02:23Tiathena: Very nice really! So often such advanced wear giv...
Caracalla * Dionysus - Hadrianopolis, Æ23 - 198-217 AD.124 views
Caracalla * Dionysus - Hadrianopolis, Thrace * Provincial bronze.
2 or 3 assaria.

Obv: Laureate, right facing, seen from behind. AVT K M AVP CEV ANTΩNEINOC
Rev: Dionysus standing left holding bunch of grapes in outstretched right, & thyrsus which he grasps near the top in his upraised left. AΔRIANOΠO | ΛEITΩN

Exergue: None

Mint: Hadrianopolis, Thrace
Struck: 211-217 AD.

Size: 23.56 mm.
Weight: 7.12 grm.
Die axis: 0

Condition: Quite much as shown in image but cleaner and less rough viewed in hand. Quite lovely patina considerably darker than shown here and towards a deep olive-green.

Jurukova, no. 373, pl. XXXV

One of three known specimens.
Two in Bulgaria, Sofia & Sliven respectively.

(Much thanks to Curtis Clay for this reference, & to Whitetd49 for his numerous kind clarifications).
2 commentsTiathena06/06/06 at 16:53Tiathena: Thanks, Bacchus! He does look in a rather dangero...
54 viewsDenarius - 82 BC. - Rome mint
Obv.: Laureate head of Apollo right, control symbol before (vine leaf) and [numeral behind]
Rev.: Horseman right, brandishing spear; P CREPVSI in ex, [control-numeral behind].
Gs. 4,3 mm. 17,78x16,85
Crawf. 361/1, Sear RCV, Grueber I 2664

2 commentsMaxentius06/05/06 at 11:43Tiathena: Beautiful coin! Beautiful Apollon! Congrats! ..L...
GI 132b img.jpg
Probus, Billon tetradrachm, Alexandria, Year 7, Eagle120 viewsObv: A K M AVP PROBOC CEB, Laureate, cuirassed bust right
Rev: None, Eagle standing right, head right, wings spread, wreath in beak
Minted in Alexandria, Egypt. Year 7. (L in left field, Z in right field)
Milne 4649. Emmett 3982(7) R1. Curtis 1873. BMC 2436.

6.17 gms
2 commentsmaridvnvm06/05/06 at 11:18Tiathena: Sweet! Arent these just delightful to see and to...
ROMAN EMPIRE, Julian II AE3 VOT SIRM41 viewsAE 18.8x19.8mm
Bust left, bearded, wearing helmet, shield and spear.
Rev. VOT X MVLT XX in wreath
1 commentsgparch06/04/06 at 11:16Tiathena: Lovely example of the type! Beautiful coin... ~ Al...
Mesembria, Thrace, Greece, c. 450 - 350 B.C.136 viewsSilver diobol, cf. SNG Cop 652 ff. (rev legend counterclockwise on all specimens in the major references), Mesembria? mint, 1.078g, 13.3mm, c. 450 - 350 B.C.;
Obverse: Crested Corinthian helmet facing;
Reverse: M-E-T-A in four quarters of a wheel, read clockwise, surrounded by border of radiating lines;

Forvm said; "We examined hundreds of coins of this type and for all except one other on coin archives the legends are counterclockwise. The attribution of the coin archives example made no notice of the reversed legend. This coin may be an ancient forgery or a mint error".
1 commentsb7006/03/06 at 11:26Tiathena: Most-excellent! I had eyes fixed on this coin ...
Phoenicia, Tyros, Trajan, Prieur 151754 viewsTrajan, AD 98-117
AR - Tetradrachm, 13.96g, 24mm
struck year 17 (IZ) = AD 112/13
bust, laureate, r.; club behind, eagle beneath
bust of Melqart, laureate, r., lion's skin tied around neck
Prieur 1517
about VF

Melqart, chief god of Tyre, was later identified with Herakles

For more information look at the thread 'Coins of mythological interest'
1 commentsJochen06/02/06 at 11:35Tiathena: What a very-cool coin! A first for me too, I can ...
Cappadocia, Caesarea, Lucius Verus Met. 716130 viewsLucius Verus AD 161-169
AR - Didrachm, 6.71g
struck AD 161-166 (as COS II)
bare head, r.
rev. YPA - TOS B
Agalma of Mt. Argaios, on summit man standing frontal with sceptre in l. hand (mountain god?)
Met. 716
Scarce, about EF, light toned

The Mount Argaios (Lat. Mons Argaeus) was the highest mountain in Asia Minor. Today it is Erciyes Dagi, 3916m and volcanic. This mountain was sacred since the time of the Hittits. Agalma is an item for decoration, a word, a sentence, but then too a cult statue, or a votive gift for the gods, then an idole.

For more information look at the thread 'Coins of mythological interest'
4 commentsJochen06/01/06 at 20:00Tiathena: Just fantastic! & such a 'human, all-too-human' po...
Macedonia, Thessalonica, Elagabal, AMNG 5373 viewsElagabal AD 218-222
AE 22, 6.08g
bust, laureate, r.
Kabeiros in short chiton stg. l., holding rhyton in r. hand and hammer in raised l.
hand. At both sides short column with elephant tusk on it.
AMNG III, 53 (1 ex., London)
very rare, VF

The 'horn-shaped symbol' - often attached to the Thessalian Kabeiri - has no special connection to the cult of this deity - as suggested so long - but is an elephant tusk which we find as dedicated gift to Serapis, Isis, Astarte and Atergatis too (Gaebler, AMNG).
2 commentsJochen06/01/06 at 19:52Tiathena: &nd, no-small reflection I think - this Elagabalus...
1. Hieron II - Syracuse81 views274 - 216 BC
Hieron II was an officer in the Syracuse army who rose to the rank of General. He served as king of the city-state until age 92.
2 commentsZam06/01/06 at 17:41Tiathena: REALLY Great coin! ..& gosh, what a masterful unde...
56 viewsDenarius - 54 BC. - Mint of Rome
Obv.: Head of Libertas right. LIBERTAS behind
Rev.: Consul L. Junius Brutus, between two lictors, preceeded by accensus, all walking left, BRVTVS in ex.
Gs. 3,5 mm. 20,73x18,56
Crawf. 433/1, Sear RCV 397, Grueber 3861.

1 commentsMaxentius06/01/06 at 05:19Tiathena: Wonderful coin! Very pretty too! Congrats - a coi...
obv:bust r. bare headed wearing paludamentum and cuirass
REV: Sarapis r.wearing ornamented kalathos
1 commentsMaritima06/01/06 at 05:17Tiathena: May we not well-regard any coin of Lucius Verus a ...
Moesia inferior, Markianopolis, 19. Caracalla & Julia Domna, HrJ (2013) viewsCaracalla, AD 198-217
AE 27, 12.83g, 28.38mm, 45
struck under governor Quintilianus
confronted busts of Caracalla, laureate, r., and Julia Domna, draped, l.
Dionysos, nude to hips, seated on panther advancing r., right hand resting on
animal, holding thyrsos in l. hand
ref. a) AMNG I/1, 670 (1 ex., Lbbecke)
b) Varbanov (engl.) 1021 (does not mention AMNG 670!)
c) Hristova/Jekov (2013) No. (R7)
very rare, about VF, nice glossy brown-green patina

Lbbecke was the owner of a bank in Braunschweig/Germany and a famous collector.
2 commentsJochen06/01/06 at 05:13Tiathena: I make no pause seconding that! A precious treasu...
Macedonia, Thessalonica, Julia Domna, AMNG 5270 viewsJulia Domna, AD 198-217, wife of Septimius Severus
AE 24
bust, draped, r.
distyle aedicula with gabled roof within kabeiros stg. frontal, head l., wearing
short chiton and chlamys, hanging down before and behind him, holding
hammer in raised l. hand and in r. hand rhyton, which is shaped as four-footed
AMNG III, 52 (1 ex., London); not in Touratsoglou
very rare, VF
added to

The rhyton with the four-footed animal is known as animal protomen rhyton. It could be eventually a pegasos rhyton as on Touratsoglou 326, VIB/3.
2 commentsJochen06/01/06 at 05:05Tiathena: Fantastic indeed! Description perhaps a bit confus...
Byzantine JUSTIN II80 viewsOb. Justin, holding cross on globe, and Sophia, holding cruciform sceptre, seated facing on double throne

Rev. Large M, cross above, E below; ANNO left; Year 9; CON in exergue

Ref Sear360
Size AE31
Constantinople Mint
Year 573/574

2 commentsBacchus05/29/06 at 18:05Tiathena: This is a nice one - and also... Interesting! Jus...
Titus Denarius captive.JPG
Titus RIC 01388 viewsAR Denarius, 3.10g
Rome Mint, 24 June-1 July 79 AD
Obv: IMP T CAESAR VESPASIANVS AVG; Head of Titus, laureate, bearded, r.
Rev: TR POT VIII COS VII; Male captive kneeling r., hands bound behind back, in front of trophy, consisting of helmet, cuirass, crossed swords (?), and round shield
RIC 1 (R). BMC 1. RSC 334a. BNC -.
Acquired from Hail Cesare, August 2004.

This reverse may be commemorating a British victory or another reminder of the Judaean one.
The coin was minted during the first week of Titus' reign, needless to say its a rare type.

Definitely one of my favourite coins in the collection. The condition alone is enough to take your breath away.
9 commentsVespasian7005/19/06 at 02:54Tiathena: Absolutely Fantastic! What a Gorgeous coin - in E...
- SR 1395 Julius Caesar157 viewsGold aureus, 7.79g, VF
Struck 46 BC at Rome; Aulus Hirtius, Praetor
C CAESAR COS TER, veiled bust of Vesta (?) to right / A HIRTIVS PR, jug between lituus and axe.
Sear 1395; Craw 466/1
5 commentsLawrence Woolslayer03/16/06 at 00:02Tiathena: Stunning! What a TREASURE! A heart-felt ...
Moesia inferior, Markianopolis, 25. Diadumenian, HrJ (2013) viewsDiadumenian, AD 217-218
AE 17, 2.75g, 16.82mm, 45
bust, draped, bare-headed, r.
Cista mystica, decorated, lid opened, with arising snake
ref. a) AMNG I/1, 804 (3 ex., Imhoof, London, Moskau)
b) Varbanov (engl.) 1328 (lists the coin erroneously as #1326 which is Cybele!)
c) Hristova/Jekov (2013) No.
d) SNG Copenhagen 229
rare, good VF, nice green patina
4 commentsJochen03/15/06 at 23:58Tiathena: Absolutely! Just beautiful! I don't recall ever ...
Mysia, Kyzikos, pseudo_autonomous, SNG Paris 59671 viewsAE 17, 4.13g
struck c. AD 170-190 (late Antoninian time)
obv. (anepigraphic)
head of Kore Soteira, with grain wreath, r.
Jar with two handles
von Fritze, KK 26, 30; SNG Paris 596
rare, about VF, good style
ex coll. J.-P. Righetti

In Kyzikos Persephone was warshipped as Kore Soteira (= Saviour).
3 commentsJochen03/15/06 at 13:33Tiathena: Beautiful, indeed!
5. Marcus Aurelius 161-180 AD181 viewsMARCUS AURELIUS. 161-180 AD. AR Denarius (18mm, 3.11 gm, 7h). Struck circa 166 AD. M ANTONINVS AVG ARMENIACVS, laureate head right / PAX AVG TR P XX COS III, Pax standing left, holding branch and cornucopiae. RIC III 146; MIR 18, 132-4/30 corr. (obv. legend); BMCRE 395; RSC 437.2 commentsb7003/15/06 at 13:31Tiathena: Lovely portrait..! (Fine reverse as well). Wonder...
1. Nerva219 viewsAR Denarius
17mm - 3.5 grams
3 commentsb7003/01/06 at 00:36Tiathena: Positively beautful!
Thrace, Cherronesos, AR hemidrachm, 400 BC186 viewsObverse: Forepart of lion right with paws raised, turning head back to left.
Reverse: Quadripartite incuse square, withAG below pellet and cicada in opposite depression.
12 mm - 2.2 gm
1 commentsb7003/01/06 at 00:35Tiathena: Amazing..! Congrats on another excellent find Bri...
Moesia inferior, Nikopolis ad Istrum, 06. Antoninus Pius, HrHJ (2018) (plate coin)123 viewsAntoninus Pius, AD 138-161
AE 20, 5.85g, 20.28mm, 180
struck under governor M. Antonius Zenon, c. AD 145 (Pick)
bare head r.
Apollo Sauroktonos stg. l., leaning with l. hand on tree on which lizard is
climbing up, r. hand at hip.
ref. a) AMNG I/1, 1225 var. (head laureate, 1 Ex., Gotha)
b) Varbanov (engl.) 2111 var. (laureate)
c) Hristova/Hoeft/Jekov (2018) No. (plate coin)
d) RPC online temp no. 4328
Rare, about VF, black patina, some roughness
added to

This is the earliest and most elegant depiction of the Praxiteles statue which is described by Pliny the Elder in his Natural History 34.69-70, but without an arrow on this type. Pick: 'May be that there is a lizard creeping up the tree.' Here the lizard could be seen clearly.
2 commentsJochen02/25/06 at 17:32Tiathena: Wonderful!
Thracia, Mesembria, Philipp II & Serapis, Karayotov 34051 viewsPhilipp II, AD 244-246
AE 27, 10.35g
confronted busts of Philipp II r. and Serapis l.
rev. MECAM - BR - IANWN (WN ligated)
Athena, draped, Gorgoneion on breastplate, helmeted, stg. l., holding owl in outstretched r. hand, leaning
with l. arm on shield set on pile of three stones, holding transverse spear in l.
ref. Karayotov 340; Varbanov (engl.) 4281 (same dies); Moushmov 4033
2 commentsJochen02/25/06 at 17:30Tiathena: Beautiful! Wonderful coin! ..You Are Relentless,...
Moesia inferior, Nikopolis ad Istrum, 23. Macrinus, HrHJ (2018) viewsMacrinus AD 217-218
AE 27, 11.24g, 27.48mm, 30
struck under governor Statius Longinus
head, bearded, laureate, r.
Youthful rivergod (Istros?), nude to hips, leaning l., holding in l. arm reeds, in
raised r. hand branch; water flows from vase behind him.
ref. a) not in AMNG
rev. AMNG I/1, Pick 1764 (depiction)
AMNG I/1, 1785 (legend)
obv. f.e. AMNG I/1, 1713 (but under Agrippa)
b) not in Varbanov (engl.)
c) Hristova/Hoeft/Jekov (2018) No. (same dies)
scarce, F/VF
1 commentsJochen02/25/06 at 17:21Tiathena: Wonderful reverse, and with a lovely patina!
Dyrrhachium, Illyria, Greece, c. 200 - 30 B.C.129 viewsSilver drachm, BMC 112, SNG Cop 495 var, VF, 2.636g, 16.8mm, 225o, Dyrrhachium mint, obverse XENWN, cow suckling calf right, eagle above; reverse DUR above, PUR left, double stellate pattern within double linear square;1 commentsb7002/24/06 at 23:01Tiathena: Beautiful example of the type! Nicely struck. Ve...
Bithynia, Prusa ad Olympum, Caracalla BMC 22130 viewsCaracalla AD 198-217
AE 25, 6.38g
bust, laureate, r.
rev. PRO - VCAEW - N
Telamonian Aias, nude, helmeted, kneeling on right knee facing left; left leg extending
behind; right hand holding drawn sword given him by Hektor, point pressed to belly in
the moment prior to hurling himself upon it. Pile of rocks before, and circular shield
below him. (Description by Tiathena!)
BMC Bithynia, p.197, 22
very rare, ancient gouge on Aias' body, otherwise VF, old nice patina
added to

For more information look at the thread 'Coins of mythological interest'
4 commentsJochen02/24/06 at 01:51Tiathena: Absolutely Incredible! You might even wi...
Elagabalus, AE 2756 viewsAVT K M AVRHLIOC ANTWNEINOC
Bust laureate, draped, cuirassed, right, seen from behind
Demeter standing facing, head left and veiled, holding two grain ears before, long torch behind
AMNG 819 (courtesy of Steve Minnoch)
Varbanov (Eng.) I, 1560 (same dies as illustrated)
Hristova & Jekov
1 commentswhitetd4902/23/06 at 01:51Tiathena: Lovely..!
GREEK, Macedonian Kingdom, Philip V, AE2555 viewsAE 23.3x26.2mm
Obv. Head right wearing radiate crown, Helios?
Delta above
ca 221-179 BC
SNGCop 1258, Sear sg6795
1 commentsgparch02/22/06 at 17:59Tiathena: Nice. Very pleasant type & an interesting coin. S...
51 viewsDenarius - 125 BC (Grueber 124/103 BC) - Mint of Rome
Obv.: Helmeted head of Roma right; XVI in monogram before, BALBVS behind, ROMA below, within laurel wreath
Rev.:Jupiter & Victory in quadriga right; Macedonian shield below the horses. In ex. MN (in monogram) ACILI
Gs. 3,8 mm. 18,4
Craw. 271/1, Sear RCV .147, BMRRC 1019

1 commentsMaxentius02/21/06 at 16:29Tiathena: Very interesting reverse type... Great coin!
52 viewsDenarius - 83/82 BC. - Mint of Rome
C. NORBANVS - Gens Norbana
Obv.: Diademed head of Venus right, C.NORBANUS below, numeral control mark behind
Rev.:Fasces with axe between caduceus & ear of corn.
Gs. 3,7 mm. 18,9x19,9
Craw.357/1b, Sear RCV 277, BMRRC 2770

1 commentsMaxentius02/21/06 at 16:27Tiathena: Wonderful coin! New one for me...
57 viewsDenarius - 68/67 BC - Mint of Rome
Obv.: Bust of Vacuna right, wearing a wreathed and crested helmet, bow and quiver on shoulder, cornucopiae below chin. CESTIANVS left, S C right
Rev.: Eagle standing right on thunderbolt, head left. M PLAETORIVS M.F. AED CVR around.
Gs. 3,9 mm. 18
Craw. 409/1, Sear RCV 349, BMRRC 3596.
For Crawford, the goddess on obverse is Isis

1 commentsMaxentius02/21/06 at 16:26Tiathena: Really lovely coin! Beautiful & interesting..!
47 viewsAE As -169-158 BC (Grueber 196/173 BC)
VALERIVS - Gens Valeria
Obv.: Laureate head of Janus, I above.
Rev.:Ship's prow right, VAL in monogram above, I before, ROMA below.
Gs. 15,5 mm. 30,9
Craw. 191/1, Sear RCV 710, BMRCC 545.
1 commentsMaxentius02/21/06 at 16:19Tiathena: Great coin... Love the double-facing Janus!
51 viewsDenarius - 87 B.C. - Mint of Rome
Ob.: Laureate head of Jupiter right with sceptre on his shoulder. DOSSEN behind;
Rev.: Carpentum right with a little Victory above. In ex. L. RVBRI
Gs. 4 mm. 16,6x17,5
Craw. 348/1, Sear RCV 258
3 commentsMaxentius02/21/06 at 16:15Tiathena: Love the facing-horses! Lovely coin!
honorius solidus.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Honorius, AV Solidus152 viewsGold solidus, RIC 1206, aEF, 4.429g, 21.2mm, 180o, Mediolanum (Milan) mint, 395 - 402 A.D.; obverse D N HONORI-VS P F AVG, pearl-diademed, draped, and cuirassed bust right; reverse VICTORI-A AVGGG, Honorius treading on captive with r. foot, standard in r. and Victory on globe in l., M-D across fields, COMOB in ex.
3 commentssseverus02/20/06 at 10:44Tiathena: Beautiful, indeed!
ROMAN EMPIRE, Gordian III sestertius52 viewsGORDIAN III. 238-244 AD. Sestertius (31mm, 20.01 g). Struck 242 AD. Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right, seen from behind / Gordian standing right, holding transverse spear and globe. RIC IV 306; Cohen 254. VF, dark greenish-brown patina, slightly double struck.
1 commentssseverus02/20/06 at 10:35Tiathena: Just lovely ..!
ROMAN EMPIRE, Maximinus sestertius36 viewsMAXIMINUS I. 235-238 AD. Sestertius (27.47 g, 12h). Struck 236-237 AD. Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right / Fides Militum standing facing, head left, holding standards. RIC IV 78; BMCRE 139; Cohen 13. VF, dark green and brown patina, light smoothing in fields, small die break on neck.
1 commentssseverus02/20/06 at 10:31Tiathena: Really lovely reverse... Outstanding. Beautiful ...
ROMAN EMPIRE, Septimius Severus denarius67 viewsSeptimius Severus Denarius - Neptune

OBVERSE: SEVERVS PIVS AVG, laureate head right
REVERSE: PM TRP XVII COS III P P, Neptune standing left, holding a trident, foot on globe
18mm - 3 grams
3 commentssseverus02/20/06 at 10:27Tiathena: Magnificent! Love the type - & the style! Awesom...
ROMAN EMPIRE, Trajan AR Denarius111 viewsTRAJAN. 98-117 AD. AR Denarius (19mm, 3.47 g, 7h). Struck circa 107-111 AD. IMP TRAIANO AVG GER DAC P M TR P, laureate bust right, drapery on far shoulder / COS V P P S P Q R OPTIMO PRINC, Aequitas standing facing, head left, holding scales and cornucopiae.
RIC II 118 corr. (silver, not gold); BMCRE 281; RSC 85.
2 commentssseverus02/20/06 at 10:25Tiathena: Beautiful, indeed!
ROMAN EMPIRE, Caracalla antoninianus118 viewsCaracalla, 198-217 AD. Antoninianus, Rome, 217 AD

Antoninianus (AG 22-24mm) Rome, 217 AD.
Obverse: ANTONINVS PIVS AVG GERM Draped, cuirassed and radiate bust r.
Reverse: P M TR P XX COS IIII PP Iupiter standing facing, head l., holding thunderbolt in his r.hand and scepter in l.hand. 5,14gr. Good very fine. Nice big flan.

C.374; BMC 462,179; RIC 255,285c.
3 commentssseverus02/20/06 at 10:24Tiathena: I absolutely agree ... Great coin!
ROMAN EMPIRE, Caracalla denarius80 viewsCaracalla, 198-217, Silver Denarius, RIC-IV-I-251-C, struck 215 at Rome, 3.15 grams, 18.5 mm. EF

Obv: ANTONINVS PIVS AVG GERM - Laureate head of Caracalla facing right
Rev: PM TRP XVIII COS IIII PP - Aesculapius standing left, holding serpent wreathed wand, a globe on ground at right

2 commentssseverus02/20/06 at 10:21Tiathena: Really a great coin overall!
GREEK, Athens tetradrachm 449-404 BC148 viewsATTICA, Athens. Circa 449-404 BC. AR Tetradrachm (23mm, 17.01 g). Helmeted head of Athena right / Owl standing right, head facing; olive spray and crescent behind; all within incuse square. Dewing 1622; SNG Copenhagen 31. VF, light scratches on both sides, reverse banker's mark.2 commentssseverus02/20/06 at 10:15Tiathena: Beautiful! Like Lawrence, I love this style Athen...
GREEK, Aspendos stater 380-325 BC83 viewsPAMPHYLIA, Aspendos. Circa 380-325 BC. AR Stater (22mm, 10.70 g). Two wrestlers grappling; LF between / Slinger to right; triskeles in field. Teken Series D; SNG France 105; SNG von Aulock 4565. Good VF, uneven strike, reverse a little porous.
2 commentssseverus02/20/06 at 10:12Tiathena: Beautiful! What a marvelous coin!
ROMAN EMPIRE, Caracalla, AR Denarius94 viewsCaracalla, AR Denarius, 210-213, Rome
Laureate head right
Caracalla, in military dress, standing right, spear pointing forward in both hands, two standards behind
19mm x 21mm, 3.88g
RIC IV, Part I, 225
3 commentssseverus02/20/06 at 10:10Tiathena: It is indeed, a fantastic portrait! Great style.....
ROMAN EMPIRE, Severus Alexander, AR Denarius138 viewsAlexander Severus, 222-235 AD, AR denarius - Mars advancing right

Obverse: IMP C M AVR SEV ALEXAND AVG laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right
Reverse: P M TR P VI COS II P P Mars advancing right with spear and trophy

RIC 61, RSC 305
2.84 grams, 19mm
2 commentssseverus02/20/06 at 10:08Tiathena: Just absolutely gorgeous!
ROMAN EMPIRE, Constantine I the Great130 viewsCONSTANTINE I. 307-337 AD. Follis - 20mm (4.24 g). Aquileia mint. Struck 312-313 AD.

Laureate and cuirassed bust right / Mars standing right, holding spear and shield; AQP.

EF, glossy dark brown patina. Rare issue.
5 commentssseverus02/20/06 at 10:07Tiathena: ..Speechless.... Without doubt, one of the most i...
ROMAN EMPIRE PROVINCIAL, Caracalla, Tetradrachm101 viewsTetradrachmon, dated 213-217. AYT KAI AN - TWNINOC CE. Head to the right. Rv: DHMARC EX UPATOC TO D. Prieur 1545. 12,46g. EF.

4 commentssseverus02/20/06 at 10:01Tiathena: Positively Beautiful! Congrats!
Pontic Kingdom, Mithradates VI, Eupator, the Great, c. 120-63 BC50 viewsGold Stater, 8.23g, EF
Restoring the Lysimachos type
Diademed head of Alexander the Great (with the features of Mithradates VI), wearing the horn of Ammon / BAΣIΛEΩΣ LYΣIMAXOY, Athena enthroned left, holding Nike and resting left arm on shield, transverse spear against her side, BY on throne, AP monogram under right arm, trident and two dolphins in ex
Ex: Forvm Ancient Coins
SNG Cop 1089 var
2 commentsLawrence Woolslayer02/20/06 at 00:05Tiathena: Positively stunning! Gorgeous Stater... The rever...
L Flaminius Chilo Denarius. 109-108 BC37 viewsOb. ROMA, helmeted head of Roma right; X before
Rev. L FLAMIN, Victory in biga right.
Ref. Crawford 302/1; Syd 540.

2 commentsBacchus02/19/06 at 20:41Tiathena: Very lovely coin...
Jae3bor copy.JPG
ROMAN EMPIRE, Julian II AE3 VOT HERACL.A32 viewsAE3 18.6x19.6mm
Bust left, bearded, with spear, shield and helmet.
Rev. VOT X MVLT XX in wreath
Ex. HERACL dot A
1 commentsgparch02/19/06 at 20:29Tiathena: Checked mine to see if it may be a die match - it'...
Moesia inferior, Nikopolis ad Istrum, 25. Diadumenian, HrHJ (2018) (plate coin)101 viewsDiadumenian, AD 217-218
AE 27, 11.9g, 26.61mm, 225
struck under governor Statius Longinus
bust, draped and cuirassed, bare-headed, r.
in l. and r. field WN - PR
in ex. [O]C ICTRW
Zeus, nude, standing frontal, head l., holding patera in r. hand and chlamys
over l. shoulder, leaning with l. hand on long sceptre.
ref. a) AMNG I/1, 1830 (1 ex., Milano)
b) Varbanov (engl.)3787 (this coin, but cites AMNG 1830 under #3783)
c) Hristova/Hoeft/Jekov (2018) No. (plate coin)
Rare, about VF, glossy black patina
3 commentsJochen02/19/06 at 20:16Tiathena: To be sure - a Very-great reverse! ..Just lovely!
vespasian pax standing.JPG
Vespasian RIC 27135 viewsAR Denarius, 3.40g
Rome Mint, January - June 70 AD
Obv: IMP CAESAR VESPASIANVS AVG; Head of Vespasian, laureate, r.
Rev: COS ITER TR POT; Pax, draped, standing l., holding branch extended in r. hand and winged caduceus in l.
RIC 27 (C). BMC 21. RSC 94g. BNC 15.
Ex Amphora Coins, ebay, February 2006.

A first year issue of Vespasian's and one of his first Pax reverses. A nice sentiment after a bloody year of Civil War.
Not as common as the Pax seated types.
3 commentsVespasian7002/18/06 at 20:26Tiathena: My pleasure... It really is a lovely coin... Co...
Moesia inferior, Nikopolis ad Istrum, 18. Caracalla, HrHJ (2018) (plate coin)55 viewsCaracalla, AD 198-217
AE 27, 12.12g, 27.10mm, 225
struck under governor Flavius Ulpianus
laureate head r.
Athena, helmeted, wearing peplos over long chiton, standing facing, head r.,
holding transversed spear in r. hand and leaning with r. hand on shield set on
small column.
ref. a) AMNG I/1, 1568 (1 ex., Mnchen)
b) Varbanov (engl.) 3128 (obv. from same die, but cites in error AMNG 1568 under #3129)
c) Hristova/Hoeft/Jekov (2018) No. (plate coin)
Scarce, F+/about VF, nice green patina
1 commentsJochen02/18/06 at 11:06Tiathena: Just a Great coin!
vespasian pax standing.JPG
Vespasian RIC 27135 viewsAR Denarius, 3.40g
Rome Mint, January - June 70 AD
Obv: IMP CAESAR VESPASIANVS AVG; Head of Vespasian, laureate, r.
Rev: COS ITER TR POT; Pax, draped, standing l., holding branch extended in r. hand and winged caduceus in l.
RIC 27 (C). BMC 21. RSC 94g. BNC 15.
Ex Amphora Coins, ebay, February 2006.

A first year issue of Vespasian's and one of his first Pax reverses. A nice sentiment after a bloody year of Civil War.
Not as common as the Pax seated types.
3 commentsVespasian7002/18/06 at 11:04Tiathena: Beautiful! Congrats! Even his portrait looks 'pre...
Lugdunum - Lyon - PROBUS Tempor Felici143 viewsIMP C M AVR PROBVS AVG
Radiate, helmeted (Attic), cuirassed bust left, holding spear and shield.
Shield decorated with a rider right.
Felicitas standing right, holding caduceus and cornucopiae.
Mintmark: / I

RIC.103 Bastien 206b

5 commentsgb2940002/18/06 at 10:59Tiathena: To be sure! Beautiful and impressive coin overall!...
ROMAN EMPIRE, Constantine II GLORIA EXERCITVS88 viewsConstantine II, 337-347 A.D., Antioch.
OBV: CONSTANTINVS IVN NOB C, laureate, cuirassed bust right.
REV: GLORIA EXERCITVS, 2 soldiers leaning on spears and shields, 1 standard in between them. SMANS exergue.

If anyone has a more exact date, please let me know.
2 commentsancientcoins02/18/06 at 10:55Tiathena: It is indeed, as Nico stated earlier, a quite char...
25335 viewsAemilian 253 AD
AR antoninianus
Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right
Apollo standing left
Rome mint
1 commentsmauseus02/18/06 at 10:50Tiathena: Great reverse!
193b21 viewsSeptimius Severus 193-211 AD
AR denarius
Laureate bust right
Fortuna standing left
Eastern mint
RIC 104 or 493
1 commentsmauseus02/18/06 at 10:47Tiathena: Very-lovely coin! Superb high-relief overall and ...
16- Elagabalus RIC 161.JPG
Elagabalus RIC 161125 viewsAR denarius, 218-222 AD , Rome mint
Obv: IMP ANTONINVS PIVS AVG, Laureate and draped bust right.
Rev: VICTORIA AVG, Victory flying left holding wreath, small shield to each side , star left.
RIC 161
3 commentsjdholds02/16/06 at 03:34Tiathena: Exceptionally beautiful Victory! Superb coin inde...
Julia Domna, AE 24 Diassaria40 viewsIVLIA . AVGVSTA
Bust draped, right
Nike advancing left with wreath and palm
Obverse die V38, reverse unlisted
1 commentswhitetd4902/16/06 at 03:28Tiathena: Another great Stobi, Tom! ..One Augusta it wou...
ROMAN EMPIRE, Valens, AV Solidus142 viewsValens, 364-378 AD, AV solidus

Obverse: DN VALENS PERP AVG diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right
Reverse: RESTITVTOR REIPVBLICAE emperor standing, head right, with standard & Victory
Sear 4104

21mm, 4.39 grams
3 commentssseverus02/16/06 at 03:22Tiathena: Indeed! & a truly lovely coin on the whole. ..Bea...
Constans RIC VIII, Siscia 114708 viewsConstans 337 - 350, son of Constantin I
AV - Solidus, 4.46g, 20mm
Siscia AD 342
draped, cuirassed bust, rosette-diademed head r.
2 Victories standing facing, holding between them shield inscribed
with VOT X MVL XX in four lines (var. A)
exergue: SIS star
RIC VIII, Siscia 114; C.90
R3; EF, with no signs of circulation or wear except daggers mark across
lower revers

Allusion to the victory in the war against the Franks 341/342
from Forum Ancient Coins, thanks!
9 commentsJochen02/16/06 at 03:16Tiathena: There are really some twisted freaks in the world....
Thracia, Pautalia, Caracalla, Ruzicka 59271 viewsCaracalla AD 197-217
AE 31, 17.16g, 31.24mm, 225
bust, draped and cuirassed, laureate, l., with shield with Gorgoneion on it and
spear behind (light bearded)
Herakles, nude, standing crooked r., r. foot put backwards, r. hand behind
back, holding lion-skin over l. arm, and in l. hand club set on heap of nine
bowls (type of Herakles Farnese)
ref. Ruzicka 592; Moushmov 4300
Rare, nearly VF
ex coll. Alexander Mergen
ex coll. Dr. Reinhart Falter, Mnchen

The Herakles Farnese was a marble copy of a Hellenistic work of Lysipp c.330 BC made by Glykon of Athens AD 211-217. It was found 1540 in the Caracalla Thermes in Rome and then located in the Farnese gardens. The rev. of the coin probably shows a copy standing in the gardens or parks of Pautalia which was a famous bath.
2 commentsJochen02/15/06 at 09:46Tiathena: Envy has stolen my tongue... Congrats Jochen! Th...
064 - Septimius Severus denarius - RIC 43134 viewsObv: IMP CAE L SEP SEV PERT AVG COS II, Laureate head right
Rev: VIRTV-T-E AVG, Virtus standing right, holding spear in right hand, parazonium in left
Minted in Emesa, A.D 194 - 195
References: BMC 403, RIC 431 (Scarce), RSC 771
1 commentsmaridvnvm02/15/06 at 09:40Tiathena: Very nice one!
RGA, Septimius Severus, AD 193-211380 viewsGold aureus, 20.5mm, 7.24g, aVF
Struck at Rome c. AD 210
SEVERVS PIVS AVG, laureate head to right / P M TR P XVIII COS III P P, Victory advancing to right, head turned back, leading small captive by the hand, and holding trophy over shoulder. RCOA
Ex: Harlan Berk
RIC 232; Calico 2517 (same dies)
8 commentsLawrence Woolslayer02/14/06 at 13:31Tiathena: My gods! ..Utterly amazing! Bacchus puts it most s...
MYSIA, Parion. Ca. 4th century B.C. AR hemidrachm.160 viewsMYSIA, Parion. Ca. 4th century B.C. AR hemidrachm (13 mm, 2.41 g). Bull standing left, looking back; cockleshell below / Facing gorgoneion.3 commentsb7002/14/06 at 13:04Tiathena: Very lovely example of the type! I So love these l...
Moesia inferior, Nikopolis ad Istrum, 22. Geta, HrHJ (2018) (plate coin)89 viewsGeta as Caesar, AD 198-209
AE 26, 12.92g, 26.34mm, 225
struck under governor Aurelius Gallus
bust, draped, bare head, r.
Dionysos, nude, with shoes, standing facing, head l., leaning l. on thyrsos,
pouring libation from kantharos with r. hand
ref. a) AMNG I/1, 1656 (2 ex., Basel, traded)
b) Varbanov (engl.) 3269
c) Hristova/Hoeft/Jekov (2018) No. (plate coin)
about VF(?)

The usual standard-depiction of Dionysos
1 commentsJochen02/13/06 at 00:04Tiathena: ..Beautiful...
nikopolis_geta_Pick 1665.jpg
Moesia inferior, Nikopolis ad Istrum, 22. Geta, HrHJ (2018) viewsGeta, AD 209-212
AE 28, 11.51g, 28.01mm, 45
struck under governor Flavius Ulpianus
obv. AVT K P CE - [P] GETAC AV
bust, draped and cuirassed, laureate, r.
Athena, in long garment and mantle, helmeted, standing facing, head r., resting with l. hand
on shield set on short column, holding in r. hand long sceptre entwined by a snake.
ref. a) AMNG I/1, 1665
b) Varbanov (engl.) 3290 corr. (writes shield set on helmet)
c) Hristova/Hoeft/Jekov (2018) No.
d) SNG Budapest 379* (not ill.)
good VF/about Vf, portrait!, nice green patina

A specimen from same dies Blancon list 41, 2003, 743 with that obv. legend (Curtis Clay).
2 commentsJochen02/13/06 at 00:01Tiathena: Beautiful coin all the same... Exceptionally hands...
Moesia inferior, Nikopolis ad Istrum, 14. Septimius Severus, HrHJ (2018) viewsSeptimius Severus AD 161-193
AE 16, 2.24g, 16.09mm, 225
laureate head r.
Eros, winged, with crossed legs, leaning on reversed torch, r.
ref. a) not in AMNG:
rev. AMNG I/, 1368 (depiction)
AMNG I/1, 1384 (legend)
obv. f.e. AMNG I/1, 1348
b) not in Varbanov (engl.)
c) Hristova/Hoeft/Jekov (2018) No.
about VF

It is possible that under this type AV KL is hidden too.

This depiction shows that it is not Thanatos active exstinguishing the torch but Eros tired after a stressful night!
2 commentsJochen02/12/06 at 23:55Tiathena: Indeed! As do I... Then too, I so love & admire a...
Moesia inferior, Nikopolis ad Istrum, 25. Diadumenian, HrHJ (2018) viewsDiadumenian, AD 217-218
AE 27, 10.12g, 27.17mm, 225
struck under governor Statius Longinus
bust, draped and cuirassed(?), bare head, r.
in l. and r. field CT - R[W]
Hera in long garment and mantle, standing l., resting with raised l. hand on long sceptre and pouring libation from patera in r. hand.
ref. a) AMNG I/1, 1835 (2 ex., Athens, Moskau)
b) Varbanov (engl.) 3774 (but cites AMNG 1834 in error)
c) Hristova/Hoeft/Jekov (2018) No.
about VF, nice green patina, portrait!
2 commentsJochen02/12/06 at 23:44Tiathena: A lovely Hera! ..Very attractive patina, as well.....
Amorion_geta_SNGvon Aulock3419var.jpg
Phrygia, Amorion, Geta, SNG von Aulock 3419 var.46 viewsGeta, AD 198-209
AE 28, 7.86g
bust, laureate, r.
Nemesis, richly draped, standing frontal, head l., wheel beside, holding bridle
in l. hand and raising with r. hand fold of drapery under her chin
SNG von Aulock 3419 var. (Nemesis winged); BMC 57
rare, good VF, dark olive-green patina
ex coll J.-P. Rhigetti
ex M&M Deutschland auction #16 from 19. Mai 2005
added to

Impressive portrait of Geta!

2 commentsJochen02/12/06 at 03:11Tiathena: Beautiful! This must've been an exceptionally lov...
GG, Taras, c. 280 BC (Time of Pyrrhos)164 viewsGold quarter-stater, 11.7mm, 2.13g, aVF
Laureate head Apollo to right, with long hair; AP behind / Eagle with wings spread standing half left atop wingless fulmen; AP and TAPANTINΩN before. RCOA
Ex: Hess-Leu, 27th March 1956, lot 12
Fischer-Bossert p. 370, G59g and pl. 68 (this coin); HN Italy 986; Vlasto 49; SNG ANS 1043
4 commentsLawrence Woolslayer02/12/06 at 03:05Tiathena: Positively gorgeous coin... What a great, handsom...
P. Clodius136 viewsP. Clodius --AR Denarius. Apollo, Lyre behind. / Diana lucifera, two torches. Crawford 494/23; HCRI 184; Sydenham 1117; Claudia 154 commentsfeatherz02/11/06 at 00:38Tiathena: Absolutely stunning! Congrats! What a treasure! ...
56 viewsTRAJAN - Dupondius - 104/110 AD.
Rev: SPQR OPTIMO PRINCIPI, in ex. S C - Trajan riding horse right, spearing enemy to right.
Gs. 10,9 mm. 26,9
Cohen 506, RIC 538
1 commentsMaxentius02/11/06 at 00:36Tiathena: Great coin! Nice portrait and a powerful reverse ...
ROMAN REPUBLIC, L. Papius. Denarius, 79 B.C.996 viewsObv: Head of Juno Sospita right, clad in goat's skin, control-symbol behind head.
Rev: Gryphon leaping right, control-symbol below, L PAPI in exergue.
RSC Papia 1 | CRR 733 | RCV I : 311.
11 commentsthe_Apostate02/11/06 at 00:33Tiathena: Ditto to all of the above comments - just Superb &...
57 viewsMAXIMINVS II - Follis - Mint of Carthago - 305-306 AD.
Obv.:GAL VAL MAXIMINVS NOB CAES, laureate head right
Rev.: SALVIS AVGG ET CAESS FEL KART, Carthage standing left holding fruits in both hands, I in left field, Δ in ex.
Gs. 3,9 mm 29,4
RIC VI 40b, Cohen 150.
2 commentsMaxentius02/11/06 at 00:32Tiathena: Wonderful coin! Really love the reverse... Simpl...
Galeria Valeria RIC VI, Thessalonica 3634 viewsGaleria Valeria, daughter of Diocletian, 2nd wife of Galerius. killed AD 315 by Licinius I
AE - AE 3, 6.39g
Thessalonica 2nd officina, AD 308-310
bust, draped and diademed, r.
Venus Victrix, draped, stg. l., holding up apple with r. hand, and raising hem of
her skirt over l. shoulder
star in l. field, B in r. field
in ex.: dot SM dot TS dot
RIC VI, Thessalonica 36

I think this is one of the last depictions of Venus on Roman coins!
1 commentsJochen02/11/06 at 00:28Tiathena: Love the reverse! Wonderful coin!
Titus RIC II, 256111 viewsTitus AD 79-81
AR - Denar, 3.22g, 18.1mm
Rome Januar - June 79 (as Caesar)
obv. T CAESAR IMP VESPASIANVS (counterclockwise)
bust, laureate, r.
Slow quadriga l., with round, basket-like car, decorated with garlands, in
which are three ears of corn(?)
RIC II, (Vespasian) 256; C.336; BMC 256
Scarce, good VF
from Forum Ancient Coins, thank you!

"The quadriga with the basket of corn-ears shows the procession of the calathus of Ceres, sung of Callimachus in his hymn: it had already appeared on coins of the moneyers of Augustus in 17 BC. It is unmistakably derived from Alexandria, and suggests the importance of Egypt as the granary of Rome, even beside any endeavours of the Emperor to revive Italian agriculture." (Mattingly, BMCR II, p.xlii)
5 commentsJochen02/08/06 at 02:09Tiathena: Just a fantastic coin by any measure Congrats Jo...
65 viewsMARCVS AVRELIVS - Denarius - Minted under Antoninus Pius -148/149 A.D.
Obv.:AVRELIVS CAESAR AVG PII F, bare head right
Rev.: TR POT III COS II, Minerva standing right, holding spear & hand resting upon shield.
Gs. 3 mm. 18,5
Cohen 618, RIC 438b (Pius)
1 commentsMaxentius02/08/06 at 01:39Tiathena: Lovely coin! I especially love the reverse... To ...
Corinthia, Corinth, Marcus Aurelius, SNG Cop. 32980 viewsMarcus Aurelius, AD 161-180
AE 25, 11.25g
bust, laureate, r.
rev. CLI - COR
The young Melikertes laying on a dolphin, swimming r., behind a pine-tree(?)
SNG Copenhagen 329; Lindgren 1619; BCD 700; Edwards 150, pl.IV
rare, good F-about VF, green-brown patina
added to

Corinth at this time was a Roman colony, therefore the Latin inscriptions.
The revers legend CLI - COR is solved to COLONIA LAUS IULIA CORINTHUS.

For more information look at the thread 'Coins of mythological interest'
3 commentsJochen02/08/06 at 01:29Tiathena: Oh my what an incredibly awesome coin Jochen! H...
30 viewsANTONINVS PIVS - Denarius - 145/161 AD
Obv.: ANTONINVS AVG PIVS P P, laureate head right
Rev.: COS IIII, Pax stg. left, holding olive branch and caduceus
Gs. 3,5 mm. 18
Cohen 258, RIC 130
1 commentsMaxentius02/08/06 at 00:57Tiathena: Very nice! Lovely portrait of Antoninus...
Mark Antony Legio V Silver Denarius125 viewsSilver denarius, S 1479, Craw 544/18, Syd 1221, BMC 196, RSC 32, VF, corrosion, 3.263g, 18.03mm, 180o, Patrae? mint, 32 - 31 B.C.;
Obverse - ANTAVG / III VIRRPC, galley right with rowers, mast with banners at prow, border of dots;
Reverse - LEG - V, legionary eagle between two standards, border of dots;

This may have been the famous V Alaudae ('the larks'), a Caesarean legion which remained loyal to Antony but was later retained by Augustus. There are other possibilities, however: V Macedonica, a Caesarean legion about which little is known; V Urbana, disbanded after Actium (and therefore quite likely an Antonian legion); and V Gallica, a Caesarean legion that was probably the one that under Lollius lost its eagle to German raiders in Gaul in 17 BC.
2 commentsb7002/07/06 at 11:30Tiathena: Truly beautiful coin. Very nice description as we...
moneta 295.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Gordian III, Rome52 viewsAntoninianus
obv: IMP GORDIANVS PIVS FEL AVG. Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right.
rev: P M TR P V COS II P P. Gordian, dressed in military dress, standing right, holding spear and globe.
Struck 242-243 A.D. at Rome
1 commentsJericho02/07/06 at 10:31Tiathena: A very pretty coin. I really admire the studied f...
34 viewsDenarius - 80 BC.
Obv.: Bust of Jupiter right, S C behind
Rev.: L PROCILI F, Juno Sospita advancing right with sheild and spear. Serpent before.
Gs. 3,9 mm. 18,2x18,9
Craw.379/1, Sear RCV 306

1 commentsMaxentius02/07/06 at 10:24Tiathena: Beautiful coin! Have been looking & hoping for on...
Peloponnesos, Elis c. 250 BC26 viewsSilver hemidrachm, 15.6mm, 2.32g, nice VF
Laureate head of Zeus to right / F - A either side of wingless thunderbolt; all within olive wreath.
BMC Peloponnesus, p 73, 139
1 commentsLawrence Woolslayer02/06/06 at 01:10Tiathena: Wonderful coin! Just lovely...
Maxentius RIC VI, Ostia 1637 viewsMaxentius AD 306-312, son of Maximianus
AE - Follis, 6.80g, 24mm
Ostia 1st officina, middle to late 309
bust, laureate, r.
The dioscurs Castor and Pollux, each with a star above cap, nude but for chlamys
hanging from shoulder, standing facing each other, each leaning on sceptre with outer
arm and holding bridled horse with inner arm; she-wolf with twins between them.
MOSTA in ex.
RIC VI, Ostia 16; C.10
about EF
added to
1 commentsJochen02/04/06 at 00:51Tiathena: Awesome coin! What a fabulously-rich reverse! A fi...
Silver diobol Mesembria, Thrace, c. 450 - 350 B.C149 viewsSilver diobol, SNG Cop 653, gVF, Mesembria mint, 1.295g, 11.2mm, obverse crested Corinthian helmet facing; reverse M-E-T-A within wheel, surrounded by border of radiating lines.3 commentsb7002/03/06 at 18:17Tiathena: I love these coins! This one has nice dark toning ...
GREEK, Lesbos, Electrum Hekte, c.412 - 378 B.C.47 viewsBodenstedt, in his detailed study of the Phocaean and Lesbian elctrum, dates this type with the uncertain identity with long flowing hair to the first decade of the 4th century B.C. Mytilene was the chief city of Lesbos and was located in the southeast of the island opposite the mainland.

Electrum hekte, Bodenstedt 70 (obv. f/rev. h?) and plate 55; Boston 1707 and pl. 82 (different dies) BMC 104 (same obv die), cf. S 4243-53, gVF/VF, 2.521g, 10.6mm, 225o, Mytilene mint, c. 412 - 378 B.C.; obverse laureate head of Apollo right; reverse female head right with long flowing hair, wearing necklace, within linear square in incuse square.
1 commentsgoldcoin02/03/06 at 02:00Tiathena: Quite lovely! Great coin ...
Moesia inferior, Markianopolis, 19. Caracalla & Julia Domna, HrJ (2013) viewsCaracalla & Julia Domna, AD 198-217
AE26, 11.43g, 26.27mm, 45
struck under governor Quintilianus
confronted busts of the Imperial pair
Triumphal arch, with two floors, three doors, two windows; above four figures, from
l. to r.: Caracalla with sceptre(?), Severus, Julia Domna, and - a bit smaller - Geta
on r. side E (for Pentassarion)
ref. a) AMNG I/1, 695 (1 ex., Mandl)
b) Varbanov (engl.) 1041
c) Hristova/Jekov (2013) No.
d) BMC 20
rare, about VF/superb EF

This type seems to depict a triumphal arch erected in Marcianopolis. For the 4 figures on top will be no other interpretation possible than that suggested by A.v.Sallet (Cat. Berlin 58, 11) of the Imperial family...So we have in te middle Severus and Domna, on the l. side Caracalla and on the r. side a bit smaller Geta. The triumphal arch seems to be erected under Severus but appears not until Caracalla's sole reign, probably at the beginning because Geta is depicted too (Pick).
3 commentsJochen02/03/06 at 01:50Tiathena: Fantastic coin! Fascinating reverse to be sure - a...
Moesia inferior, Nikopolis ad Istrum, 25. Diadumenian, HrHJ (2018) corr. #178 viewsDiadumenian, AD 217-218
AE 29, 10.59g, 28.97mm, 225
struck under governor Marcus Claudius Agrippa
bare head, r.
Aphrodite standing facing, head r., hair in bun, draped and with cloak,
holding puff of drapery in r. arm and l. hand before belly, flaming altar r.,
dolphin, standing vertical with head down, l.
ref. a) AMNG I/1, 1799 corr., pl. XV, 34, same rev. die (3 ex., Bukarest, Turin, trade)
b) Varbanov (engl.) 3667
c) Hristova/Hoeft/Jekov (2018) No. corr. (writes in ex. TRW)
rare, about VF, various patinas

Pick has written: in ex. TRW. But here as well on his pic it is clearly TIW. Directly at the right side of I a vertical die break, seen on Pick's specimen too.
3 commentsJochen02/02/06 at 17:05Tiathena: What a marvelous coin! Beautiful! The skilful work...
gordia 3 lg.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE PROVINCIAL, Gordian III, Deultum, AE2342 views8.44 gm, 23 mm
obv: IMP GORDIANVS PIVS FEL AVG. Radiate, draped bust of Gordian III right
rev: COL FL PAC DEVLT. Aretemis running left holding bow and arrow, hound at her feet
Struck 238-244 A.D. at Deultum, Thrace
2 commentsJericho02/02/06 at 16:57Tiathena: Agreed! Lovely bronze, with wonderful reverse! & ...
RI 155d img.jpg
155 - Licinius - RIC VII Alexandria 018184 viewsAE Reduced Follis
Obv: IMP C VAL LICINIVS P F AVG, Laureate head of Valens (?) right
Rev: IOVI CONSERVATORI AVGG, Jupiter, standing, head left, with Victory on globe, eagle with wreath at feet
Minted in Alexandria (K in left field | wreath over X over A in right field / ALE in exe.) in A.D. 316/7
References: RIC VII Alexandria 18 (Scarce)
2 commentsmaridvnvm01/19/06 at 18:45Tiathena: This is a beautiful coin... The reverse is just ma...
77 viewsAnonymous AR Quadrigatus or Didrachm. 215-213 BC.
Obv.: Laureate, janiform head of the Dioscuri
Rev.: Jupiter right, holding scepter & hurling thunderbolt, in a quadriga driven by Victory, ROMA below in a tablet.
Grs. 5,7 mm. 19,5x20,9
Craw. 29/3, Sear RCV 32

1 commentsMaxentius01/19/06 at 14:51Tiathena: A Very appealing coin! For once, I don't know at ...
vesp concordia rome.jpg
Vespasian RIC-357155 viewsAR Denarius, 3.10g
Rome Mint, 72-73 AD
Obv: IMP CAES VESP A-VG P M COS IIII; Head of Vespasian, laureate, r.
Rev: CONCORDIA AVGVSTI; Concordia, draped, seated l., holding patera extended in r. hand and cornucopiae in l.
RIC 357 (C2). BMC 65. RSC 74. BNC 51.
Acquired from Neptune Numismatics, January 2006.

A fairly common coin for Vespasian issued early in his reign. The BMC states that this coin celebrates Vespasian sharing power with Titus.

This revese was also issued from the Antioch mint.
2 commentsVespasian7001/19/06 at 14:38Tiathena: Very nice, the commonality notwithstanding. Love ...
GREEK, Macedonian Kingdom, Lysimachos, 323-281 BC Thrace1299 viewsAR - Tetradrachm struck in Lampsakos, 286-281 BC
Obv. Head of Alexander the Great, wearing taenia and horn of Ammon
Rev. BASILEWS LYSIMAXOY Athena, wearing Corinthian helmet, in long robe, seated facing left on throne, left arm resting on shield decorated with lion's-head, spear pointing downwards behind her right shoulder, holding in outstretched right hand winged Nike who is crowning the name with wreath. In left field monogram HP (ligate); in exergue, crescent with cavity left.
28.8mm, 16.85g
Ref. Thompson 47; Mller 401; SNG Paris 2542
23 commentsalexB01/19/06 at 14:29Tiathena: Simply and utterly Magnificent! Masterful in the ...
King George V Medal.JPG
British End of War Medal, King George V60 viewsBritish Civilian medal issued in 1919 to commemorate the end of The Great War.
Obverse: QUEEN MARY- KING / GEORGE / V, Juggate busts of Queen Mary and King George left, both wearing ornate crowns.
Reverse: PEACE-VICTORY / THE GREAT WAR, Victory standing facing holding dove and wreath, scene of farmer plowing left, and soldier with artillary gun right.
Dated 1919
38mm, 18.8gm
1 commentsJerome Holderman01/19/06 at 14:25Tiathena: Fantastic coin! Aside from being quite beautiful &...
Cappadocia, Caesarea, Elagabal Sydenham 518 var.128 viewsElagabal AD 218-222
AE 28, 11.67g
struck in the year 2 (ET B) of Elagabal's reign = AD 219
bust, draped and cuirassed, laureate, r.
Agalma of Mt. Argaios on altar
ET B below
Sydenham 518 var. (date on altar); coll. Hunter 593, 81
VF, green-brown patina
Very nice youthful and realistic portrait

For more information look at the thread 'Coins of mythological interest'
3 commentsJochen01/19/06 at 14:18Tiathena: Wow! What a fantastic coin! Stirring portrait in...
Moesia inferior, Markianopolis, 24. Macrinus & Diadumenian, HrJ (2013) corr. (plate coin)92 viewsMacrinus, AD 217-218
AE 27 (Pentassarion), 13.58g, 26.91mm, 45
struck under governor Furius Pontianus
below in 3 lines KM OPPEL AN / TWNINOC DI / ADOVMEN
confronted heads of Diadumenian, bare-headed, r., and Macrinus, laureate, l.
Female figure, with chignon, reclining on rock l., holding in
extended r. hand bunch of flowers(?), resting with l. arm on font(?), rabbit r. on
E in l. field (for Pentassarion)
ref. a) AMNG I/1, 755 (only 1 ex. in Bukarest, but hare not mentioned!)
b) Varbanov (engl.) 1265 (here called Elpis!)
c) Hristova/Jekov (2013) No. corr. (writes DIA - DOVMEN)
figure called Demeter or Moesia(?)
Rare, VF/about EF, the most beautiful specimen known!
added to

The female figure could be the mountain nymph Rhodope (Seguin, Paris 1665) or perhaps Moesia itself (Pat Lawrence). Due to the running discussion on the Forum there is a very strong resemblance to the HISPANIA coins of Hadrian with Hispania reclining l., holding branch, rabbit below. (Curtis Clay)

For an indeep discussion of this type please look at the thread 'Unknown beauty from Marcianopolis' on the board 'Classical Numismatics'.
2 commentsJochen01/09/06 at 23:26Tiathena: Wow! Beautiful coin, Jochen! Marvelous! ..Would...
Thracian Chersonese AR, Lion * Pentacle Hemiobol847 viewsThracian, Chersonese 480-350 BC.
Silver Hemiobol

Obv: Forepart of lion right, head reverted left, tongue protruding.
Rev: Quadripartite incuse square, pellet with ligate AΓ and Pentacle monograms.

Size: 14.10 x 13.4 mms.
Weight: 2.31 grams
Die Axis: 180

Condition: Superb! Appears mint or near mint condition. I cant imagine it looked much if at-all different the hour it was struck. Bright, clear, stunning luster, perfectly centered and well-struck in all areas on an excellent flan. Gorgeous coin which a mere photo cannot do justice.

Similar to: Sear Greek Coins and their Values (SG) Number sg1604/05
14 commentsTiathena01/09/06 at 22:19Tiathena: Thanks very much guys, much appreciated! One of t...
Lucius Verus Sestertius-mars.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Lucius Verus449 viewsObverse. L.AVREL.VERVS AVG.ARMENIACVS. Laureate head right.
Reverse. TR.P.IIII.IMP.II.COS.II - S.C. Mars walking r., carrying spear and trophy.
RIC III 1379.

A nice setertius with Mars advancing on the reverse.
One interesting thing is that the reverse has not been cleaned to the same extent as the obverse.
5 commentsJan Terje Rafdal01/08/06 at 01:39Tiathena: Lovely coin all around. I much admire the handsom...
Moesia inferior, Nikopolis ad Istrum, 25. Diadumenian, HrHJ (2018) (plate coin)103 viewsDiadumenian, AD 217-218
AE 26, 12.93g, 25.68mm, 180
struck under governor Marcus Claudius Agrippa
bare head right
Nike, with open wings, standing r., holding palm in r. arm and and wreath in
extended l. hand
ref. a) AMNG I/1, 1802 (1 ex., Bukarest)
b) not in Varbanov (engl.)
c) Hristova/Hoeft/Jekov (2018) No. (plate coin)
about VF
added to
2 commentsJochen01/08/06 at 01:34Tiathena: Lovely coin, Jochen... Such a gorgeous patina, and...
GREEK, MACEDONIAN KINGDOM, Alexander III the Great Bronze82 viewsAlexander the Great
Pella minted 325-310 B.C.
OBV: Head of Herakles right, wearing a lion's skin headdress
REV: B (thunderbolt) A between a club and bowcase.
18 mm
3 commentsbaseball_701/08/06 at 01:27Tiathena: Quite nice really! A first for me seeing the thun...
Bust laureated draped and cuirassed right

Two soldiers standing, spear in outer hand, between them two standards

Ric. vol VII, p.456 , 238 r1
12 commentsgb2940001/07/06 at 20:27Tiathena: Without question, the finest I've ever seen... (no...
GREEK, Thasos, Tetradrachm188 viewsThasos: After 148BC
A: Dionysos. R: Herakles standing.

A pleasant example of a finer style. Multiple scratches and clear signs of circulation keeps it from the top dollar prize tag. Slight wave in the flan - a result of a broken reverse die. Die crack visible from A in the inscription to your right and to Herakles' upper arm to your left.

D=34 x 35.5 mm. W=16.75 grams. Dies at 12 o'clock.
4 commentsKjetilK01/07/06 at 20:18Tiathena: Truly a beautiful coin! Congratulations! A Pricele...
Thracia, Mesembria, Philipp I & Otacilia Severa, Varbanov 4237 (plate coin)57 viewsPhilipp I, AD 244-249
AE 26, 10.95g
confronted busts of the imperial pair
Dionysos, in short chiton and nebris, with boots, wearing ivy wreath, standing frontal, head l., holding thyrsos and pouring out of kantharos.
Varbanov (engl.) 4237 (plate coin); SNG Cop. 665 (same obv.); SNG Cop. 666 (same rev.); Moushmov 4018
published on Wildwinds

On the portrait of Otacilia traces of a slight doublestrike, OY from IOYL and dots from the border (Steve Minnoch)
3 commentsJochen12/31/05 at 21:08Tiathena: Superb coin! Interesting overall, and just an ama...
Moesia inferior, Dionysopolis, Septimius Severus, Jekov 1.152 viewsSeptimius Severus, AD 193-211
AE 27 (Pentassarion), 8.93g
bust, draped and cuirassed, laureate, r.
Dionysos, in short chiton and with boots, standing frontal, head l., holding thyrsos in l. hand and
pouring out of kantharos in r. hand. On the left side at his feet a panther
looking up to him, raising his r. fore-foot
E in r. field
AMNG I/1, 375 var. (different legend break on rev.); Jekov 1.1; Varbanov (engl.) 467; Moushmov 90
about VF/good VF, dark black-green patina, nice details on rev.
added to

No. 375 is the only type listed in AMNG for Septimius Severus from Dionysopolis but has a different rev. legend break
1 commentsJochen12/31/05 at 21:02Tiathena: Exceptionally beautiful coin! Congrats Jochen! A...
ROMAN EMPIRE, Caracalla, AR Denarius92 viewsCaracalla, 198-217, Silver Denarius, RIC-IV-I-214-S, struck 210-213 at Rome, 3.21 grams, 18.3 mm. EF

Obv: ANTONINVS PIVS AVG BRIT - Laureate, bearded head of Caracalla facing right
Rev: INDVLG FECVNDAE - Indulgentia, wearing polos, seated left on curule chair, extending right hand and holding sceptre

A lovely specimen that is especially well centered with just a touch of weakness on the center of the reverse. Lots of eye appeal, lightly toned and a much scarcer issue.

1 commentssseverus12/31/05 at 20:56Tiathena: Fantastic coin! Beautiful congratulations on a t...
Alexander the Great * Macedonia, 337 to 323 BC. Bronze drachm152 views
Obv: Alexander III guised as Herakles in lion skin headdress, right-facing, enclosed within ornamental dotted circle.
Rev: (Top to bottom) * Lighting bolt, knotted Olive-branch club right-facing, AΛEXANΔΡ[OY], Unstrung bow in ornamented traveling/storage case, Monogram Δ.

Exergue: (N/A) Monogram Δ present in undefined exergual space.

Mint: (Pella?)
Struck: 337-323 BC.

Size: 18.50 mm.
Weight: 6.38 gms.
Die axis: 360

Condition: XF. Exceptionally lovely coin, more-so in hand. Superb high relief and all details distinct and present.
Beautiful tone, rather dark-golden in the higher reliefs contrast delightfully against a yet-darker gold background in the lower areas of the flan. The flat area around the portrait and within the dotted circle is a strong, accentuating black-olive (not well-communicated by the present image).
Exquisite example of the type.

Not found in Sear GCATV.
Sear 6739, is an 20. Partially descriptive.
4 commentsTiathena12/31/05 at 20:37Tiathena: I likewise incline to the view that the absence of...
Poseidon 2.jpg
Syracuse Hieron II 275-216 BC44 viewsHead of Poseidon left
IEPWN Trident between two dolphins
8.57 gr
Ref : Sear #1223
This one is now in Tiathena's gallery, I'm sure she will take great care of it...
2 commentsPotator II03/25/05 at 21:59Tiathena: What a marvelous coin! Nice Greek, too!
New World, Peru 1614 viewsThat's me, standing close to the stones, just to give the size...2 commentsMayadigger03/23/05 at 18:25Tiathena: Marvelously-impressive! Even if on the wrong-side...
Athena * Owl, Athenian AR Tetradrachm * 449-413 BC.480 views
Athena * Owl, Archaic style Athenian Silver Tetradrachm.

Obv: Head of Athena right-facing, archaic almond shaped eye, crested helmet engraved with three olive-leaves & floral scroll, wire necklace, circular earring, hair neatly drawn across forehead in parallel curves and which falls below the neck guard of the helmet in elegant, looped coils, neck truncated with row of dots.
Rev: AOE vertical in right field, Owl standing erect to the right, head facing, prong tail, feet resting on bottom line of the lower plane of the incuse, pellet in center of forehead; to left olive twig and crescent, all engraved within incuse square.

Exergue: (None)

Mint: Athens
Struck: 449-413 BC.

Size: 22.26 x 23.63 mms
Weight: 17.8 grams
Die axis: 90

Condition: Absolutely gorgeous. Beautifully toned, bright, clear, lustrous silver with superb high-relief details both sides.

Sear, GC, 2526; Vol. I, pg. 236.

12 commentsTiathena03/23/05 at 00:42Tiathena: Thanks a lot guys! I feel like a proud mommy! ..e...
GREEK, Ionia, Miletos.90 viewsMiddle VI cent. B.C. AR twelfth (c. 1,2 gm). Obv.: forepart of lion right. Rev.: star ornament within incuse square. D.Sear 3532 (?) 1 commentsseleukoy03/22/05 at 04:53Tiathena: Fantastic coin! Just beautiful!
Hadrian * Salus, Æ Dupondis, 117-138 AD140 views
Publius Aelius Hadrianus * Salus, Bronze Dupondis

Obv: IMP CAESAR TRAIANVS HADRIANVS AVG P M TR P COS III, radiate bust right, light drapery on far (left) shoulder.
Rev: SALVS PVBLICA / S C, Salus standing left, right foot on globe, holding patera in right hand, and rudder in her left.

Exergue: Empty

Mint: Rome
Struck: 117-138 AD.

Size: 26.56 mm.
Weight: 12 grams
Die axis: 180 degs.

Condition: Apparent in photo. Some unfortunate wear & perhaps some shock damage to the portrait face, but in all, a rather lovely bronze with good, clear strike on both sides.

Cohen 1358
Sear 2668
BMC 1237
RIC 604a

1 commentsTiathena03/21/05 at 05:37Tiathena: ~ SOLD in FORVM Auction ~
Probus * Eagle, Alexandria, Egypt * 276-282 AD. Billon Tetradrachm216 views
Probus * Eagle with wreath, Alexandria, Egypt *

Obv: A Κ M AYP ΠΡOBOC CΕB * Laureate, draped and cuirassed, right facing.
Rev: Eagle standing right facing, wings partially extended, bound wreath in beak. L and Z to left and right fields, respectively.

* Legend: A K M AYP ΠΡOBOC CΕΒ * (Autokrator Kaisaros Markos Aurelios Probos Sebastos).

L Z * Year VII of the Emperor's Reign.

Exergue: (Clear)

Mint: Alexandria
Struck: 281-282 AD.

Size: 18 mm.
Weight: 7.09 grams
Die axis: 0

Condition: Superbly well preserved. Clear and sharp in its relief and details with strong images both sides from an apparently well centered and forceful strike on this notably thick billon planchet. Very lovely, dark-ash patina.

BMC, 2436
Milne, 4649
Curtis, 1873
Dattari, 5558
Emmett, 3982
Geissen, 3154

6 commentsTiathena03/20/05 at 17:27Tiathena: Thanks very-much, indeed, Potator II! Appreciably...
Probus * Eagle, Alexandria, Egypt * 276-282 AD. Billon Tetradrachm216 views
Probus * Eagle with wreath, Alexandria, Egypt *

Obv: A Κ M AYP ΠΡOBOC CΕB * Laureate, draped and cuirassed, right facing.
Rev: Eagle standing right facing, wings partially extended, bound wreath in beak. L and Z to left and right fields, respectively.

* Legend: A K M AYP ΠΡOBOC CΕΒ * (Autokrator Kaisaros Markos Aurelios Probos Sebastos).

L Z * Year VII of the Emperor's Reign.

Exergue: (Clear)

Mint: Alexandria
Struck: 281-282 AD.

Size: 18 mm.
Weight: 7.09 grams
Die axis: 0

Condition: Superbly well preserved. Clear and sharp in its relief and details with strong images both sides from an apparently well centered and forceful strike on this notably thick billon planchet. Very lovely, dark-ash patina.

BMC, 2436
Milne, 4649
Curtis, 1873
Dattari, 5558
Emmett, 3982
Geissen, 3154

6 commentsTiathena03/18/05 at 22:03Tiathena: Thanks much for the kind comments guys, I do appre...
Severus Alexander Denarius.JPG
ROMAN EMPIRE, Severus Alexander Denarius93 viewsSeverus Alexander (222-235 AD)
Minted 226 AD
head right, laureate bust draped
emperor standing left sacrificing from patera over alter and holding a scroll.
Denomination: Denarius
RIC 50
3 commentsbaseball_703/17/05 at 20:26Tiathena: Beautiful S. Alexander! Just a lovely coin over-al...
Corinthian Stater164 viewsCorinth --AR Stater (8.52gm). 345-307bc. Head of Athena lt., wearing Corinthian helm, head of Helios behind. / Pegasus flying lt., koppa beneath. BMC Corinth, 253. 5 commentsfeatherz03/17/05 at 03:53Tiathena: Superb, indeed! Utterly gorgeous coin!
Gordian III, 238-244 AD86 viewsIMP GORDIANVS PIVS FEL AVG
RIC 131
Rome, 240 AD
2 commentswhitetd4903/14/05 at 21:15Tiathena: Really beautiful! Particularly the reverse. Grea...
Q Antonius Balbus Denarius Serratus. 83-82 BC81 viewsLaureate head of Jupiter right, S.C behind.
Victory in quadriga right, control letter below, Q. ANTO. BALB
Ex. PR
Antonia 1, Cr 364/1, Syd 742
2 commentswhitetd4903/14/05 at 21:10Tiathena: Gorgeous coin! Love it!
M Marcius Mn f Denarius, 134 BC54 viewsHelmetted head of Roma right, modius behind, XVI in monogram below chin
Victory with whip in biga right
M MARC below, divided by two grain ears
ex. ROMA
The obverse symbol and reverse of this coin refers to the moneyer's father, Mn. Marcius, who as aedile, c. 154 BC, was the first to distribute wheat to the people at one As per modius.

Marcia 8, Cr 245/1, Syd 500
1 commentswhitetd4903/14/05 at 21:09Tiathena: One of The most nicely-styled Roma's I've ever see...
L Procilia denarius, 80 BC52 viewsBust of Jupiter, right, S.C behind, bankers mark
L PROCILIA F, Juno Sospita advancing right with shield and spear, snake before
Procilia 1, Syd 771, Craw 379/1
1 commentswhitetd4903/14/05 at 21:06Tiathena: Marvelous coin! The Juno Sospita is really interes...
Bare headed and draped bust right.
Felicitas standing left, holding caduceus and sceptre.
Denarius, 3 gm, 18.3 mm, Rome RIC 551 circa 206.
Comment: Julia Domna apparently was a woman who depended on the men in her life regardless of the circumstances. She spent much time accompanying her husband until Septimus Severus' death in Britain in 211. Even though her son Caracalla was guilty of fratricide, she accompanied him on his Parthian campaign where he was murdered in 217. She then committed suicide at Antioch by refusing all food.
3 commentsMassanutten03/13/05 at 06:11Tiathena: I agree. The Noble Empress stoic resolve to face...
ROMAN EMPIRE, Septimius Severus108 viewsObv: L SEPT SEV PERT AVG IMP VIII
Laureate head right.
Septimius Severus on horseback prancing right with his right hand raised.
Denarius, 3.3 gm, 18 mm, Rome RIC 74
Comment: Quoted from Berk Catalogue for Auction 143 (2005). Commemorates "Severus' return to Rome after defeating Albinus at Lyons on C. Clay's corrected chronology.....the return was actually a terrible one: Severus thought the Senate had supported Albinus, he sent ahead Albinus' severed head to be displayed in the senate-house and upon returning executed ten senators for treason".
2 commentsMassanutten03/13/05 at 01:22Tiathena: Really a fine coin. Lovely portrait style, and an...
Bare headed and draped bust right.
Felicitas standing left, holding caduceus and sceptre.
Denarius, 3 gm, 18.3 mm, Rome RIC 551 circa 206.
Comment: Julia Domna apparently was a woman who depended on the men in her life regardless of the circumstances. She spent much time accompanying her husband until Septimus Severus' death in Britain in 211. Even though her son Caracalla was guilty of fratricide, she accompanied him on his Parthian campaign where he was murdered in 217. She then committed suicide at Antioch by refusing all food.
3 commentsMassanutten03/13/05 at 01:15Tiathena: Nice & quite-expressive J.D. She looks as tho sh...
Caracalla - PROFECTIO AVG97 viewsAR Denarius, Rome, 213 (2.82gm)
RIC IVi.225, RCV.6876 (C)
O: Laureate head right.
R: Caracalla, in military attire, standing right, holding spear with both hands, two standards behind.

ex. Frank Robinson
1 commentsPaul DiMarzio03/12/05 at 04:11Tiathena: Superb coin! Just lovely! Also 1st time I've seen...
Carian Islands, Rhodos c. 88-43 BC168 viewsSilver trihemidrachm, 19mm, 4.15g, Nice EF
Radiate head Helios 3/4 right / Rose as viewed from above, magistrate ΛEΩN, wreath, all within circle of dots.
Ashton, NC 1997, 273 (A90/P265) (this coin)
Sear 5069v; BMC Caria, pg 260, #335v; SNG Cop 869v; SNG Von Aulock 2838v
2 commentsLawrence Woolslayer03/12/05 at 03:56Tiathena: Gorgeous coin! Congrats!
GS Alexander the Great, 336-323 BC; Tarsos 323-317 BC180 viewsSilver tetradrachm, 28.2mm, 17.16g, VF
Head Herakles right wearing lion skin knotted at neck / BACIΛEΩ(?) - AΛEΞANΔPO[Y] Zeus seated left holding eagle and sceptre, both feet forward resting on stool. Nike bearing wreath, B, and caduceus in left field; EΠ monogram below throne. Royal title partly blundered as is example in Price.
Ex: Alexander C. Boggis Collection
Price 3050b; Mller 203; SNG Cop 781v
2 commentsLawrence Woolslayer03/12/05 at 03:55Tiathena: Totally agree with Alex! Beautiful!
Macedon, Olynthos, Chalkdian League, 432-348 BC143 viewsSilver tetrobol, 14.9mm, 2.26g, Nice VF
Struck c. 410-401 BC
Laureate head Apollo right, circle of dots around / XAΛK[IA]EΩN around lyre with seven strings, all within incuse.
BMC 5, 68, 13; SNG Cop 235v
3 commentsLawrence Woolslayer03/09/05 at 14:40Tiathena: This coin is so incredible it's ineffable! Can a c...
ROMAN EMPIRE, Constantius II, Antioch RIC 60, R3, 325 AD88 viewsObv: Anepigraphic
Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust left.
Legend in three lines. Star above, dot below.
2.2 gm, 17.1 mm, Ae3, Exergue: */ /SMANTA/ /
3 commentsMassanutten03/08/05 at 22:50Tiathena: Very interesting type! And a rather charming port...
ROMAN EMPIRE, Caracalla, AR antoninianus112 views1 commentsOptimus03/07/05 at 03:13Tiathena: Beautiful coin! Particularly the reverse! Excellen...
Gallienus, AE Antoninus63 viewsGALLIENVS AVG
Bust radiate, right
Panther walking left
Ex. B
RIC 230, Rome
3 commentswhitetd4903/07/05 at 03:10Tiathena: Exceptionally great coin! Love the reverse!
Faustina II, Junior, wife of Marcus Aurelius. Augusta, 147-175/6 CE.243 viewsAR Denarius (18 mm), issued under husband, Marcus Aurelius.
Rome mint, 161-175 CE.
Obv: FAVSTINA AVGVSTA, draped bust, r.
Rev: HILARITAS, Hilaritas standing l., holding long palm and cornucopiae.
RIC 686; Sear 5254; BMC 100; Cohen 111.
1 commentsEmpressCollector03/07/05 at 02:59Tiathena: Beautiful!
ROMAN IMPERATORS, Octavian, Denarius, Scarce 32-31 BC105 viewsObverse: Anepigraphic
Diademed head of Pax right, olive branch before and cornucopia behind.
Octavian in military attire, walking right with his hand raised in adlocutio to the troops and holding spear over left shoulder.
3.6 gm, 18 mm, Mint: Italy Uncertain (Brundisium or Rome). RIC 253, S 1549, Seaby RSC 72.
Comment: Struck to pay the legions for his war against Antony. Not often seen even in this condition.
2 commentsMassanutten03/07/05 at 02:44Tiathena: What a marvelous coin! Congrats!
Manuel I * Virgin crowning Emperor, Æ Billon Trachy, 1143-1180 AD.141 views
Manuel I * Virgin crowning Emperor, Billon Trachy

Obv: Bearded Xristos, seated facing on throne without back, wearing nimbus cruciger, pallium and colobium, in left hand book of Gospels; to left, IC with bar above and to right XC with bar above. Two stars, one in left and right fields respectively.
Rev: MANα HA ΔεCΠOT (or similar). The Virgin, nimbate to the right of Manuel on left, both standing facing; The Virgin wears pallium and maphorium and with her right hand crowns the emperor, who wears divitision and loros, and holds labarum and gl. cruciger; between the heads, M or MP with bar above; to right V with bar above.

Exergue: (Blank)

Mint: Constantinople
Struck: 1143-1180 AD.

Size: 30 mm.
Weight: 4.03 grams
Die axis: 180

Condition: Worn as evident in photo, but retaining moderately strong images on both sides.

Sear, BCATV, 1966

3 commentsTiathena03/07/05 at 02:38Tiathena: Thanks very much... I appreciate that.
ROMAN EMPIRE, Valentinian I, Ae3, Siscia RIC IX 15(a)subXXXV, 367-375 AD90 viewsObv: D N VALENTINIANVS P F AVG
Pearl diademed and draped bust, right
Victory advancing left.
2.4 gm, 17.2 mm, Exergue: R over ζ /ΓSISCS/F
1 commentsMassanutten03/03/05 at 10:12Tiathena: A lovely piece of restoration, Bob. You can & shou...
Greek, Seleukid Kingdom, Demetrios II79 viewsTetradrachm (Shekel), 13.8 gm, 26.3 mm, 129-125 BC, Sear (GC) 7105.
Obv: Anepigraphic with diademed bust, right.
Rev: Eagle standing left on galley, palm branch in background. ΔΗΜΗΤΡΙΟΥ to left. ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ to right. A over ΡE in left field and TYP on club. AE in right field and Δ Π Ρ (e.g. 128 BC). M between legs of eagle.
1 commentsMassanutten03/02/05 at 02:23Tiathena: What a Superb and Beautiful coin! Just Awesome! ...
Julia Mamaea * Vesta, Silver Denarius * 222-235 AD.90 views
Julia Mamaea * Vesta, AR Denarius
* Mother of Severus Alexander &nd Cousin of Elegabalus *

Obv: IVLIA MAMAEA AVG * Diademed and draped bust, right facing.
Rev: VESTA * Vesta standing left, holding patera in right hand, arm partially extended, and transverse scepter in her left hand.

Exergue: (None)

Mint: Rome
Struck: 227 AD.

Size: 18 mm.
Weight: 3.32 grams
Die axis: 180

Condition: Tellingly aged and circulation worn, but still in possession of quite lovely luster on the whole with some subtle toning.

Cohen, 85
BMC, 440
RIC IVii, 362, page 99
SEAR RCV II (2002), 8218, page 679

2 commentsTiathena02/25/05 at 12:41Tiathena:
9.1 Macrinus denarius 217 AD164 viewsDecember, 217 AD
a EF, Rome Mint
Felicitas standing left holding caduceus and comucopia
4 commentsZam02/24/05 at 16:20Tiathena: Beautiful! Prettiest Macrinus I've ever seen. Ba...
Hieron II * Equestrian Warrior, Syracuse, Sicily * 274-216 BC. Æ drachm262 views
Hieron II * Equestrian Warrior, Syracuse, Bronze drachm

Obv: Portrait head of the young Hieron II, hair bound with tainia, left-facing with wreath behind.
Rev: Mounted warrior galloping right with couched lance, cloak flowing behind. Α, below horse's raised right fore-leg.

Exergue: ΙΕΡΩNΟΣ

Mint: Syracuse
Struck: 274-216 BC.

Size: 28 mm.
Weight: 17.82 grams
Die axis: 270

Condition: Gorgeous coin. Beautiful olive green patina, nicely centered and well-struck. Great relief and details. Rather illusory 'disfigurement' on the portrait, due to wear of the relief on the outer form of the ear. This ear is nevertheless still present and discernable on close inspection. A prize to my private collection.

B.M.C. 2.583
Sear GCATV, 1221(v), pg. 126
Calciati II, 195 (Ds 42), pg. 376

4 commentsTiathena02/24/05 at 04:37Tiathena: &nd Many thanks again for that too, Bob! As als...
7273 Nikomedes II, Epiphanes, 149-128 BC121 viewsSilver tetradrachm, 39.7mm, 16.65g, EF
Diademed head right / BAΣIΛEΩΣ EΠIΦANOYΣ NIKOMHΔOY, Zeus standing left holding wreath and sceptre, eagle on thunderbolt over monogram and date NP (year 150 or 149 BC) in inner left field.
Ex: Freeman & Sear
Sear 7273; BMC Pontus pg 213, #1 and plate 38, #10; SNG Cop 646v; SNG von Aulock 261; Waddington [RG] plate 32, #7.
Note: For an unknown reason, there was a large mintage in year 150, possibly because of the new King; of the coins struck that year, these 'large flan series' coins are superior.
2 commentsLawrence Woolslayer02/20/05 at 08:21Tiathena: Another one which is absolutely beautiful! Master...
GREEK, Massalia, Narbonensis (Gaul)146 viewsObol, .6 gm, 10 mm, 200-121 BC, Sear GC 72
Obv: Anepigraphic with probable head of a youthful Apollo, left.
Rev: Wheel with four spokes. M and A in lower two.
4 commentsMassanutten02/19/05 at 07:16Tiathena: Thanks for sharing this one! Great to see at this ...
GREEK, Cherronesos, Thrace60 viewsHemidrachm, 2.4 gm, 12.5 mm, 400-350 bc, Sear (GC) 1602
Obv: Anepigraphic with forepart of lion, looking back and paw raised.
Rev: Quadripartite incuse square with deeper sections containing starburst and opposite, pellet and monogram.
1 commentsMassanutten02/19/05 at 07:06Tiathena: Positively Beautiful! I love these coins, as well...
GREEK, Mesembria, Thrace73 viewsObol, 1.2 gm, 10.3 gm, 450-350 BC, Sear (GC) 1673
Obv: Anepigraphic. Crested helmet, facing.
Rev: M E T A in four corners of radiate wheel.
1 commentsMassanutten02/19/05 at 06:20Tiathena: Lovely example of the type! Along with mine, one ...
GREEK, Apollonia Pontica (Thrace)53 viewsDrachm, 2.8 gm, 14.3 mm, 450-400 BC, Sear (GC) 1655
Obv: Anchor with A to left and crawdad (crayfish) to right.
Rev: Anepigraphic. Gorgoneion with tongue sticking out.
1 commentsMassanutten02/19/05 at 06:13Tiathena: Outstanding example - with one of the best-preserv...
ROMAN EMPIRE, Augustus & Agrippa, AE As, COL NEM2622 viewsAugustus & Agrippa, AE As, 28mm (12.83 gm). Addorsed heads of Agrippa on left, wearing combined rostral crown and laurel wreath, and Augustus on right, wearing oak wreath, IMP above and DIVI F below / Crocodile chained to palm tip, wreath in upper left and COL - NEM above. Nemausus, c. 10 BC - AD 10. RIC I 158 (pg. 51).
29 commentssocalcoins02/18/05 at 10:35Tiathena: Just ..Phenomenal...
ROMAN EMPIRE, AGRIPPA AS1465 viewsObverse: M AGRIPPA L F COS III - Head left. Reverse: SC - Neptune standing, holding trident and dolphin. Rome Mint: AD 37-41. RIC I Caligula 58, Cohen 313 commentspostumus02/18/05 at 10:26Tiathena: I agree entirely - just superb!
Domitian * Minerva with Owl, 81-96 AD. AR Denarius585 views
Domitianvs * Minerva with Owl, 88 AD. Silver Denarius
" ~ My service to the state is listed here ~ "

Obv: IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERM P M TR P VI * Domitian, Laureate head right facing.
Rev: IMP XIIII COS XIIII CENS P P P Minerva helmeted & armed right-facing, surmounting Rostrum, holding thunderbolt (or javelin) in right hand, arm raised to throwing position, and shield at the ready on left arm, her owl, facing, at her feet to the right.

Exergue: Occupied by capital-piece of rostrum column.

Mint: Rome
Struck: January-August 88 AD.

Size: 22 mm.
Weight: 2.96 grams
Die axis: 180

Condition: Absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful bright, clear luster with tri-colored cabinet toning (rainbow effect) on the reverse.

RSC 236
RIC II, 108a
BMC 103(v)
Cohen 218(v)
Sear RCV I (2000), 2730(v), page 495

12 commentsTiathena02/18/05 at 10:07Tiathena: Thank you guys... &nd thanks for the correctio...
China, Great Wall1028 viewsIt's a wall and its great, what more do I need to say :) - Bolayi1 commentsBolayi02/16/05 at 00:49Tiathena: Excellent photo ..!
VICTORIAE BRIT - Septimius Severus68 viewsAR Denarius, Rome, 210 (2.92gm)
RIC IVi.335, RCV.6385 (S)
O: Laureate head right.
R: Victory seated left on shield (or shields), resting another shield on right knee and holding palm in left.

ex. Wayne Phillips
1 commentsPaul DiMarzio02/15/05 at 23:16Tiathena: Beautiful!
VICTORIAE BRIT - Septimius Severus82 viewsAR Denarius, Rome, 210 (3.01gm)
RIC IVi.332, RCV.6382 (S)
O: Laureate head right.
R: Victory advancing right, holding wreath and palm.

ex. Andrew Caldarone
2 commentsPaul DiMarzio02/15/05 at 22:51Tiathena: Beautiful coin all 'round! Fantastic portrait & gr...
286 Sept. Severus.jpg
Septimus Severus, RIC 61, Rome34 viewsObv: L SEPT SEV PERT AVG IMP V
Bust: Laureate head right
Minerva standing left holding spear and shield.
Exe: None. Rome Mint
Date: 195 AD
Denom: Denarius
3.29g 16.9 mm
Ref: RIC 61, RSC 390

Purchased from Forvm
2 commentsBluefish02/12/05 at 01:46Tiathena: Another Great Septimius coin! Sweet! I'm still lo...
281 Sept Sev.jpg
Septimius Severus, RIC 97, Rome67 viewsObv: L SEPT SEV PERT AVG IMP VIIII
Bust: Laureate Head right
Hercules standing right holding club on ground in right hand and bow in left, lionskin over left arm.
Date: 9 Apr 193 - 4 Feb 211 AD
Denom: Denarius
RIC 97, S 6284

Purchased from Forvm
1 commentsBluefish02/12/05 at 01:38Tiathena: Great coin - &nd quite lovely! S. Severus - a man...
vesp den _600 hjb capricorn rev~0.JPG
Vespasian-RIC-1058265 viewsAR Denarius, 3.21g
Rome mint, 79 AD
Obv: IMP CAESAR VESPASIANVS AVG; Head of Vespasian, laureate, l.
Rev: TR - POT X COS VIIII; Capricorn l. : below, globe
RIC 1058 (C). BMC 251. RSC 554. BNC 219.
Ex Harlan J. Berk 138, 1 June 2004, lot 224.

Another of Vespasian's recoinages. This time a reverse of Augustus is copied.

A coin in a remarkable state of preservation. The globe under the capricorn is normally cross-hatched. I've never come across another one with curving latitudinal lines.
6 commentsVespasian7002/12/05 at 00:05Tiathena: Awesome!
laureated and cuirassed bust left, with spear pointing forward, shield on arm
Treveri mint
RIC. VII, 269 r5
1 commentsgb2940002/08/05 at 02:17Tiathena: Beautiful ...
CRISPUS with helmet right110 viewsIVL CRIS - PVS NOB C
cuirassed bust right , wearing helmet
. STR crescent
Treveri mint
RIC. VII, 401
2 commentsgb2940002/06/05 at 06:55Tiathena: Another great Crispus portrait love the helmet! ...
CRISPUS consular bust68 viewsIVL CRISPVS NOB CAES
Laureated consular bust right , wearing trabea
. PTR crescent
Treveri mint
RIC.VII, 399 r3
1 commentsgb2940002/06/05 at 06:53Tiathena: Loveliest portrait Ive ever seen of Crispus (not ...
moneta 502b.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Constantius II, Siscia - RIC VII 237110 viewsConstantius II AE3
obv: FL IVL CONSTANTIVS NOB C. Laureate and cuirassed bust right
rev: GLORIA EXERCITVS. Two soldiers standing, facing each other, each holding spear and shield, either side of two standards.
exergue: dot ASIS dot
Struck 334-335 A.D. at Siscia
RIC VII 237 (R4)
Van Meter 72
Note: I read the exergue as officinae A... there is a possibilty of it being a delta as well. Any guesses appreciated!
1 commentsJericho02/06/05 at 06:46Tiathena: A quite attractive coin; pleasing dark patina & go...
208- Vetranio.JPG
Vetranio69 viewsAE2, Sisca mint, 350 AD
Obverse: DN VETRANIO PF AVG, Laureate , Draped, and cuirassed bust right.
Reverse: HOC SIGNO VICTOR ERIS, Emperor standing, holding Labarum and transverse scepter, being crowned from behind by Victory.
(pellet) ESIS* in exergue
RIC 292
22 mm , 4.5gm.
2 commentsJerome Holderman02/06/05 at 06:22Tiathena: Very interesting one, J. I know Nothing of Vetrani...
317 Trajan Decius.jpg
Trajan Decius, RIC 29c, Rome52 viewsObv: IMP C M Q TRAIANVS DECIVS AVG
Bust: Radiate and cuirassed bust right
Victory advancing left holding wreath and palm branch
Exe: None
Mint: Rome
Date: 249-251 AD
Denom: Antoninianus
Dia: 22.1 mm Weight: 3.27 g
Ref: RIC 29c

Purchased from Forvm
1 commentsBluefish02/06/05 at 06:07Tiathena: A lovely coin... Very pleasing radiate portrait. ...
Constantine I VOT XX.jpg
Votive- Heraclea RIC 60404 viewsConstantine I

SMHΔ in exergue
RIC 60- R5

Fully silvered!
7 commentswolfgang33602/04/05 at 22:44Tiathena: Absolutely beautiful coin!
Constantine I Soli Invicto Comiti.jpg
SOLI INVICTO COMITI- Trier RIC 132340 viewsConstantine I

BTR in exerge, T-F in fields
RIC Trier 132
6 commentswolfgang33602/04/05 at 22:37Tiathena: I agree with all the above - & add, I really love ...
Severus Alexander, Provedentia Avg2345.jpg
Severus Alexander- Denarius- Providentia Avg315 viewsRome Mint

obv: IMP ALEXANDER PIVS AVG, bust laureate rt., with some draper on left shoulder.
rev: PROVIDENTIA AVG, Providentia sacrificing at altar, cornucopia in arm

RIC 250a, Cohen 501, RSC 501, VM 54/1

Great coin!
3 commentswolfgang33602/04/05 at 22:33Tiathena: A handsome portrait of a noble man. I rather like...
Gallienus, Libero P Cons Avg.jpg
Gallienus- LIBERO P CONS AVG133 viewsGallienus AE Antoninianus

rev: LIBERO P CONS AVG, panther walking left.
B in exergue- Rome mint.
RIC 230

Reverse imagery refers to Gallienus invoking the gods help in that time of trouble in the Empire.
1 commentswolfgang33602/04/05 at 22:28Tiathena: Great reverse die! Wonder why Gallienus had so man...
Probus, Fides Militvm.jpg
Probus- FIDES MILITVM295 viewsSilvered antoninianus,
Rome mint, 276-282 A.D.

obv: IMP PROBVS P F AVG, radiate and cuirassed bust right;
rev: FIDES MILITVM, Fides standing left holding standard in each hand,
R thunderbolt E in ex; Officina 5, Emission 6
RIC 169 (listing obv. legend 8 in error)

Handsome military bust. EF, 3.39g, 22.7mm, 0o
Ex Forum.
4 commentswolfgang33602/04/05 at 22:26Tiathena: Lovely portrait! Have to love these very-martial-...
Galerius RIC VI, Carthago 26(b)83 viewsGalerius AD 305 - 311
AE - Follis, 11.36g, 28.5mm
Carthago 4th officina, c. AD 298
laureate head r.
Africa stdg. facing, head l., in long drapery with elephant-skin head-dress, r.
holding standard, l. tusk; at feet to l., lion with captured bull.
in l. field: I
exergue: PK Delta
RIC VI, Carthago 26(b)
added to
2 commentsJochen02/03/05 at 04:10Tiathena: Great reverse die here! Got'a love it! Nice faci...
Rome 20266 viewsAntoninianus
Radiate, consular bust left holding eagle tipped sceptre
Sol in galloping quadriga left
Rome, R crescent (pellet above) E
RIC 202
1 commentsmauseus02/01/05 at 16:24Tiathena: Spectacular! &nd what a marvelous reverse!
Rome 196111 viewsAntoninianus
Helmeted, radiate, cuirassed bust left with spear and shield
Hexastyle temple, seated Roma within
Rome, R
RIC 196
3 commentsmauseus02/01/05 at 16:21Tiathena: Just a massive-cool coin all 'round! Lovely! I'm...
Claudius RIC I, 38785 viewsClaudius, AD 41 - 54
AV - Aureus, 7.71g, 18mm
Rome 46/47
laureate head r.
Pax/Nemesis walking r., holding with l. hand caduceus
and point with it at snake at her feet; holding fold of the
robe before her chin
RIC I, 38; C.57; von Kaenel 628 (this specimen!)
R2; about VF
One of my favorite coins due to its pedigree:
ex. coll. Moritz Simon, Berlin
ex. Glandining & Co., London 1929, Nr.666
ex. Cahn, Ffm. 1930, Nr.232
ex. M&M, Basel

from Curtis Clay: Herbert Cahn, one of the greatest
German coin houses, had to flee from the Nazis to Switzerland

1 NEMESIS, Goddess of rightful distribution
2 CADUCEUS, holding caduceus to snake = welfare
3 The interpretation of N.'s gesture, holding fold of the robe to the chin as spitting in the neck and symbol for happiness, is doubtful. Rossbach thinks it may be a gesture of modesty!
This all stands for the politics of Claudius!
15 commentsJochen02/01/05 at 01:48Tiathena: A truly beautiful & amazing coin ... Congrats!
ROMAN EMPIRE, Constantine II, Londinium RIC 259, C1, 322-23 AD49 viewsObv: CONSTANTINVS IVN N C
Helmeted and cuirassed bust, left.
Altar inscribed VOT/IS/XX with globe on top and three stars above.
3.1 gm 18.5 mm Ae3 Exergue: F/(PLON)/B
Comment: Celebrates Constantine's fifteenth anniversary of accession and his vows for the next five years.
1 commentsMassanutten02/01/05 at 01:30Tiathena: Very interesting reverse! To my best memory, I've...
ROMAN EMPIRE PROVINCIAL, Caracalla, Nicopolis ad Istrum1175 viewsMOESIA INFERIOR, Nicopolis ad Istrum. Caracalla. 198-217 AD. 26mm (11.90 gm). Ovinius Tertullus, magistrate. Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right, seen from behind / Apollo Sauroktonos ("Lizardslayer") standing right, holding branch and watching lizard on tree. AMNG I 1518; SNG Copenhagen -. 16 commentsthe_Apostate01/30/05 at 00:26Tiathena: Fantastic! I love the reverse particularly... In...
Slavey Tet Large.JPG
Slavey , Lysimachos tetradrachm.444 viewsSlavey, Struck Replica.4 commentsJerome Holderman01/30/05 at 00:04Tiathena: Even so ... For numismatic art - can it even get ...
moneta 696.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE PROVINCIAL, Julia Mamaea, Deultum, AE2478 viewsObv: IVLIA MAMAEA AVG, draped bust right
Rev: COL FL PAC DEVLT, Artemis advancing right, drawing arrow and holding bow; hound at her feet.
Struck 222-235 A.D. at Deultum, Thrace
Moushmov 3613
Varbanov 1977
2 commentsJericho01/29/05 at 23:56Tiathena: Fantastic & beautiful coin! Great to see such a fi...
moneta 645 large.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE PROVINCIAL, Caracalla, Stobi, AE2396 viewsobv: Laureate bust right
rev: Nike advancing right, holding wreath and palm
Struck 196-217 A.D. at Stobi, Macedon
Cohen IV 715-716; BMCG 10-12; Josifovski 398, same dies (42, 108), Moushmov 6553 (thanks to whitetd for attributions)

2 commentsJericho01/29/05 at 23:52Tiathena: Very lovely... A very pleasing coin on the whole, ...
CAMPGATE, Constantine I265 viewsTitle: Constantinvs CampGate
Date: Struck 326-327 A.D.
Discription: Laureate head right
Discription: Campgate with six rows, two turrets, no doors, star above, top and bottom rows empty blocks.
Mint: SMK Γ in exergue
Cyzicus Mint Size: 19mm
Reference: Ref: RIC VII, 44 G
Rarity: c3
2 commentsracerx01/29/05 at 16:04Tiathena: Pleasing-looking Camp-Gate. *Ref: RIC VII, 44 G ...
ROMAN EMPIRE, Licinius I, Antioch RIC 35, R3, 321-23 AD114 viewsObv: IMP C VAL LICIN LICINIVS P F AVG
Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust, right.
Jupiter facing left, holding Victory on globe and sceptre on which an eagle is perched, standing between eagle with wreath in it's beak and captive.
3.1 gm 18 mm Ae3 Exergue: SMANTA/X over IIΓ
Comment: This is the same reverse used for the coin issued to Martinian during Licinius' end-game.
2 commentsMassanutten01/29/05 at 15:53Tiathena: Wonderful coin, with beautiful patina... Very nic...
RI 049c img.jpg
049 - Faustina Snr. Denarius - RIC 394a124 viewsObv: DIVA AVG FAVSTINA, Bust head right
Rev: PIETAS AVG, Pietas standing left and altar
Reference RIC 394a
2 commentsmaridvnvm01/28/05 at 22:37Tiathena: Beautiful...
ROMAN EMPIRE, Licinius, AE3, Arelate RIC 196, R3, 319 AD65 viewsObv: IMP LICINIVS AVG
Laureate and cuirassed bust, right.
Licinius seated left, holding lightning bolt, sceptre over shoulder, all on eagle flying right.
3.5 gm 17.8 gm Ae3 Exergue: PARL
Comment: Issued by Constantine as a companion piece to his 'two Victories w/shield' series.
1 commentsMassanutten01/28/05 at 22:34Tiathena: Marvelous coin! What a great reverse! Just lovely...
ROMAN EMPIRE PROVINCIAL, Caracalla, Hadrianopolis, AE27120 viewsHadrianopolis, Thrace
Date: 198-217 AD
Size: 27mm/11.4g
Obverse: AYT M AYP CЄY ANTΩNEINOC - Laureate bust right.
Reverse: AΔPIANOΠOΛЄITΩN - Serapis standing, with right raised hand, holding in left hand spear across
Reference: Moushmov 2645
3 commentsJericho01/28/05 at 18:05Tiathena: Quite lovely! Great portrait - and a sharp Provin...
Septimus Severus, Africa with Snake62 viewsObverse: SEVERVS PIVS AVG - Laureate head right.
Reverse: P M TR P XV COS III P P - Africa standing right wearing elephant skin headdress and holding a snake in left hand; at feet to right, a lion.
Mint : Rome
Date : AD 207
Reference : RIC IV 207, BMCRE 531, RSC 493
Grade : EF
Weight : 3.05g
Denom : Denarius
Metal : Silver
1 commentsBolayi01/26/05 at 23:38Tiathena: Lovely! Nice find! I'm still looking for one of ...
Septimus Severus, Leaping Lion112 viewsObverse: SEVERVS PIVS AVG - Laureate bearded head right.
Reverse: INDVLGENTIA AVGG - Dea Celestis holding scepter and thunderbolt, seated facing rt on lion springing rt
Water gushes from spring behind her.
Mint : Rome
Date : AD 202 - 210
Reference : RIC IVi, 266D, page 125 - Cohen 222 - SEAR RCV II (2002), #6285, page 459, BMC 335
Grade : gVF
Weight : 3.23g
Denom : Denarius
Metal : Silver

Comments : INDVLGENTIA AVGG literally meaning indulgence of the emperor to Carthage, Septimus and imperial family toured Carthage and North Africa. While there, they probably gave a favour to Carthage, most likely an a new aqueduct. Dea Celestis was the patron-deity of Carthage who is depicted riding the lion.

ex Forum
3 commentsBolayi01/26/05 at 23:34Tiathena: Absolutely beautiful! Nicer than mine, I must say...
1 commentspax01/24/05 at 21:07Tiathena: Beautiful!
Antoninus pius95 viewsfr: ANTONINVS AVG PIVS PP TR P COSIII
3 commentspax01/24/05 at 21:04Tiathena: Absolutely beautiful! Another genuine treasure! ...
1 commentspax01/24/05 at 20:59Tiathena: Absolutely Stunning! Gorgeous coin in every respe...
Licinia - Votazioni.jpg
Gens Licinia. Roman republic. 1182 viewsWith another coin of Gens Cassia, it's to my knowledge the only coin representing the democratic act of voting. A lesson of democracy for the other ancient countries, but even for us...
5 commentsPLINIUS01/24/05 at 20:50Tiathena: Beautiful, Interesting & all around marvelous coin...
moneta 525.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE PROVINCIAL, Caracalla, Markianopolis, AE2676 viewsobv: Laureate and draped bust right facing draped bust of Julia Domna
rev: Apollo standing, hand over head, holding bow in other. Altar and serpent entwined trunk below.
Struck 196-217 A.D. at Markianopolis
Moushmov 471
3 commentsJericho01/24/05 at 13:43Tiathena: Great obverse! One of the clearest dual-portrait ...
Venus Genetrix237 viewsJulia Domna, died AD 217(?), wife of Septimius Severus
AR - Antoninianus, 4.89g, 21mm
Rome AD 216
draped bust on crescent, diademed head r.
Venus sitting l. on throne, holding long sceptre l. and extending r. hand
RIC IV/1, Caracalla 388(a); C.211; BMCR.434
Scarce; about VF

VENUS GENETRIX. After the defeat at the Trasumenian lake AD 217 under Q.Fabius Maximus begin of the mythos of the troian origin of the Romans as anti-karthag.-pro-greek propaganda. Getting political importness in the 1st century BC as Aeneadum Genetrix and so becoming mother of the Gens Iulia and the Roman People. V.Genetrix first used by Sulla, then at the height by Caesar, reflected in Vergil's Aeneis.
1 commentsJochen01/24/05 at 13:39Tiathena: Lovely portrait of Julia Domna...
moneta 300.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Caracalla, Rome - RIC IV (Part 1) 15056 viewsCaracalla Denarius
obv: ANTONINVS PIVS AVG. Laureate and draped bust right
rev: VOTA SVSCEPTA X. Caracalla veiled, standing left, holding patera over tripod altar sacrificing.
Struck 206 A.D. at Rome
RIC IV, Part 1, 150 (scarce)
1 commentsJericho01/24/05 at 13:36Tiathena: Quite nice on the whole... A very pleasing coin, ...
moneta 335.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE PROVINCIAL, Caracalla, Markianopolis80 viewsobv: Facing busts of Caracalla and Julia Domna
rev: Homonoia/Concordia holding cornucopia and patera over flaming altar. E in left field.
Struck 196-217 A.D. at Markianopolis under legate Quintillianus
2 commentsJericho01/24/05 at 13:34Tiathena: Julia Domna ... (Mother of Antoninus & Geta).
moneta 350.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE PROVINCIAL, Caracalla, Nicaea, AE1576 viewsobv: Radiate head right
rev: Palm branch within urn
Struck 196-217 A.D.
ex: automan
1 commentsJericho01/24/05 at 13:30Tiathena: 1st I've ever seen this reverse die - marvelous! :...
Caracalla, AE 24 Diassaria105 viewsM AVRL ANTO/NINVS PI AVG
Bust laureate, right
Nike advancing right, holding wreath and palm frond
Cohen IV 715-716, BMCG 10-12
Josifovski 389, same dies (V86, R101), citing a private collection, 24.6 mm, 4.39 g. This specimen seems to share the same obverse die but the reverse die cannot be identified with confidence. One of the most common types, 65 specimens listed.
Kuzmanovic Collection 761-762
2 commentswhitetd4901/24/05 at 13:23Tiathena: Very interesting - and a pretty coin, too!
Caracalla, AR Antoninianus, 215 AD111 viewsANTONINVS PIVS AVG GERM
Radiate, cuirassed, draped, right
Sol facing, head left, right arm raised, left holding globe
RIC 264c, C 287
Ex. Lindgren
One of the first issues of this denomination
6 commentswhitetd4901/24/05 at 13:17Tiathena: Fantastic coin all 'round! Just beautiful! I'm st...
Caracalla, 213 - 214 AD61 viewsANTONINVS PIVS FEL AVG
Laureate bust right
Moneta standing left, holding scale and cornucopia
RIC 236, C 166
1 commentswhitetd4901/24/05 at 13:14Tiathena: Really a lovely coin in-all! Very pleasing!
Caracalla RIC IV, 39(a) corr.127 viewsCaracalla, AD 198 - 217
AR - Denar, 3.67g, 19mm
Rome AD 199 - 201
bust draped and cuirassed, seen from behind, laureate head r., youthful portrait
Caracalla as Alexander the Great, naked, standing frontal, laureate head l.,
Chlamys over l. shoulder, wears sword in scabbard suspended from
belt over shoulder, holding globe r. and reversed spear l.
RIC IV, 39(a) corr.; C.542; BMC 165 corr.
EF, mint luster

The rev. is usually called Caracalla as Sol. But there are some oddities: The figure is not radiate but laureate, and a sword in a scubbard is hanging over the r. shoulder. That doesn't match the attributes of Sol. Curtis Clay: It is Caracalla as Alexander the Great! Probably it resembles the statue of Lysipp 'Alexander with spear'.

CHLAMYS, cloak, if the context suggest civilian rather than military use
PALUDAMENTUM, used to describe the cloak worn with a cuirass by emperors on late Roman coins. So the garment on the obv. is a paludament, that on the rev. a chlamys!
3 commentsJochen01/24/05 at 12:41Tiathena: Gorgeous coin!
RI 066az img.jpg
066 - Caracalla denarius - RIC 311b43 viewsObv: ANTONINVS PIVS AVG GERM, Laureate bust right,
Rev: VENVS VICTRIX, Venus standing left holding Victory, shield and spear, a helmet at feet
Minted in Rome, A.D. 213 - 217
References:- VM 97/1, RIC 311b (Common), RCV02 6890, RSC 606
1 commentsmaridvnvm01/24/05 at 12:38Tiathena: Wonderful coin!
RI 066ba img~0.jpg
066 - Caracalla denarius - RIC 251238 viewsObv: ANTONINVS PIVS AVG GERM, Laureate bust right
Rev: P M TR P XVIII COS IIII P P, Aesculapius standing front, head left, with serpent-entwined wand; globe on ground at right
Minted in Rome, A.D. 215
References: BMCRE 103, RIC 251, RSC 302
4 commentsmaridvnvm01/24/05 at 12:36Tiathena: Beautiful coin all around - I'd be proud to have i...
RI 066ax img~0.jpg
066 - Caracalla denarius - RIC 211a114 viewsObv: ANTONINVS PIVS AVG BRIT, Laureate bust right
Rev: P M TR P XV COS III P P (XV over XIIII), Elephant walking right
References: VM 60/4, RIC 211a (Scarce), RSC 230
3 commentsmaridvnvm01/24/05 at 12:34Tiathena: Spectacular coin! Am still looking for one of the...
RI 066e img.jpg
066 - Caracalla denarius - RIC 206b118 viewsObv: ANTONINVS PIVS FEL AVG, Laureate bust right
Rev: P M TR P XVI COS IIII P P, Hercules standing left, holding olive-branch and club
Minted in Rome, A.D. 213
References: VM 60/2, RIC 206b (Common), RCV02 6828, RSC 221
1 commentsmaridvnvm01/24/05 at 12:31Tiathena: Beautiful ...
RI 066a img.jpg
066 - Caracalla denarius - RIC 130d66 viewsObv: ANTONINVS PIVS AVG, Laureate bust right, draped
Rev: INDVLGENTIA AVGG, Dea Caelestis, holding thunderbolt and scepter, riding lion over waters gushing from rock on left. Exe: IN CARTH
Minted in Rome, A.D. 204-205
References: VM 29, RIC 130D, RCV02 6806, RSC 97
1 commentsmaridvnvm01/24/05 at 12:29Tiathena: Lovely... One can only think of the Imperial famil...
RI 066bb img.jpg
066 - Caracalla denarius - RIC 124a85 viewsObv: ANTONINVS PIVS AVG , Laureate bust right, draped
Rev: CONCORDIA FELIX, Plautilla and Caracalla clasping hands
References: RIC 124a, RSC 272

2 commentsmaridvnvm01/24/05 at 12:15Tiathena: 'Ditto' to Jericho! ..As do I! ..&nd indeed, a ver...
RI 066d img.jpg
066 - Caracalla denarius - RIC 11195 viewsObv: ANTONINVS PIVS AVG, Laureate bust right
Rev: PONTIF TR P XII COS III, Concordia seated holding cornucopia and patera
Minted in Rome, A.D. 209
References:- VM 76/3, RIC 111, RCV02 6868, RSC 465
2 commentsmaridvnvm01/24/05 at 12:13Tiathena: Just a lovely coin ...
Temple of Diana72 viewsCaracalla --AE32, Augusta Trajana. R: Temple of Diana, tree on each side. cf. SNG Evelpedis 1037 3 commentsfeatherz01/24/05 at 12:10Tiathena: Superb! You really must stop picking up all my Ca...
Labors Coin!47 viewsCaracalla --AE27, Hadrianopolis. R: Herakles catching the Cerynean hind. cf Lischine Collection, 441 (different obverse type)1 commentsfeatherz01/24/05 at 12:05Tiathena: Certainly among the most impressive & admirable di...
Triumphal Procession128 viewsCaracalla --AE26, Nikopolis ad istrum. R: Triumphal procession with parthian captives and trophy. 2 commentsfeatherz01/24/05 at 11:59Tiathena: Beautiful... Really beautiful ...
27 Nike Countermark.JPG
Caracalla, Nikaea, Nike countermark94 viewsAE26, 198-217 AD
Obv: Laureate head right, Nike Countermark to left.
Rev:Fortuna standing with rudder.
26mm, 10.8 gm
Same obv. die as Recueil Generale pl. LXXIX.30
3 commentsjdholds01/24/05 at 11:57Tiathena: Very interesting...
RI 066ba img.jpg
Aesclepius572 viewsCaracalla denarius
Obv: ANTONINVS PIVS AVG GERM, Laureate bust right
Rev: P M TR P XVIII COS IIII P P, Aesculapius standing front, head left, with serpent-entwined wand; globe on ground at right
Minted in Rome in A.D. 215
References:- BMCRE 103, RIC 251, RSC 302

Aesclepius is the god of medicine and holds staff with a snake entwined around it.
3 commentsmaridvnvm01/24/05 at 11:48Tiathena: Absolutely beautiful & fantastic coin, in every wa...
RI 066b img.jpg
Sol, holding whip266 viewsCaracalla Denarius
Obv: ANTONINVS PIVS AVG GERM, Laureate head right
Rev: P M TR P XX COS IIII P P, Sol standing left, holding right hand up in salute and whip
Minted in Rome in A.D. 217
References: VM 6/5, RIC 293d (Common), RSC 389
2 commentsmaridvnvm01/24/05 at 11:46Tiathena: Beautiful coin...
RI 066c img.jpg
Serapis239 viewsCaracalla Denarius
Obv: ANTONINVS PIVS AVG BRIT, Laureate bust right
Rev:- P M TR P XVI COS IIII P P, Serapis his chest bare and a modius on his head standing left holding sceptre and raising hand
Minted in Rome, A.D. 213
References, VM 60.1, RIC 208, RSC 211.

Serapis was imported from Egypt and became popular at Rome in the 3rd century A.D. He is bearded, wears a tall headdress and carries a staff. He usually is shown gesturing with a raised hand.
1 commentsmaridvnvm01/24/05 at 11:43Tiathena: Lovely coin: one of my favorite portrait types (lo...
Caracalla RIC IV, 284320 viewsCaracalla AD 198 - 217
AR - Denar, 3.13g, 19mm
Rome AD 217
laureate head r.
Diana (or Luna?) with crescent on head and scarf flying
behind her, standing in bull-biga, driving l.
RIC IV, 284; C.396
Scarce; good EF
added to
5 commentsJochen01/24/05 at 11:37Tiathena: Utterly Fantastic coin! Just beautiful! I want on...
Caracalla AE34 Provincial71 viewsCaracalla --Pisidia, Antioch. 34mm (28.52 gm). IMP CAES M AVR ANTONINVS AVG, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Caracalla right / COL CAES ANTIOCH, S R across field, Mn standing facing, head right, holding long sceptre and Nike on globe. Krzyzanowska pl. XXII, XXVII. 06/08/20011 commentsfeatherz01/24/05 at 11:28Tiathena: ..&nd 'Rooster' at feet to the left; left foot on ...
moneta 495.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Caracalla, Rome - RIC 11267 viewsCaracalla Denarius
obv: ANTONINVS PIVS AVG. Laureate head right.
rev: PONTIF TR P XII COS III. Virtus standing right with spear & parazonium, foot on helmet.
Struck 209 A.D. at Rome
RIC 112
Van Meter 76/2
1 commentsJericho01/24/05 at 05:41Tiathena: A lovely coin.
12- Caracalla RIC 144b.JPG
Caracalla RIC 144b127 viewsAR Denarius, 201-206 AD, Rome Mint
Obv: ANTONINVS PIVS AVG, Young laureate , draped and cuirassed bust right.
Rev: VICT PART MAX, Victory advancing left with wreath and palm.
18mm, 3.5 gm.
RIC 144b, RSC 658a, VM 104
2 commentsjdholds01/24/05 at 05:36Tiathena: Exquisite! Superb youthful portrait and truly beau...
Caracalla Alliance coin102 viewsCaracalla --AE34, Sardes in Alliance with Ephesos. Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right, seen from behind / Kore of Sardes with grain ears and poppy, Artemis of Ephesos wth stags. BMC Lydia pg. 276, 215-216; Frank-Nolle 1848-1851 var. This obverse die (die A) is not recorded by Franke-Nolle as being paired with this reverse type, and this reverse die is not recorded.3 commentsfeatherz01/24/05 at 05:32Tiathena: Fantastic - in so many ways...
TEMPLE, CARACALLA, (Temple of Diana)333 viewsCaracalla --AE32, Augusta Trajana. R: Temple of Diana, tree on each side. cf. SNG Evelpedis 1037 3 commentsfeatherz01/24/05 at 05:28Tiathena: Great reverse die - a lovely coin!
ROMAN EMPIRE, Theodosius II Solidus1319 viewsAV Solidus. Constantinople mint. Obv: DN THEODO-SIVS PF AVG - Three-quarters bust right, draped, cuirassed, holding spear over right shoulder and shield in left hand Rev: VOT XXX MVLT XXXXS - Constantinopolis seated left, holding cross on globe and scepter, her left foot sits on the prow of a galley and at rear of her throne, a shield sits; in right field, a 'star'. Exe: CONOB : AD 430-440, RIC X, 257 (s) Scarce, page 259/ 4.48 g. FDC.
11 commentsLordBest01/23/05 at 12:38Tiathena: (.. - speechless - ...) ..Most-beautiful solidus ...
ROMAN EMPIRE, Severus Alexander Denarius782 viewsLaureate head of Severus Alexander right, IMP ALEXANDER PIVS AVG / Mars advancing right, MARS VLTOR. RIC 246; BMCRE 833.4 commentssocalcoins01/23/05 at 12:35Tiathena: I agree 132% with Gunner! Superb! &nd What a port...
Rev.:DECURSIO S-C, Nero galloping right holding couched spear with soldier or officer galloping beside him.
5 commentspostumus01/23/05 at 12:22Tiathena: Beautiful! Great portrait, wonderful reverse!
ROMAN EMPIRE, Claudius I, AE As, Libertas1418 viewsObv: TI CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG P M TR P IMP - Bare head left. Rev: LIBERTAS AVGVSTA - Libertas standing, facing, holding pileus and raising hand; SC across fields. MintRome . RIC 11310 commentspostumus01/23/05 at 12:04Tiathena: Absolutely stunning! Gorgeous in every detail!
ROMAN EMPIRE, Augustus, Altar of Lugdunum, Common, 15-10 BC.253 viewsObv: CAESAR PONT MAX
Laureate head, right.
Altar flanked by two columns, each surmounted by a Victory. On the face of the altar the most central symbol is generally described as a depiction of the 'Corona Civica', a wreath awarded for civil performance. On either side of this there appears to be a tree (probably Laurel). The outside is flanked by two crude figures (dancers?). Top surface arrayed with priestly implements.
As 9.5 gm 22.5 mm Mint: Lugdunum (Lyons) RIC 230, S 1690
2 commentsMassanutten01/23/05 at 11:59Tiathena: Just lovely! Would love to have one just like it....
Valens * "Victory" * "Securing and making safe, the state." 364-378 AD. Æ 3154 views
Obv: D N VALENS PF AVG. Bust pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed, right.
Rev: SECVRITAS REIPVBLICAE. Victory advancing left, holding wreath and palm; B SIS C, in exe.

Mint: Siscia
Struck: 364-367 AD.

Size: 18 mm.
Weight: 3.58 grams
Die axis: 180 degs.

Patina: lovely dark-olive green.

RIC IX, 7b, page 146
Cohen 37
RIC 7b, Siscia

2 commentsTiathena01/22/05 at 11:24Tiathena: I'm really not able to see anything that looks to ...
Caracalla - The emperor on horse93 viewsDenarius 208
O/ ANTONINUS - PIUS AUG Youth's laureate head right
R/ PROF in ex., PONTIF TR P XI COS III around, Caracalla, in military attire, on horse walking right, holding spear; before him, foeman kneeling right, raising right hand
C 510 - RIC 108
Mint: Rome (4th off., 28th emission)
1 commentsseptimus01/14/05 at 20:31Tiathena: Beautiful - &nd nicer than mine just added to my G...
RIC-036 Gordian III - Liberalitas176 viewsIMPCAESMANTGORDIANVSAVG - Radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust right
LIBERALITASAVGII - Liberalitas standing right, head left, holding abacus and cornucopiae

AR Ant. Rome mint January-March 240 AD
Reference RIC IV, part 3, Pg 19, #36. Cohen 130
1 commentsjimwho52301/10/05 at 18:49Tiathena: Really lovely coin! Superb reverse! Congrats! A ...
213 AD - Caracalla 198-217 AD - Hercules291 viewsANTONINVSPIVSAVGBRIT - laureate head right
PMTRPXVICOSIIIIPP - Hercules, naked, standing left, holding branch, club, and lionskin

Rome mint, AD 213, reference RIC IV, part 1, pg 241, 206(a), Cohen 220, BM-48

Beautiful portrait of this "mad" emperor, with a wonderful depiction of hercules. Ex HJB
3 commentsjimwho52301/10/05 at 18:46Tiathena: Outstandingly lovely coin. I'd be thoroughly deli...
122 Constantine Sicia RIC 84~0.JPG
ROMAN EMPIRE, Constantine I, Siscia RIC 84680 viewsAE3, 319 AD
Obv: CONSTANT-INVS AVG, Cuirassed bust left wearing high crested helmet and holding shield and spear.
Rev: VICT(dot) LAETAE PRINC PERP, Two Victories holding shield inscribed VOT/PR over alter.
(dot) ASIS(dot) in exergue.
19mm, 3.8 gm.
RIC 84, Rated R1
5 commentsjdholds01/10/05 at 18:34Tiathena: Beautiful Jerome! I figured you probably have ...
vesp den _600 hjb capricorn rev.JPG
ROMAN EMPIRE, Vespasian, silver denarius, RIC 1181037 viewsAR denarius
Rome mint, 79 AD
RIC 1058(C), BMC 251, RSC 554
Obv.- IMP CAESAR VESPASIANVS AVG; Head of Vespasian, laureate, l.
Rev.- TR POT X COS VIIII; Capricorn l. : below, globe
10 commentsVespasian7001/05/05 at 03:02Tiathena: Absolutely fantastic! Beautiful coin - Great port...
202. CARACALLA254 viewsCARACALLA. 198-217 AD.

The emperor visited Alexandria for intellectual and religious reasons, staying at the Serapeum and being present at the temple's sacrifices and cultural events. Earlier, during the German war, the emperor visited the shrine of the Celtic healing-god Grannus. Caracalla also visited the famous temple of Asclepius in Pergamum and fully participated in its program, which involved sleeping inside the temple compound and having his dreams interpreted.

It was this religious devotion that led to Caracalla's murder in 217. Although suspicious of the praetorian prefect Macrinus, Caracalla allowed himself to be accompanied by only a small, select corps of bodyguards on an early spring trip from the camp at Edessa to the temple of the moon-god at Carrhae, about 25 miles away. During the journey back on 8 April 217, Caracalla was killed. The returning guards claimed the emperor was ambushed while defecating, and that the alleged assassin was one of their own, a soldier named Martialis. Martialis was himself killed by the avenging guards, or so the story went. Suspicion was strong that Macrinus arranged the entire affair.

Caracalla's violent end seemed appropriate for an emperor who, early in his reign, had his own brother killed. Yet the moralizing about fratricide by both ancient and modern historians obscures the energetic, reformist and even intellectual character of Caracalla's reign. Some of the reforms, especially the pay raise for soldiers, would prove burdensome for future emperors, but the changes brought about in the little more than five years of Caracalla's sole rule would have long-lasting implications throughout the empire for generations to come.

AR Denarius (19mm, 3.11 gm). Struck 215 AD. ANTONINVS PIVS AVG GERM, laureate head right / P M TR P XVIII COS IIII PP, Sol standing left, radiate, raising right hand and holding globe. RIC IV 264a; BMCRE 139; RSC 288. EF
Ex - CNG
2 commentsecoli7312/21/04 at 17:44Tiathena: Beautiful coin; Great portrait and striking Sol In...
Gordian III, RIC IV, 684 viewsGordian III Pius, AD 238-244
AR - Antoninian, 4.84g, 22mm
Rome 1st emission, 5th officina, July 238 - July 239
Bust draped, cuirassed, radiate r.
Virtus in military dress, standing front, head l., resting r. hand on oval shield,
set on ground, holding vertical spear in l.
RIC IV/3, 6; C.381
about EF, mint luster

VIRTVS, personification of military virtue, a female figur, shown by bare breast r.
2 commentsJochen12/21/04 at 17:40Tiathena: Beautiful coin... Impressively well-worked VIRTVS ...
203. MACRINUS191 viewsMACRINUS. 217-218 AD.

Caracalla's mother, Julia Domna, had toyed with the idea of raising a rebellion against Macrinus shortly after her son's murder, but the empress was uncertain of success and already suffering from breast cancer. She chose to starve herself to death instead.

The grandchildren of her sister, Julia Maesa, would become the focus of the successful uprising that began on 15 May 218. Her 14-year-old grandson Avitus (known to history as Elagabalus) was proclaimed emperor by one the legions camped near the family's hometown of Emesa. Other troops quickly joined the rebellion, but Macrinus marshalled loyal soldiers to crush the revolt. Macrinus also promoted his son to the rank of emperor.

The forces met in a village outside Antioch on 8 June 218. Despite the inexperience of the leaders of the rebel army, Macrinus was defeated. He sent his son, Diadumenianus, with an ambassador to the Parthian king, while Macrinus himself prepared to flee to Rome. Macrinus traveled across Asia Minor disguised as a courier and nearly made it to Europe, but he was captured in Chalcedon. Macrinus was transported to Cappadocia, where he was executed. Diadumenianus had also been captured (at Zeugma) and was similarly put to death.

Contemporaries tended to portray Macrinus as a fear-driven parvenu who was able to make himself emperor but was incapable of the leadership required by the job. An able administrator, Macrinus lacked the aristocratic connections and personal bravado that might have won him legitimacy. His short reign represented a brief interlude of Parthian success during what would prove the final decade of the Parthian empire.

AR Denarius (18mm 3.55 gm). IMP C M OPEL SEV MACRINVS AVG, laureate and cuirassed bust with short beard right / SALVS PVBLICA, Salus seated left, feeding snake rising up from altar, holding sceptre in left. RIC IV 86; Good VF; Ex-CNG
2 commentsecoli7312/10/04 at 16:28Tiathena: Beautiful! Handsome portrait & fantastic reverse!
Diocletian RIC VI, Siscia 36488 viewsDiocletian 284 - 305
AR - Argenteus, 2.84g, 19mm
Siscia ca. 294/5
laureate head r.
The 4 emperors Diocletian, Constantius, Maximianus and Galerius
sacrificing over tripod before archway in six-turreted enclosure
RIC VI, Siscia 36; cf. C.488
R5 (before finding of the Sisak hoard!); EF uncirculated, from Sisak hoard(1953)
Referred clearly to Galerius' Danubian activities 293/6, struck for use by
military recipients above all (RIC)
added to

From RIC: The reverse type exemplifies the times of Diocletian with symbolic accuracy, for the Empire was in many parts reduced to walled cities and fortresses, and it was ruled by 4 men who recognized that in those desperate times their strength was derived from their conformity!

11 commentsJochen12/09/04 at 12:29Tiathena: My gods... ( *speechless* ) ..Stunning!
CONCORD MILIT RIC 481356 viewsAnt, 21mm, 2.97g.

Obverse: VIRTVS PROBI AVG, Helmeted, radiate and cuirassed bust L, holding spear and shield.

Reverse: CONC-ORD-MILIT, Concordia standing L holding two standards.

E in L field, PXXI in exe.

Ticinium, 280-2.

EQUITAS series.

RIC 481, Common.
7 commentsRobert_Brenchley11/21/04 at 03:42Tiathena: A lovely coin in every respect & an inspiring port...
ROMAN EMPIRE, Marcus Aurelius - SALVTI AVGVSTOR1176 viewsSestertius Obv.: IMP CAES M AVREL ANTONINVS AVG P M, laureate head right Rev.:SALVTI AVGVSTOR TR P XVII S-C, COS III below, Salus standing left offering a patera to snake arising from altar, and holding scepter. Cohen 564. 23 commentspostumus10/28/04 at 21:54Tiathena: Utterly superb!
Illyria, Dyrrachium, AR Drachm125 viewsCow, right, suckling calf, XENON above, eagle above, hound running in ex.
Double stellate pattern, DYP FILO [DA] MOY around.
BMC 131, 132; Ceba 362
229-100 BC
See this excellent site to identify these:
6 commentswhitetd4910/27/04 at 13:29Tiathena: Great coin, lovely specimen. DYP KAL LH NOS ~ D...
Thebes, Boeotia, Federal Coinage, AR Hemidrachm86 viewsBoeotian shield.
Kantharos (amphora) and club above, O left field, ? right field
SNG Cop 90, 338 - 331 BC.
3 commentswhitetd4910/27/04 at 13:17Tiathena: Impressive!
Thrace, Cardia, Chersonese AR Hemidrachm105 viewsForepart of lion right, head turned back.
Quadripartite incuse, AG monogram with pellet and two crossed grains of barley beside a pellet.
Sear 1603 variety, BMC Thrace (p. 184) 22,
400-350 BC.
3 commentswhitetd4910/27/04 at 13:14Tiathena: Positively gorgeous! What a great specimen of a t...
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