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Last comments - Manzikert
r1300_266 viewsAe 28 (tetrassarion)
Obv. Laur, dr + cuir bust r., IMP L SEP - SEV[...] round.
Rev. Demeter (Josifovski calls the deity Victory) stg facing, wearing radiate crown, long torch in r hand, round the bottom of which twines a snake, cornucopia in l arm, MVNICI - STOBEN round.
Moush. ---- (but see Moush. 6558 for rev type).
Josifovski 142 (V28, R28), citing one specimen in a private collection.
11.82 gm, 28 mm
2 commentsManzikert06/10/07 at 21:11Manzikert: My first attempt with a new camera - rather closer...
Girolamo Priuli Cyprus70 viewsObv: +S. MARCVS. VENETVS

Girolamo Priuli was Doge 1559-1567. This is a billon kartza, carzia or denarius struck in Venice for use in Cyprus

Thanks to Manzikert for attribution

1 commentsBacchus01/27/06 at 20:00Manzikert: Obv: +S. MARCVS. VENETVS
Naga kings of Narwar, c.320-340 AD38 viewsNaga kings of Narwar, c.320-340 AD
mostly Ganapati Naga,
Ref. Mitchiner ACW 4739-53
Size - generally 10mm

Styalised horses - mostly only half on flan

Thanks to Manzikert for Attirbution

1 commentsBacchus01/27/06 at 19:53Manzikert: Not fanams, but the little coppers of the Naga kin...
Indo Parthians Gondophares37 viewsIndo Parthians
Gondophares 30-55AD

Ref Mitchiner 2636
Size 10mm
1 commentsBacchus01/27/06 at 19:45Manzikert: A lovely little drachm: the reverse needs to be tu...
Zangid Mosul Qutb al-Din Mawdud bin Zangi73 viewsOb. Facing head with two Nikes above
Rev. Modud's legend

Ae Dirhem
1161-1162 AD (probably (SS59) therefore 1162 AD) - Thanks Manzikert
Ref Mitchiner 1118
Size 30mm


Yet another one of these but in lesser condition
1 commentsBacchus01/27/06 at 19:38Manzikert: This one *is* SS59, dated (I'm fairly sure) 557 H ...
Nasir al-Din Mahmud (AH 616-631/ AD 1219-1234),82 viewsOb. Facing head with two Nikes above
Rev. Modud's legend

Nasir al-Din Mahmud (AH 616-631/ AD 1219-1234),
al-Mawsil (Mosul) mint

Ae Dirhem
Ref Mitchiner 1118, SS59
Size 30mm

5 commentsBacchus01/27/06 at 19:29Manzikert: This is SS66 not SS59 (note the legend is 7 lines,...
Seljuqs of Rum 640 AH112 viewsKay-Khusraw II, 640 AH, cites caliph Al-Mustansir.
Well toned AR Dirham
Konya mint
Ref. Mitchiner 979
Size 23mm

2 commentsBacchus01/27/06 at 19:10Manzikert: These dirhems should be good silver, not billon: I...
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