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Last comments - Holding_History
Roman, Claudius968 views10 commentstunaonrye006/07/14 at 17:07Holding_History: I would love to add this to my Claudius collection...
Antonia ∆ dupondius48 viewsAntonia ∆ dupondius. Rome mint, under Claudius 41-50 A.D. ANTONIA AVGVSTA - Draped bust right, wearing hair in long plait down neck / TI CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG P M TR P IMP S-C - Claudius standing left, holding simpulum. RIC 92 (Claudius); BMC 166 (Claudius); Cohen 6
3 commentsHolding_History12/04/13 at 19:33Holding_History: Thanks! It took me a while of looking to find one ...
CLAUDIUS Denarius, RIC 39, Nemesis136 viewsOBV: TI CLAVD CAESAR AVG P M TR P VI IMP XI, laureate head right
REV: PACI AVGVSTAE, Pax-Nemesis advancing right, drawing out fold of robe at neck, holding caduceus above serpent preceding her
3.6g, 19mm

Minted at Rome, 46-7 AD
7 commentsLegatus06/05/13 at 15:16Holding_History: Congrats! I think I only have one Claudius denariu...
ROMAN IMPERATORS, OCTAVIAN Denarius RIC 255403 viewsItalian mint, possibly Rome, 31-30 BC
Anepigraph, bare head of Octavian left
CAESAR - DIVI F, Victory standing right on globe, holding wreath
3.84 gr
Ref : HCRI # 408, RCV # 1552v, Cohen # 66, RIC # 255
8 commentsPotator II03/11/13 at 20:51Holding_History: Stunning bust!
ROMAN IMPERATORS, JULIUS CAESAR and MARK ANTONY denarius254 viewsDenarius minted in 43 BC
M ANTO IMP RPC, Head of Mark Antony right, lituus behind him
CAESAR DIC, Head of Caesar right, jug behind him
3.76 gr
Ref : HCRI # 123, RCV #1465, Cohen #3
7 commentsPotator II03/11/13 at 20:51Holding_History: Always liked this type, used to have one, but not ...
Roman Empire, Domitian Minerva Denarius99 viewsDomitian AR Denarius, Rome, 91-92 A.D.
IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERM P M TR P XI - Laureate bust right
IMP XXI COS XV CENS P P P - Minerva standing left with thunderbolt and spear, shield on ground to right
RIC (Old) 158 | RIC (New) 726, RSC 268, BMC 184.

Absolutely stunning portrait!
5 commentsCoinScrubber07/25/12 at 18:19CoinScrubber: Thanks Alex!
Roman, Trajan549 viewsAn extremely rare type with an almost uncirculated portrait of Emperor Trajan. Trajan's Column was erected in Forum Traiani to commemorate roman victories over Dacia. Still remains intact, except for Trajan's statue and eagles at base that were lost. This sestertius was struck same year that column was erected.(DIVIF)1 commentsDIVIF05/02/12 at 15:43CoinScrubber: Beautiful portrait! I love how Trajan crams all hi...
Roman, Pompey the Great587 views5 commentsDIVIF05/02/12 at 15:41CoinScrubber: Nice example! They sure made lifelike portraits du...
Roman, OTHO212 viewsAR denarius. 69 A.D (3.42 gm). Bare head right with wig. IMP OTHO CAESAR AVG TR P / Securitas standing left, holding wreath and sceptre.SECVRITAS P R. RIC I 10; BMCRE 19; BN 7; RSC 15.
2 commentsbenito05/02/12 at 15:40CoinScrubber: Off center is so typical for these, but that detai...
ROMAN EMPIRE, Carausius, Diocletian & Maximianus - Antoninianus4227 viewsObv.: CARAVSIVS ET FRATRES SVI, jugate, radiate & cuirassed busts of Maximianus, Diocletian & Carausius left Rev.:PAX A-VGGG, Pax standing left, holding olive-branch & vertical scepter; S P/C. Mint Camulodunum. (Struck circa 292-293 AD)59 commentspostumus07/16/11 at 13:30Nathan H: AMAZING!!! How can you give this less than 5-stars...
ROMAN EMPIRE, ARCADIUS, AE2 RIC 18114 viewsAlexandria mint, 3rd officina
D N ARCADIVS P F AVG, Diademed bust of Arcadius right
VIRTS EXERCITI (sic !), Arcadius, standing right, a captive at right foot, holding globe and standard. ALE gamma at exergue
6.28 gr
Ref : RIC # 18, RC #4230, LRBC #2896 var
2 commentsPotator II07/16/11 at 13:28Nathan H: Beautiful for the period!!!!
BYZANTINE, Maurice Tiberius, Theoupolis (Antioch), 582-602, AE Follis 410 views[D N M]AURI-C N P AUT Crowned bust of Maurice facing, bearing consular mantle, holding mappa in right hand and eagle tipped sceptre in left hand. / Large M flanked by A/N/N/O Ė X/III (regnal year 13 equivalent to 594/95 AD), cross above, Γ below, THEUP (Theoupolis) in exergue. Sear Byzantine 533; DO 161-73.
(28 mm, 11.75 g, 6h)
7 commentsLloyd T07/16/11 at 13:24Nathan H: Very nice! I used to have one that would have beat...
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