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Last comments - Dr. Danny S. Jones
Claudius Cistophorus - Claudius and Fortuna in Temple (RIC 120)149 viewsClaudius Cistophorus of Pergamum, 41 CE. 11.38g

Obv: TI CLAUD CAES AUG, bare head of Claudius (L)

Rev: COM – ASI Distyle temple, within Claudius on l. being crowned by Fortuna on r.
ROM ET AVG on temple frieze.

RIC 120 (Pergamum). RPC 2221
15 commentsKained but Able09/30/13 at 14:08Danny Jones: WOW! Have you entered this in BOT yet? Amazing coi...
ROMAN EMPIRE, Nero, TEMPLE1458 viewsObv.:NERO CLAVD CAESAR AVG GER P M TR P IMP P P, laureate head right
Rev.: PACE P R TERRA MARIQ PARTA IANVM CLVSIT S-C, Temple of Janus with latticed windows & garland hung across doors; doors to the right.
Cohen 146
18 commentspostumus09/13/11 at 04:03goldenancients: I second Jochen's comment!
ROMAN EMPIRE, Aelius, Rome mint, struck 137 AD, AE As365 viewsL AELIVS CAESAR bare-headed bust right
TR POT COS II, S-C Spes standing left
RIC 1067, Cohen 57 (8 Fr.)
2 commentsdupondius09/04/11 at 01:53goldenancients: Lovely coin. Cool photography!
Philip III Arrhidaios302 viewsSilver Drachm
Kolophon mint, 323-317 BC.
18mm, 4.29g, 0o
Obv: Head of Herakles right, wearing lion skin.
Rev: Zeus Aëtophoros seated left; monogram in left field, star below throne.
Price P49. Ex. CNG " monogram partially erased from die or maybe cut over an earlier symbol, perhaps a tripod (P42)."
7 commentsmihali8408/10/10 at 09:54goldenancients: "Exquisite" doesn't do this coin justice. I...
Balbinus AR Denarius120 viewsRIC IVb 1, RSC 5a, 238 A.D.
2.72 g, 18 mm
IMP C D CAEL BALBINVS AVG, laureate draped bust right
CONCORDIA AVGG, concordia seated left holding patera & cornucopiae
Ex: Tkalec AG
6 commentsMark Z208/06/10 at 14:04goldenancients: Excellent! I must tell my father-in-law. It looks ...
Constantius I Follis57 viewsRIC VI 594a Trier, 303-305 A.D.
9.96 g, 27 mm x 29 mm
CONSTANTIVS NOBIL C, laureate, cuirassed bust right
GENIO POPV-LI ROMANI, Genius standing left, tower on head, naked except for chlamys over left shoulder, holding patera and cornucopiae.
S-F across fields, PTR in exergue
Fully silvered
EX: Rutten & Wieland
2 commentsMark Z208/06/10 at 14:02goldenancients: Full silvering and wonderful detail!
Trajan Dupondius91 viewsRIC II 411 Rome, C 629
12.16 g, 28 mm
TR POT COS III P P, Abundantia seated l. on chair formed of two cornucopiae, holding sceptre; S C in ex.
4 commentsMark Z208/06/10 at 14:01goldenancients: Wonderful surface, centering and detail. Superb ex...
Hadrian Sestertius111 viewsRIC II 589b Rome, BMC 1023, C120
26.08 gm, 33 mm
IMP CASESAR TRAIANVS HADRIANVS AVG P M TR P COS III, laureate heroic bust right, drapery on left shoulder.
PROVIDENTIA DEORVM S C, Hadrian standing front, head left, looking towards eagle flying right, raising right hand to receive a sceptre from it and holding roll in left.
5 commentsMark Z208/06/10 at 13:59goldenancients: wonderful
Trebonianus Gallus Sestertius138 viewsRIC IVc 113
16.93 g, 29 mm
IMP CAES C VIBIVS TREBONIANVS GALLVS AVG, Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right, seen from behind
LIBERALITAS AVGG S-C, Liberalitas standing left with abacus and cornucopiae.
4 commentsMark Z208/06/10 at 13:56goldenancients: Fine specimen!
87 viewsNERO CAESAR AVGVSTVS Laur head of Nero r Rev. IVPPITER CVSTOS Juppiter seated l holding thunderbolt and sceptre(Rom 67-8 ad)RIC 69 weight 3,15 Gr2 commentsspikbjorn07/23/10 at 18:05goldenancients: I'm very jealous indeed!
Philip II140 viewsM ILV PHILIPPUS Rev PRINCIPI IVVENT. Philip II in military attire stg r. holding globe and spear in background soldier stands beside Philip (rome AD 246-7) RIC 217 weight 3,977 commentsspikbjorn07/23/10 at 18:03goldenancients: wonderful!
Macrinus 110 viewsMackrinus antoninianus.Rad and draped seen from behind REV. Salus enthroned l feeding snake arising from altar and holding sceptre.VOTA PUBL PM TR P. Weight.4,85gr RIC 11 var4 commentsspikbjorn07/23/10 at 18:02goldenancients: wow!
Alexander Jannaeus Hendin 47491 viewsMinted By: Alexander Jannaeus
In the name of: Alexander Jannaeus
Reference: Hendin 474
Obverse description: Within wreath, the Hebrew text “Jonathan the high priest and council of the Jews”
Obverse legend: Yehonatan HaKohen Gadol V'Ḥaver HaYehudim
Reverse description: Double cornucopiae, ribbons around, pomegranate between horns.
Year: Undated, between 103-76 BCE.
Its interesting that Gadol (high [priest], lit. "big") it spelled with a vav (GDOL), and not just GDL, like its commonly writen. Also, the vav in gadol usually occurs on prutot of Aristobulus.

Text is:
3 commentsAarmale07/08/10 at 13:30goldenancients: nice inscription!
ROMAN EMPIRE, Augustus Caesar, AR Denarius - 2 B.C. to 4 A.D.170 viewsLugdunum mint
RIC 207
Rev: C L CAESARES AVGVSTI F COS DESIG PRINC IVVENT, Caius and Lucius Caesars togate stand facing, each resting hand on a round shield with spear behind, above center on l. a simpulum r. and on r. a lituus l.
Weight: 3.79 grams
Diameter: 19.8 mm
ICG#: 5729290101
Grade: EF40
3 commentsThi N06/27/10 at 14:36goldenancients: Wonderful!
Alexander III Drachm94 viewsOBV: Herakles' head right, clad in lion-skin head-dress.
REV: "ALEXANDROU", Zeus enthroned left, eagle in
extended right, scepter in left, "MU" monogram
within wreath left, head wearing Phrygian hat
below throne.

Price 1565
posthumous, c. 310 - 297 B.C.
4.24gm 17.1mm

7 commentsgoldenancients06/24/10 at 16:51goldenancients: I got this one here at FORVM. One of my favorites ...
L. Flaminius Cilo79 views109-108 BC
AR Denarius (17mm, 3.91g)
O: Helmeted head of Roma right; X beneath chin, ROMA behind.
R: Victory in biga right; L FLAMINI below horses, CILO in ex.
Crawford 302-1; Sydenham 540; RSC Flaminia 1; BMC Italy 537
ex Jack H. Beymer
3 commentsEnodia04/09/10 at 03:05goldenancients: gotta get me one of these!
RPC 2412 Vespasian Tetradrachm138 viewsΑΥΤΟΚ ΚΑΙΣ ΣΕΒA ΟΥΕΣΠΑΣΙΑΝΟΥ LB
Laureate head right

Dated LB Year 2 (69/70 AD).

Nike walking left, holding wreath and palm.

EGYPT. Alexandria.

Billon Tetradrachm
24mm - 13.12g

Köln 276; Dattari 360; Milne 393; Emmett 204; RPC II 2412.

VF, gray toning,

ex-Vauctions sale 243 lot 58 Barry P. Murphy

Vespasian was proclaimed Emperor at Alexandria on July 1, 69 AD. This cut short the coinage of Vitellius at the Egyptian capital which had begun only two months before
5 commentsJay GT403/25/10 at 18:07goldenancients: I like it!
ROMAN REPUBLIC, Anonymous - Quadrigatus393 viewsMint:Roma or south Italy
225/215 BC
Réf:Bab.23, SYD.64
Conservation: SUP
One the the first exemple of this type
Hellenistic style...
12 commentsmoneta romana03/12/10 at 01:13goldenancients: BEAUTIFUL!!!
ROMAN EMPIRE, Augustus, AR Denarius226 views8 commentsOptimus03/11/10 at 03:02goldenancients: They don't come much nicer than this!
Constantius II148 viewsConstantius II AE3. 330-333 AD. FL IVL CONSTANTIVS NOB C, laureate, draped & cuirassed bust right / GLORIA EXERCITVS, two soldiers, helmeted, standing with spears & shields, facing two standards between them, CONSS in ex. Constantinople

Best pic I could get of it :/
8 commentsRandygeki(h2)03/11/10 at 03:00goldenancients: love the patina!
Fausta, AE3 - *112 viewsTrier mint
FLAV MAX FAVSTA AVG, draped bust right
SPES REIP VBLICAE, Fausta standing, holding Constantinus II and Constantius II in her arms,PTR crescent at exergue
3.0 gr
Ref : LRBC # 36, Cohen # 15v
6 commentsPotator II03/05/10 at 02:17goldenancients: absolutely awesome coin!!!
Otho, Denarius - *350 viewsDenarius minted in Rome in 69 AD
IMP M OTHO CAESAR AVG TR P, Bare head of Otho right
SECURITAS PR, Securitas standing left
3.50 gr
Ref : RIC # 8, RCV #2162, Cohen #17
15 commentsPotator II03/05/10 at 02:15goldenancients: this has to be one of the nicest Otho's out th...
Augustus, Denarius176 viewsMinted in Rome, 2 BC
CAESAR AVGVSTVS DIVI F PATER PATRIAE, Laureate head of Augustus right
AVGVSTI F COS DESIG PRINC IVVENT, Caius and Lucius holding shields and spears
3,65 gr
Ref : RCV # 1597, Cohen # 43, RIC # 207
4 commentsPotator II03/05/10 at 02:13goldenancients: wonderful!!!
Augustus & Agrippa, AE Dupondius - *285 viewsDupondius struck in Nemausus, after 10 AD
4th type
IMP DIVI F PP, Laureate heads of Augustus and Agrippa back to back
COL NEM, Crocodile chained to palm tree
12.84 gr
Ref : RCV #1731, Cohen #8
3 commentsPotator II03/05/10 at 02:13goldenancients: fine specimen of this type!
Agrippa, As - *323 viewsPosthumous issue of Caligula, in honour of his grandfather (died 12 BC)
Rome mint, ca AD 37/41
M AGRIPPA L F COS III, head of Agrippa left with rostral crown
Neptun standing left, holding trident and dolphin. Large S C in fields
10.9 gr
Ref : RCV #1812, Cohen #3
Ex Alwin collection

The following commentary is a (quick) translation from CGB about a similar coin :

"Although Augustus associated his close friend Agrippa in his coinage, he didn't for him alone. Gaius honoured the memory of his grandfather, recalling he had been COS III in 27 BC while Augustus was COS VII at the same time.
Gaius, however, as the new emperor would like us to remember his double filiation : Through his father, Germanicus, he's descended from Nero Drusus and Antonia, thus from Tiberius ; through his mother Agrippina the elder, he tells us Agrippa and Julia are his grand parents and he's a grand grand son of Augustus. Agrippa remained prestigious all along the first century CE, although he had died 12 BC. Titus then Domitian will also strike this type, seemingly very succesfull towards population (see RCV 2589 and 2894)"
6 commentsPotator II03/05/10 at 02:12goldenancients: !!!
Diocletian, Argenteus - *156 viewsNicomedia mint, 3rd officina, AD 295-296
DIOCLETI ANVS AVG, Laureate head of Diocletian right
VICTORIAE SARMATICAE, The tetrarchs sacrifying before a campgate. SMNΓat exergue
3.3 gr
Ref : RCV # 12615 (1000), Cohen #491 var,
6 commentsPotator II03/05/10 at 02:09goldenancients: beautiful coin! I always loved this type.
Constantius, Argenteus - *213 viewsAntioch mint, 8th officina, c. AD 296-297
CONSTANTIVS CAESAR, Laureate head of Constantius right
VIRTVS MILITVM, Campgate, *ANTH* at exergue
3.40 gr
Ref : Cohen #318, RCV # 13966 (1100)
9 commentsPotator II03/05/10 at 02:08goldenancients: stunning!!!
Argos, Argos Amphilochicum. Circa 350-270 or later. 74 viewsAR Stater. Pegasos flying left, A below / Helmeted head of Athena left; AP behind, shield behind.

Pegasi II p. 530, 24.
4 commentsCGPCGP02/22/10 at 18:31goldenancients: Gorgeous coin! wonderful example!
Julias Caesar denar, Ceres / priestly implements69 views46 BC
obv. head of Ceres right
rev: priestly implements
8 commentsareich12/04/09 at 10:24goldenancients: Great historical coin. Nice detail. I'm jealou...
GREEK, Ptolemaic Egypt, Ptolemy III Large Bronze567 viewsPtolemy III - ca 240BC - Alexandria - Drachm
Bronze - 43.1-43.9mm - 73.2gm - 11h
CHI/RHO monogram in eagle's legs
Svoronos 964, SNG Cop. 172
Not especially rare type, but always rare this nice. A real monster, too.
10 commentsPtolemAE11/23/09 at 05:39goldenancients: absolutely gorgeous!
Macedonia, Amphipolis227 viewsAmphipolis was an ancient city of Macedonia, on the east bank of the river Strymon, where it emerges from Lake Cercinitis, about 3 m. from the sea.

Originally a Thracian town, known as Ennea Odoi ("Nine Roads"), it was colonized by Athenians with other Greeks under Hagnon in 437 BC, previous attempts--in 497, 476 (Schol. Aesch. De fals. leg. 31) and 465--having been unsuccessful.

In 424 BC it surrendered to the Spartan Brasidas without resistance, owing to the gross negligence of the historian Thucydides, who was with the fleet at Thasos. In 422 BC Cleon led an unsuccessful expedition to recover it, in which both he and Brasidas were slain (see Battle of Amphipolis).

The importance of Amphipolis in ancient times was due to the fact that it commanded the bridge over the Strymon, and consequently the route from northern Greece to the Hellespont; it was important also as a depot for the gold and silver mines of the district, and for timber, which was largely used in shipbuilding. This importance is shown by the fact that, in the peace of Nicias (421 BC), its restoration to Athens is made the subject of a special provision, and that about 417, this provision not having been observed, at least one expedition was made by Nicias with a view to its recovery.

Philip of Macedon made a special point of occupying it (357), and under the early empire it became the headquarters of the Roman propraetor, though it was recognized as independent. Many inscriptions, coins, etc., have been found here, and traces of the ancient fortifications and of a Roman aqueduct are visible.

Alexander III, 336-323 BC, Silver Tetradrachm, Price-113, struck 323-320BC at Amphipolis, 17.12 grams, 25.3 mm. Choice VF

Obv: Head of Herakles wearing lion skin headdress
Rev: Zeus enthroned with sceptre and eagle, parallel legs, Macedonian helmet in left field

Well centered and struck with a full EF reverse. Attractive lifetime issue of Alexander III 'The Great'. G5
2 commentsecoli09/11/09 at 15:31goldenancients: Great reverse! This is a very nice tet!
006.Nerva 96-98 AD23 viewsAR Denarius
Mint: Rome, Date: 97 AD
Obv: IMP NERVA CAES AVG PM TR P COS III PP- Laureate head right.
Rev: CONCORDIA EXERCITVVM - Clasped hands, holding legionary eagle, resting on a galley prow.
Size:17.5mm;3.11 gms
Ref: RIC II- 15d
2 commentsbrian l07/29/09 at 05:25goldenancients: nice centering on this coin.
ROMAN EMPIRE, Constantius I, Argenteus1434 viewsArgenteus struck in Antioch, 8th officina, c.299-305 AD
CONSTANTIVS CAESAR, Laureate head of Constantius right
VIRTVS MILITVM, Campgate, *ANTH* at exergue
3.40 gr
Ref : Cohen #318
Argentei struck in Antioch often give a larger head of the emperor than other mints
For a new and better pic, please follow this link :;topic=34410.0;attach=93566;image

For those who feel uncomfortable with this coin, there is also a discussion about it on the "classical numismatics board" :
20 commentsPotator II07/27/09 at 15:28goldenancients: 10 Stars!!!
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