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Last comments - jimwho523
Antoninus pius96 views3 commentspax02/18/05 at 14:20jimwho523: Ditto to everything tia said
RI 132ma img.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Probus, Lugdunum, RIC 64 Bust Type G877 views9 commentsmaridvnvm02/12/05 at 22:42jimwho523: Extremely nice Probus!!!!
Domitian * Minerva with Owl, 81-96 AD. AR Denarius606 views12 commentsTiathena02/03/05 at 13:04jimwho523: Gotta love that rainbow toning!!! First class coin...
RI 066ab obv.jpg
Roman, Caracalla999 views5 commentsmaridvnvm01/11/05 at 00:15jimwho523: Nasty look to this guy, no doubt a fine submission...
Julian II, 355-363 AD AE3 * Vows180 views6 commentsTiathena01/10/05 at 21:59jimwho523: Absolutely lovely !!!
Caracalla, Silver Denarius "Mars, the defender" * 196-217 AD *364 views6 commentsTiathena01/10/05 at 21:54jimwho523: wonderful portrait and reverse. Awesome coin!
44- Gordian III RIC 202.JPG
Gordian III RIC 566 views2 commentsJerome Holderman12/11/04 at 11:36jimwho523: Sweet coin!!!! great portrait, and not a bad victo...
ROMAN EMPIRE, Carausius, Diocletian & Maximianus - Antoninianus4279 views59 commentspostumus11/10/04 at 00:08jimwho523: Ditto to everything above, Absolutely Stunning ;-...
ROMAN EMPIRE PROVINCIAL, Elagabalus, AE30, Perinthus1028 views9 commentsfeatherz11/04/04 at 22:22jimwho523: Wow! Now thats what I call "glossy green patina" ...
Otacilia Severa RIC IV, 125(c)76 views2 commentsJochen09/16/04 at 09:26jimwho523: best portrait of Otacilia Severa I've seen yet !!!...
RI 087k img.jpg
087 - Gordian III Denarius - RIC 129a65 views1 commentsmaridvnvm09/03/04 at 16:30jimwho523: Outstanding reverse, you can almost see the forked...
aquilia_ severa_226.JPG
Aquilia Severa RIC V, 226150 views6 commentsJochen08/10/04 at 19:31jimwho523: where did you find this beauty!!!! Absolutely stun...
Roman, Julia Mamaea496 views5 commentskklinejr08/09/04 at 18:14jimwho523: Certainly the best portrait of Julia Mamaea I've s...
ROMAN EMPIRE, Pupienus, denarius, RIC 1791 views8 commentsthe_Apostate08/04/04 at 23:49jimwho523: Great coin, want it, want it, want it.....
Gordian III, AD 238-24480 views1 commentssocalcoins08/04/04 at 13:16jimwho523: Sweet!! Let me know when you tire of owning ...
RI 064t img~0.jpg
Dea Caelestis, goddess of Carthage394 views5 commentsmaridvnvm07/18/04 at 12:45jimwho523: Beautiful!! This is one I've never seen before, an...
Crispina, wife of Commodus. Augusta, 177-182/3 CE.283 views2 commentsEmpressCollector07/09/04 at 17:12jimwho523: looks like it has exceptional high relief! Sweet!!...
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