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Antoninus pius95 viewsfr: ANTONINVS AVG PIVS PP TR P COSIII
3 commentspax02/18/05 at 14:20jimwho523: Ditto to everything tia said
RI 132ma img.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Probus, Lugdunum, RIC 64 Bust Type G864 viewsObv:– VIRTVS PRO-BI AVG, Radiate, helmeted, cuirassed bust left, holding spear and shield, decorated with emperor riding past row of soldiers with shields
Rev:– ADVENTVS PROBI AVG, Emperor riding left, right hand raised, left holding sceptre; at foot, captive
Minted in Lugdunum (IIII) Emission 5 Officina 4. End A.D. 277 to Early A.D. 278
References:– Cohen 69. Bastien 256 (2 examples). RIC 64 Bust Type G (S)
Appear to be an obverse die match to the plate example in Bastien.

9 commentsmaridvnvm02/12/05 at 22:42jimwho523: Extremely nice Probus!!!!
Domitian * Minerva with Owl, 81-96 AD. AR Denarius585 views
Domitianvs * Minerva with Owl, 88 AD. Silver Denarius
" ~ My service to the state is listed here ~ "

Obv: IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERM P M TR P VI * Domitian, Laureate head right facing.
Rev: IMP XIIII COS XIIII CENS P P P – Minerva helmeted & armed right-facing, surmounting Rostrum, holding thunderbolt (or javelin) in right hand, arm raised to throwing position, and shield at the ready on left arm, her owl, facing, at her feet to the right.

Exergue: Occupied by capital-piece of rostrum column.

Mint: Rome
Struck: January-August 88 AD.

Size: 22 mm.
Weight: 2.96 grams
Die axis: 180°

Condition: Absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful bright, clear luster with tri-colored cabinet toning (rainbow effect) on the reverse.

RSC 236
RIC II, 108a
BMC 103(v)
Cohen 218(v)
Sear RCV I (2000), 2730(v), page 495

12 commentsTiathena02/03/05 at 13:04jimwho523: Gotta love that rainbow toning!!! First class coin...
RI 066ab obv.jpg
Roman, Caracalla966 viewsThis seemed such a striking portrait of this notorious emperor that I couldn't resist.5 commentsmaridvnvm01/11/05 at 00:15jimwho523: Nasty look to this guy, no doubt a fine submission...
Julian II, 355-363 AD AE3 * Vows173 views
Julian II*, 355-363 AD AE3 * Scarce
"Vows X Mult XX"

Obv: FL CL IVLI-ANVS P F AVG - Helmeted, diademed bust left, cuirassed holding spear and shield.
Rev: VOT X MVLT XX – ("I promise ten years and perhaps twenty." Obv: D N) Within wreath on four lines.


Mint: Heraclea
Struck: Between November 3rd 361 and June 26th 363 AD.
Workshop A

Size: (c) 20mm
Weight: 2.95 grams

Patina: Very dark green, near-black: beautiful.
Grade: VF

RIC VIII, 106. Scarce, page 438
- LRBC #1908.3.55g

* Conqueror

6 commentsTiathena01/10/05 at 21:59jimwho523: Absolutely lovely !!!
Caracalla, Silver Denarius "Mars, the defender" * 196-217 AD *348 views
Caracalla, "Mars*, the defender."
AR Denarius
Obv: ANTONINVS PIVS AVG BRIT - Laureate head right
Rev: MARTI PROPVGNATORI – Mars advancing left, holding spear and trophy

Mint: Rome
Struck: 213 AD

Size: 18 mm.
Weight: 4.5 grams(?)
Die axis: 180 deg.

RIC IVi, 223 (s) Scarce; Cohen 150; D. Sear II, 6819; pg. 521

* Olympian
6 commentsTiathena01/10/05 at 21:54jimwho523: wonderful portrait and reverse. Awesome coin!
44- Gordian III RIC 202.JPG
Gordian III RIC 566 viewsAR Antoninianus, Rome mint, 238-244 AD
Obverse: IMP CAES M ANT GORDIANVS AVG, Radiate and draped bust right.
Reverse: VICTORIA AVG, Victory advancing left with wreath and palm.
21mm, 5.0 gm
2 commentsJerome Holderman12/11/04 at 11:36jimwho523: Sweet coin!!!! great portrait, and not a bad victo...
ROMAN EMPIRE, Carausius, Diocletian & Maximianus - Antoninianus4201 viewsObv.: CARAVSIVS ET FRATRES SVI, jugate, radiate & cuirassed busts of Maximianus, Diocletian & Carausius left Rev.:PAX A-VGGG, Pax standing left, holding olive-branch & vertical scepter; S P/C. Mint Camulodunum. (Struck circa 292-293 AD)59 commentspostumus11/10/04 at 00:08jimwho523: Ditto to everything above, Absolutely Stunning ;-...
ROMAN EMPIRE PROVINCIAL, Elagabalus, AE30, Perinthus986 viewsElagabalus --AE30, Perinthus. Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right, seen from behind / Nike standing facing, head left, holding patera over lighted altar, and palm. SNG Copenhagen -; BMC Thrace -; Mionnet -. Good VF, olive patina. An apparently unique and unpublished type. 9 commentsfeatherz11/04/04 at 22:22jimwho523: Wow! Now thats what I call "glossy green patina" ...
Otacilia Severa RIC IV, 125(c)74 viewsOtacilia Severa, Wife of Philipp I, AD 234
AR - Antoninianus, 4.19g, 22mm
Rome 146-148
draped bust on crescent, diademed head r.
Concordia seated l., holding patera and double cornucopiae
RIC IV/3, 125(c); C.4
good VF
2 commentsJochen09/16/04 at 09:26jimwho523: best portrait of Otacilia Severa I've seen yet !!!...
RI 087k img.jpg
087 - Gordian III Denarius - RIC 129a64 viewsObv:– IMP GORDIANVS PIVS FEL AVG, Laureate, draped bust right
Rev:– SALVS AVGVSTI, Salus standing right feeding snake held in arms
Minted in Rome. Summer A.D. 241
Reference:– Van Meter 74, RIC 129a, RSC 325
Weight 2.54 gms
Dimensions 20.22mm
1 commentsmaridvnvm09/03/04 at 16:30jimwho523: Outstanding reverse, you can almost see the forked...
aquilia_ severa_226.JPG
Aquilia Severa RIC V, 226143 viewsAquilia Severa, reg. AD 220, 2. and 4. wife of Elagabal
AR - Denar, 3.23g, 19.4mm
Rome AD 220 -221
draped bust, bare head r., hair waved, fixed in plait;
later coiffure without 'visor' (C.Clay)
Concordia standing l., holding patera r.and double cornucopiae l.; lightened
altar l. before her
star in r. field
RIC V/2, 226; C.2; BMCR.184
Rare; EF, virtually mintstate

VESTAL VIRGINS. Aquilia Severa was one of the six Vestal Virgins who carried out the maintenance of the sacred fire and other cult ceremonies connected to the goddess Vesta. Therefore her marriage with Elagabal leads to disturbances in the priestership and the people of Rome.
6 commentsJochen08/10/04 at 19:31jimwho523: where did you find this beauty!!!! Absolutely stun...
Roman, Julia Mamaea481 viewsA very pleasant depiction of Julia Mamaea (13 March 222 - February or March 235 A.D.) . RIC 335, RSC 17, BMC 483. 3.12g, 19.9mm, 180o, Rome mint, obverse IVL MAMAEA AVG, draped bust right; reverse FELICITAS PVBLICA, Felicitas standing left holding caduceus and resting elbow on column; ex Scott Collection.5 commentskklinejr08/09/04 at 18:14jimwho523: Certainly the best portrait of Julia Mamaea I've s...
ROMAN EMPIRE, Pupienus, denarius, RIC 1781 viewsIMP C M CLOD PVPIENVS AVG.Laureate bust of Pupienus
CONCORDIA AVGG.Concordia seated left,holding patera and two cornucopia
RIC-001, RSC-6, sear 2413, Rome mint April - June AD 238
8 commentsthe_Apostate08/04/04 at 23:49jimwho523: Great coin, want it, want it, want it.....
Gordian III, AD 238-24480 viewsAR antoninianus, 21.40mm (4.53 gm).

IMP CAES GORDIANVS PIVS AVG, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right / LIBERALITAS AVG II, Liberalitas standing front, head left, holding abacus and cornucopiae. Rome mint, struck AD 240.

RIC IV-III, 053 (pg. 21); RSC IV, 133.

1 commentssocalcoins08/04/04 at 13:16jimwho523: Sweet!! Let me know when you tire of owning ...
RI 064t img~0.jpg
Dea Caelestis, goddess of Carthage385 viewsSeptimius Severus Denarius
Obv:– SEVERVS PIVS AVG, Laureate head right
Rev:– INDVLGENTIA AVGG / IN CARTH, Dea Caelestis, goddess of Carthage, with elaborate headdress, looking front, riding right on springing lion, holding thunderbolt and sceptre, water gushing from rocks at left below
Minted in Rome, A.D. 203 A.D.
References:– RIC 266, RCV02 6285, RSC 222
5 commentsmaridvnvm07/18/04 at 12:45jimwho523: Beautiful!! This is one I've never seen before, an...
Crispina, wife of Commodus. Augusta, 177-182/3 CE.268 viewsAR Denarius (19.5mm, 3.15g), Rome mint, 180-181 CE.
Obv: CRISPINA AVGVSTA, bare-headed and draped bust right.
Rev: DIS GENITALIBVS, large rectangular altar.
RIC-281A, Sear 5999 var., BMC 31, RSC 15, Cohen 15.

Crispina's earliest obverse legend (CRISPINA AVGVSTA, RIC-281B; C-16; BMC-39, is usual for this issue).
2 commentsEmpressCollector07/09/04 at 17:12jimwho523: looks like it has exceptional high relief! Sweet!!...
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