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Last comments - Nicholas Z
Probus, Antoninianus, SALVS AVG, XXIV14 viewsAE Antoninianus
Augustus: 276 - 282AD
Issued: 280AD
21.5mm 3.30gr 6h
O: IMP PROBVS PF AVG; Helmeted, radiate and cuirassed bust left, holding spear over shoulder in right hand and shield with dots in design in left hand.
R: SALVS AVG; Salus, standing right, feeding snake in right hand from patera in left.
Exergue: XXIV, below line.
Siscia Mint
RIC V-2 Siscia 748, XXIV; Alfoldi 65 #48.
Aorta: B15, O79, R141, T19, M6.
master-numismatics/Marisa Andresevic 153393291318
3/3/19 7/5/19
2 commentsNicholas Z09/14/19 at 10:41Nicholas Z: My bad, Barnaba! Thank you for the correction!
Probus, Antoninianus, VIRTVS PROBI AVG, XXIVI19 viewsAE Antoninianus
Augustus: 276 - 282AD
Issued: 278AD
22.0 x 20.0mm 2.97gr 6h
O: IMP CM AVR PROBVS P-F AVG; Radiate, cuirassed bust left, carrying shield and spear over right shoulder.
R: VIRTVS P-ROBI AVG; Mars advancing right, holding long spear and trophy.
Exergue: XXIVI, below line.
Siscia Mint
RIC V-2 Siscia 810, XXIVI; Sear 12071; Alfoldi 96, #215.
Aorta: B65, 038, R195, T41, M6.
fvrivs.rvfvs/Jeremy Mancevice 273832257126
6/19/19 7/6/19
2 commentsNicholas Z09/14/19 at 10:39Nicholas Z: Thanks Barnaba!
Caracalla (198 - 217 A.D.)49 viewsAR Tetradrachm
Mesopotamia, Carrhae
O: AVT·K·M·A ANTONЄINOC ·C-EB · ·, laureate head of Caracalla right; two pellets beneath rear truncation.
R: ΔΗΜΑΡΧ ΕΞ ΥΠΑΤΟ Δ, eagle standing facing on bucranium, dot to each side, wings spread, head right, wreath in beak.
Prieur 820, Bellinger 160, SGI 2701

Ex. Agora Auctions, lot 184, Sale 81
5 commentsMat06/13/19 at 14:08Nicholas Z: Very nice portrait of Caracalla.
MYSIA,Pergamon (200 - 133 B.C.)51 viewsĆ16
O: Helmeted head of Athena right.
R: AΘΗ-ΝΑΣ ΝΙΚΗΦΟΡΟΥ, owl standing facing on palm, with wings spread, A monogram left and AP right.
SNG von Aulock 1375-6 var; SNG Copenhagen 388 var
6 commentsMat06/13/19 at 14:07Nicholas Z: I love these little owls.
Severus Alexander (222 - 235 A.D.)61 viewsEgypt, Alexandria
Billon Tetradrachm
O: Α ΚΑΙ ΜΑΡ ΑΥΡ СƐΥ ΑΛƐΞΑΝΔΡΟС ƐΥ laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Severus Alexander, r., seen from rear.
R: Nilus bust r., draped and wearing lotus wreath; to l., cornucopia on shoulder, r.; in front, palm branch L I = 10
Alexandria Mint
Emmett 3122.10 (R3), Milne 3031; Dattari 4331


Published on Wildwinds!
9 commentsMat06/13/19 at 14:06Nicholas Z: This could be one of the nicest tets I’ve ever see...
Vespasian (69 - 79 A.D.)55 viewsAntioch, Syria
AR Tetradrachm
O: AYTOKPAT KAIΣA OYEΣΠAΣIANOY; Head of Vespasian, laureate head right.
R: (T) ΦΛAYI OYEΣΠ KAIΣ ETOYΣ NEOY IEPOY; Laureate Head of Titus, r.; in r. field, B=Year 2 ( 69-70 AD)
RPC 1941 (2 spec.)., Cf. Prieur 107-107A

A RPC group 2 tetradrachm attributed to Antioch, but style wise very similar to Alexandria. RPC speculates the Alexandria style tetradrachms were either struck in Alexandria and then shipped to Antioch, or less likely Alexandrian mint workers were sent to Antioch and produced the coins there. Kevin Butcher speculates these Alexandria style tetradrachms were ordered by the southern Syrian cities from the Alexandria mint for circulation in that part of the province. Of note, Galilee, Samaria, and Judaea were a part of the province of Syria at the time. Interestingly, these tetradrachms in which Titus' portrait is featured on the reverse may have been circulating in the very region where he commanded the legions fighting the Jewish War. Most likely they were struck during the massive military build up before the siege of Jerusalem, providing strong evidence of the important role Titus Caesar held at the time.

This regnal year 2 type is more commonly seen with a star behind Titus' portrait on the reverse. This is the rarer variant lacking the star.
9 commentsMat06/13/19 at 14:06Nicholas Z: Impressive!
Phraates IV (38 - 2 B.C.)62 viewsAR Tetradrachm
O: Diademed and draped bust left, wart on forehead, wearing pointed beard and torque with no end visible; all within pelleted border.
R: BACILE[WS] BACILEWN ARSAKO[U] EUERGETOU DIKAIOU EPIFANOU[S] FILELLHN[OS], Phraates seated right on throne, Tyche standing left before him, presenting a palm and holding cornucopiae; year between throne legs, [month in exergue]
Seleukeia on the Tigris mint.
Sellwood 51
6 commentsMat06/13/19 at 14:04Nicholas Z: Great portrait of PIV.
Robert of Anjou (1309 - 1343 A.D.)51 viewsAR Gigliato
O: + ROBЄRTUS DЄI GRA IЄRL ЄT SICIL RЄX. King enthroned holding sceptre in right hand and globus cruciger in left, cross at neck.
R: + ҺOҺOR RЄGIS IUDICIU DILIGIT., cross fleury with lys in each quarter.
Naples Mint, Italy
Biaggi 1634 MIR (Varesi) 28
3 commentsMat06/13/19 at 14:03Nicholas Z: Apparently Robert and the Henries of England had t...
Severus II (305 - 307 A.D.)74 viewsĆ Follis
O:SEVERVS NOB C, Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right.
R:  GENIO POP-VLI ROMANI, Genius standing left, holding patera and cornucopiae; altar left, star right: PLC in exergue.
Lugdunum (Lyon) mint
Seltz Hoard 9; RIC VI Lyons 193 var (star type)

Ex CNG Electric Auction, Lot 372, 1/10/2008

Ex. Gordon S. Parry Collection

Published on Wildwinds
4 commentsMat06/13/19 at 14:01Nicholas Z: Very sharp strike and great coin!
Ohrmazd (Hormizd) IV (579-590 A.D.)35 viewsAR Drachm
O: Facing bust, head right, wearing crown with tassel to left and surmounted by crescent with vertical lines; single-dotted border, crescent with star at 3, 6 and 9 o'clock.
R: Fire altar with two attendants, wearing tall headgear, inside single-dotted border; no marks outside border.
GW (Gurgan) mint, dated regnal year 9 = 587/8 CE.
Göbl, Sasanian Numismatics, Hormizd IV, crown type I, reverse type 1
5 commentsMat02/22/19 at 14:43Nicholas Z: I agree with Robin.
Henry II (1154-1189 A.D.)44 viewsAR Penny
Short Cross coinage, class G or I.
O: ҺЄNRICVS • R ЄX, crowned facing bust, holding scepter.
R: + GOCELM • ON • WINC, voided cross; quatrefoils in angles.
Wincester mint; Gocelm, moneyer, 1180 AD
North 962/1; SCBC 1343A/1343 (obv./rev.).
6 commentsMat02/22/19 at 14:41Nicholas Z: Very cool coin. Jelly
Bohemond III (1163 - 1201 A.D.)35 viewsBI Denier
O: +B(•)AHVHDVS, helmeted and mailed bust left; crescent before, star behind.
R: + ANTI ♣ OCHIA, Cross pattée; crescent in second quadrant, trefoil in legend.
Metcalf Crusades 400; CCS 69 Class E or F. Malloy 69/70
5 commentsMat02/22/19 at 14:40Nicholas Z: Best name/portrait on a coin goes to...
Septimius Severus, Denarius, LIBERALITAS AVG VI20 viewsAR Denarius
Septimius Severus
Augustus: 193 - 211AD
Issued: 209AD
21.0 x 19.0mm 3.60gr
O: SEVERVS PIVS AVG; Laureate head, right.
R: LIBERALITAS AVG VI; Liberalitas standing left, holding coin dispenser and cornucopia.
Rome Mint
RIC 278a; RSC 298; Sear 6306; BMC 349.
Aorta: 783: B3, O81, R178, T108, M4.
treewalk123/John Tucker 132175418074
10/19/17 10/27/17
2 commentsNicholas Z02/20/19 at 06:04Nicholas Z: Thank you David, that’s quite a nice compliment!
Provincial, Laodicea ad Mare, Seleucis and Pieria, Tetradrachm, ΔΗΜΑΡX εΞνΠΛΤΟCΤΟΓ 8 viewsAR Tetradrachm
Roman Provincial: Antioch, Laodicea ad Mare, Seleucis and Pieria
Septimius Severus
Augustus: 193 - 211AD
Issued: 209 - 211AD
27.3mm 12.6gr 0h
O: AνΤ (dot) ΚΑΙ (dot dot) CεΟνΗΡΟC (dot) Cε (dot); Laureate, draped bust, right.
R: ΔΗΜΑΡX εΞνΠΛΤΟCΤΟΓ; Eagle standing on ground line, facing, head turned left, wreath in its beak.
Exergue: Star between eagle's legs.
Laodicea ad Mare, Seleucis and Pieria Mint
Prieur 1163; SNG Cop 360
Naville Numismatics/Mattia Torre Auction 44, Lot 511
11/5/18 1/15/19
2 commentsNicholas Z02/20/19 at 06:02Nicholas Z: Thanks Mat! Coming from you, that’s a true compli...
Probus, Antoninianus, VIRTVS PROBI AVG, CMXXI21 viewsAE Antoninianus
Augustus: 276 - 282AD
22.5mm 3.63gr 11h
O: IMP CM AVR PROBVS PF AVG; Radiate, cuirassed, helmeted bust left, holding spear over shoulder and shield; shield decorated with Probus mounted on horse, spearing fallen enemy on right arm.
R: VIRTVS PROBI AVG; Probus riding left, holding scepter, right hand raised, captive below.
Exergue: CMXXI
Cyzicus Mint
RIC V-2 Cyzicus 913 var. (unlisted mintmark)
Aorta: B15, O38, R195, T56, M3.
legio_x_hispana/Andrey Georgiev 401557446634
7/4/18 8/6/18
2 commentsNicholas Z02/20/19 at 06:00Nicholas Z: Thanks!
Probus, Antoninianus, PROVIDEN DEOR, (Star), KAB26 viewsAE Antoninianus
Augustus: 276 - 282AD
Issued: 276AD
22.5 x 21.5mm 3.40gr
O: BONO IMP C PROBO PF AVG; Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust, right.
R: PROVIDEN DEOR; Providentia standing right on left, holding standard in each hand, facing Sol to right, raising hand and holding globe.
Exergue: (Star), above line; KAB, below line.
Serdica Mint
RIC V-2, Serdica, 850 var. (mintmark)
Aorta: 1964: B87, O12, R112, T111, M5.
okta2000-2013 272745385924
7/12/17 7/24/17
Featured on Wildwinds, July, 2017.
2 commentsNicholas Z02/20/19 at 05:59Nicholas Z: Thanks Barnaba
Probus, Antoninianus, PIAETAS AVG, III9 viewsAE Antoninianus
Augustus: 276 - 282AD
Issued: 276 - 282AD
23.0 x 21.0mm 2.80gr 6h
O: IMP C PROBVS PF AVG; Radiate, cuirassed bust, right.
R: PIAETAS AVG; Pietas standing left, sacrificing over altar and holding incense box.
Exergue: III
Lugdunum Mint
RIC 93; Cohen 435
Aorta: 1709: B72, O63, R93, T53, M3.
play6notes/Charles Moore 202570730601
1/26/19 2/11/19
2 commentsNicholas Z02/20/19 at 05:58Nicholas Z: Edited
Julia Domna, Cappadocia80 viewsCaesarea, Cappadocia
AR Drachm; 2.98g

Draped bust right, hair weaved in rows and tucked at back of head in weaved bun pattern

Aphrodite standing right, apple in left hand, drawing robe over right shoulder with right hand
ET | E across fields (Dated year 5)

Sydenham 440; Sear GIC 2446; SNG von Aulock 6472
wildwinds example (this coin)
3 commentsarizonarobin02/04/19 at 06:10Nicholas Z: Lovely coin, ArizonaRobin. The whole collection i...
Henry VIII (1509-1547 A.D.)46 viewsAR Groat
Third Coinage
O:  D. G. AnG. FRA. Z hIB. RЄX, , crowned bearded bust half right, rose after rex. , Laker bust A.
R:  C[IVI] TAS BRIS TOLIЄ, royal coat-of-arms over long cross fourchée; lis in forks; pellet below third quarter of shield; rose after TAS, lis before BRIS; pellet on inner border.
Bristol mint; im: -/WS “monogram of William Sharrington” Struck circa 1546-1547.
North 1846; SCBC 2372
4 commentsMat01/31/19 at 14:58Nicholas Z: Very nice.
Edward IV (1461-1470 A.D.)31 viewsAR Groat
Light Coinage
O: ЄDWΛRD’ DI · GRΛ’ RЄX · ΛnGL’ · Z FRΛnC (saltire stops), crowned facing bust, with trefoil on breast and quatrefoil to left and right of neck; all within tressure of arches, with lis in spandrels.
R: POSVI DЄVm · Λ DIVTOR Є’ · mЄVm/ CIVI TΛS LOn DOn (saltire stops), long cross pattée, with three pellets in each quarter.
im: Crown
London mint, Struck 1466-1467.
North 1568; SCBC 2000
2 commentsMat01/31/19 at 14:56Nicholas Z: This is a fantastic example. I think it is nice ...
Tranquillina (241 - 244 A.D.)88 viewsEgypt, Alexandria
Billon Tetradrachm
O: CAB TPANKVΛΛINA CEB, diademed and draped bust right.
R: Homonoia standing left, raising arm and holding double cornuacopiae; in left field, L E.  year 5 (241/2 A.D.)
Milne 3420 Emmett 3449
9 commentsMat01/31/19 at 14:53Nicholas Z: Nothing short of excellent.
Antoninus Pius (138 - 161 A.D.)54 viewsStruck Under Marcus Aurelius
O: DIVVS ANTONINVS, bare draped bust right.
R: CONSECRATIO, funeral pyre of four tiers with quadriga on top.
Rome Mint, 161 - 180 A.D.
RIC III M. Aurelius 438
3 commentsMat09/06/18 at 06:22Nicholas Z: I love the hair detail. Great coin.
Aelius (136 - 138 A.D.)58 viewsAR Denarius
O: L AELIVS CAESAR, bare head right.
R: TR POT COS II, Felicitas standing left, caduceus in left, cornucopia in right.
Rome Mint, 137 A.D.
SRCV II 3973, RIC II Hadrian 430, RSC II 50, BMCRE III Hadrian 969
6 commentsMat09/06/18 at 06:21Nicholas Z: That’s a great coin, both sides!
Probus, Potin Tetradrachm, Eagle right, head left, LA26 viewsPotin Tetradrachm
Roman Provincial: Alexandria, Egypt
Augustus: 276 - 282AD
Issued: 276 - 277AD
21.0 x 19.5mm 7.60gr 0h
O: AK M AVP ΠΡΟBOC CεB; Laureate, cuirassed bust, right.
R: NO LEGEND; Eagle standing right, head left, holding wreath in beak.
Alexandria, Egypt
Exergue: L, left field; A, right field.
BMC 2425; Sear 3290; Curtis: Not Listed; 1852var (date, LA); Milne ?; Emmett ?; Dattari ?; Koln ?
lovethatcoinguy 372380272448
7/31/18 8/6/18
2 commentsNicholas Z08/13/18 at 03:57Nicholas Z: I don’t know why the green shows up like this eith...
Provincial, Tyana, Cappadocia, AE28, TYANεΩΝ ΤΡΤ ΙεΡ ΚΑCY KAY24 viewsAE28
Roman Provincial: Tyana, Cappadocia
Septimius Severus
Augustus: 193 - 211AD
Issued: 195 - 196AD (Regnal Year 4)
28.0mm 15.3gr 7h
O: AY K Λ CεΠ CεΟνΗΡΟC; Laureate head, right.
R: [TYANεΩΝ ΤΡΤ ΙεΡ Κ]ΑCY KAY; Zebu bull, standing right.
SNG von Aulock 6542
Numismatik Naumann Auction 66, Lot 327
6/2/18 8/8/18
3 commentsNicholas Z08/10/18 at 18:48Nicholas Z: Thanks Canaan! It is a precursor to the bull type...
Provincial, Pontus, Neocaesarea, AE31, KOINΠΟ ΝεΟΚΑΙΜHTPO22 viewsAE31
Roman Provincial: Pontus, Neocaesarea
Septimius Severus
Augustus: 193 - 211AD
Issued: 209 - 210AD (Regnal Year 16)
31.5mm 13.18gr 6h
O: AνK Λ CεΠ CεΟνΗ[ΡΟC]; Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust, right.
R: KOIN ΠΟ ΝεΟ ΚΑΙ ΜHTPO; Tetrastyle temple with pellet in pediment, banners between outside columns, diety or banner in center; flourish at top of pediment; no flourishes on columns.
Exergue: ETPMR (ligate)
SNG von Aulock 100; BMC 4; RG 147 var. (rev. legend); Waddington Rec. Gen. 13.
Naville Numismatics Auction 40, Lot 150.
5/27/18 8/8/18
2 commentsNicholas Z08/10/18 at 18:47Nicholas Z: Thanks! I really liked it too. I think it might b...
Septimius Severus, Denarius, PROFECT AVGG FEL28 viewsAR Denarius
Septimius Severus
Augustus: 193 - 211AD
Issued: 198 - 200AD
19.0mm 3.35gr 11h
O: L SEPT SEV AVG IMP XI PART MAX; Laureate head, right.
R: PROFECT AVGG FEL; Septimius Severus on horseback, holding spear, rearing right.
RIC 138; RSC
Aorta: 511: B3, O45, R272, T168, M4.
Agora Auction, Ken Dorney Sale KD5, Lot 077.
4/13/18 4/27/18
2 commentsNicholas Z06/24/18 at 08:50Nicholas Z: Thanks Rob!
Septimius Severus(193 - 211 A.D)32 viewsĆ 27
Anchialus, Thrace.
O: AY K L CEP CEYHROC PE, laureate, draped bust right.
R: HG CT BABHAROY AGXIALEWN, Hygieia standing right, feeding serpent in arms, facing Asklepios standing left, resting on serpent-entwined staff.
Moushmov 2807; Varbanov 176 AMNG II 458
1 commentsMat04/30/18 at 17:43Nicholas Z: I have only seen one other of this type and it was...
Lucius Verus (161 - 169 A.D.)80 viewsCaesarea, Cappadocia
AR Didrachm
O: AYTOKR OYHPOC CEBACTOC Bare-headed and cuirassed bust right, seen from behind.
R: YPA TOS B ,Mt. Argaeus surmounted by Helios standing left.
Struck 161-166 A.D. (as COS II)
Caesarea, Cappadocia Mint
Metcalf, Caesarea 131d; Sydenham, Caesarea
6 commentsMat04/30/18 at 17:42Nicholas Z: Great coin! Also fun fish eye on Verus.
Augustus, with Agrippa  (27. B.C. 14 A.D.)50 viewsGAUL, Nemausus
Ć As
O:  Heads of Agrippa left, wearing rostral crown and laurel wreath, and Augustus right, wearing oak wreath, back to back.  IMP above, DIVI F below.
R: Crocodile right chained to palm branch with long vertical fronds; above, wreath with long ties, palms below; COL NEM flanking vertical palm.
Nemausus mint, 9-3 B.C
RPC I 524; RIC 1 158
3 commentsMat04/30/18 at 17:41Nicholas Z: I never realized you had one of these. Nice. I’m...
Commodus (177 - 192 A.D.)53 viewsAR Didrachm
Caesaria, Cappadocia
O: AYT M AYP KOMO ANTωNI, laureate head right.
R: YΠATOC ∆ ΠAT ΠA-TPI, Mt. Argaeus surmounted by star.
Cos IV, struck 183-185 AD.
Metcalf 155f; Sydenham 372a
3 commentsMat04/30/18 at 17:41Nicholas Z: Detail is impressive.
Hadrian (117-138 A.D.)64 viewsAR Didrachm
O: ADPIANOC CEBACTOC, laureate head right.
R: YPATOC G.PATHPPA, Helios standing on Mount Argaeus, holding globe and sceptre.
Sydenham, Caesarea 263; Metcalf, Caesarea 92a
2 commentsMat04/30/18 at 17:40Nicholas Z: Attractive coin all around!
Probus, Antoninianus, CLEMENTIA TEMP, (Retrograde Digamma)33 viewsAR Antoninianus
Augustus: 276 - 282AD
Issued: 280AD
22.5 x 19.5mm 5.10gr 6h
O: IMP CM AVR PROBVS PF AVG; Radiate and draped bust, right, seen from the back.
R: CLEMENTIA TEMP; Probus, standing right on left, holding scepter, receiving Victory holding wreath from Jupiter, standing left on right.
Exergue: Retrograde Digamma above line; XXI, below line.
Antioch Mint
RIC V-2 922var. (Radiate, draped bust); Cohen 99; Brenot, Claude & Pflaum, Hans-Georg, Revue Numismatique, 1965/67, Syria Hoard II, #85.
Aorta: B87, O38, R13, T96, M1.
numismax/John Middleton 292475113682
3/17/18 3/27/18
EF; 90% silvered; Sold for $32.00, 12/1998 (seller's notes)
2 commentsNicholas Z04/04/18 at 16:57Nicholas Z: The retrograde digamma is kind of my jam here too.
Provincial, Markianopolis, Moesia Inferior, AE27, VI φΑνCTINIANOY MAΡΚΙΑΝΟΠΟΛITΩN25 viewsAE27
Roman Provincial
Markianopolis, Moesia Inferior
Magistrate: Julius Faustinianus
Septimius Severus
Augustus: 193 - 211AD
Issued: 207 - 210AD
27.0mm 10.8gr 2h
O: AY Λ CεΠΤΙ CεΥΗΡΟC Π; Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust, right, seen from behind.
R: VI φΑνCTINIANOY MAΡΚΙΑΝΟΠΟΛITΩN; Eagle standing facing on thunderbolt, head left, wreath in its beak.
AMNG I 576, var. (obverse legend); SNG Copenhagen 270; SNG Budapest 71; Varbanov 770, var. (obverse legend); BMC 8.
treewalk123/John Tucker 132497106103
2/9/18 2/20/18
2 commentsNicholas Z02/21/18 at 12:35Nicholas Z: I like the curls and detail in his beard.
Provincial, Anchialus, Thrace, AE27, ΟVΛΠΑΙΝΩΝ ΑΓΧΙΑΛΕΩΝ22 viewsAE27
Roman Provincial
Anchialus, Thrace
Septimius Severus
Augustus: 193 - 211AD
27.0mm 8.20gr 0h
O: AV K Λ CεΠΤ CεVΗΡΟC; Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust, right.
R: ΟVΛΠΑΙΝΩΝ ΑΓΧΙΑΛΕΩΝ; Septimius Severus, on horse, leaping right, holding spear.
AMNG I 476; Moushmov 2814; Varbanov 232.
treewalk123/John Tucker 132497115357
2/8/18 2/20/18
2 commentsNicholas Z02/21/18 at 12:34Nicholas Z: Yeah, it's pretty cool!
Claudius (41 - 54 A.D.)76 viewsEgypt, Alexandria
Billon Tetradrachm
O: TI KLA[UDI KAIS SEBA GERMANI AUTOKR], laureate head of Claudius right; LB to right.
R: ANTWNIA SEBASTH, draped bust of Antonia right, wearing hair in long plait.
Dated RY 2 (41/2 AD)
Dattari 114; Milne 61-64; Emmett 73.
7 commentsMat02/01/18 at 22:18Nicholas Z: Sweet portrait of Antonia!
Carus (282- 285 A.D.)46 viewsEgypt, Alexandria
Potin Tetradrachm
O: A K MA KAΡOC CEB, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right.
R: Dikaiosyne standing left holding scales and cornucopiae, LA to left.
Sear RCV (2005) 12197; Milne 4660.
4 commentsMat02/01/18 at 22:17Nicholas Z: I don’t even know if I have seen a tet of Carus be...
Antoninus Pius (138 - 161 A.D.)65 viewsEgypt, Alexandria
Billon Tetradrachm
O: ANTWNINOC CEB EVCEB, laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right, seen from behind.
R: Artemis advancing right, holding bow in left hand, drawing arrow from quiver with right; LE in left field. Dated RY 5 (141/2 AD)
Köln 1364; Dattari 2151; Milne 1705; BMC Alexandria -; Emmett 1362/5.
2 commentsMat02/01/18 at 22:13Nicholas Z: I am very impressed with the portrait and reverse.
Septimius Severus, Denarius, COS II PP30 viewsAR Denarius
Septimius Severus
Augustus: 193 - 211AD
Issued: 198 - 200AD
20.0mm 3.10gr
O: L SEPT SEV AVG IMP XI PART MAX; Laureate head, right.
R: COS II PP; Victory advancing left, holding wreath and palm.
Laodicea ad Mare Mint
RIC IV, pt. 1, 125; RSC 96; Sear 6270.
Aorta: 484: B3, O45, R63, T216, M3.
ancient-guy 252274934678
11/16/17 11/23/17
3 commentsNicholas Z11/24/17 at 11:13Nicholas Z: Thanks Jay! I was watching it for a long time whi...
Hermaios (90-70 B.C.)43 viewsIndo-Greek Kingdom
AR Drachm
O: BASILEUS SUTHPOS EPMAIOY; Draped and diademed bust of Hermaios right. 
R: 'Maharaja Tratarasa Hermayasa' in Kharosthi script; Zeus enthroned left and holding sceptre, Monogram in left field.
Bopearachchi Series 15C, 91; Senior issue 36
3 commentsMat10/21/17 at 02:12Nicholas Z: Very interesting. A guy in my Club collects Indi...
HUNNIC TRIBES, Western Turks, Shahi Tegin (Sri Shahi) (After 679 A.D.)39 viewsBillion Drachm
O: Crowned bust right.
R: Fire altar flanked by attendants.
Uncertain mint in Bactria
Vondrovec [Göbl, Hunnen] Type 236.
2 commentsMat10/21/17 at 02:10Nicholas Z: I don’t really know anything about these coins. ...
Florian (276 A.D.)53 viewsĆ(S) Antoninianus
O: IMP C M ANN FLORIANVS AVG, radiate and cuirassed bust right.
R: PROVIDEN DEOR, Providentia standing right, holding two ensigns, facing Sol standing left, raising right hand and holding globe; star in lower centre,  mintmark –/–//KA(•)Γ(•).
Serdica Mint
RIC 111, BNC p.408

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3 commentsMat09/15/17 at 21:29Nicholas Z: Wow, tough emperor and in nice shape!
Saloninus (258 - 260 A.D.)42 viewsEgypt, Alexandria
Billon Tetradrachm
O: PO LI KORCA VALERIANOC K CEB, Bareheaded, draped, and cuirassed bust right.
R: Eagle standing left, head turned, holding wreath, L Z(?) in fields. 
Köln 3005; Dattari (Savio) 5377; K&G 93.8; Emmett 3776.7.
2 commentsMat09/15/17 at 21:28Nicholas Z: Very cool!
112 Probus (276-282 A.D.), Siscia, Alföldi 0042.0000, Not in this officina with this bust!!! -/-//XXIVI, Bust E1/G, RIC V-II 715var. Not in this officina with this bust!!!, AE-Antoninianus, PAX AVGVSTI, Pax standing left, Rare!!!131 views112 Probus (276-282 A.D.), Siscia, Alföldi 0042.0000, Not in this officina with this bust!!! -/-//XXIVI, Bust E1/G, RIC V-II 715var. Not in this officina with this bust!!!, AE-Antoninianus, PAX AVGVSTI, Pax standing left, Rare!!!
avers: IMP C M AVR PROBVS P AVG, Radiate, helmeted, cuirassed bust left, holding spear and shield. (E1/G).
reverse: PAX AVGVSTI, Pax standing left, holding olive-branch and sceptre.
exergue: -/-//XXIVI, diameter: 21,0-21,5mm, weight: 3,71g, axis: 0h,
mint: Siscia, 5th. em., 6th. off., date: 278 A.D., ref: RIC V-II 715var. (Not in this officina with this bust), p-93, Alföldi 0042.0000, (Not in this officina with this bust), Rare!!!
2 commentsquadrans08/29/17 at 22:57Nicholas Z: Quite the lovely coin Quadrans! Great portrait an...
Julia Titi RIC 38890 viewsAR Denarius, 3.09g
Rome mint, 80-81 AD (Titus)
Obv: IVLIA AVGVSTA TITI AVGVSTI F•; Bust of Julia Titi, draped and diademed, r., hair in long plait
Rev: VENVS AVGVST; Venus stg. r., leaning on column, with helmet and spear
RIC 388 (C2). BMC 142. RSC 14. BNC 106.
Acquired from Aegean Numismatics, August 2017.

The most 'common' variant of Julia Titi's Venus denarii. However, I think RIC's frequency rating of 'C2' overstates the case. The same reverse type is also shared with Titus. Stylistic note - many of Julia's portraits have the facial features of either Titus or Domitian Caesar, this example is no exception.

Struck on a large flan in decent style.

8 commentsDavid Atherton08/29/17 at 22:55Nicholas Z: Very nice David. I haven't gotten that far "b...
Commodus (177 - 192 A.D.)39 viewsEgypt, Alexandria
Billon Tetradrachm
O: M A KOM ANTW  CEBEVCEB,  laureate head right.
R: Head of Zeus right, LK Z at sides. L KZ=Year 27=(186/187).
Köln 2227; Dattari 3892; Milne 2665 = Emmett 2563.27.
4 commentsMat07/25/17 at 00:05Nicholas Z: Two very cool portraits.
Charles de Bourbon “Charles X” (1589 - 1590)34 viewsFRANCE, Paris Catholic League Coinage
AR Quart d'ecu
O: CAROLVS. X. D: G. FRANCO. REX, Short cross with fleurs at the ends. Date around, with an initial mark of a cross.
R: . SIT. NOMEN. DOMINI. BENEDICTVM., Crowned arms flanked by II on both sides, with an initial mark of a rose.
30 mm
Reference: DuP 1177
2 commentsMat07/25/17 at 00:04Nicholas Z: I really like this French business you are doing. ...
Aurelian (270 - 275 A.D.)39 viewsEgypt, Alexandria
Potin Tetradrachm
O: A K Λ ΔOM AVΡHΛIANOC CEB, Laureate and cuirassed bust right.
R: Eagle standing right on wreath, head turned left; star above right, L D right. Dated RY 4 (272/3 AD)
Köln 3076; Dattari 5492; Milne 4398 var. (no star); Emmett 3933 var. (same)
5 commentsMat07/25/17 at 00:03Nicholas Z: Really sharp eagle!
Henry III (1216-1272 A.D.)27 viewsAR Penny
Long Cross type Class 3b
Engraver: Henry Frowik
O: hЄNRICVS RЄX | III, Crowned facing portrait of King Henry III, 6 pointed star straddles central crown ornament, legend from 12 o'clock.
R: /hEN/RIO/NLV/NDE, Voided long cross with trefoil of pellets in each angle.
London mint
North 987, SBC 1363
2 commentsMat07/25/17 at 00:00Nicholas Z: This is a great penny! I really like the legend a...
Hadrian, Tetradrachm, Nilus23 viewsBI Tetradrachm
Augustus: 117 - 138AD
Issued: 134/5AD (Year 19)
22.9mm 9.79gr
O: AVT KAIC TPAIAN AΔPIANOC CEB; Laureate head, left.
R: NO LEGEND; Bust of Nilus, right wearing tainia, slight drapery.
Exergue: L εN NεΑΚΔ (date, Year 19), around; cornucopia, behind.
Alexandria, Egypt, Mint
Koln 1147; Dattari (Savio) 7450-1; K&G 32.619; Emmett 875.19; Milne 1454var; BMC 644.
5/12/17 5/24/17
2 commentsNicholas Z06/01/17 at 02:42Nicholas Z: Thanks Okidoki.
Septimius Severus, Denarius, IVSTITIA24 viewsAR Denarius
Septimius Severus
Augustus: 193 - 211AD
Issued: 198 - 202AD
19.0mm 2.60gr
O: L SEPT SEV AVG IMP XI PART MAX; Laureate head, right.
R: IVSTITIA; Justitia seated left, holding patera and scepter.
Laodicea ad Mare Mint
RIC 505; RSC 251; BMC 660-661; Sear 6295.
joebranin Inv. #29016; 282457624681
5/3/17 5/9/17
2 commentsNicholas Z06/01/17 at 02:41Nicholas Z: There is something devilish about it.
Louis I (Ludwig I) (1342-1382A.D.)38 viewsHungary
AR Denar
O: +MONETA LODOVICI, Head of Saracen left.
R: REGIS HVNGARIE, patriarchal cross.
Unger-432a, CNH-2-089A, Huszar-547, Pohl-89-01
3 commentsMat05/10/17 at 02:22Nicholas Z: This is a very nice example of these early denar. ...
Julia Mamaea (222 - 235 A.D.)42 viewsEgypt, Alexandria
Billon Tetradrachm
O: IOV MAMAIA CЄB MHTЄ CЄ K CTPA, draped bust right, wearing stephane.
R: Bust of Athena right, wearing Athenian helmet; LIA in left field, palm in right field.
Alexandria Mint, Year 11, 230/231 AD
Emmett 3093; Dattari (Savio) 10051; BMC 1729; SNG Copenhagen 654.

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5 commentsMat05/10/17 at 02:13Nicholas Z: That is one heck of an attractive reverse! Also c...
Nero, Emperor, Porcius Festus, Procurator, Prutah, KAICAPO26 viewsAE Prutah
Roman Provincial
Caesar: 50 - 54AD
Augustus: 54 - 68AD
Porcius Festus
Procurator: 59 - 62AD
Issued: 58 - 59AD
19.0 x 17.0mm
O: ΝεΡΩΝΟC; Legend in three lines, surrounded by wreath.
R: KAICAPO; Palm branch.
Exergue: Λε (Regnal year.)
Caesarea Mint
Hendin 653; Meshorer TJC 345.
Fiona's Mom
~2004 4/30/17
2 commentsNicholas Z05/04/17 at 04:08Nicholas Z: Yes, I did get some help on CoinTalk. I received ...
Klazomenai, Ionia, AE15, ΚΛΑΖΟΜΕΝΙΩΝ25 viewsAE15
15.0mm 3.10gr
O: NO LEGEND; Helmeted head of Athena, right.
R: ΚΛΑΖΟΜΕΝΙΩΝ; Ram recumbent, right.
SNG Cop 64.
treasures_of_the-ancient_world 230990497541
6/6/13 4/30/17
2 commentsNicholas Z05/04/17 at 04:06Nicholas Z: Thank you for your help again, Pekka! I thought t...
Septimius Severus, Denarius, FORTVN REDVC28 viewsAR Denarius
Septimius Severus
Augustus: 193 - 211AD
Issued: 194AD
18.0 x 17.0mm 3.16gr
O: IMP CAE L SEP SEV PERT AVG COS II; Laureate head, right.
R: FORTVN REDVC; Fortuna standing left, holding rudder and cornucopia.
Emesa Mint
RIC 377; Sear 2, 6277v; RSC 174a.
Aorta: 371: B3, O20, R102, T67, M2.
Trisekeles Auctions; VAuctions Sale 323, Lot 545
3/17/17 4/1/17
2 commentsNicholas Z04/26/17 at 02:13Nicholas Z: Yes, it is. The portrait looks better in hand too...
Severus Alexander (222 - 235 A.D.)50 viewsEgypt, Alexandria
Billon Tetradrachm
O: AKAMAAVPCEYALEXANDPOCEYC, Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right.
R: eagle standing left, head turned right, holding wreath in beak. L-S=Year 6
Alexandria Mint
Köln 2438, Dattari 4410, Emmett 3099
4 commentsMat04/07/17 at 17:49Nicholas Z: That's a very cool coin, Mat. Nice eagle.
Maximian, Antoninianus, CONCORDIA MILITVM36 viewsAE Antoninianus
Augustus: 286 - 305; 307 - 308; 310AD
Issued: 295 - 299AD
O: IMP CMA MAXIMIANVS PF AVG; Radiate, cuirassed bust, right.
R: CONCORDIA MILITVM; Maximian standing right on left holding scepter, receiving Victory on globe from Jupiter standing left on right holding scepter.
Exergue: Kε, above line.
Cyzicus Mint
RIC 15b, ε
Aorta: 1388: B69, O24, R21, T125, M5.
2 commentsNicholas Z04/06/17 at 03:01Nicholas Z: I wish I was better at photography. Still looks m...
Herennia Etruscilla, Antoninianus, PVDICITIA AVG31 viewsAR Antoninianus
Herennia Etruscilla
Augusta: 249 - 251AD
Issued: 250AD
20.9mm 3.79gr, 7h.
O: HER ETRVSCILLA AVG; Diademed and draped bust, right, on crescent.
R: PVDICITIA AVG; Pudicitia standing left, holding scepter and drawing veil from face.
Rome Mint
RIC 58b; RSC 17.
Aorta: 27: B2, O2, R10, T9, M2.
Agora Auctions, Auction #31, Lot 186.
3/28/15 4/4/17
2 commentsNicholas Z04/06/17 at 03:00Nicholas Z: Thanks Canaan!
Trajan Decius, Antoninianus, VICTORIA AVG28 viewsAR Antoninianus
Trajan Decius
Augustus: 249 - 251AD
Issued: 249 - 251AD
21.5 x 19.0mm
O: IMP CMQ TRAIANVS DECIVS AVG; Radiate, cuirassed bust, right.
R: VICTORIA AVG; Victory advancing left, holding wreath and palm.
Antioch Mint
RIC 29c; Sear V 9387.
Aorta: 36: B4, O2, R30, T34, M1.
CIVITAS Galleries CICF 2014
4/12/14 4/4/17
2 commentsNicholas Z04/06/17 at 03:00Nicholas Z: I was attracted by the nice portrait and reverse a...
Plautilla, Denarius, PIETAS AVGG24 viewsAR Denarius
Augusta: 202 - 205AD
Issued: 203AD
19.2mm 3.67gr, 6h
O: PLAVTILLA AVGVSTA; Draped bust, right.
R: PIETAS AVGG; Pietas standing right, holding infant and a scepter.
Rome Mint
RIC 367; BMCRE 422; RSC 16.
Aorta: 13: B1, O2, R7, T6, M2.
Agora Auctions, Auction #32, Lot 175.
5/12/15 4/4/17
2 commentsNicholas Z04/06/17 at 02:58Nicholas Z: Thanks Mat. One of my favorite coins.
Philetairos, AE15, Serpent23 viewsAE15
Issued: 282 - 133BC
O: NO LEGEND; Head of Athena, right.
R: ΦΙΛΕΤΑΙΡΟΥ; Coiled and bearded serpent, right; monogram, left.
SG 7228; BMC 78. (Possibly King Philetairos, SNG Cop 343ff.)
Kenn Hollister/Moneta CICF 2103
2 commentsNicholas Z04/05/17 at 23:28Nicholas Z: Pekka, it is hard to tell with the reverse legends...
Hadrian (117 - 138 A.D.)103 viewsEgypt, Alexandria
Billon Tetradrachm
O: AYT KAI-TPAI AΔPIA CEB, Laureate, draped, cuirassed bust right, seen from behind.
R: L Δ_EK_ATOY Agathodaemon erect right at left, wearing skhent and enfolding caduceus, facing Uraeus erect left at right, wearing disk and horns, enfolding sistrum, their tails knotted together and holding a club erect.
Alexandria Mint, 125/126 (Year 10)
Emmett 804 Dattari 1552; BMC 668; Milne 1164; Curtis 351; Demetrio 1247


The Caluceus refers to Hermanubis, the Sistrum is a symbol for Isis and the Club refers to Harpocrates.
6 commentsMat03/28/17 at 02:44Nicholas Z: Man, that's very nice.
Mark Antony and Octavian (41 B.C.)60 viewsAR Denarius
M. Barbatius Pollio, quaestor pro praetore
O: Bare head of Mark Antony right.
R: Bare head of Octavian right, wearing slight beard.
Ephesus mint, Spring-early summer 41 B.C.
Crawford 517/2; CRI 243; Sydenham 1181

This series of coins commemorates the establishment of the second Triumvirate of November 43 B.C. between Antony, Octavian and Lepidus. Both sides bear the inscription "III VIR R P C", meaning "One of Three Men for the Regulation of the Republic. Within a few years Antony would depart Italy for the Eastern provinces.

The moneyer for this coin is M. Barbatius Pollio who was also a Questor in 41 BC. Barbatius bears the title of "Quaestor pro praetore" abbreviated to QP a distinction shared by his colleague L. Gelllius.
6 commentsMat03/28/17 at 02:36Nicholas Z: Very nice piece! I have neither in silver, so I a...
L. Titurius L.f. Sabinus. (89 B.C.)48 viewsAR Denarius
O: Bareheaded, bearded head of King Tatius right; SABIN downward behind; palm frond below chin.
R: Tarpeia facing, buried to her waist in shields, with raised hands she tries to thrust off two soldiers who are about to cast their shields at her; star in crescent above; L•TITVRI in exergue.
Rome Mint
Crawford 344/2b; Sydenham 699
3 commentsMat03/16/17 at 06:24Nicholas Z: Wow, that is a neat reverse.
Trajan ( 98-117 A.D.)35 viewsEgypt, Alexandria
Billon Tetradrachm
O: AVT TPAIAN API CEB ΓEPM ∆AKIK, laureate head right; star before.
R: Dikaiosyne standing left, holding scales with her right hand, and cradling cornucopia with her left arm; L I-Θ (date) across upper field.
Alexandria Mint, Dated RY 19 (AD 115/116)
Köln 684; Dattari 655; Milne 740; Curtis 323; Emmett 372
4 commentsMat02/26/17 at 09:44Nicholas Z: That is probably the most youthful portrait of Tra...
Licinius I, Follis, PROVIDENTIAE AVGG22 viewsAE Follis
Licinius I
Augustus: 308 - 324AD
Issued: 317AD
19.0mm 2.82gr
O: IMP LICI-NIVS AVG; Laureate, draped bust left, holding mappa and globe.
R: PROVIDEN-TIAE AVGG; Camp gate with three turrets atop; no doors; six layers of brick.
Exergue: MHTA
Heraclea Mint
Aorta: 1050: B16, O16, R43, T6, M6.
RIC VII Heraclea 17, rated S; Sear 15265.
zurqieh_dubai 291410272687
5/18/15 2/19/17
2 commentsNicholas Z02/22/17 at 00:38Nicholas Z: Thanks! One of my favorite portraits of Licinius ...
Vespasian RIC-852 (1)142 viewsAR Denarius, 2.89g
Rome mint, 76 AD
Obv: IMP CAESAR VESPASIANVS AVG; Head of Vespasian, laureate, r.
Rev: PON MAX TR P COS VII; Pax, bare to the waist, seated l., holding branch extended in r. hand, l. hand on lap
RIC 852 (C). BMC 184A. RSC 373. BNC 160.
Acquired from Wessex Coins (eBay), February 2017.

This seated Pax type is normally seen with a COS VI date, struck in conjunction with the opening of Vespasian's Temple of Peace in 75 (probably Vespasian's most common denarius type). Here is a fairly rare COS VII seated Pax from 76. The COS VII Pax could not have been struck for any length of time and likely dates to the first few weeks of 76 owing to its rarity. Furthermore, the reverse die appears to be a recut COS VI with an additional 'I', likely placing the piece soon after Vespasian became COS VII on 1 January 76. Perhaps this type was struck as a stop-gap until new reverse designs were produced and approved for the new year. Same reverse die as the RIC 853 plate coin. Although rated as 'common' in RIC this is a very difficult coin to find in trade.

Worn, but in good metal with all the major devices intact. The all important date is easy to read.
4 commentsDavid Atherton02/22/17 at 00:33Nicholas Z: Nice coin, even better write up.
Julia Domna, Denarius, VENVS VICTRIX25 viewsAR Denarius
Julia Domna
B. ca. 170 - D. 217AD
Augusta: 193 - 217AD
Issued: 210AD
O: IVLIA AVGVSTA: Draped bust, right.
R: VENVS VICTRIX; Venus standing left, naked to waist, learning on column to right, holding palm and helmet, shield at feet, left.
Rome Mint
Aorta: 140: B6, O2, R102, T129, M4.
RIC 581; Sear RCV, 6610; RSC 215; BMC 90.
Agora Auctions, Sale 64, Lot 64-213.
1/24/17 2/10/17
3 commentsNicholas Z02/21/17 at 01:48Nicholas Z: Thanks Jay and Mat. It is an exciting addition.
Diocletian, Antoninianus, IOVI CONSERVATORI AVG17 viewsAE Antoninianus
Augustus: 284 - 305AD
Issued: 284AD
21.0mm 4.31gr
O: IMP C C VAL DIOCLETIANVS PF AVG; Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust, right.
R: IOVI CONSERVATORI AVG; Diocletian standing right on left, holding scepter, receiving Victory on a globe from Jupiter to right, standing left, holding scepter.
Exergue: A, above line; XXI, below line.
Antioch Mint
Aorta: 1392: B50, O32, R75, T40, M2.
RIC V-2 Antioch 324, A, rated C.
zurqieh_dubai 291359595267
5/18/15 2/19/17
2 commentsNicholas Z02/21/17 at 01:44Nicholas Z: Thanks a lot! I really like the sandy look.
Severus Alexander (222 - 235 A.D.)36 viewsEgypt, Alexandria
Billon Tetradrachm
O: A KAI MAP AYP CEYHP AΛEΞANΔPOC EYCEB, Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right.
R: Tyche (Fortuna) facing left, reclining on a "lectisternium" (vessel) holding a rudder with her r. hand, leaning head on left.  At left LE=5th yr. or 226 AD
Alexandria Mint
Dattari 4384 Emmett 3140.5

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3 commentsMat02/19/17 at 01:53Nicholas Z: Very neat reverse!
Gallienus ( 253 - 268 A.D.)52 viewsEgypt, Alexandria
Billon Tetradrachm
O: A K Π ΛI OY ΓAΛΛIANOC EY EY C, bearded, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right.
R: Nike (Victory) walking right, wreath extended in right, palm frond over shoulder in left, L - S flanking across field.
Alexandria Mint 258 -259 A.D.
Savio pl. 271, 10525 (same dies); BMC Alexandria p. 286, 2194; Milne 3995; SNG Cop 768; Kampmann 90.31; Emmett 3736 (R2)

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4 commentsMat02/13/17 at 00:27Nicholas Z: Very neat Mat. First time I have seen a portrait ...
Lucilla (164 - 182 A.D.)55 viewsEgypt, Alexandria
Billon Tetradrachm
O: ΛOVKIΛΛA C–ЄB ANT CЄ ΘV, draped bust right.
R: Elpis stdg. l. holding flowers & lifting skirt. LS=6th yr.
Alexandria Mint
Dattari 3816, Emmett 2473, R5

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Very Rare
6 commentsMat02/03/17 at 16:18Nicholas Z: It is interesting to see that the legend starts to...
Eudoxia (400 - 404 A.D.)59 viewsĆ3
O: AEL EVDOXIA AVG, pearl-diademed and draped bust right, crowned with wreath by the Hand of God above.
R: GLORIA ROMANORVM, empress seated facing on throne, hands folded, being crowned by manus Dei, cross right. SMKA in exergue.
Cyzicus (Kapu Dagh, Turkey) Mint
RIC 80, LRBC 2450

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2 commentsMat02/01/17 at 00:59Nicholas Z: The portrait is really nice. Also nice that you c...
Ferdinand & Isabella (1469 - 1504) 34 viewsSPAIN Castile & Leon (Castilla y Leon)
AR 2 Reales
Crowned shield of arms breaking inner beaded circle.
Bow and arrows within beaded inner circle
Granada Mint.
Cayon 2622
3 commentsMat02/01/17 at 00:57Nicholas Z: This is very nice. I have seen a lot of minor bro...
64 viewsCal. Piso L. F. Frugi, AR denarius, Ca. 67 BC
Obverse: Apollo facing right
Reverse: Horseman
Crawford 408 1a; Sydenham 850a; RSC Calpurnia 24g

Ex: Apollo Numismatics; NAC Auction 18 (3/29/2000), lot 302
2 commentspaul188802/01/17 at 00:53Nicholas Z: Very nice detail.
112 Probus (276-282 A.D.), AE-Antoninianus, RIC V-II 907var, Cyzicus, CONCORDIA-MILITVM, Bust-C, V//MCXXI, Officina "V" Not listed in RIC, Victory and Emperor, Rare!!! #172 views112 Probus (276-282 A.D.), AE-Antoninianus, RIC V-II 907var, Cyzicus, CONCORDIA-MILITVM, Bust-C, V//MCXXI, Officina "V" Not listed in RIC, Victory and Emperor, Rare!!! #1
avers:- IMP-C-M-AVR-PROBVS-P-F-AVG, Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right, seen from back. (C)
revers:- CONCORDIA-MILITVM, Victory standing right holding palm, presenting wreath to emperor standing left, holding spear.
exerg: V//MCXXI, diameter: mm, weight: g, axis: h,
mint: Cyzicus, date: ??? A.D., ref: RIC V-II 907var, p-117,
1 commentsquadrans01/24/17 at 22:26Nicholas Z: I am glad to find this in your collection, Quadran...
Julia Maesa (218 - 225 A.D.)54 viewsAR Antoninianus
O: IVLIA MAESA AVG, Draped bust right, wearing stephane and set on crescent.
R: PIETAS AVG, Pietas standing facing, head left, extending hand and holding acerrum; lighted and garlanded altar to lower left.
Rome Mint
RIC IV(part 2), pg 50, #264 (Elagabalus).
3 commentsMat01/19/17 at 23:03Nicholas Z: Nice coin Mat! Both the portrait and reverse are ...
Julia Soaemias (219 - 222 A.D.)32 viewsAr Denarius
O: IVLIA SOAEMIAS AVGVSTA, draped bust right.
R: IVNO REGINA, Juno standing right, holding scepter & palladium.
Rome Mint
RIC 237, RSC 3, BMC 41
2 commentsMat01/19/17 at 23:02Nicholas Z: Rarer reverse! Jealous!
Edward III (1327 - 1377 A.D.)44 viewsAR Groat
O: Plain Cross, HENRIC' DI' GRA' REX ANGLIE Z FRANC, crowned facing bust, rosette and mascle stops.
R: CIVI (mascle)TAS LONDON(pinecone), long cross pattée; three pellets in angles, pinecone and double saltire stops
London Mint - 1351-1352
SPINK 1565
4 commentsMat01/19/17 at 23:01Nicholas Z: Both the portrait and central cross and legends ar...
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