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Last comments - Late Parthians I
Osroes I. Forgery,25 viewsFORGERY!! AR dr., 4,45gr(!), 20,8mm; after Sellwood 80.1, etc., same dies as with the previous coin, but wrong weight;

bought from a now defunct Dutch seller as genuine.
1 commentsSchatz08/19/19 at 11:18Anaximander: Such a good-looking coin. Would take greater exper...
Pakoros II, ca. 78 - 120 AD32 viewsSellw. 77.1 (type), Shore --, Sunrise 435;
mint: Seleukia, axis: 12h, date: AD 92/3 (Sel. 404);
obv.: bust, left, w/tiara and 4-strand diadem w/loop and 2 broad ribbons, tiara has hooks along pearl-studded crest and a horn or turned-up ear flap as well as eight-point star on the side; mustache, short beard, temple lock and 4 neck curls; ear ring, double necklace; tunic/cuirass; letter A in right field; dotted border 10 to 15h;
rev.: king, left, w/short sword, seated on throne receiving wreath or diadem from facing Tyche; between the heads ΔY = 404 Sel.; exergual line; 6 partially visible lines of legend surrounding figures: (BA)CIΛE(ΩC) BACIΛEΩ(N) APCAK(OY)

ex: CNG 105, #515.
1 commentsSchatz02/06/18 at 00:57Robert L3: Amazing...what a rarity! Congrats!
Vologases III. 105 - 147 AD29 viewsAE17, 4,31gr., 17,1mm;
Sellw. 79.48var., Shore 421;
mint: Seleukia, axis: 12h;
obv.: head, left, w/tiara, diadem, loop, and ribbon, long curved and pointed ear flap; mustache, long beard; earring (?), 2-layer necklace; letters (ΔMV) (?) in left field; dotted border 10 - 15h;
rev: bust of goddess, right, w/crown or ornate headdress; in left field possibly a letter or monogram; dotted border 7 - 11h;

almost black flan.
1 commentsSchatz09/27/16 at 18:14quadrans: Nice one..
Pakoros II., 78 - 105 AD31 viewsAE11, 0.92gr., 11,33mm;
Sellw. 73.16, Shore 601;

mint: Ekbatana, axis: 12h;
obv.: bare-headed, left, w/broad diadem, loop, and3 ribbons; medium-long straight hair, beardless; earring, 3-layer necklace; dotted border 2 - 5h;
rev.: amphora surrounded by laurel wreath;

ex: Vienna Coin Show, VA.
1 commentsSchatz09/27/16 at 18:13quadrans: Nice specimen..
Pakoros II., 77/78 - 105 AD34 viewsAR tdr., 9,08gr, 27,45mm; Sellwood 75.5, Shore -, Sunrise -, Sinisi Type II, p. 86;
mint: Seleukia; axis: 12h;
obv.: bare-headed, left, w/facing torso; 4-layer diadem, 1 loop and 2 broad ribbons; medium-long hair in 4 waves of curls, short chin beard and sideburns(?); 3-layer necklace; tunic w/ornamental border; in upper right field Δ; dotted border 11 to 16h;
rev.: king, left, on horseback, facing goddess w/staff or sceptre offering diadem in right hand behind her male figure w/untied diadem(?); only 4 letters of top 2 lines of legend readable: IΛ and IΛ; year between the heads ΔΦT (82/83 AD), month in exergue unreadable;

ex: Pars Coins.
1 commentsSchatz12/10/15 at 09:45Pharsalos: Never seen this type before, magnificent reverse d...
Pakoros II., 77/78 - 105 AD43 viewsAR dr., 3,60gr, 20,4mm; Sellwood 73.11, Shore 395, Sunrise 431 (Pakoros I, 78-120 AD), Sinisi Type Va, p. 89;
mint: Court at Ekbatana; axis: 12h;
obv.: bare-headed, left, w/4 layer diadem, 2 loops and 3 ribbons; medium-long hair in 3 waves, beardless; earring, 3 layer necklace; dotted border 8 to 14:30h;
rev.: archer, right, on throne, w/bow in one hand and monogram below bow; left lower leg missing; 5-line legend visible: OΛIIΛIΛC OΛIIΛIΛN IΛIͶO(V) ΛIXHVI (the bottom line is illegible), EΠIXΛHOC ΦIAHΛO;

ex: S. Album, Sale 15, Fall 2012, #20.
1 commentsSchatz12/10/15 at 09:43Pharsalos: Very distinctive portrait, is it believed to repre...
Vologases III., 105 - 147 AD36 viewsBI tdr., 13,6gr; 28mm; Sellw. 79.14, Shore -, Sunrise 447;
mint: Seleukia; axis: 12h; date: EΛY (123/124 AD);
obv.: head, left, w/tiara and 4-strand diadem, 1 loop and 2 broad ribbons; tiara w/row of dots and 4 single and 1 double upright hooks on crest; 1 lock of hair on temple, 2+2 curls below loop, mustache, short beard in 2 rows of curls; earring, 3-layer necklace; tunic/cuirass w/ornamental border; dotted border 7 to 9h and 13 to 16h; in right field a large B;
rev.: king, left, on throne, receiving wreath or diadem from facing goddess in long robe, holding staff/sceptre; between the heads the year EΛY; exergual line; 5 lines of legend legible: (B)ACIΛE(ΩN) OΛAΓA(COY) ΔIKAIO(Y) EΠIΦANO(YC), name of month off flan;

ex: J. Elsen Vente 69, # 298.
1 commentsSchatz12/10/15 at 09:35Pharsalos: Beautiful coin!
Pakoros II., 77/78 - 105 AD37 viewsAR dr., 3,69gr, 17mm; Sellwood -, Shore -, Sunrise 437 (Pakoros I, 78-120 AD), Sinisi -;
mint: uncertain; axis: 12h;
obv.: head, left, w/tiara and 3-layer diadem, double loop and 2 ribbons; over the crest of the tiara a row of several slashes, and 2 rows of dots (pearls?), 1 row of dots above the diadem; mustache, short pointed beard; earring, triple necklace;
rev.: archer, right, on throne, w/bow in one outstretched hand and monogram below bow; missing left lower leg: meaningless legend consisting of different Greek letters;

ex: B. Peus Auktion 404(11/11), #2438.
1 commentsSchatz11/25/15 at 01:27Robert L3: Fascinating coin. Great acquisition.
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