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Last comments - HUNGARY: Twelfth Century Emissions (1116-1205)
Huszr 113; Toth-Kiss sigla a1.16/17; Unger 83; Rthy I 123; Frynas H.14.6; Adamovszky A16032 views1 commentsStkp02/27/16 at 07:27quadrans: Good specimen ..
Huszr 145; Toth-Kiss sigla a1.3/4; Unger 68; Rthy I 125; Frynas H.12.14; Adamovszky A119.26 views1 commentsStkp11/02/15 at 06:36quadrans: Very nice..
Huszr 148; Toth-Kiss sigla b1.15/47; Unger 69; Rthy I 126; Frynas H.12.15; Adamovszky A122.23 views1 commentsStkp11/02/15 at 06:35quadrans: Nice piece.., you will find a wedge, in the lower ...
Huszr 100; Toth-Kiss sigla h1.3/96; Unger 52 var. (wedges); Rthy I 88 var. (wedges); Frynas H.11.10; Adamovszky A106c83 views1 commentsStkp12/15/11 at 07:09Katharosteriphos: Nice coin! Any idea, where it was struck? I have t...
Huszr 99; Toth-Kiss sigla a1.1/2; Unger 52 var. (wedges); Rthy I 87; Frynas H.11.10; Adamovszky A106109 views1 commentsStkp08/24/11 at 23:04Bruno V.: Great!
Huszr 45; Toth-Kiss 12.3 sigla a1.2/3; Unger 35; Rthy I 51; Frynas H.10.2; Adamovszky A64; Kovcs pp. 184 ff.47 views1 commentsStkp11/01/10 at 13:01Tibsi: Very nice coin!
Huszr 92; Toth-Kiss sigla c1.1/45; Unger 41; Rthy I 76-77; Frynas H.10.7; Adamovszky A8034 views1 commentsStkp01/04/10 at 19:38Tibsi: Good toning!
Huszr 82; Toth-Kiss 18.3.1 sigla a2.12/26; Unger 51; Rthy I 69; Frynas H.11.9; Adamovszky A9449 views1 commentsStkp01/04/10 at 19:29Tibsi: Very nice coin!
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