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Dora. Trajan. 98-117 AD. Æ 20mm82 views Dora. Trajan. 98-117 AD. 20mm . Dated CY 175 (111/2 AD).
Laureate head right, slight drapery on far shoulder
Tyche standing left, holding standard and cornucopiae. Y. Meshorer, "The Coins of Dora," INJ 9 (1986-7), pg. 70, 35.
Phoenicia, Akko-Ptolemais Valerian I. 253-260 AD. AE 2651 viewsValerian I. 253-260 AD. AE 26 . Phoenicia, Akko-Ptolemais.
Obv: IMP C P L - [VALERIANVS] AVG Laureate, draped, cuirassed bust right, seen from front.
Rx: COL - P - T - OL Sacred tree between serpents rising from two altars or baskets; to right, winged caduceus. Rare: this type missing in BM, Lindgren, Berk photofile, and Wildwinds. CoinArchives includes a specimen from the same reverse die, but with radiate portrait on obverse: Heritage 357, Long Beach, 9 September 2004, lot 12092. Cohen 374 (de Saulcy Collection). Adjustment marks on obverse.
1 commentsMaritima
O: Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Antoninus Pius right.
R: turreted and draped bust of Tyche right.
Agrippa II Domitian,Hendin-60965 viewsAgrippa II, 55-95 AD, bronze of 11.7 mm, Struck 85/85 AD.
O: Laureate bust of Domitian to right.
R: Single cornucopia with grapes and fruits.
Hendin 609.
1 commentsMaritima
Agrippa II PANIAS mint58 viewsAgrippa II, 56-95 AD, bronze of 17 mm.
Bust of Nero to right
Wreath with Greek legend naming BOTH Agrippa II and Nero within. ΠΙΕ\ΒΑΣΙΛΕ\ΑΓΡΙΠΠ\ΝΕΡΩ\ΝΙΕ

Hendin 582. This is the middle of three denominations of this early type of Agrippa II as king.
Akko-PTOLEMAIS Valerianus I., 253-258. AE 2656 viewsAkko-Ptolemais, Phoenicia. Valerian 253 - 260 AD.
Sacred tree flanked by two altars with snakes; in r. field, caduceus; COL PTOL
3 commentsMaritima
caesarea-panias Geta AE15 198AD35 viewscaesarea-panias Geta AE15 198AD
Obv:bust r,bareheaded wearing paludamentum and cuirass seen from the rear
Rev:in laurel wreath four lins:
Rosenberger III -34
1 commentsMaritima
DORA 66\7 A.D.73 viewsDora. Quasi-autonomous. 64/3 BC-69 AD.
. Dated 66/7 AD. Laureate head of Doros right
DωPITωN, Tyche standing facing, head right, holding standard and cornucopiae date to left
Meshorer, "The Coins of Dora," INJ 9 (1986-7), 20b RPC I 4758. black patina with earthen highlights.
1 commentsMaritima
Dora Vespasian Struck During Jewish WAr 39 viewsVespasian, 69-79 AD, bronze of 22.6 mm. Struck at the mint of Dora, during the Jewish War, dated to 69/70 AD. Bust of Vespasian to right/Astarte standing lft. Rosenberger 23.
GABA COMMODUS 177-192 A.D.52 viewsObv:Bust r laur undraped
Rev:Warrior helmeted haed l., resting r. on spear l,.
holding shield and sword. on l star, on r crescent
Gadara. Gordian III. AD 238-244.16 viewsGadara. Gordian III. AD 238-244.
O:Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right
R: Zeus seated left within tetrastyle temple; Γ T (date) in pediment. Spijkerman 90; Rosenberger 91
2 commentsMaritima
GALILEE JUDAEA , Tiberias. Trajan. AD 98-117. Æ 15mm33 viewsobverse AΥ KAI NE TΡAIANOC CE ΓE, laureate head right
; reverse TIBEΡ KΛAΥ, anchor and date CY 90 (AD 108/9)
1 commentsMaritima
GALILEE, Gaba. Hadrian. 117-138 CE. Æ 25mm. Dated year 177 (116/7 CE).39 viewsGaba, Hadrian, 116/117 C.E AE25
Year 177
Obv: Laureate head right
Rev: Nike advancing left, holding wreath in right hand, trophy in left ZOP in right field. Rosenberger II p. 45, 9.
2 commentsMaritima
GALILEE, SEPPHORIS Antoninus Pius (138 - 161 AD)33 views AE 24mm .
Draped bust of Antoninus Pius right; AYTO KAI ANTWNINW EY
City-goddess standing right, in tetrastyle temple with central arch, resting left hand on scepter and holding cornucopia with right; ∆ΙΟΚΑΙ IEP ACY ΑΥΤΟ (Diocaesarea, holy, inviolable, autonomous). Sofaer pl. 64,7. BMC Palestine (Sepphoris) 21; Rosenberger 8.
GALILEE, Sepphoris. Trajan. 98-117 CE. Æ 25mm52 viewsGALILEE, Sepphoris. Trajan. 98-117 CE. 25mm .
Laureate head right
SEPFW/RHNWN in two lines within wreath.Rosenberger 3 Hendin 906; SNG ANS 1086.
GALILEE, Tiberias. Hadrian. 117-138 CE. Æ 24mm Dated CY 101 (119/20 CE).41 viewsGALILEE, Tiberias. Hadrian. 117-138 CE. 24mm (. Dated CY 101 (119/20 CE). Laureate and cuirassed bust right / TIBEP KLAVD, E TAP in exergue, tetrastyle temple set on two-tiered platform; within, statue of Zeus seated left. Hendin 914; SNG ANS 1110.1 commentsMaritima
Herod H.502 39 viewsObverse: Anchor
Reverse: Galley
Date: 37-4 BC
struck by Herod the Great to
commemorate his tremendous feat of building at the port of Caesarea
Maritima, his Kingdom's main port
Reference: Hendin 502
1 commentsamibosam
Jewish War. (66-70 CE).112 viewsBronze eighth, year 4 (69/70 CE). Hebrew inscription To the Redemption of Zion, chalice with pearled rim / Hebrew inscription Year Four, lulav flanked by two etrogim. AJC II, p. 262, 30. Hendin 670. 2 commentsMaritima
NABATAEA. Malichus I. 60-30 BC6 viewsNABATAEA. Malichus I. 60-30 BC
Unit 16mm Petra mint. Dated RY 27 (34/3 BC).
Diademed head right /
Extended palm of hand; date across field. Meshorer, Nabataea 17.
Neapolis, Samaria. Faustina Jr., wife of Marcus Aurelius (138 - 161 AD).9 viewsNeapolis, Samaria. Faustina Jr., wife of Marcus Aurelius (138 - 161 AD).
AE (27.1 mm).
Bust of Faustina Junior r.; ΦΑΥCΤΕΙΝΑ CΕΒ ΕΥCΕ CΕΒΑ ΘΥΓΑ
Tyche wearing kalathos, standing facing looking l., holding cornucopia, and resting on rudder; ΦΛ ΝΕΑC ΠΟΛΕWC CΥΡΙΑC ΠΑΛΕCTI (Flavia Neapolis in Syria Palestina); in field, date: ΕΤ ΠΖ (year 87 = 158/9 AD). Sofaer pl. 48,46.
Samaria Neapolis, Marcus Aurelius, AE 24 54 viewsNeapolis, Marcus Aurelius, AE 24 Dated CY 88, 159/60 AD
Obv.: [AVPHΛIOC] KAICAP ЄYCЄB CЄBY[IOC], laureate head right.
Rev.: ΦΛ ΝЄΑC ΠOΛЄ CVPIAC ΠAΛЄCTINHC/ ЄT-ΠH, Mummiform Zeus Heliopolites standing facing, holding whip and grain ears; at feet, foreparts of bulls on either side; date across fields. Hendin 879
2 commentsMaritima
Samaria, Neapolis Elagabalus, (212-222 CE)18 viewsSamaria, Neapolis Elagabalus, (212-222 CE)
Obverse: AVTKMAVP ANTωNINOC; Draped bust right, laureate ( A in square punch countermark)
R: ΦΛNEACΠ CVP ΠAΛ Mount Gerizim surmounted by temple and altar; stairway leads to temple, colonnade below mountain.
SYRIA, Decapolis. Abila . Faustina Junior. Augusta, AD 147-175. Æ 1590 viewsSYRIA, Decapolis. Abila . Faustina Junior. Augusta, AD 147-175. 15

Obv.: ΦAVCTЄINA CЄBACTH, draped bust right.
Rev.: CЄΛЄYK ABIΛA SKC (date) in legend. Spijkerman 6; Rosenberger 3; SNG ANS 1120.
3 commentsMaritima
TIBERIAS Hadrian, 138 A.D, Galilee63 views AE 14, ANS 6, 1116, 15 mm, Tiberias (Tveriah) mint, 120 A.D.
obverse: AYT TPA ADPIANNW KAIC CEB, laureate head right
reverse : TIBEP KLAYD, galley sailing left; date L AP below ( = 120 A.D. ).
Tiberias, Galilee. Trajan (98 - 117 AD) AE2426 viewsTiberias, Galilee. Trajan (98 - 117 AD) AE24
Head of Trajan r., laureate; AYT KAI NEP TPAIANOC CEB ΓΕΡ /
Hygieia seated r. on rock below which water is flowing, feeding snake from bowl; TIBEPI ΚΛΑΥ∆Ι (Tiberias Claudia); across field, date: ΕΤ ΑΠ (year 81 = 99/100 AD).
3 commentsMaritima
Trajan,117 A.D., Dora, Phoenicia 83 viewsPHOENICIA, Dora. Trajan. 23mm.
Laureate head right, slight drapery on far shoulder
Turreted bust of Tyche within wreath.
BMC Phoenicia pg. 117, 33 var. (minor legend variation); Y. Meshorer, "The Coins of Dora," INJ 9 (1986-7), pg. 70, 34 var.
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