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Roman Imperial, Commodus as Augustus, Orichalcum Sestertius.9 viewsRome 181 A.D. 24.11g - 31.6mm, Axis 6h.

Obv: M COMMODUS ANTONINUS AVG - Laureate head right.

Rev: LIBERTAS AVG TR P VI IMP IIII COS III P P / S-C - Libertas standing left with pileus and sceptre.

RIC III 311.
Roman Imperial, Commodus as Augustus, Orichalcum Sestertius.1 viewsRome 183 A.D. 22.42g - 28.3mm, Axis 12h.

Obv: M COMMODVS ANT - ONINVS AVG PIVS - Laureate head right.

Rev: [T R P VIII IMP VI COS IIII P P] / S Ė C - Fortuna standing left, holding rudder on globe and cornucopiae.

RIC III 372.
Christian Scarlioli
Roman Imperial, Faustina II as Augusta, Orichalcum Sestertius.8 viewsRome 165-170 A.D. 20.50g - 30mm, Axis 12h.

Obv: FAVSTINA AVGVSTA - Draped bust right, wearing a circlet of pearls.

Rev: LAETITIA / S-C - Laetitia standing left, holding wreath and sceptre.

RIC III 1654; Cohen 149; BMC 924.
Roman Imperial, Faustina II as Augusta, Orichalcum Sestertius.7 viewsRome 145-146 A.D. 26.42g - 30.1mm, Axis 12h.

Obv: FAVSTINA AVGVSTA - Draped bust right.

Rev: AVGVSTI PII FIL / S-C - Venus standing left holding Victory and leaning on a shield.

RIC III 1367; Cohen 16; BMC 2195.
Roman Imperial, Hadrian as Augustus, Orichalcum Sestertius. 7 viewsRome 121 A.D. 24.75g - 33mm, Axis 6h.

Obv: IMP CAESAR TRAIAN HADRIANVS AVG - Laureate, draped & cuirassed bust right.

Rev: P M TRP COS III / S-C - Ceres standing left with corn ears & long torch.

RIC II 610.
Roman Imperial, Lucilla as Augusta, Orichalcum Sestertius.38 viewsRome 163-164 A.D. 20.91g - 29.3mm, Axis 5h.

Obv: LVCILLAE AVG ANTONINI AVG F - Draped bust right.

Rev: [IVNONI LVCINAE / S-C] - Juno seated left, holding a flower & infant.

RIC III 1747, Cohen 37, BMC 1154.
Roman Imperial, Lucius Verus (Posthumous Issue), Orichalcum Sestertius.12 viewsRome After 169 A.D. 20.31g - 33mm, Axis 4h.

Obv: DIVVS VERVS - Bare head right.

Rev: CONSECRATIO / S-C - Four-tier funeral pyre decorated with statues standing between draped colonnades and surmounted by a quadriga.

RIC III, 1511; BMC M. Aurelius 1363; Cohen 59; Sear'88 1563.
2 commentsChristian Scarlioli
Roman Imperial, Lucius Verus, Augustus, Orichalcum Sestertius.6 viewsRome 166-167 A.D. 23.03g - 30.7mm, Axis 12h.

Obv: L VERVS AVG ARM PARTH MAX - Laureate head right.

Rev: POT VIII IMP IIII COS III / S-C - Victory walking left, holding wreath and palm.

RIC III 1471; Cohen 209.
Christian Scarlioli
Roman Imperial, Philip I as Augustus, AE Sestertius.8 viewsRome 244 - 249 A.D. 14.20g - 29.5mm, Axis 12h.

Obv: IMP M IVL PHILIPPVS AVG - Laureate, draped & cuirassed bust right.

Rev: ANNONA AVGG / S-C - Annona standing left holding corn-ears over modius & cornucopiae.

RIC IV 168a, Cohen 26.
Roman Imperial, Postumus as Augustus, ∆ Double Sestertius.6 viewsLugdunum or Auxiliary Mint 259-268 A.D. 13.15g - 32.6mm, Axis 11h.

Obv: IMP CM CASS LAT POSTVMVS P AVG - Radiate, draped, cuirassed bust right.

Rev: F(D?)EIS MILITVM - clogged die or error. - Fides standing facing, head left, holding two standards.

RIC V-II 123, var (obverse legend)
Roman Imperial, Septimius Severus as Augustus, Orichalcum Sestertius.7 viewsRome 195 A.D. 23.73g - 29.9mm, Axis 12h.

Obv: L SEPT SEV PERT AVG IMP VII - Laureate head right.

Rev: DIVI M PII F P M TR P III COS II / S-C - Roma seated left on shield, holding Victory and spear.

RIC IV-I, 700; BMCRE 569; Cohen 127; Sear 6408.
Christian Scarlioli
Roman Imperial, Septimius Severus as Augustus, Orichalcum Sestertius. Added to the Wildwinds site. Rare.1 viewsRome 194-195 A.D. 17.55g - 27.4mm, Axis 12h.

Obv: L SEPT SEV PERT AVG IMP V - Laureate head right.

Rev: P M TR P III COS II P P / S-C - Mars advancing right carrying spear and trophy.

RIC IV 688
Christian Scarlioli
Roman Imperial, Severus Alexander as Augustus, ∆ Sestertius. Scarce.2 viewsRome 229 A.D. 18.96g - 30.9mm, Axis 12h.

Obv: IMP SEV ALEXANDER AVG - Laureate bust right, drapery on left shoulder.

Rev: P M TR P VIII COS III P P / SC - Severus Alexander standing in quadriga right, holding eagle-tipped
sceptre. SC in ex.

RIC IV 495; BMCRE 575; Cohen 377.
Christian Scarlioli
Roman Imperial, Trajan as Augustus, Orichalcum Sestertius.11 viewsRome 108-110 A.D. 20.95g - 34.6mm, Axis 6h.

Obv: IMP CAES NERVAE TRAIANO AVG GER DAC P M TR P COS V P P - Laureate bust right, slight drapery on far shoulder.

Rev: SPQR OPTIMO PRINCIPI / S-C - Annona standing left, holding grain ears and cornucopia. Modius left, prow right.

RIC II 492, Woytek 323b, Banti 182.
Roman Imperial, Trebonianus Gallus as Augustus, AE Sestertius.7 viewsRome 253 A.D. 14.68g - 29.1mm, Axis 6h.


Rev: APOLL SALVTARI / S-C - Apollo standing left, holding branch and leaning on lyre set on rock, S-C across fields.

RIC IV-III 103; Cohen 21.
Christian Scarlioli
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