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misc00113 viewsElagabalus

Obv: No detail of original coin. Countermark of CMYP around laureate head of Elagabalus or Severus Alexander in circular incuse and another of B in circular incuse.
Rev: No original detail remaining.
28 mm, 6.37 gms

Howgego 36 and 761
Charles M
misc00211 viewsSemi-autonomous (Time of Elagabalus-Severus Alexander)
Temnus, Aeolis

Obv: IЄPACVN KΛHTOC, bust of Senate right.
Rev: CAVCTPATONЄKIANOV →THMN, two Nemeses standing facing one another, each with one arm raised and the other lowered.
23 mm, 7.35 gms

BMC 14
Charles M
misc00313 viewsElagabalus
Countermark sometimes found on coins of Elagabalus.

Obv: Bust of emperor (not Elagabalus) right. Countermark of CAP B in rectangular incuse with rounded ends.
Rev: Little original detail remaining.
22 mm, 5.68 gms

Howgego 559
Charles M
misc0048 viewsElagabalus
Antioch, Syria

Obv: AVT KAI MAV ANTΩNЄINOC, radiate head of Elagabalus right.
Rev: Reversed incused image of obverse.
19 mm, 2.29 gms

No exact attribution possible.
Charles M
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