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Phoenicia, Arados, ( 144-143 B.C.), AE-15, Galley left,160 views3 commentsquadrans
Phoenicia, Arados, (174-173 B.C.), AE-20, BMC-300, Poseidon reclining on prow left, #180 viewsquadrans
Phoenicia, Arados, (c.138.7-44.3 B.C.), AR-Tetradrachm, BMC 273, Nike advancing left, #1 128 views8 commentsquadrans
Phoenicia, Arados, (c.380-350 B.C.), AR-Tetrobol, BMC Phoenicia Pg.7, nos.37-44., Galley right, 130 viewsquadrans
Phoenicia, Arados, (c.400-350 B.C.), AR-Stater, BMC Phoenicia Pg.9 No.58 Pl.II.12, Galley left, 184 views4 commentsquadrans
Phoenicia, Arados, 027p Traianus (98-117 A.D.), BMC Phoenicia 374, AE-23, Bull left, #174 viewsquadrans
Phoenicia, Arados, Macedonia, Kings, 016 Alexander III., (The Great, 356-323 B.C.), Price 3426, AR-Tetradrachm, Zeus Atophoros seated on throne left, AP monogram in left field,100 views1 commentsquadrans
Phoenicia, Berytus, 056 Elagabalus (218-222 A.D.), BMC 183, AE-26, Poseidon striding right,319 viewsquadrans
Phoenicia, Marathos, Berenike II (227-152 B.C.), BMC 03-13, AE-23(Chalkous), Marathos standing left, #192 views1 commentsquadrans
Phoenicia, Tyre, (Year 291 (165/166 A.D.), AE-20, Pseudo-autonomous issue struck during the reign of Marcus Aurelius (???), SNG Cop 344, Galley left, #1154 viewsquadrans
Phoenicia, Tyre, (Year 291 (165/166 A.D.), AE-20, Pseudo-autonomous issue struck during the reign of Marcus Aurelius (???), SNG Cop 344, Galley left, #289 views1 commentsquadrans
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