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moneta 638.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Gallienus, antoninianus, Samosata70 viewsJericho
moneta 624.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE PROVINCIAL, Gordian III & Tranquillina, Markianopolis, AE2661 views1 commentsJericho
moneta 615.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Constantius II Centenionalis, Cyzicus102 viewsJericho
moneta 596.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Diocletian Post-Abdication Follis, Alexandria150 views5 commentsJericho
moneta 578.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Constantine I, Aquileia - RIC VII 5781 viewsJericho
AEL FLA-2.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Aelia Flaccilla. wife of Theodosius I. Augusta, 379-386/8 CE.154 viewsEmpressCollector
ROMAN EMPIRE, Eudoxia, wife of Arcadius. Augusta, 400-404 CE.185 views1 commentsEmpressCollector
moneta 574.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE PROVINCIAL, Commodus, Dionysopolis, AE2148 viewsJericho
moneta 545.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE PROVINCIAL, Gordian III, Deultum, AE2341 viewsJericho
moneta 543.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Constantine I, Constantinople - RIC VII 1668 viewsJericho
moneta 538.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Maximinus II, Heraclea - RIC VI 3659 viewsJericho
moneta 537.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Constantine I, Antioch - RIC VII 86155 views4 commentsJericho
moneta 528.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Constantius II, Rome - RIC VII 32972 viewsJericho
moneta 524.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE PROVINCIAL, Septimius Severus, Nicopolis, AE1654 views1 commentsJericho
moneta 520 lg.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Dicoletian, Ticinum - RIC 22578 views1 commentsJericho
moneta 513.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Vespasian, Rome - RIC 482223 views1 commentsJericho
moneta 512.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Theodosius, Nicomedia - RIC IX 45b93 views1 commentsJericho
moneta 511.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Constantius Gallus, Sirmium - RIC VIII 22276 viewsJericho
moneta 509.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Helena, Cyzicus - RIC VII 39156 views3 commentsJericho
moneta 495.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Caracalla, Rome - RIC 11269 views1 commentsJericho
moneta 494.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Constantius I, Antioch - RIC V (Part 2) 67365 views1 commentsJericho
moneta 463lg.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Antoninus Pius, Rome - RIC 598176 views2 commentsJericho
moneta 453.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Maximianus, Aquileia - RIC VI 2953 viewsJericho
moneta 445.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE PROVINCIAL, Elagabalus, Nikopolis, AE2964 views2 commentsJericho
moneta 432.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE PROVINCIAL, Gordian III and Tranquillina, Messembria, AE2553 views1 commentsJericho
moneta 424.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Constantius II, Cyzicus - RIC VIII 11685 viewsJericho
moneta 16b.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Elagabalus, Rome - RIC 10756 viewsJericho
moneta 24.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Aurelian, Unknown Mint54 viewsJericho
moneta 49.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Crispus, Aquileia - RIC VII 8763 viewsJericho
moneta 113a.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Constantius I, Trier - RIC VI 15853 viewsJericho
moneta 126.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, City Commemorative, Constantinopolis - RIC VII 12098 views2 commentsJericho
moneta 130 b.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Constantine I, Arles - RIC VII 19467 viewsJericho
moneta 165.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Constantine I, Trier - RIC VII 47559 viewsJericho
moneta 202.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Constantine II, Thessalonica - RIC VII 15762 viewsJericho
moneta 312a.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Faustina Sr., Rome - RIC 116956 viewsJericho
moneta 539.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Marcus Aurelius As, Rome49 viewsJericho
ANTIQUITIES, Roman, Coin dies found in France213 viewsRoma_Orbis
ANTIQUITIES, Roman, Legionary tomb materials220 viewsRoma_Orbis
moneta 378c.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE PROVINCIAL, Julia Domna, Odessos, AE2362 viewsJericho
moneta 298a.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Julia Domna, Rome - RIC IV 574118 views4 commentsJericho
moneta 332.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Honorius, Cyzicus - RIC 2857 views2 commentsJericho
moneta 333.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Maxentius Follis, Rome - RIC VI 21077 views1 commentsJericho
moneta 334.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Julian II. unknown mint69 viewsJericho
GREEK, Thrace, Lysimachos, AE14103 viewsJericho
moneta 211 b.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Probus, Siscia - RIC 77471 viewsJericho
moneta 247.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Helena, Thessalonica - RIC VII 15944 viewsJericho
moneta 289.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Constantine I, Trier - RIC VII 303158 views3 commentsJericho
moneta 293a.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Constantius II, Antioch - RIC VIII 113100 views1 commentsJericho
moneta 294.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Maximinus II, Antioch - RIC VI 16258 viewsJericho
moneta 646.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Septimius Severus Denarius, Rome67 viewsJericho
moneta 642.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Caracalla, Denarius, Rome68 viewsJericho
moneta 641.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Trajan, Denarius, Rome122 views2 commentsJericho
Leo VI The Wise.jpg
Byzantine, LEO VI (the wise), 886-912 AD, AE Follis73 viewsJericho
moneta 549.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Maximinus II, Heraclea - RIC VI 3750 viewsJericho
moneta 344.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Maximinus II, Nicomedia - RIC VI 7449 viewsJericho
moneta 345.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Maximinus II, Antioch - RIC VI 11751 viewsJericho
moneta 296.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Maximinus II, Nicomedia - RIC VI 7770 viewsJericho
moneta 343.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Maximinus II, Alexandria - RIC VI 16047 viewsJericho
moneta 252.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Maximinus II, Heraclea - RIC VI 3650 viewsJericho
moneta 565a.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Maximinus II, Heraclea - RIC VI 7643 viewsJericho
moneta 592.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Galerius Follis, Thessalonica59 viewsJericho
moneta 31.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Galerius, Lugdunum44 viewsJericho
moneta 347.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Licinius, Nicomedia - RIC VII 1546 viewsJericho
moneta 483.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Licinius, Thessalonica - RIC VII 6059 views2 commentsJericho
moneta 504.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Crispus, Siscia - RIC VII 18159 viewsJericho
moneta 649.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Constantius I Follis, Lyons52 views1 commentsJericho
moneta 648.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Maximinus II Follis, Nicomedia52 viewsJericho
moneta 640.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Gallienus, Antoninianus, Rome69 viewsJericho
moneta 647.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Constans, Centenionalis, Cyzicus90 views2 commentsJericho
moneta 491c.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Hadrian, Rome - RIC III 36356 views1 commentsJericho
moneta 639.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Galerius Follis, Antioch52 viewsJericho
moneta 633.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE PROVINCIAL, Caracalla, Hadrianopolis, AE2678 viewsJericho
moneta 630.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE PROVINCIAL, Geta, Apollonis, AE1849 viewsJericho
moneta 7.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Constantius II AE3, Heraclea55 viewsJericho
moneta 27.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Diocletian, Antioch51 viewsJericho
moneta 603 large.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, City Commemorative AE3/4, Lyons64 views1 commentsJericho
moneta 599.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Theodosius I, AE2, Heraclea50 views1 commentsJericho
moneta 597.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Dicoletian, Follis, Nicomedia35 viewsJericho
moneta 591.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Augustus, Unknown Mint55 viewsJericho
moneta 576.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Constantine I, Arles - RIC VII 25250 viewsJericho
moneta 567.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Constantius II, Siscia - RIC VII 21755 viewsJericho
moneta 198.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Constantius II, Nicomedia - RIC VII 15844 viewsJericho
moneta 135.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Constantius II, Nicomedia - RIC VII 19156 viewsJericho
moneta 371.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Constantius II, Alexandria - RIC VII 6071 viewsJericho
Septimius Severus RIC 150 obv and rev.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Septimius Severus RIC 15044 viewsseraphic
Geta RIC IV 38b obv and rev.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Geta, RIC IV 38b29 viewsseraphic
Elagabalus RIC 73 obv and rev.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Elagabalus, RIC 7325 viewsseraphic
Elagabalus RIC 125 obv and rev.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Elagabalus, RIC 12560 viewsseraphic
Severus Alexander RIC 5 obv and rev.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Severus Alexander, RIC 543 viewsseraphic
ROMAN EMPIRE, Severus Alexander, RIC Part 2 #539 viewsseraphic
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