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BCC a1 MA3560 viewsRoman Steelyard
Caesarea Maritima
1st-6th cent CE?
Roman or early Byzantine steelyard
with three fulcrums and sliding weight.
Scales in Greek letters corresponding to the
three fulcrums read Α.Β.Γ.Δ./
Λ.Μ.Ν.Ξ.Ο.Π.Ρ.Σ/ and ????,
Bronze and iron. Length 14.4 cm.
Surface find, 1977.
BCC a2 MA3520 viewsBronze Scale Indicator
Caesarea Maritima
Uncertain Date 1st-3rd Cent. CE?
or possibly much later. This piece
is part of a precision equal-arm
(or two-pan) scale. The left arm
of the indicator needle, where the
second pan would be attached, is
broken off. 7.0cm. x 5.7cm.
Surface find, 1977. Many thanks
to Lionel Holland, author of "Weights
and Weight-Like Objects from Caesarea
Maritima", Hadera, 2009, for the information.
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BCC BW1-572 views5 Bronze Weights
1. Diameter: 24mm. 57.71gm.
2. Diameter:18mm. 28.70gm.
3. Diameter:14mm. 14.16gm.
4. Diameter: 8mm. 2.86gm.
5. Diameter: 6mm. 0.96gm.
The largest weight is very close to 60x the smallest.
Byzantine or early Islamic 6th-8 cent. CE?
BCC BW1032 viewsIslamic Weight
Bronze 2/6 Dinar
Obv: Arabic inscription: ‘IMRAN
عمرا ن an Arabic name.
Rev: Blank
Discoid shape.
8.0 x 7.75 x 3.2mm.
1.38 gm.
BCC BW1128 viewsIslamic Weight
Bronze 2 Dirhem
Obv: Arabic inscription: ‘IMRAN
عمرا ن
Rev: Blank
Brick shaped, ends and sides bulged.
13.0 x 9.0 x 6.0mm.
BCC BW1248 viewsIslamic? Weight?
Bronze - 5 Dirham?
Marked with a total of 10 “bird’s eye”
concentric circle punch marks: 4 on one side,
and 2 on three sides. The other 2 sides are blank.
Cubiod shape: 12.25 x 12.0 x 11.5mm.
Weight: 14.12gm.
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BCC BW1360 viewsIslamic Weight
Bronze - 10 Dirham
Obv: Marked with flower? design,
possibly inlaid with gold leaf. The inside
pattern may represent a crescent moon.
Rev: Three incuse concentric circles.
Barrel shape: Dia.: 19.25mm. Ht.:13.5mm.
Weight: 29.58gm.
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BCC BW1445 viewsIslamic Weight BCC BW14
Abbasid Caliphate 750-1258 CE
Bronze - 1 Dinar
Obv:Arabic inscription: لله
"LILLAH” late Abbasid calligraphy.
Rev: One punch mark within
incuse concentric circle.
Disk shape: Diameter: 11.0mm.
Height:6.25mm. Weight: 4.03gm.
BCC BW15-BW1836 views4 Bronze Weights, square with diamond shape
on upper sides. All are blank on the reverse.
BW15: 7.25x7.25mm. 1.15gm.  
No marks visible, worn, cleaned.
BW16: 9.0x9.25mm. 1.64gm.  Three punch
marks on diamond. Intact, uncleaned.
BW17: 14x14.75mm. 5.87gm.  No marks
visible, very worn, heavily cleaned.
BW18: 18.5x18.75mm. 13.17gm.  One punch
mark in corner of square, worn, cleaned.
Surface finds from Caesarea Maritima, but not
found together. The cleaned specimens may have
lost an estimated 5-20% of their original mass.
Age and weight standard remain uncertain.
BCC BW1939 viewsBronze Weight BCC BW19
Islamic period, 2 dinar
Discoid shape, slight bulge along equator.
Center punch mark with three concentric
circles inscribed on upper and lower surface.
Intact, uncleaned. Diameter: 15.5x15.0mm.
Height: 5.40mm. Weight: 8.33gm.
cf. Holland #115 to 128
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BCC BW631 viewsIslamic Weight
1/2 Dirhem
Obv: Incomplete Arabic word in incuse punch.
Rev: Unidentified Arabic stamp
7.0 x 6.75 x 3.25mm.
1.45gm. Axis:90

BCC BW737 viewsIslamic Weight
Umayyad Period 661-750CE
Bronze 1/2 Dirhem
Obv: Arabic inscription stamped in relief, negative (mirror image):
معير واف which translates as "a complete standard".
Rev: Three dots , punch marks indicating
3/6ths of a dirhem.
8.0 x 7.5 x 3.0 mm
BCC BW826 viewsIslamic Weight
1/6 Dirhem
Obv: Arabic inscription stamped
in relief (partial?) I M R?
Rev: Blank
6.2 x 5.2 x 1.5mm.
BCC BW921 viewsIslamic Weight
1/6 Dirhem
Obv: One “bird’s eye” stamp
consisting of dot with two
concentric circles around.
Rev: Same
5.2x 4.9 x 1.8mm.
BCC LW137 viewsLead Weight with Greek Inscription in Six Lines
87x43mm. 153.5gm.
1st to 3rd century CE.
ΙΤΑ/ΛΙΚ/ΗΗ/ΜΙΛ/ΙΤΡ/Α, (ιταλικη ημι λιτρα, half an Italian litra).

An identical specimen, from the same mold, was found near Caesarea Maritima in 1949, and is listed in the Corpus Inscriptionum Iudaeae/Palaestinae, Vol. II, Ameling, Cotton, Eck, on page 621. According to the authors, the term “litra”, derived from the Roman word “Libra”, came to indicate local weight standards between the 1st and 2nd centuries CE. Therefore when the Roman standard was intended the word ιταλικη was added to distinguish them. The weight of 153.5, when multiplied by 2, is about 19 grams short of the Roman libra, however the object may have had a handle at the top and the original weight must have been fairly close to the standard. Around the end of the 3rd century CE the local standards were replaced by the Roman system and the descriptive word ιταλικη was no longer required.
BCC LW1019 viewsLead Weight - Uncertain unit.
Late Roman - Early Byzantine?
Obv:Well preserved weight with
Greek letter A within roughly square
recess. Adjustment? tabs on each corner.
Suspension loop pierced with a sharp
object from the front, after casting.
Rev: Blank.
16 x 18 x 4mm. Weight: 4.39gm. 
Surface find from Caesarea Maritima, 1974

BCC LW1117 viewsLead Weight - 2 Drachma?
Late Roman-Early Byzantine?
Well-preserved, roughly square
(19x20mm), with straight sides,
slightly beveled edges and suspension loop.
Obv: Inverted (retrograde?) Greek
letter "B" within square borders.
Rev: Blank
27 x 19 x 2mm. 7.36gm.
/ 2=Unit weight: 3.68
BCC LW1219 viewsLead Weight
Late Roman - 6 grammata
Roughly squared oval with straight sides.
Obv: 6 punch marks
Rev: S (digamma) incised into a flat
surface surrounded by a raised border.
12.5 x 11 x 5.5mm. 6.47gm.
cf. L. Holland WWOCM (Weights and
Weight-like Objects from
Caesarea Maritima) #99 - 104
BCC LW1318 viewsLead Weight - Uncertain
weight standard, 3 oungia? (1/4 Libra)
Late Roman-Early Byzantine?
or Graeco-Roman Eastern.
Raised edge on the obverse.
Slightly beveled edges may be
the result of a hollow mould with
a flat top.
Obv: Four leaf clover? quartrefoil? design
with central raised pellet, within circle.
Rev: Quartrefoil design with four petals
interspersed with bifurcated leaves within circle.
Weight: 90.75 grams
55 x 47 x 6mm.
BCC LW1419 viewsLead Weight - Uncertain
weight standard, 8 Drachma? or 1 oungia?
2nd century? Graeco-Roman Eastern
Rectangular weight with raised
edge on the obverse. enclosing
six-petaled rosette within circle.
Pellet in each of the four corners.
Slightly beveled edges, remains of suspension
loop at top.
Rev: Blank.
Weight: 28.25 grams
40x 34mm. x 3mm.
BCC LW2,3,4,5 and 650 views5 Lead Weights
Late Roman - Early Byzantine?
LW2: A 3.28gm. 18 x 19mm.
LW3: B 5.36gm. 18 X 19mm.
LW4: B 5.88gm. 21 x 16mm.
LW5: Δ 13.24gm. 29 x 27.5mm.
LW6: H 25.91gm. 45 x 43mm.
Greek numerals A=1, B=2, Δ=4, H=8
Some of these may be based on the Drachma of
3.41gm. with 8 to a Roman ounce.
BCC LW734 viewsLead Weight - 4 Drachmas
Middle Roman-Early Byzantine?
Roughly square with raised
edges. and protrusions at the corners.
Greek letter Δ within.
32 x 28mm. 13.78gm. (/4=3.445gm.)
There were 8 drachmae to the
Roman ounce: 3.41x8=27.28gm.
Greek was the common language at Caesarea
throughout the Roman and Byzantine Periods
up until the conquest of 641 CE.
BCC LW816 viewsLead Weight
Roman-Early Byzantine?
Obv: two pellets
Rev: Blank
20 x 13.5 x 2.5mm.
Weight 4.16gm.
BCC LW8 and LW9 20 viewsLead Weights from Caesarea Maritima
Uncertain date and type - Roman - Early Byzantine?
A size comparison of two weights of very similar design. The small one (LW8) is 4.16gm.
The larger one (LW9) is 12.79gm. A specimen identical to LW9, possibly from the same
mold, was published by Lionel Holland with a weight of 14.4gm. WWOCM (2009) #176.
BCC LW920 viewsLead Weight
Roman-Early Byzantine?
Obv: Anchor
Rev: Blank
32.5 x 17.5 x 4.0mm.
Weight 12.79gm.
ref: Holland, "Weights and Weight-Like
Objects from Caesarea Maritima" #176
(14.4gm.) Possibly from the same mold.
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