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AE billion trachy John Ducas-Vatatzes III type G48 viewsObverse: The virgin enthroned
Reverse: John stg., holding labarum-headed sceotre and globus
Mint: Magnesia
Date: 1222-1254 CE
Sear 2095 H 33.7-8, DO IV pl XXXIII 41.
22mm 2.70 gm
AE billion trachy John III SB 2101 type M 28 viewsObverse: IC XC barred, Full length figure of Christ, standing on dais?, wearing tunic and kolobion; holds Gospels in l. hand.
Reverse: IW OO, KW or IW barred O KW, full length figure of emperor on L., and of St Constantine nimbate, holding between them sword, half sheathed point downwards. Emperor and saint wear stemma, divitision, collar piece and jeweled loros of simplified type. Emperor and saint rest hand on shield, emperor r. hand, saint l. hand.
Mint: Magnesia
Date: 1221-54 CE
Sear 2101, DO IV pl XXXIII, 47.
28mm, 2.50 g
AE billion trachy John III SB 2102 type N108 viewsObverse: hP- theta V barred, Three quarter length figure of virgin nimbate, orans, wearing tunic and maphorion; star to lower left and right in field.
Reverse: IW, full-length figure of emperor on l., and St. Theodore bearded and nimbate, holding between them sheathed sword, point downward, resting on shield. Emperor wears stemma, divitision, collar-peice, and paneled loros of simplified type; holds labarum -headed scepter in r. hand. Saint wears short military tunic and breast plate, holds spear in l. hand.
Mint: Magnesia
Sear 2102, DOC
25mm, 3.02g
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