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Aigai48 viewsObverse: Apollo laureate right
Reverse: goat
SGCV II 4168
1 commentsCGPCGP
Aigai29 viewsObverse: Apollo laureate right
Reverse: goat's head right
3 commentsCGPCGP
Carian Satraps, Pixodaros, ca 341-336/578 viewsAR didrachm
Ob: Laureate Apollo, three quarters facing, right, himation fastened with brooch at neck
Rx: ΠIXΩΔAPOY; Zeus of Labraunda standing right, holding spear in left hand & double-bladed axe over right shoulder.
7.02g 21mm

SNG Keckman I, 280, Sammlung Karl 35-40

ex Pegasi Numismatics Auction XXII (20.04.2010) lot 167
5 commentsDino
Erythrae, Ionia,c. 480 - 400 B.C. 28 views Silver obol, SNG Cop 561 var (trihemiobol), VF, .89g, 11.0mm, obverse Pegasus right, curved wing; reverse rosette of twelve petals, ERUQ around, all within incuse square; very rare. ex Forum Ancient Coins.
Ionia, Ephesos. Circa late 4th-early 3rd Century BC. Æ 19mm.18 viewsBee with straight wings E F to either side / Stag kneeling left, head reverted; astragalos above; magistrate name lefCGPCGP
ISLANDS off CARIA, Rhodos. Circa 125-88 BC. AR Hemidrachm348 viewsRhodes. (13mm, 1.46 g). Gorgias, magistrate. Radiate head of Helios facing slightly right / Rose with bud to left; sun to right; GORGIAS above; all within incuse square. Jenkins, Rhodian, Group D, 147; SNG Keckman -; SNG Copenhagen -. Near EF, hairline flan crack.

ex CNG 184, Lot: 56.
11 commentsCGPCGP
Judaea, John Hyracanus II Æ Prutah. 21 viewsObv: Two cornucopias, pomegranate between them
Rev: legend in wreath
JUDAEA, UNDER THE ROMAN PROCURATORS: PONTIUS PILATE. 30-31AD. 20 viewsBronze -15mm. (1.68 gm).
Obv: Lituus (Augur's staff).
Rev: Date within wreath (30/31 AD).
Lydia, Philadelphia. Circa 3rd-2nd Century BC. Æ 17mm 35 views(4.26 gm)
Macedonian shield
FILADEL-FION, thunderbolt within wreath. Monogram above.
SNG Copenhagen 343. VF, glossy black patina.
Lydia, Sardeis. ca 2nd - 1st Century BC. Æ 18mm. 27 viewsLaureate bust of a young Herakles right, lion's skin tied around neck / SARDIANWN, nude Apollo standing left, holding bird in extended right hand, laurel branch in left; monogram before; all within laurel wreath. BMC 36. SNGCop 493.CGPCGP
MILETOS, 6th cent BC37 viewsAR 1/12 Stater, S3532-33
lion forepart/star pattern
Myrina24 views2 coins
Obverse: Apollo right
reverse: amphora , SGCV II 4221
Pisidia, Etenna AE14. First Century BC.15 viewsObv: Two male figures standing side by side, naked except for mantles over shoulders, one brandishing a bipennis (double axe), the other a crooked knife

Rx: ET-EN, Female figure standing or walking right, looking back, holding out a protective hand against a serpent to the right. Overturned urn below to the left.

Von Aulock, Pisidien II, 425ff, BMC 2
Ptolemy VI VIII Joint Reign after 169BC39 viewsObv. - Zeus Ammon, facing right
Rev. - Two Eagles facing left on thunderbolt, PTOLEMAIOY BASILEOS , single cornucopia in left field.


Svoronos 1426 (Plate 48 #14) SNGCop 316

ex. M&M Numismatics
SELEUCUS I NICATOR, 312-280 BC 28 viewsAntioch. AE (19mm, 6.67 g).
Winged head of Medusa r.
BASILEWS - SELEUKOU Bull butting r., K monogram between rear legs.
Houghton-Lorber 21, 4. Newell, WSM 98, 925. Dark green patina.
Seleukid Kingdom, Antiochos I. 280-261 BC.47 viewsHead of Apollo right / BASILEWS ANTIOXOU, tripod, anchor below.

19. 4.2g.

Sear 6879.
TROAS, Sigeion. Circa 355-334 BC.86 views 11mm (1.97 g, 2h).
obv: Helmeted head of Athena facing slightly right
rev: Owl standing right, head facing; crescent behind.
SNG Copenhagen 496-7.
CNG eAuction 225, lot 125
5 commentsDino
Zeugitania, Carthage 241-146 BC48 viewsobv: Head of Persephone/Tanit, left
rev: Horse, right, looking back; palm tree behind horse

23 mm, 7.1 g

SNGCop 317
1 commentsCGPCGP
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