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ACHAEA, Pellene. 350-300 BC. √Ü Dichalkon167 viewsACHAEA, Pellene. 350-300 BC. ∆ Dichalkon - 13mm (2.08 g). Laureate head of Apollo right / PE monogram and ram's head within laurel wreath. BCD 595.1; SNG Copenhagen 214. VF, dark green, almost black, patina with some deposits.

ex Barry P. Murphy
ACHAIA, Aigieon. 37-31 BC.68 viewsAE hexachalkon (5.67 g)
Theoxios and Kletaios, magistrates.
obv: Laureate head of Zeus right
rev: Zeus standing right, holding eagle on outstretched arm and preparing to cast thunderbolt; ΘEOΞIOΣ KΛHTAIOΣ around. Kroll, Bronze 2; BCD Peloponnesos 436.

Located along the northern coast of the Peloponnesos, Achaia was a narrow territory between Sicyon and Elis. One theory suggests that Achaiaís original inhabitants were driven to the area from Achaia Phthoitis, which itself was located across the Gulf of Corinth in southern Thessaly. A number of prehistoric and Mycenaean ruins in the western part of the Achaia indicate that the district was long inhabited, even into remote antiquity. Twelve city-states were located there: Aigai, Aigira, Aigion, Bura, Dyme, Helike, Olenos, Patrai, Pherai, Pelene, Rhypes, and Tritaia. Achaian colonies were established in Magna Graecia at Kroton, Kaulonia, Metapontion, and Sybaris. From the mid-5th century onward, much of the history of Achaia is interconnected with the Achaian League.
Argolis, Argos, 440s, 430s-420s BC67 viewsTriobol. Forepart of wolf at bay to left, both legs extended forward and with head held level. Sigma O below neck.
Rev. A within shallow incuse square, containing square incuses on the upper part, pellet below cross bar. BMC 14, BCD 1030. Very rare.
Argolis, Argos, late 2nd Century - 80s BC 76 viewsAE Dichalkon
Wolf's head right
Rev. Pillar Fountain between helmet over wolf's head left on left and heta above monogram APX on the right. Rare.
BCD 1147
ARGOLIS, Argos. Circa 90-50 BC.136 viewsAR Triobol (15mm, 1.84 g, 11h). Xenophilos, magistrate. Forepart of wolf at bay right / Large A; XENO - F - I - L - OU around, facing head of Helios below crossbar; all within incuse square. BCD Peloponnesos 1179-81 (same obv. die); SNG Copenhagen 51. VF, toned, a few deposits.

CNG 198, lot 97.
5 commentsCGPCGP
Argolis, Hermione. ca 210 BC.87 viewsAE Dichalkon 2.26g
Obv: Head of Demeter, right
Rev: EP between two torches in wreath.
BCD 1305.1 (this coin). Agora 794.
ex Pegasi A21-116.
1 commentsDino
Argolis, Hermione. Circa 350-300 BC. 71 viewsAR Triobol.
ovv: Wreathed head of Demeter left, in single pendant earring & necklace
rev: EP monogram within grain wreath.
SNG Lockett 2510; Jameson 1259; SNG Cop 136.
2 commentsDino
Argos, Argolis 125-80 BC.43 viewsAE 15MM, 2.55g. Dichalkon.
Laureate Head Apollo, right
Wolf standing at bay to right. APX monogram above.
BCD 1149.
ex BCD collection.
ARGOS, Argolis. 343-280 BC.45 viewsAR Obol.
obv: wolf l.
rev: crested helmet

Ex BCD with tag & photos. RARE type.
Arkadia, Megalopolis. 234-146 BC.41 viewsAR triobol 2.36g.
Zeus head left.
Pan seated left on rock.
BMC 1ff.
exBCD collection.
Elis, after 191 BC70 viewsObv: Head of Zeus, Laureate, right
Rx: Oilive wreath

within the wreath

EY below the wreath.

BM 45, 155
Elis, Olympia - 270s-260s BC. Time of the 115th-132nd Olympiad. 83 viewsAR Hemidrachm
obv: Laureate head of Zeus right
Thunderbolt within wreath; F-A above, A-P-I below.
BCD 213
2 commentsCGPCGP
Elis, Olympia, after 191 BC.78 viewsAE
Apollo head right.
Zeus advancing right.
BMC 147.
exBCD Collection, ex Schulman's Oct. 1975.
1 commentsDino
ELIS, Olympia, c. early mid. 3rd Century BC46 viewsAE Tetrachalkon. 5.77g 17mm
Obv: Laureate Zeus right;
Rev: F A Horse galloping right.
BMC 118. BCD 654.
ex BCD Collection, not in LHS Sale, AHB, May 73.
Elis, Olympia, mid and later 2nd Century71 viewsAE Tetrachalkon. Zeus right.
Re. FA/LEI/WN within wreath. BMC 672. SNG Cop. 448. BCD 673. exM&M Numismatics.
Elis, Olympia. 271-191 BC.202 viewsAR Hemidrachm
obv: Zeus head Laureate right
rev: F-A by thunderbolt within wreath

Ex-BCD collection, via Leu 2004.
1 commentsDino
ELIS, Olympia. Late 3rd Century to 191 BC.113 viewsAE Dichalkon. 3.7g 18mm.
Laureate head of Apollo right
FA/HR-S, Zeus striding right, hurling thunderbolt with eagle on wrist.

Moustaka 147. BCD 662.
ex BCD collection not in LHS sale.
2 commentsDino
ELIS. Olympia. 352-348 BC. AR hemidrachm.148 viewsAR hemidrachm (17mm, 2.52g). 107th-108th Olympiad.
Laureate head of Zeus right / Eagle standing right on Ionic column capital. BCD Olympia 139-42. Ex BCD (private sale). VF toned.

JHE E-Auction #7.
6 commentsDino
Messene, Peloponessos. Late 2nd - early 1st Century BC>45 viewsAE
8 grams
Apollo laureate right
Zeus hurling thunderbolt. eagle on wrist. tripod before. ME behind.
cf. BCD 735-738
Messenia, Messene, 2nd Century BC90 viewsAR Tetrobol (2.34g)
obv: Zeus Laureate right
Tripod in Wreath, ME monogram to left, S to right
BMC 13
ex BCD Collection
Sicyon; Triobol, 90-60 BC85 views2.00g. BCD-351.3, Grose-6300. Obv: Dove flying l. Rx: Large sigma, magistrate's name around. Ex John Twente Animal Collection; ex Glendining, 20 March 1991, lot 92 (part).
HJBerk BBS 163, lot 113. VF
Sikyon, 340-320 BC104 viewsAR Obol (0.69gm)
Obv: Laureate Head of Apollo, right
Rev: Dove Flying Right
BCD 257
ex BCD Collection
2 commentsDino
Sikyon, Peloponnesos, Greece, c. 250 - 146 B.C.59 viewsBronze AE 16, BMC Peloponnesus p. 53, 217 or similar, VF, 2.165g, 15.3mm, 300o, Sikyon mint, c. 250 - 146 B.C.;

obverse dove flying left, magistrate's name [MENI]-AG above and to the right;

reverse SI within olive-wreath; ex BCD collection. ex Forum Ancient Coins.
Sikyon, Peloponnesos, Greece, c. 400 - 300 B.C.56 viewsBronze AE 12, BMC Peloponnesus p. 44, 95 ff., VF, rough, 2.137g, 12.0mm, 45o, Sikyon mint, c. 400 - 300 B.C.;

obverse dove flying right;

reverse large S and uncertain control symbol;

ex BCD collection; ex Forum Ancient Coins.
Sikyon. 2nd to 1st Century BC.88 viewsApollo head rt.
Dove flying left.
BMC 234 ff.
exBCD collection.
Sikyon. 4th to 3rd Century BC.137 viewsAE
Dove flying left.
BMC 151 var.
exBCD collection.
5 commentsDino
SIKYONIA, Sikyon. Circa 330/20-280 BC. AR Hemidrachm152 viewsAR Hemidrachm.
Chimaera standing left; SI below
Dove flying left.
Warren, Silver 20-26; BCD Peloponnesos 284; SNG Copenhagen 57; BMC 111.
1 commentsCGPCGP
SIKYONIA, Sikyon. Circa 431-400 BC.146 viewsAR Hemiobol (8mm, 0.32 g, 5h). Lion standing left / Dove flying left. BCD Peloponnesos -; BMC 34. VF, toned, granular surfaces. Rare.

Ex BCD Collection (not in previous sales); CNG 221, lot 22.
Tegea, Arkadia, Peloponessos, circa 400-200 BC148 viewsBronze 17mm (2.08 grams)
Ob: Head of Athena right, in crested Corinthian helmet.

Rx: TEΓEA - Telephos, son of Hercules and Augue, seated left, suckled by doe standing right;
M in field to left, owl to right.

Reference: Sear 2747; B.M.C. 10.15

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