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Sweden - Gustav II Adolph (1611-1632), 2 ore "klippe" - SM 121117 viewsObv: Crowned G A R S (Gustavus Adolphus Rex Sveciae)
Rev: The Vasa family coat of arms with 2 OR on eighter side and the year 1626 below.

Minted in Sater or Nykoping 1626. These square coins where the first copper coins minted in Sweden, They were minted from 1624 - 1627, at first hammer -struck and from 1626 roller milled, as this example showed here.
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Sweden - Adolf Fredrik (1751-1771) 2 ore SM - SM 16854 viewsRev: two crossed arrows (indicating the origin of the cupper from the province of Dalarna), crown in upper field, 2 ÖR - SM in side fields and 1759 below.

Obv: A. F. S. G. V. R (Adolphus Fridericus Svecorum Gothorum Vandalorumque Rex); lion standing l. on shield with royal crown abowe and surrounded by the Swedish three crowns.

Adolph Frederick was the first king of the house of Holstein - Gottorp. He was a weak king in the hands of the Swedish parliamentary government. But his regin was fairly peacefull. He is most famous for his death that occured after he consumed a very large meal, topped off with 14 servings of his favourite dessert: semla served in a bowl of hot milk. He is thus remembered by Swedish school children as "the king who ate himself to death."
Sweden - Carl XI (1660-1697), 2 mark - SM 129a23 viewsObv: CAROLVS XI REX SVECIAE, kings bust left, in "Roman outfit", draped and laureate.
Rev: The three crowns of Sweden surrounded by the year 16-76 and 2-M. D below (for the moneyer Daniel Faxell).
Minted in Stockholm 1676.
Sweden - Carl (IX) as duke (1560-1599 (1604)), 2 mark - SM 2056 viewsObv: crowned CDS (Carolus Dux Sudermanniae), 2.M (2 mark) bellow.
Rev: the Vasa dynasty coat of arms surrounded by the year 1604.

Minted in Kalmar 1604.

This coin was struck for Carl as duke of Sodermanland (a Swedish province), a title he held between 1560-1599. After he had autmaneuvered his nephew Sigismund, the catholic king of Sweden and Poland, he was declared regent in 1600 but was not formally made king until 1604. Coins with the duke title was sporadically struck until 1604.
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Sweden - Oscar I (1844-1859), 50 ore 1857- SM36 viewsObv: OSCAR SVERIGES NORR. GÖTH. O. VEND. KONUNG, head right.
Rev: 50 ORE 1857 in wreath, crown above.
Minted in Stockholm 1857

This was the first year the value of 50 ore was minted. The last 50 ore was minted in 2009.
Sweden - Gustaf IV Adolf (1792-1809), commemorative issue - SM 52b70 viewsObv: crowned royal monogram made of G IV A surrounded with three crowns.
Rev: D : 9. JULI in fields separated by two crossed arrows, crown above 1794 below.
Minted in Avesta 1794.
30.5 mm, 14,2g

Struck to commemorate the kings visit to the mint in Avesta 9 july 1794.
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Islamic coins, anonymus Umayad dirham (under caliph Hisham 724-743 AD)68 viewsObv: In centre: 'There is no God except Allah. He is alone, He has no partner', in three lines. Around: 'In the name of Allah this Dirham was struck in Wasit in the year twelve and one hundred'.
Rev: In centre: 'He has no equal, God is one God / the eternal and indivisible, who has not begotten and / has not been begotten and never is there / His equal', in four lines. Around: 'Muhammad is the messenger of God. He sent him with guidance and the true religion to reveal it to all religions, even if the polytheists abhor it'.
Minted in Wasit 112 AH or 730 AD.

The obverse centre inscription is the Muslim declaration of faith. The reverse inscriptions is quotations from the koran, sura 112 in centre and sura 9 verse 33 around (if I got the information right).
CHILE - 5 Pesos 1927 - KM 17326 viewsObv: REPUBLICA DE CHILE, defiant condor on the Rock Left.
Rev: 5 CINCO PESOS 1927 within wreath.
Minted in Santiago de Chile

37 mm in diam. 25 g.
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Sweden - Gustav III 1771 - 1792, 1 riksdaler 1782161 viewsObv. GVSTAVUS III D. G. REX SVECIAE., bust right.
Rev. FÄDERNESLANDET (The Fatherland), 1 - Rd (1 riksadaler), 17 - 82, O - L (for the moneyer Olof Lidijn), crowned shield with the swedish three crowns.
Edge inscription: MANIBVS NE LAEDAR AVARIS (May I be spared injury from avaricious hands).
Minted in Stockholm.
Die engraver: Gustav Ljungberger
4,1 cm in diam., 29,4 g.

King Gustav III is known in Sweden for his peaceful "revolution" to restore absolute monarchy in 1789 (the very oposite of the French revolution the same yaer). He also led a not entierly successful war against Russia. He was assassinated by a conspiracy of noblemen when he attended a masked ball 16 March 1792.
Sweden, 1/2 ore 1627, bronze. Gustav II Adolph.117 viewsObv: GVSTAVUS ADOLPVS D:G : SVEC : GOTH : VAN : REX : M : D: FI (Gustav Adolph by the grace of God king of the Swear, Goths and Vends, grand duke of Finland), shield with the Vasa dynasty coat of arms, surrounded by the Swedish three crowns, crowned by royal crown.
Rev: MONETA : NOVA : CVPREA : CIVIT : ARBOGENSIS 1627 1/2 ORE (new cupper coin of the city of Arboga 1627 1/2 ore), griffin facing right. C - H in field (mark of the Mintmaster in Arboga, Caspar Hedwiger)

King Gustav II Adolph is known for his successfull paricipation in the Thirty Years´ War and the battle of Breitenfeld 1631 and Lutzen 1632 where he was killed.
Coins of Sweden being my 2:nd main interest to the Roman coins.
Prehistoric flint tool36 viewsPrehistoric stone tool made of flint. Uncertain function, but mabe used as a knife. This artefact was found on a ploughed field in south-east Sweden. Other artefacts found on the same field indicates a dating to arround 2000 BC.pierre_p77
Sweden - Magnus Eriksson (1319-1363), penning - LL XXVIIIA:1a67 viewsE within radiate ring. Struck on one side only (brakteat).
Minted in Kalmar 1354-1363
0,30g, 15 mm in diam.

Ex. Bonde 1 nr 41.
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Sweden - Charles XII 1697-1718 - 1 dukat 171871 viewsObv: CAROL . XII . D . G . REX . SVE., draped and quirassed bust right.
Rev: FACT . EST . DOMIN . PROTECTOR . MEVS (the Lord is my defence), crowend royal monogram surrounded by the swedish three crowns. The bottom crown with the year 17 - 18 on eighter side and L - C (for the monyer Lorentz Careelberg).

Charles XII is one of very few swedish kings who has ever reached international fame. He is known as skilled military leader and spened most of his regin involved in different wars. At first he was successfull, but in the later part of his regin he lost many wars and the during the 17th century ever growing swedish empire was only a remnant of its former grandeur at his death. He met his end when he was shot during a war campaigne in Norway in 30 November 1718, while inspecting trenches.
Sweden - Oscar I (1844-1859), 1 Riksdaler Specie - SM 27111 viewsObv: OSKAR SVERIGES GOTH OCH VEND KONUNG, bare head right.
Rev: RATT OCH SANNING, Swedens coat of arms, inscribed with the value 1 R Sp and the year 1846. A G (for the monier Alexander Grandinson) below.

Minted in Stockholm 1846. 38,8 mm in diam, 34,0 g.
Sweden, Sten Sture sen. (1470-1497, 1501-1503), Ortug, LL 396 viewsObv: SCS ERICVS REX, crowned head of Saint Eric facing.
Rev: MONETA STOCHOL, wepon shield with three crowns.
Minted in Stocholm.
21 mm in diam, 1,12 g.
Ex. Anders Frosells collection of Swedish medieval coins.

Sten Sure was a nobleman who was chosen by the royal coincil as regent (not king) in the conflict with king Kristian I of denmark (king of the union between Sweden, Denmark and Norway). He was never king and thus never had his name on the coinage of his period of power.
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