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54 B.C., silver denarius of Q. Servilius Caepio Brutus30 viewsCatalog: Sear 398

Moneyer: Q. Servilius Caepio Brutus

Obverse: Bearded, bear head of L. Junius Brutus (Consul 509 B.C.) right, BRVTVS behind

Reverse: Bearded, bear head of C. Servilius Ahala (master of horse 439 B.C.) right, AHALA behind
43 B.C. silver denarius of Petillius Capitolinus26 viewsCatalog: Sear 486
Moneyer: Petillius Capitolinus
Weight: 3,78 gram

Obverse: Eagle standing right on thunderbolt, wings spread, PETILLIVS above, CAPITOLNVS below

Reverse: The Capitoline temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus, represented as a richly decorated hexastyle edifice, S-F in field
1 commentsRomaVictor
89 B.C. silver quinarius of M. Porcius Cato15 viewsCatalog: Sear 248

Moneyer: M. Porcius Cato

Obverse: Head of young Bacchus or Liber right, wreathed with ivy, M CATO behind, control mark below

Reverse: Victory seated right, holding patera and palm, VICTRIX in exergue
106 B.C. silver denarius of L. Cornelius Scipio Asiaticus45 viewsCatalog: Sear 188

Moneyer: L. Cornelius Scipio Asiaticus

Obverse: Laureate head of Jupiter left

Reverse: Jupiter in quadriga right, brandishing thunderbolt, L SCIP ASIAG in exergue, control-letter E above
Silver denarius of C. Vibius Varus, 42 B.C.23 viewsCatalog: Sear 497

Moneyer: C. Vibius Varus

Obverse: Laureate head of bearded Hercules right

Reverse: Minerva standing right, resting on spear and holding Victory, shield at feet, C VIBIVS on right, VARVS on left
Silver denarius of L. Valerius Flaccus, 108/107 B.C.35 viewsCatalog: Sear 183

Moneyer: L. Valerius Flaccus

Obverse: Winged and draped bust of Victory right, XVI monogram below chin

Reverse: Mars walking left, holding spear and trophy, apex before, corn-ear behind, L VALERI FLACCI on left
Silver denarius of Mn. Aemilius Lepidus, 114/113 B.C.34 viewsCatalog: Sear 168

Moneyer: Mn. Aemilius Lepidus

Obverse: Laureate and diademed head of Roma right, XVI monogram behind, ROMA before

Reverse: MN AEMILIO, equestrian statue right, the horseman holding spear, on base formed by triple-arch containing L E P
Silver denarius of Mn. Acilius Glabrio37 viewsCatalog: Sear 412

Moneyer: Mn. Acilius Glabrio

Obverse: Laureate head of Salus right, SALVTIS behind

Reverse: MN ACILIVS III VIR VALETV, Valetudo standing left, holding snake and resting on column
50 B.C. silver denarius of P. Cornelius Lentulus Marcellinus48 viewsCatalog: Sear 409

Moneyer: P. Cornelius Lentulus Marcellinus

Obverse: Bare head of M. Claudius Marcellus (consul 222 B.C.) right, triskeles behind, MERCELLINVS before

Reverse: Togate figure of M. Claudius Marcellus advancing right, carrying trophy (spolia optima) into tetrastyle temple of Jupiter Feretrius, MARCELLVS on right, COS QVINC on left
2 commentsRomaVictor
49 B.C. silver denarius of Q. Sicinius and C. Coponius28 viewsCatalog: Sear 413

Moneyer: Q. Sicinius and C. Coponius

Obverse: Q SICINIVS III VIR, diademed head of Apollo right, star below

Reverse: C COPONIVS PR S C, club draped with lion's skin, head of lion right, betwen arrow and bow
2 commentsRomaVictor
51 B.C. silver denarius of Servius Sulpicius26 viewsCatalog: Sear 408

Moneyer: Servius Sulpicius

Obverse: Laureate beardless head (Thriumphus?) right, SER behind, SVLP before

Reverse: Naval trophy between naked bound captive standing on right, point of spear above his head, and clothed figure wearing petasus on left
1 commentsRomaVictor
90 B.C. silver quinarius of Q. Titius13 viewsCatalog: Sear 240

Moneyer: Q. Titius

Obverse: Winged and draped bust of Victory right

Reverse: Pegasus right, Q TITI below
90 B.C. silver denarius of Q. Titius19 viewsCatalog: Sear 239

Moneyer: Q. Titius

Obverse: Head of young Bacchus right

Reverse: Pegasus leaping right from a tablet on which Q TITI is inscribed
1 commentsRomaVictor
90 B.C. silver denarius of Q. Titius39 viewsCatalog: Sear 238

Moneyer: Q. Titius

Obverse: Head of Mutinus Titinus (Priapus) right, wearing winged diadem

Reverse: Pegasus leaping right from a tablet on which Q TITI is inscribed
211 - 208 B.C. silver anonymous quinarius32 viewsCatalog: Sear 44

Moneyer: Anonymous

Obverse: Helmeted head of Roma right, mark of value behind (V)

Reverse: The Dioscuri on horseback right, MT below, ROMA in exergue
1 commentsRomaVictor
46 B.C., silver denarius of Mn. Cordius Rufus31 viewsCatalog: Sear 440

Moneyer: Mn. Cordius Rufus

Obverse: RVFVS III VIR, conjoined heads of the Dioscuri right, wearing pilei surmounted by stars

Reverse: M N CORDIVS, Venus standing left, holding scales and sceptre, Cupid at shoulder
2 commentsRomaVictor
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