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PORTUGAL - Alfonso V79 viewsPORTUGAL - Alfonso V (1438-1481) AR Chinfrao. Obv: Crowned A, small "L" below. Legend around. Rev.: 5 Portugal shields in cruciform. Legends around. Lisbon mint. Reference: Vaz - A5.40. This coin is VERY difficult to find in ANY condition. The condition of this coin is actually quite nice for this type of issue!dpaul7
PORTUGAL - Alfonso V60 viewsPORTUGAL - Alfonso V (1438-1481) Copper 1/2-Real Preto. Lisbon mint. Reference: VAZ-a5.12(x).
PORTUGAL - Alfonso V76 viewsPORTUGAL - Alfonso V (1438-1481) Cu Ceitil. Obverse design: 3-towered castle. Reverse design: Arms of Portugal.dpaul7
PORTUGAL - Dinis14 viewsPORTUGAL - Dinis (1279-1325) Dinhiero. Obv.: Central cross in circle; crescents in 2 angles, star in remaining angles. D:REX PORTVGL Rev.: Portuguese shields, GA RB II AL Reference: AG #07.13cdpaul7
PORTUGAL - Duarte I66 viewsPORTUGAL - Duarte I (1433-1438) Copper Real Preto. Obv.: Crown over E D, mintmark (small L) below (Lisboa).
Reverse: Portuguese arms. All coins of this king are scarce! Reference: Va.- DU16.
PORTUGAL - Joao I76 viewsPORTUGAL - Joao I (1385-1433) Cu Real Preto. Obv.: Crowned IhNS. L below. +IhNS DEI GRACIA REX. Rev.: Arms of Portugal, +ADIVTORIVM NOST. Lisboa mint. Reference: A Gomes 2.04.dpaul7
PORTUGAL - Joao I91 viewsPORTUGAL - Joao I (1385-1433) 1/2 Real de 10 Soldos, Lisboa Mint. Obv.: Crowned IhNS, "L" below. IhNS.DEI.GRA.REX. Rev.: Portuguese arms in 4-lobed border; +PORTVGALIE ET A. Reference: A GOmes 17.02.dpaul7
PORTUGAL - Joao II72 viewsPORTUGAL - Joao II (1481-1495) Vintem. Silver. P o mintmark, (Porto), shield without border, Obverse appears to be: + CI : ETVLTRA : D : R : P : ET : A : D
Reverse: IohANES : II : R : P : ET : A : D : GVI (not quite sure); This type is scarce. Reference: A.Gomes 11.01 (5™ EdiÁ„o 2006).

Thanks to JSalgado and babbitt1930 of the Forum Numismatica of Portugal for the identification!
PORTUGAL - Joao III75 viewsPORTUGAL - Joao III (1521-1557) Cu Ceitil. Obverse design: 3-Towered castle, waves beneath. Reverse design: Arms of Portugal. dpaul7
PORTUGAL 80 Reis Joseph I.jpg
PORTUGAL - Jose I102 viewsPORTUGAL - Jose I (1750-1777) AR 80 Reis. No date. Obv.: Crown over value LXXX. JOSEPHUS.D.G. PORT.ET ALG.REX. Rev.: Cross with 4-leaf clover in each angle; also one below cross. IN HOC SIGNO VINCES. 4-leaf clover stops. KM#2338.1.dpaul7
PORTUGAL - KING JOAO VI - 1816-1826117 viewsAE 40 Reis - 1824. King Joao VI - (1816-1826). KM #340.dpaul7
PORTUGAL - Manuel I29 viewsPORTUGAL - Manuel I (1495-1521) AR Vintem, Lisboa Mint. Obv.: Center crowned M flanked by annulets; L below left annulet. I : EMANVEL : R : P : ET : A : D : GVINE (with retrograde Ns) Rev.: Crowned shield, A : D : GVU / GVINNE Reference: AG #26.01dpaul7
PORTUGAL - Maria II85 viewsPORTUGAL - Maria II with Ferdinand II (1834-1853) Cu 10 Reis, 1850.
Obv: MARIA II DEI GRATIA around crowned arms of Portugal.
Rev.: PORTUGAL ET ALGARBIORUM REGINA 1850 around value X in wreath.
Reference: KM-41.
PEDRO V 500 REIS 1856.jpg
PORTUGAL - PEDRO V61 viewsPORTUGAL - PEDRO V (1853-1861) AR 500 Reis, 1856.
Obv.: PETRUS V PORTUG ET ALGARB REX .1850. around bust of king right.
Rev.: Crowned arms of Portugal flanked with drapery, over 500 REIS.
Reference: KM-494.
PORTUGAL - Sancho II50 viewsPORTUGAL - Sancho II (1223-1247) Billon Dinhiero. VAZ S-2.dpaul7
PORTUGAL -- Don Fernando I31 viewsPORTUGAL -- Don Fernando I (1367-1383) Dinhiero. Obv.: Cross in circle; crescent in 1st and 4th angles; star in 2nd and 3rd angles. Rev.: Portuguese shields in cruciform. Reference: AG01.01.dpaul7
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