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HUNGARY - 1848 Revolution164 viewsHUNGARIAN WAR OF INDEPENDENCE Issue - 1849 6 Krajczar, base silver issue. KM #435.dpaul7
HUNGARY - Albert272 viewsHUNGARY - Albert (1437-1439) AR Denar. Obv. with 3 shields; reverse with Patriarchal cross, flanked by mintmark A-D. Reference: Huszar #592.dpaul7
HUNGARY - Andrew I43 viewsHUNGARY - Andrew I (1047-1061) AR Denar. Cut down to obol size (A common practice). Huszar states these were cut into 3 sizes: 17 mm 14 adn 10 mm. Obv.: + REX ANDREAS around; in center: Cross with 3-pointed arms, small cross in center. Pearled border on outside rim broken by 3-stroke sections forming a cross pattern. Rev.: + PANONEIA, around circle with cross in center, wedges in each cross angle. Reference: Huszar #9, Unger #5.dpaul7
andrew ii hungary.jpg
HUNGARY - Andrew II159 viewsHUNGARY - Andrew II (1205-1235) silver Denar. Obverse: Praying king/Reverse: Star surrounded by 2 lions. Husz. #269.dpaul7
bela ii hung.jpg
HUNGARY - Bela II274 viewsHUNGARY - Anonymous billon denar attributed to Bela II (1131-1141). Husz. #99. dpaul7
HUNGARY - BELA III355 viewsHungary -- Bela III (1172-1196) AE Follis. 22 mm. 0.97 grams.

These coins are attributed to Bela III, notice the "islamic" script. Some believe they may have been made for use by Crusaders. Most of the inscriptions are meaningless - I am not sure the maker had any idea what he was copying. Many early Crusader coins of the Levant were made with Arabic-letter inscriptions.

Other coins of Bela III (and that time period of Hungary) show a Byzantine influence.
bela iii std.jpg
HUNGARY - Bela III442 viewsHungary -- Bela III, 1172-1196 AD - FLAT COPPER Obv. MARIA SANCT, the Virgin Mary standing . Reverse: Bela III nad Stephan IV seated facing, holding orb and scepter - REX BELA REX STS .27 mm, 2.27 g. Obverse: Virgin Mary seated, facing, holding scepter SANCTA MARIA.
HUNGARY - BELA IV143 viewsHUNGARY - BELA IV (1235-1270) Denar. Head facing./Letter R surrounded by B E L A. Huszar #299.dpaul7
bela iv hungary.jpg
HUNGARY - Bela IV184 viewsBela IV (1235-70), King of Hungary and Croatia, member of the legendary Arpad dynasty, silver denar.
King seated on his throne, "BELA REX"/Jerusalem cross, "REGIS P HVNGARI{}". Husz-320.
HUNGARY - Bela IV86 viewsHUNGARY - Bela IV time (1235-1270) AR Bracteate. Youth's head left. Huszar #192. dpaul7
HUNGARY - CARL IV (II of Austria)92 viewsHUNGARY - Iron 2 Filler of Carl IV (1916-1918) (Carl II of Austria) - KM#497.dpaul7
HUNGARY - Carl Robert198 viewsHUNGARY - Carl Robert (1307-1342) AR Denar.
Obv.: Bust of king facing. REGIS KAROLI.
Rev.: Hungarian arms flanked by mintmark M - M; REGIS HVNGARIE
Reference: Huszara #495J.
karl robert hungary.jpg
HUNGARY - Carl Robert202 viewsHungary - Denar, 1307-1342 (S-T) Karl Robert, crude VG. Huszar 495 Mintmaster's mark S-T (RE)GIS KAROLI, half length figure of king holding lys-sceptre in right hand and globus cruciger.
Reverse.M.(REGIS)( hVN)GARIE, shield containing arms of Hungary and Anjou.
Carl Robert was an Angevin King of Hungary.
HUNGARY - Carl Robert129 viewsHUNGARY - Carl Robert (Karoly Robert) 1307-1342. Silver Denar. Obv.: Crowned bust of king left. 'KARVL REX" Rev.: 2 Peacocks back to back, heads turned toward each other, tree in center between them.
Reference: Huszar 453.
Thanks to Cibalia for the attribution!
HUNGARY - Charles III153 viewsHungary - Charles III (1711-1740) Poltura, 1716. Reverse shows Madonna between lettesr P-H. Mintmark N-B. KM #299. dpaul7
Coloman hungary.jpg
HUNGARY - Coloman (Koloman, Kalman)156 viewsHUNGARY - Coloman (1095-1116) AR Denar. Husz. 37. A beautiful specimen!
HUNGARY - Ferdinand I290 viewsHUNGARY - Ferdinand I (1526-1564) AR Denar, 1528. Coat of arms/Madonna and child between mintmark K B. FERDINAND.D.G.R.VNG.1528 /PATRONA . . VNGARIE. Huszar #935.dpaul7
ferdinand ii.jpg
HUNGARY - FERDINAND I463 viewsFerdinand I 1550 Hungary AR Denar "Madonna" SUPERB Obv: PATRONA VNGARIE Radiant Madonna with child in Inner circle with K B on both sides. Rev: FERDINAND D G R VNG 1550 - Shield of arms , 0.66 g. dpaul7
ferd I hungary.jpg
HUNGARY - Ferdinand I316 viewsHungary - Denar 1529 K-B, Ferdinand I (1526-1564) - VF Huszar 935 var.Obv: ∑FERDINAND∑D∑G∑R∑VNG∑1529 Rev: PATRONA∑-∑VNGARIE . dpaul7
HUNGARY - Ferdinand I222 viewsHUNGARY - Ferdinand I (1526-1564) AR Denar, dated 1536. Obv: PATRONA VNGARIE Radiant Madonna with child in Inner circle with mintmark K - B on both sides. Rev: FERDINAND D G R VNG 1536 - Shield of arms , 0.51 g.
Huszar #935.
HUNGARY - Ferdinand I180 viewsHUNGARY - Ferdinand I (1526-1564) AR Denar, 1559. Reference: Huszar 936. KB Mint. dpaul7
ferd ii hungary.jpg
HUNGARY - Ferdinand II229 views Hungary Ferdinand II 1619-1637 AD Silver Denar of 1626. Husz. 1204. VF, with weakness in center. Size: 15 mm. Kremnitz mint.
ferdinand iii hungary.jpg
HUNGARY - Ferdinand III212 viewsHungary - Ferdinand III (1637-1647) silver denar, 1640. Mintmark: K-B. (Kremnitz Mint). dpaul7
ferd v hungary.jpg
HUNGARY - FERDINAND V (I of Austria)155 viewsHUNGARY - Ferdinand V (1835-1848), Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary. Hungarian 20 Krajczar, 1841. KM#422.dpaul7
HUNGARY - Franz Josef158 viewsHUNGARY - Franz Josef 10 Koruna, Gold, 1910. KM#485.dpaul7
HUNGARY - GEZA II91 viewsHUNGARY - GEZA II (1141-1162) AR Denar. Obv.: +G-EI-CA-RE around cross. Rev.: Cross. Huszar #55.dpaul7
geza ii.jpg
HUNGARY - GEZA II115 viewsHUNGARY - Geza II (1141-1162) AR Denar. Husz. #152.dpaul7
john hunyadi.jpg
HUNGARY - Janos Hunyadi, Regent218 viewsHungary - Johann Hunyadi, Regent (1446-1453) AR Denarius. Hus. 620. Toned Fine.
Obverse: Lion, "TEMPORE { }. Reverse: Patriarchal cross, "+MONETA REGIS VNGARIE"
John Zapolya.jpg
HUNGARY - John Zapolya257 viewsHUNGARY - John Zapolya (1526-1540) King of Hungary and Croatia, Voivode of Transylvania, Elected King. Husz. 881.
Silver denar, 1529, mintmark RA. Hungarian and Dalmatian coat of arms/Mary and Child.
HUNGARY - Joseph II98 viewsHUNGARY - Joseph II (1780-1790) silver Half-Thaler, 1789. Obv.: Hungarian arms surrounded by order; under crow carried by 2 angels. Rev.: Madonna and child. KM#399. dpaul7
ladislaus iv hungary.jpg
HUNGARY - Ladislaus IV180 viewsHUNGARY - Ladislaus IV (1270-1290) AR Denar. Dragon (or Griffin)/King and Queen facing under arcase of castle/church; starts above. Husz. #390.dpaul7
ladislaus v.jpg
HUNGARY - Ladislaus V202 viewsHUNGARY - Ladislaus V (1440-1457) AR Denar. dpaul7
ladislaus v INFL DENAR.jpg
HUNGARY - Ladislaus V 223 viewsHungary - Ladislaus V (1453-1457) inflationary denar. Husz #643.

Thanks to J. Berta for the attribution!
leopold i hungary.jpg
HUNGARY - Leopold I215 viewsHUNGARY - Leopold I (1655-1705) "The Hogmouth" AR 15 Kraczar, 1691, Kremnitz mint (K-B). Husz. #1204. KM #209.dpaul7
HUNGARY - Leopold I188 viewsHUNGARY - Leopold I (1655-1705) 6 Kreuzer, 1673, silver. Kremnitz mint. Reference: KM-#164.dpaul7
HUNGARY - LEOPOLD I164 viewsHUNGARY - LEOPOLD I (1655-1705) AR 15-Kreuzer, 1676, Kremnitz Mint. Ref.: KM#175.dpaul7
HUNGARY - LOUIS I229 viewsHungary Louis I 1342-82 AD AR Denar. Saracen's Head/Cross, this coin was minted as a pun on a courtier's name. aFine. Size: 14 mmdpaul7
HUNGARY - Louis II99 viewsHUNGARY - Louis II (1516-1526) Denar. Date not visible. (1524-1526). Coat of arms/Madonna and child. Huszar #846.dpaul7
HUNGARY - Louis II214 viewsHUNGARY - Louis II (1516-1526) AR Denar. Obv: Coat of arms, "LVDOVICVS.R.VNGAR.1521" Rev.: Virgin and child; "PATRONA HVNGARIE"dpaul7
mary hung TWO.jpg
HUNGARY - MARIA160 viewsHUNGARY - Queen Maria (1383-1395) AR Denar. Husz. 569. Obv.: CROWN, "+mARIE D R VGARIE"/Patriarchal cross, "+ mOnETA mARIE R".dpaul7
mary of hungary.jpg
HUNGARY - Maria189 viewsHungary - Maria (1385-1395) AR Denarius. Crowned M "REGINA UNGARI"/ Double cross,"MONETA MARIE". Hus. 566 var. Toned VF.
HUNGARY - MATHIAS I CORVINUS145 viewsHUNGARY - MATHIAS I CORVINUS - (1458-1490) AR Groschen. K-P Mintmark. Obv: Hungarian arms with the Corvinus Raven superimposed. Reverse shows usual Madonna and child, Patrona Vngarie. Huszar #698.dpaul7
mathias ii hungary.jpg
HUNGARY - Mathias II302 viewsHungary - Denar 1612 K-B, Matthias II (1608-1619) - VG Huszar 1140 - (R6! - Very rare) Obv: ∑MAT∑II∑∑D∑G∑HV∑BO∑REX∑1612 Rev: PATRONA*HVNGARI The obverse photo of this coin is blurred, the actual coin is as sharp as the obverse. This is due to slight curvature from roller die manufacture.
HUNGARY - Matthias Corvinus322 viewsHungary Mathias I Corvinus (1458-90) AR Denar. Rethy 2-239B About VF. 6 g. 16mm.
NVGARIE engraved in error. RAR!

Mathias Corvinus was a famous Hungarian King in history - He is known as the King who imprisoned Count Vlad Dracul -
Vlad the Impaler,otherwise known as "Dracula" - and then sent him back to Wallachia and Transylvania to counter the advancing Ottoman armies.
HUNGARY - Matthias Corvinus135 viewsHUNGARY - Matthias Corvinus (1458-1490) Obol. Obv.: Arms of Hungary, with Corvinus raven center. Rev.: Madonna and child. dpaul7
HUNGARY - MAXIMILIAN I 134 viewsHUNGARY - MAXIMILIAN I (1564-1576) AR Denar, 1574. Coat of arms/Madonna and child. Huszar #992.dpaul7
max hungary no. 2.jpg
HUNGARY - Maximilian I207 viewsHungary - Denar 1569 K-B, Maximilian I (1564-1576) - Fine. Huszar 992 Obv: ∑MAX∑II∑D∑G∑E∑RO∑I∑S∑AV∑G∑HV∑B∑R Rev: PATRONA∑*∑VNGARIE. dpaul7
maximil hungary.jpg
HUNGARY - Maximilian I179 viewsHungary - Denar 1567 K-B, Maximilian II (1564-1576) - Fine. Huszar 992 Obv: ∑MAX∑II∑D∑G∑E∑RO∑I∑S∑AV∑G∑HV∑B∑R Rev: PATRONA∑*∑VNGARIE. dpaul7
rudolph ii hungary.jpg
HUNGARY - Rudolph I172 viewsHungary - Rudolf I (Rudolph II of Austria) 1576-1608 AD Silver Denar. Husz. 1059, 1593 KB. Grades VF. Size: 16 mmdpaul7
sigismund i hungary.jpg
HUNGARY - Sigismund I183 viewsHungary - Husz. 576 - Denar (MM: k), F Sigismund I, 1390-1427, MM: k
Obverse legend: MON.SIGISMVND
HUNGARY - Sigismund I108 viewsHUNGARY - Sigismund I (1390-1427) AR Parvus. Obv.: Quartered arms; (stipes and Eagle); S V R letters above and on either side of shield. Rev.: Cross, crowns between the arms. Reference: Huszar #580. Size: 1.1 cm. Weight: 0.29 g.1 commentsdpaul7
HUNGARY SHIELD Smiths COunterfeit.jpg
HUNGARY - Smith's Counterfeit175 viewsHUNGARY - Smith's Counterfeit - Probably of issue of Ladislaus V (based on mintmark). Obverse legend around shield makes no sense; reverse legend around patriarchal cross is at least readable. The nobility produced silver-washed counterfeits of higher quality, the poorer folk made AE or CU issues (smithies or 'gypsy' mints), usually with bad spelling/calligraphy.
An interesting piece!
HUNGARY - Solomon102 viewsHUNGARY - Solomon (1063-1074) Silver Coin. Obv.: +REX SALOMOИI Bust facing, cross in left hand. Rev.: In 3 lines: +PA / NON / IA Reference: Huszar #17, Unger #10.dpaul7
HUNGARY - St. Ladislaus I31 viewsHUNGARY - St. Ladislaus I (1077-1095) AR Denar. Obv.: +LADISCLAVS RE (retrograde S's) around crowned head facing forward. Rev.: +LADISCLAVS RE (retrograde S's) around thin cross in circle. Wedges in each cross angle. Some flan damage, holed. Reference: Huszar 23, Unger #19.dpaul7
HUNGARY - St. Ladislaus I32 viewsHUNGARY - St. Ladislaus I (1077-1095) AR Denar. Obv.: LAD (crescent) ISL (crescent) AVS (crescent) REX (crescent). Retrograde S. All around 3 cross-topped staves; 2 ball-shaped formsm on each stave. Rev.: +LADISCLAVS RE (retrograde S's) around thin cross in circle. Wedges in each cross angle. Some flan damage. Reference: Huszar #27, Unger #22.dpaul7
HUNGARY - St. Ladislaus I30 viewsHUNGARY - St. Ladislaus I (1077-1095) AR Denar. Obv.: +LADISCLAVS RE (retrograde S's) around thick cross in circle. Wedges in each cross angle. Rev.: +LADISCLAVS RE (retrograde S's) around thin cross in circle. Wedges in each cross angle. Some flan damage. Reference: Huszar #22, Un ger #16. dpaul7
stephen ii.jpg
HUNGARY - Stephen II127 viewsHUNGARY - Stephen II (1116-1131) silver denar. Husz. 92. dpaul7
HUNGARY - Stephen II50 viewsHUNGARY - Stephen II (1116-1131) AR denar. Obv.: Trianigulra curved geometric design, crosses in angles. Rev.: Cross in double circle; inside double circle are dashes. Minor clipping. Huszar 91. 1 commentsdpaul7
HUNGARY - Stephen II41 viewsHUNGARY - Stephen II (1116-1131) AR Denar. Obv.: Between 3 crosses: Backwards S - S over wedges; above 2 hald-moondsd and each side TE - TE. Rev.: Around - markings; cross with 4 wedges in angles. Reference: Huszar #47 - Unger #37.dpaul7
HUNGARY - Stephen II48 viewsHUNGARY - Stephen II (1116-1131) AR Denar, Obv.: Iin quadralobe shape: A cross with 4 balls in angles; in the lobe angles are crosses. Rev.: Markigns in double-circle; cross with wedges at center. Reference: Huszar #84, Unger #39.dpaul7
Stephen V Hungary.jpg
HUNGARY - Stephen V128 viewsStephen V (1270-72), King of Hungary and Croatia, member of the legendary Arpad dynasty. 'Hebrew' AR Denar. King's portrait, "MONETA VNGARIE"/Hebrew letter 'Aleph' between eagles
HUNGARY - Stephen V67 viewsHUNGARY - Stephen V (1270-72), King of Hungary and Croatia, member of the legendary Arpad dynasty. AR Denar. Obv.: King's bust f acing, holding orb and scepter, 2 stars above, mintmark right and left (M-*). Rev.: *S*/TEPh/ANRE/*X* . Huszar #343. 1.2 cm, weight: 0.44 g.dpaul7
ulaszlo i.jpg
HUNGARY - Ulaszlo I216 viewsHungary - King Ulaszlo I (1440-1444) inflationary billon denar. Husz. #598.

Thanks to J. Berta for the attribution!
HUNGARY - Ulaszlo II120 viewsHUNGARY - Ulaszlo II (Wladislaws II) 1490-1516. AR Denar, minted 1500-1502. Huszar #809. Beautiful condition. This is an odd piece; it is possibly a double or over-strike! The "R" beneath the virgin is unlisted. The beginning of the King's name appears to have under-lettering! dpaul7
HUNGARY - ULASZLO II (WLADISLAUS II)233 viewsHungary - Ulaszlo II (Wladislaus II) AR Denar 1490-1516. ".WLADISLAI.R.VNGARM/PATRON.VNGARI." VFdpaul7
HUNGARY - ULASZLO II (WLADISLAUS II)214 viewsHUNGARY - ULASZLO II (WLADISLAUS II) AR Denar, dated 1512. Obv.: Arms in circle; WLADISLAI * R * VNGARI *1512* Rev.: Crowned virgin holds child; PATRONA * * VNGARIE Virgin divedes mintmark K G Reference: Huszar #811.1 commentsdpaul7
HUNGARY - Wenceslaus40 viewsHUNGARY - Wenceslaus (1301-1305) AR Denar. Obv.: King on throne, with scepter and orb. Rev.: Face in foliage frame. Scarce! Reference: Huszar 436, Unger 354. dpaul7
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