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Pompeii Temple of Jupiter Steps120 viewsSteps leading up to the temple of JupiterTitus Pullo
arch of Titus.jpg
arch of Titus58 viewsPart of the Arch of Titus showing the spoils from the destruction of the Temple in JerusalemTitus Pullo
Forum42 viewsView of the Roman Forum and the Palatine hill in the background.Titus Pullo
Gladiators on Funerary tomb51 viewsPainting depicting two gladiators on a Funerary tomb in PompeiiTitus Pullo
Severan arch.jpg
Inscription on the Severan Arch49 viewsThe arch of Septimius Severus in the Roman ForumTitus Pullo
Interior of the Pantheon52 viewsInterior view of the Pantheon's dome. An engeneering masterpiece the concrete gets thinner as it rises. The open occular in the center allows light to flood into this massive ancient space. The walls at the bottom are about 12 feet thick. Origianlly dedicated to all the god's it is now a Catholic church. Titus Pullo

Originally built by Marcus Agrippa and later completely restored by Hadrian, who eventually added and engineered the largest unsupported concrete domed roof. A marvel of engineering and a sight to see.
Titus Pullo
Pompeii theater42 viewsFully intact theater in PompeiiTitus Pullo
Pompeii Ampitheater45 viewsGladiators view of the seating inside the ampitheater. Much of the seating is still covered in dirt, hence the grass. It is in a remarkable state of preservation.Titus Pullo
Pompeii Dog Mosaic90 viewsDog Mosaic in a home in Pompeii...2000 years old!1 commentsTitus Pullo
Pompeii Dove Floor Mosaic52 viewsFloor mosaics in a home in PompeiiTitus Pullo
Pompeii Mosaics66 viewsFloor mosaics in the house of a Patrician family. Extensively restored they actually allow you to walk on it!Titus Pullo
Pompeii Temple of Jupiter47 viewsThis is a chilling picture of the Temple of Jupiter in Pompeii with Mount Vesuvius in the background. Knowing what happened that fateful day gives you shivers, a very moving moment...Titus Pullo
Pompeii Villa of Mysteries62 viewsPainting in the dining room in the Villa of Mysteries at Pompeii.
Color looks like it was painted yesterday not nearly 2000 years ago!
Titus Pullo
Pompeii wall painting55 viewsAnother stunning painting in Pompeii.Titus Pullo
Pompeii Wall painting 53 viewsAnother wall painting in PompeiiTitus Pullo
Pompeii wall painting66 viewsThis wall painting is on the outside door post. Titus Pullo
Pompeii wall painting53 viewsAnother stunning painting from Pompeii. The colors seem like they were painted yesteday.Titus Pullo
Pompeii- The Bodies71 viewsCovered in ash this is the final resting position of one of the casualties of Vesuvius.Titus Pullo
Roman Bridge72 viewsThis is a Roman bridge in the south of Italy (Calabria) at the bottom of my grandmothers town today called Scigliano but in ancient times was known as Sturni. "Annibale’s Bridge” (Hannibal) is also known as ”The Bridge of Saint Angelo" The road and surrounding area is completely grown over but it was once a part of the Via Popilia which once joined Reggio Calabria to Capua. The bridge crosses the Savuto river. There are no tourists here, it is only known by the locals and is claimed to be the oldest free standing Roman bridge! It dates to 130 BC.Titus Pullo
Roman Bridge85 viewsAnother view of the Roman bridge in Calabria2 commentsTitus Pullo
Antoninus and Faustina.jpg
Temple of Antoninus and Faustina54 viewsWhat remains of the temple of Antoninus and Faustina of course turned into a Catholic church during the middle agesTitus Pullo
Temple of Castor.jpg
Temple of Castor & Pollux105 viewsThree remaining columns of the Temple of Castor and Pollux in RomeTitus Pullo
Temple of Saturn.JPG
Temple of Saturn123 viewsWhat remains of the Temple of Saturn in the Roman Forum
September 2005
1 commentsTitus Pullo
Temple of Vesta119 viewsWhat remains of the Temple of Vesta in the Roman Forum.Titus Pullo
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