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Germaincus by Gaius SIGNIS RECEPT DEVICTIS GERM RIC 57.jpg
Germanicus by Gaius SIGNIS RECEPT DEVICTIS GERM RIC 57406 viewsDupondius, 30mm, 14.17g.

Obverse: GERMANICVS/CAESAR in two lines across field, Germanicus, bare-headed and cloaked, in slow quadriga, R. Eagle-tipped sceptre in L hand.

Reverse: SIGNIS - RECEPT/DEVICTIS - GERM/S - C in three lines to L and R of Germanicus, bareheaded and cuirassed, standing L, R hand raised, L holding eagle-tipped sceptre.

Struck under Gaius in honour of his father, 37-41.

Rome, RIC 57, Common.

The coin is badly struck rather than heavily worn. Issued to commemorate Germanicus' capture of the standards lost in the Teutoberg Forest in 9AD. He had been awarded the ornamenta triumphalia by Augustus, the trappings of a triumph without the thing itself; the full triumph was finally awarded by Tiberius in Ad15, but not actually celebrated until Germanicus returned to Rome in 17, after a successful campaign. Although RIC does not say so, I assume the figure of Germanicus in a quadriga commemorates the triumph.
3 commentsRobert_Brenchley
Nero Balkan mint as278 viewsAs, 26mm, 8.74g.

Obverse: NERO CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG GERM PM PP, laureate head R.

Reverse: Altar with doors, SC. PROVIDENT in exe.

Balkan mint, unlisted.

My best ever uncleaned, from a crusty.
3 commentsRobert_Brenchley
Augustus M SALVIVS OTHO RIC 431.jpg
Augustus Moneyer's As RIC 431285 viewsAS, 30mm, 9.73g.


Reverse: M SALVIVS OTHO around large SC.

Rome, 7BCE.

RIC 431, Common.

It could do with some more cleaning on the reverse, to bring out the SC, but I've never had the confidence to do it.
4 commentsRobert_Brenchley
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