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Last additions - EB's Gallery
EB0423 Hadrian / Fides6 viewsHadrian, Dupondius, 125-128 AD.
Obv: HADRIANVS AVGVSTVS, radiate bust right.
Rev: COS III S-C, Fides standing right holding wheat ears & platter of fruits.
References: RIC 656, BMC 1322.
Diameter: 27mm, Weight: 10.654 grams.
EBJul 05, 2019
EB0957 Justinian I / Cross4 viewsJustinian I. 527-565 AD, AE 10.
Obverse: Diademed, draped, cuirassed bust right.
Reverse: Large cross within wreath.
References: S. 310.
Diameter: 10mm, Weight: 0.542g.
EBJan 18, 2019
EB0935 Zeus / Eagle3 viewsPtolemy II Philadelphos, AE 19, 285-247 BC.
Obverse: Laureate head of Zeus right.
Reverse: ΠTO[ΛEMAIOY BAΣIΛEΩΣ], eagle standing left on thunderbolt.
References: -.
Diameter: 19.5mm, Weight: 6.62g.
EBJan 18, 2019
EB0800 Magnentius / Wreath14 viewsMagnentius, Amiens, AE3 22mm. 351-352 AD.
Obverse: D N MAGNEN-TIVS P F AVG, bare-headed, draped and cuirassed bust right; A behind head.
Reverse: VICTORIAE DD NN AVG ET CAE, two Victories supporting wreath inscribed VOT-V-MVLT-X. Mintmark AMB star.
References: RIC VIII 14; LRBC 10; Sear 18816.
Diameter: 22.5mm, Weight: 4.368g.
1 commentsEBJan 18, 2019
EB0799 Constans / FEL TEMP8 viewsConstans, Cyzicus, AE Centenionalis, 337-350 AD.
Obverse: D N CONSTA-NS P F AVG, Pearl-diademed, draped, cuirassed bust left, globe in right hand
Reverse: FEL TEMP REP-ARATIO, Helmeted soldier, spear in left hand, walking right, head left; with his right hand he leads a small bare-headed figure from a hut beneath a tree. The spear points downwards, between the soldier's legs. Mintmark SMKB.
References: RIC VIII 73.
Diameter: 22mm, Weight: 3.118g.
1 commentsEBJan 18, 2019
EB0798 Constans / Wreath7 viewsConstans, Irregular mint (barbaric imitation), AE 4, 337-350 AD.
Obverse: [D N] CONSTA-NS [P F AVG], pearl-diademed head only right.
Reverse: VOT XX MULT XXX in wreath. Irregular mint.
Diameter: 14mm, Weight: 1.91g.
1 commentsEBJan 18, 2019
EB0797 Constantine II / Campgate4 viewsConstantine II, AE 19.
Obverse: CONSTANTINVS IVN NOB C, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust left.
Reverse: PROVIDEN-TIAE CAESS, Campgate, eight layers, two turrets, star above, no doors. Mintmark P wreath dot T?
Diameter: 19mm, Weight: 3.076g.
EBJan 18, 2019
EB0796 Constantine I / Soldiers & Standard4 viewsConstantine I, Antioch, AE 17, 335-337 AD.
Obverse: CONSTANTI-NVS MAX AVG, rosette-diademed, draped, cuirassed bust right.
Reverse: GLOR-IA EXERC-ITVS, two soldiers holding spears and shields with one standard between them. Mintmark SMANΓ.
References: RIC VII Antioch 108.
Diameter: 17.5mm, Weight: 1.305g.
Note: coin flip says Constantine II.
EBJan 18, 2019
EB0767 Licinius I / Jupiter6 viewsLicinius I, Antioch, AE Follis, 315-316 AD.
Obverse: IMP LIC LICINIVS PF AVG, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right.
Reverse: IOVI CONSERVATORI AVGG NN, Jupiter standing left, chlamys across left shoulder, holding Victory on globe and sceptre, eagle with wreath at foot left. B in right field. Mintmark ANT.
References: RIC VII Antioch 17; Sear 15253.
Diameter: 23.5mm, Weight: 3.303g.
EBJan 16, 2019
EB0687 Nike / Standards6 viewsAugustus, Philippi, Macedon, AE 19, 31 BC-14 AD.
Obverse: VIC AVG, Nike standing left on globe, holding wreath and palm.
Reverse: COHOR PRAE PHIL, three military standards.
References: RPC 1651; SNG ANS 677; SNG Copenhagen 305, BMC 23, SGI 32.
Diameter: 19mm, Weight: 3.887g.
EBJan 16, 2019
EB0422 Hadrian / Ceres5 viewsHadrian, Sestertius, 121-22 AD.
Obv: IMP CAESAR TRAIAN HADRIANVS AVG, laureate, draped & cuirassed bust right, seen from front.
Rev: P M TR P COS III S-C, Ceres standing left with corn ears & long torch.
References: RIC 610c; Cohen 1075.
Diameter: 33.5mm, Weight: 23.77 grams.
EBJan 16, 2019
EB0421 Hadrian / Roma6 viewsHadrian, AR Denarius, 119-122 AD.
Obv: IMP CAESAR TRAIAN HADRIANVS AVG, laureate bust right, draped far shoulder.
Rev: PMTR P COSIII, Roma seated left holding Victory & scepter.
References: RIC 77, RSC 1103.
Diameter: 18.5mm, Weight: 3.244 grams.
EBJan 16, 2019
EB0334 Jupiter / Victory7 viewsRome, AR Victoriatus, After 211 BC.
Obverse: Laureate head of Jupiter right.
Reverse: Victory standing right, erecting trophy, RoMA in exergue.
References: Syd. 83; C44/1; BMC295;
Diameter: 17mm, Weight: 3.293g.
EBJan 16, 2019
EB0333 Roma / Prow5 viewsRome, Anonymous. After 211 BC. AE Uncia.
Obverse: Helmeted head of Bellona (Roma) right, o behind.
Reverse: Prow right, o below.
References: Syd. 143e; Sear 1307; BMCRR Rome 268; Cr56/7.
Diameter: 21mm, Weight: 5.432g.
EBJan 16, 2019
EB0332 Hercules / Prow6 viewsRoman Republican, Anonymous, AE quadrans, After 211 BC.
Obv: Head of Hercules right, wearing lion skin; three pellets (mark of value) to left.
Rev: Prow right; three pellets (mark of value) below; ROMA above.
References: Syd. 143c; Sear 118.
Diameter: 22mm, Weight: 7.268 grams.
EBJan 16, 2019
EB0330 Genghis Khan / Commander of the Faithful5 viewsGenghis Khan, Mongol Empire, AE Dirhem, 1206-1227 AD
Obverse: "ADIL KHAQAN AZAM" (The Just Supreme Khan).
Reverse: Nasir La-Din Allah Commander of the FaithfulĒ.
References: SICA-9, 1008; Nyamaa 5; Tye 329; Album 1969; Thomas 20; Sourdel 593; BMC X, pg 83, 11; ICV 1946.
Diameter: 17mm, Weight: 4.16g.
EBJan 15, 2019

Random files - EB's Gallery
EB0264 Horse / Palm2 viewsSicilo-Punic or Carthage in Zeugitana, AE 19, 300-264 BC.
Obverse: Horse's head right.
Reverse: Palm tree with two dates.
References: Acquaro 148; Lindgren 626; or ... Sear 6531; Muller II, 104,317; SNG Copenhagen 102.
Diameter: 19.5mm, Weight: 5.703g.
EB0932 Ptolemy III, Zeus / Eagle3 viewsPtolemy III 246-221 BC, AE 37 Hemidrachm, Alexandria mint.
Obverse: Diademed head of Zeus right.
Reverse: PTOLEMAIOU BASILEWS, eagle standing left on thunderbolt, head right, cornucopiae at right shoulder, E between legs.
References: Cf. SG 7815.
Diameter: 37.5mm, Weight: 43.52g.
EB1015 Lead Seal of Theodosius III5 viewsObverse: Monogram, possibly of Theodosius III
Reverse: Same as obv.
References: Monogram #44 sim.
Diameter: 16.5mm, Weight: 4.331g.
EB0805 Julian II / Wreath9 viewsJulian II 360-363, AE22,
Obverse: DN FL CL IVLI-ANVS PF AVG, helmeted, cuirassed bust left, holding spear and shield.
Reverse: VOT X MVLT XX within wreath. Mintmark CVZICA.
References: Cyzicus RIC 129.
Diameter: 22mm, Weight: 2.598g.