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London - Maximian Herculius


The LMCC numbering in these albums comes from the excellent book by Hubert Cloke and Lee Toone, "The London Mint of Constantius and Constantine," which provides a much needed overhaul of the sections on the London mint in RIC volumes VI and VII.
Addenda are issued as new varieties come to light. They can be found at

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London - Galerius (Gaius Galerius Valerius Maximianus)


Galerius was a distinguished soldier who became Caesar in 293. He married Diocletian's daughter (Galeria Valeria). When Diocletian retired in 305, Galerius was elevated to the rank of Augustus, with Maximinus Daia his Caesar. He was responsible for halting the persecution of Christians in April 311, and shortly afterwards he died of a horrible disease (possibly some form of bowel cancer of infected wound).

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London - Diocletian (Gaius Aurelius Valerius Diocletianus)


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London - Severus (Flavius Valerius Severus)


When Diocletian and Maximian Herculius retired on 1st May 305, Constantius and Galerius were elevated to the level of Augustus. At the same time two new Caesars were appointed by Diocletian to keep the pattern of the Tetrachy. Severus became Caesar to Constantius and Maximinus became Caesar to Galerius. When Constantius died on 25th July 306, Severus became Augustus, although Constantine was also proclaimed as Augustus by Constantius' troops. Maximian's son and Galerius's son in law, Maxentius, was not happy that he had not been elevated to the rank of Caesar. He took over Italy and was joined by his father when Severus, the new Augustus, sought to take it back. Many of Severus' army had fought in the past for Maximian and abandoned their new leader, once he started besieging Rome leading to his capture. Severus was executed, perhaps shortly after his capture or when Galerius invaded Italy in September 307.

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London - Constantius


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London - Maximinus


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London - Constantine (Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus)


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London - Licinius


Licinius was a childhood friend of Galerius, and was sent by him to deal with Maxentius after the death of Severus in 307. When he returned to the east, Galerius elevated Licinius to the rank of Augustus for the west of the empire in 308. After Galerius died in 311, Licinius entered into an agreement with Maximinus Daza to share the eastern provinces between them. Maximinus formed an alliance with Maxentius, which forced Licinius to make an agreement with the other emperor, Constantine, and in 313 he married Constantines half-sister, Flavia Julia Constantia.
Licinius defeated Maximinus at Tzirallum in 313 and Constantine defeated Maxentius in 312, so they were able to divide the empire between them. Between 313 and 316 Constantine and Licinius clashed on a couple of occasions, but things settled down until Constantine invaded part of the eastern empire, first to attack the Sarmatians and then to attack the Goths who were attacking Thrace.
When Licinius complained that Constantine had broken the treaty between them, Constantine went on the offensive. He defeated Licinius at the Battle of Adrianople and he made his last stand at the Battle of Chrysopolis in 324. Licinius life was spared due to the pleas of his wife, but the following year Constantine had him hanged.

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London - Constantine II (Flavius Claudius Constantinus)


Constantine was born in 316 in Arles and on 1st March 317 he was given the title Caesar. So the first London coins on which he appears were issued when he was just one year old! At the age of 7 he took part in his father's campaign against the Sarmatians.

He became joint emperor with his brothers Constans and Constantius II when Constantine died in 337. He argued with Constans over the ownership of territory and was killed in an ambush by Constans' troops outside Aquelia in 340.

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London - Crispus


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London - Helena


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London - Constantius II


Flavius Julius Constantius was born in August 317, the second son of Constantine and Fausta. He was given the title Caesar in 324 and was elevated to Augustus on the death of Constantine in 337, along with his brothers Constantine II and Constans. After the death of Constantine II (340) and Constans (350), he was sole ruler of the Roman Empire until his death in 361.

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Hadrian's Wall

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Romano British


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Other Roman


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