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NGI Roman Republic


Coins of the Roman Republic

145 files, last one added on Nov 23, 2019

NGI Roman Republic - Provincial


Provincial coins, issued by roman magistrates during the time of the republic.
Including imperatorial coins without entry in Crawford.

2 files, last one added on Sep 18, 2016

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Last additions - Norbert's Gallery
Anonymous, Qudrans 'star' (first) 1 viewsAnonymous, Qudrans 'star' (first)

RRC: 196/4
206 - 195 bc
3,25 gr

AV: Head of Hercules r., wearing lion’s skin; behind, three pellets.
RV: Rev. ROMA Prow r.; before, eight-rayed star and below, three pellets.

ex Naville Numismatics, NN Live Auction 48, Lot 331, 07.04.2019
NorbertNov 23, 2019
Anonymous, Denarius 'crescent'1 viewsAnonymous, Denarius 'crescent'

RRC: 137/1
194 -190 bc
3,87 gr

AV: Helmeted head of Roma r.; behind, X.
RV: The Dioscuri galloping r.; above, crescent. Below, ROMA in partial tablet.

ex Naville Numismatics, NN Live Auction 48, Lot 329, 07.04.2019
NorbertNov 23, 2019
Anonymous, Quadrans, circa 217-2151 viewsAnonymous, Quadrans, circa 217-215

RRC: 39/2
217 bc
37,69 gr

AV: Helmeted head of Roma r
RV: ROMA Prow r.

ex Naville Numismatics, NN Live Auction 48, Lot 324, 07.04.2019

NorbertNov 17, 2019
Anonymous, Quartuncia circa 217-2151 viewsAnonymous, Quartuncia circa 217-215

RRC: 38/8
217 bc
2,92 gr

AV: Helmeted head of Roma r
RV: ROMA Prow r.

ex Naville Numismatics, NN Live Auction 48, Lot 323, 07.04.2019

NorbertNov 17, 2019
Anonymous, Semuncia circa 217-2151 viewsAnonymous, Semuncia circa 217-215

RRC: 38/7
217 bc
7,17 gr

AV: Head of Mercury r., wearing winged petasus.
RV: ROMA Prow r

ex Naville Numismatics, NN Live Auction 48, Lot 322, 07.04.2019
NorbertNov 17, 2019
L. Marcius Censorinus, Denar1 viewsL. Marcius Censorinus, Denar

RRC: 363/1d
82 bc
3,84 gr

AV: laureate head of Apollo, to right.
RV: L. CENSOR the satyr Marsyas, standing left with wineskin on his shoulder, behind him column with statue of minerva

ex Münzzentrum Rheinland, Auktion 188, Lot 150, 20.03.2019
NorbertNov 17, 2019
Anonymous, Victoriatus 3 viewsAnonymous, Victoriatus

RRC: 91/1b
211-208 bc
3,74 gr

AV: Laureate head of Jupiter right.
RV: Victory standing right, crowning trophy; in exergue, ROMA (without Torques in field).

ex Münzzentrum Reinland, Auct 188, Lot 139, 21.03.2019
NorbertNov 17, 2019
Anonymous, AE Litra2 viewsAnonymous, AE Litra

RRC: 17/1a
270-269 bc
4,84 gr

AV: Head of Minerva wearing corinthian helmet, to left.
RV: ROMANO. Head of bridled horse to right.
NorbertNov 17, 2019
L. Cassius Caeicianus, Denar7 viewsL. Cassius Caeicianus, Denar

RRC: 321/1
102 bc
3,74 gr

AV: CAEICIAN, Draped bust of Ceres left wearing barley-wreath
RV: L CASS(I), 2 yoked oxen, •N above

ex Künker, Auktion 318, Lot 887, 11.03.2019
Reported as ex Jesus Vico, Madrid 2009, Nr. 235.
1 commentsNorbertOct 13, 2019
L. Postumius Albinus, Denarius3 viewsL. Postumius Albinus, Denarius

RRC: 252/1
131 bc
3,85 gr

AV: Head of Roma right, helmeted, Apex behind, star before.
RV: L POST ALB (Partially ligated) / ROMA, Mars in quadriga rright, holding spear, shield and reins l. hand and trophy in r.,

ex Gorny & Mosch Giessener Münzhandlung, Auktion 261, Lot 538, 04.03.2019
NorbertOct 13, 2019
L. Piso Frugi, Quinarius5 viewsL. Piso Frugi, Quinarius

RRC: 340/2e
90 bc
2,02 gr

AV: Laureate head of Apollo r.; behind, dagger.
RV: L·PI – SO Victory standing r., holding wreath in r. hand and palm branch in l.

ex Naville Numismatics, NN Live auction 47, Lot 384, 03.02.2019
NorbertOct 13, 2019
Denarius, P. Servilius Rullus3 viewsDenarius, P. Servilius Rullus

RRC: 328/1
100 bc
4,03 gr

AV: Bust of Minerva left, helmeted, wearing aegis "RVLLI"
RV: Victoria in biga right; holding palm and reins; below, P "P. SERVILI. M. F."

ex Artemide Aste, eLive auction 5b, Lot 234, 11.11.2018
NorbertSep 22, 2019

Random files - Norbert's Gallery
C. Maianius Denarius18 viewsRRC 203/1a
153 b.c.
C. MAIANI ligated

Bought from NAC Auction #40, Lot #414 in 2007
C. Iunius, Denarius14 viewsRRC. 210/1
149 b.c.

Bought from B. Peus nachf., Auction #390, lot #292 in 2007
C. Maianius, Quadrans17 viewsC. Maianius, AE Quadrans

RRC 203/5
153 bc

AV: Head of Hercules right, wearing lion's skin; behind, three pellets.
Rv: Prow right; above, C. MAIANI; before, three pellets; below, ROMA.

Ex Artemide Aste Asta Numismatica XLVI (3-4 Dicembre 2016 - live ore 15:00), Lot 98: