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Last additions - BiancasDad's Gallery
Constantine the Great108 viewsConstantine I - Trier - RIC VI 776

O: IMP CONSTANTNVS PF AVG, Laureate, cuirassed bust right

R: MARTI PATRI PROPVGNATORI, Mars advancing right, holding spear and shield in left hand, S-A in fields, PTR in exergue

5.2g, 25mm, 0 degree die axis, 307-308AD
1 commentsBiancasDadMay 24, 2012
Constantine the Great54 viewsConstantine I - Trier Mint - AE3 - RIC VII 342

O: CONSTAN_TINVS AVG, Laureated bust right, wearing trabea, and holding an eagle-tipped sceptre in right hand

R: BEATA TRAN-QVILLITAS, Globe set on altar inscribed VO/TIS/XX; Above the altar are three stars, PTRdot in exergue

3.0g, 18.9/19.8mm, 180 degree die axis, 322AD
BiancasDadApr 05, 2012
Delmatius81 viewsDelmatius - Thessalonica - AE3 - RIC VII 227

O: FL DALMATIVS NOB C, laureate, draped & cuirassed bust right

R: GLORI-A EXER-CITVS, two soldiers, each holding reversed spear & resting on shield, standing on either side of standard, SMTSε in exergue

1.4g, 17.6mm, 180 degree die axis, 335-337AD
1 commentsBiancasDadMar 22, 2012
Julian II35 viewsJulian II - Sisicia Mint - AE3/4 - RIC VIII 399

Obv: D N IVLIAN_VS NOB C, Bare-headed, draped and cuirassed bust right

Rev: SPES REI_PVBLICE, Emperor, helmeted and in military dress, standing left, holding globe in right hand and a spear in left, star in right field, ASIS in exergue

1.6g, 15.6mm, 180 degree die axis, 360-361AD

BiancasDadMar 21, 2012
Constantius II55 viewsConstantius II - Thessalonica Mint - AE3 - RIC VIII 185

O: DN CONSTAN-TIVS PF AVG, pearl diademed, draped, cuirassed bust right

R: FEL TEMP RE-PARATIO, soldier standing left, knee raised, spearing fallen horseman who is bare-headed and clutching horse's neck. Left field: dot S dot, TS[?] in exergue

4.2g, 16.1mm, 2.5mm thick, 0 degree die axis, 351-355 AD
BiancasDadMar 20, 2012
Constans62 viewsConstans - Siscia Mint - AE3 - RIC VIII 181

O: CONSTAN-S P F AVG, Rosette-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right

R: VICTOR-IA AVGG, Victory advancing left, looking right, holding wreath in each hand, chi-rho in right field, *ASIS* in exergue

1.3g, 15.6/17.0mm, 0 degree die axis, 347AD
BiancasDadMar 20, 2012
Julian II43 viewsJulian II - Arles Mint - AE1 - RIC VIII 318,319,320?

O: D N FL CL IVLI_ANVS P F AVG, Pearl-diademed, draped, and cuirassed bust right

R: SECVRITAS REI PVB,Bull, head facing, standing right; two stars above; to right, eagle standing right on wreath, with head to left holding wreath in beak, [?]CONST[?] in exergue

7.2g, 27.0mm, 180 degree die axis, 361-363AD

Note: Unsure about legend break and mint mark
BiancasDadMar 20, 2012
Delmatius74 viewsDelmatius - Thessalonica Mint - AE3/4 - RIC VII 228

O: FL DELMATIVS NOB C, Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right

R: GLORI-A EXER-CITVS, Two soldiers, each holding reversed spear and shield, standing either side of standard, SMTS[?] in exergue

1.2g, 15.5mm, 180 degree die axis, 336-337AD
BiancasDadMar 15, 2012
Diocletian 45 viewsDiocletian - Potin Tetradrachm of Alexandria - Milne 4821

O: A K GOYA L DIOKLHTIANOC CEB, laureate draped bust right

R: Tyche standing left holding rudder & cornucopiae, LΓ to right

6.8g, 19.5/20.5mm, 315 degree die axis, Year 3 = 287 AD
BiancasDadFeb 05, 2012
Philip I55 viewsPhilipp I - AE Sestertius - Viminacium, Moesia

O: IMP M IVL PHILIPPVS AVG, laureate, draped, cuirassed bust right, seen from the back

R: PMS C-OL VIM, Moesia standing facing, arms outstretched over a bull and a lion. Year AN V in exergue

14.7g, 28mm, 30 degree die axis
2 commentsBiancasDadFeb 04, 2012
Severus Alexander58 viewsSeverus Alexander - Provincial AE - Deultum, Thrace

O: IMP C M AVR SEV ALEXAND AVG, Laureate draped bust right

R: COL FL PAC DEVLT (Colonia Flavia Pacensis Deultum), Artemis advancing right, holding bow, reaching behind to grab an arrow from her quiver, hound between her feet

7.7g, 23.5/24.5mm, 45 degree die axis, 222-235AD

Moushmov 3583, SNG Copenhagen 539
2 commentsBiancasDadFeb 04, 2012
Commodus57 viewsCommodus Denarius - RIC 25 - RSC 821

O: M COMMODVS ANTONINVS AVG, laureate head right

R: TR P VII IMP III COS III P P, Mars advancing right carrying spear & trophy.

2.4g, 17.2mm, 0 degree die axis
1 commentsBiancasDadJan 26, 2012
Salonina81 viewsSalonina - Antioch Mint - AE Antoninianus - RIC V 87

O: SALONINA AVG, Draped bust right on crescent, hair weaved in rows with long plait carried up the back of head and tucked under stephane

R: AEQVITAS AVG, Aequitas standing left, holding scales and cornucopiae, crescent in left field, VIIC in exergue

References: Gbl 1648d; Sear 10625.

4.6g, 21.5mm, 180 degree die axis, 266-267AD
3 commentsBiancasDadJan 25, 2012
Constantine the Great60 viewsConstantine I - Constantinople Mint - Officina 2 - AE3 - RIC VII 80
O: CONSTANTINVS MAX AVG, rosette-diademed, draped & cuirassed bust right

R: GLORIA EXERCITVS, two soldiers facing each other holding a spear and shield on either side of two standards, dot-CONSB-dot in exergue

2.9g, 17.6mm, 0 degree die axis, 333-335AD
BiancasDadJan 25, 2012
City Commemorative36 viewsConstantine I - City Commemorative - Rome Mint - Officina 5 - AE3 - RIC VII 332

O: CONSTANTI-NOPOLIS, bust of Constantinopolis left wearing a laureated crested helmet and imperial mantle; sceptre over left shoulder

R: Anipegraphic, Victory standing left on prow, holding transverse scepter in right hand, and resting left hand on shield , RFε in exergue

2.2g, 15.9/17.5mm, 180 degree die axis, 330 AD
BiancasDadJan 25, 2012
Constantine II41 viewsConstantine II - Thessalonica Mint - Officina 2 - AE3 - RIC VII 128

O: CONSTANTINVS IVN NOB C, laureate, draped & cuirassed bust left

R: CAESARVM NOSTRORVM, laurel wreath containing VOT X, TSBVI in exergue

3.6g, 18.4mm, 0 degree die axis, 324 AD
1 commentsBiancasDadJan 25, 2012

Random files - BiancasDad's Gallery
Constantine the Great58 viewsConstantine I - Nicomedia Mint - AE3 - RIC VII 90,E

O: CONSTAN-TINVS AVG, laureate head right

R: PROVIDEN-TIAE AVGG, campgate with two turrets & star above, no door, SMNε in ex.

3.2g, 18.5mm, 180 degree die axis, 324-325AD.
1 commentsBiancasDad
Constantine the Great38 viewsConstantine I - Nicomedia Mint - Officina 2 - AE3 - RIC VII

O: CONSTANTI_NVS MAX AVG, rosette-diademed, draped, cuirassed bust right

R: GLOR_IA EXERC_ITVS, two soldiers standing facing, helmeted heads turned toward each other, reversed spear in outer hand, inner hand resting on shield, two standards between them with pellet on banner, SMNB in exergue

2.8g, 18.5mm, 135 degree die axis, 330-335AD
Constantius I41 viewsConstantius I - Lyons Mint - Officina 3 - AE Follis - RIC VI 167a

O: CONSTANTIVS NOB C, laureate and cuirassed bust left, holding sceptre over right shoulder

R: GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, Genius standing left, holding patera over altar and cornucopie. A in right field, PLG in exergue

10.5g, 26.5/28.5mm, 180 degree die axis, 301-303AD
Constantius II37 viewsConstantius II - Thessalonica Mint - Unlisted officina - AE3 - RIC VII 186

O: FL IVL CONSTANTIVS NOB C, laureate, draped & cuirassed bust right

R: GLORIA EXERCITVS, two soldiers standing holding spears & shields, two standards between them, SMTSΓ in exergue

2.0g, 19mm, 135 degree die axis, 330-348AD