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The Best of Type!


Add your superb coins to the BOT Gallery. Only the very best example of each type (RIC number for example) with above a four star rating after 10 votes will stay in BOT. A challenge begins when two coins of the same type are listed. The highest rated coin after both have 10 or more votes wins. Challenge defeats and coins with a four star rating or below will be removed from the gallery. If your coin is posted here, you get bragging rights and perhaps even a higher price if you sell (list it as "Best of the Type in FORVM's Gallery!").

1839 files, last one added on Sep 19, 2017

Superb and Masterpiece Portraits Gallery


A superb portrait appears that it could come to life. Many or most coin portraits actually lack this trait. A masterpiece portrait not only appears that it could come to life, but also makes an impression of what the subject was like, what they were thinking or how they felt. It's not about the grade; it's about the art.

206 files, last one added on Sep 08, 2017

Unlisted and Unpublished Coins


Post unpublished coins to identify them to collectors, scholars, authors, and publishers. Also post coins unlisted in major references but perhaps included in a scarce publication. Before uploading here, we recommend posting your coin on the discussion board for possible identification of a published example. Please identify the references checked.

188 files, last one added on Sep 08, 2017

Plate Coins


Please post your coins illustrated in scholarly books or articles here. Also, please post your coin if it is the exact coin (not the same type, the exact same coin) described by the reference, even if the coin is not illustrated. In addition to the usual attribution, description, weight, and diameter of the coin, please identify the book, its author, the page and/or plate number, and the item number.

90 files, last one added on Sep 20, 2017

Monumental Coins - Campgates and Other Architecture


Campgates, city gates, temples, etc., post your monumental coins here.

161 files, last one added on Nov 02, 2015

Ancient Women


Women of the ancient world depicted on ancient coins.

161 files, last one added on Feb 13, 2017

Coin Zoo - Animals


Express your wild side and help populate the greatest classical numismatic zoo on earth with every possible variety of real and mythical animals.

182 files, last one added on Feb 16, 2017

The Pantheon - Gods, Goddesses and Personifications


A gallery of mythology. Please include information about the deity and their attributes.

173 files, last one added on Jan 21, 2017

Historical Coins


Share your historically significant coins. Along with posting photos of the coin, please describe the historic event related to the coin.

77 files, last one added on Dec 25, 2016

Ancient Counterfeits and Barbarous Imitations


Ancient but not official.

215 files, last one added on Feb 05, 2016

Roman Mint Style Examples


Each Roman mint had its own style. Learning about these styles will help with attribution and authentication. Discussion board members please share your knowledge here. Along with posting photos of the coin, please explain the features that distinguish the mint.

22 files, last one added on May 08, 2017



We hope this gallery will become a great reference for countermarks. Please add your countermarked coins to this gallery with as much reference information as possible.

366 files, last one added on May 08, 2017

Viminacium and Dacia - Lion and Bull


47 files, last one added on Jul 08, 2015

Lead Seals


The vast array of ancient lead seal types makes their attribution and study complex. It also means there is still tremendous opportunity for new discovery. While there are some published collections, most references are rare and expensive. Most online references for seals are not in English. This gallery is intended to be a useful resource for the attribution and better understanding of ancient seals.

65 files, last one added on Aug 17, 2015

Coins from Members' Personal Ancient Coin Galleries


If you want to remove coin photos from your gallery, please don't delete them - move them here. Forum staff will move photos here from the galleries of members that unregister.

3533 files, last one added on Aug 19, 2017

Places and Things Depicted on Coins


Statues, temples, mountains and other things that were depicted on ancient coins.

91 files, last one added on May 22, 2017

Ancient Sites Photo Gallery


Did you go on a vacation to an ancient site or do you live near one? Upload your pictures here to share views of ancient cities, buildings, ruins, etc.

709 files, last one added on Aug 17, 2017


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Last additions - Theme Galleries
Roman Empire Provincial, Egypt, Alexandria, Antoninus Pius, Diobol Ex Dattari1 viewsEgypt, Alexandria. Dattari. Antoninus Pius, 138-161 Diobol circa 151-152 (year 15), 22.5mm., 7.45g.
Obv: Laureate bust r., drapery on l. shoulder.
Rev. Agathodaemon erect, crowned with skhent; in field, L-E.
RPC Online 15718 (this coin).
Dattari-Savio Pl. 162, 3066 (this coin).
Good Fine.
From the Dattari collection.
Ex: The Hunterian, University of Glasgow
Ex: Naville Numismatics Auction 34, Lot 281 September 17, 2017
orfewSep 20, 2017
GREEK, CALABRIA, Taras. Circa 510-500 BC. AR Incuse Nomos12 views8,03 g; 24 mm; 11 h
Phalanthos riding dolphin right, extending left arm, holding dolphin with right hand; crowning Nike to left; shell below
Rv. Incuse of obverse, but ethnic in relief.
HNItaly 826; Vlasto 68. The first issue of Tarentine coinage. Very rare. Lightly toned and in fine archaic style, extremely fine.
1 commentsLeoSep 19, 2017
ROMAN EMPIRE PROVINCIAL, Hadrian, EGYPT, Alexandria Nome Obol 126-27 AD Chuit-Hathor standing, Emmett 12263 viewsReference.
RPC III, 6466; Emmett 1226.11; Kln 3385; Dattari (Savio) 6215; K&G N7.4; Kellner p. 106, pl. 5, Abb. 19 (this coin)

Issue Athribite

Laureate and draped bust of Hadrian, r.

Chuit-Hathor standing, l., holding hawk, wearing pschent, l., in r. hand, l. arm lowered

4.98 gr
20 mm

Ex Mnzen und Medaillen AG Inventory, Basel, 1972.
okidokiSep 08, 2017
Roman Empire Provincial, Hadrian, PAMPHYLIA, Side, Ae 24 Athena standing left4 viewsReference.

Obv. [ ] [ ] ΑΔΡΙΑΝΟС?
Laureate, draped, bust right

Athena standing facing, head left, holding palm frond and pomegranate.

8.80 gr
24 mm
okidokiSep 08, 2017
Roman, Postumus, herculean bust14 viewsA nice example of the famous herculean bust2 commentsSTEPHANE RSep 08, 2017
Roman Empire, Postumus, previously unrecorded cuirassed bust10 viewsAn unique and previously unrecorded type for an antoninianus of Postumus.
The cuirassed bust devoid of any drapery is what makes this coin so unique.
Struck in january 268 for the Emperor's fourth consulate.
Wonderful portrait, of the finest style of the period.
1 commentsSTEPHANE RSep 07, 2017
Roman, Postumus, Wonderful portrait, of the finest style of the period.5 viewsAn unique and previously unrecorded type for an antoninianus of Postumus.
The cuirassed bust devoid of any drapery is what makes this coin so unique.
Struck in january 268 for the Emperor's fourth consulate.
Wonderful portrait, of the finest style of the period.
STEPHANE RSep 07, 2017
Roman, Victorinus, cuirassed bust left13 viewsFlawless and superb portrait of Victorinus2 commentsSTEPHANE RSep 07, 2017
CELTIC, DANUBIAN CELTS9 viewsA drachm In the style of Alexander III
3rd Century BC or later
3.79 grams
Kostial 947
Obv. Head of Heracles right, wearing lion skin headdress
Rev. Zeus enthroned left, holding eagle and scepter, trident head and pseudo-monogram before.
Richard M10Sep 03, 2017
CELTIC, Issue in Northwest Gaul in the area of Armorica6 viewsc. 1st century BC.
D&T 2341
BI stater
5.94 gm
Obv.: Celticized male head right, with hair in spiral curls.
Rev.: Deconstructed biga right; ornaments around; boar right below.

Many Celtic tribes lived within this area including the Coriosolites to which this coin is attributed.
Richard M10Sep 03, 2017
BYZANTINE, Basil I the Macedonian with Constantine (AD 867-886)8 viewsAR Miliaresion Constantinople
AD 868-879
3.01 grams
Sear 1708
Obv.: IhSUS XRISTUS NICA, cross potent on three steps, globe beneath, triple border
Rev.: +bASI/ LIOS CE/ CONSTAN/ TIN' PISTV/ bASILIS/ ROMEO' in six lines, triple border
Richard M10Sep 03, 2017
BYZANTINE, Leo V The Armenian, AE18 Follis. 7 viewsSyracuse Mint.
AD 813-820
3.13 grams
Obv.: LEON, crowned facing bust of Leo, wearing loros, holding cross potent; Λ to r.
Rev.: Crowned facing bust of Constantine, wearing chlamys, holding cross on globe; cross to right.
SB 1637
Richard M10Sep 03, 2017
ROMAN REPUBLIC, M Porcius Cato, AR Quinarius2 views89 BC
2.25 - grams
Obv.: Head of young Bacchus right, wearing ivy wreath
Rev.: Victory seated right on chair set on ground line, holding patera in right hand and palm frond over left shoulder; VICTRIX, partially ligate, in exergue.
Crawford 343/2b. King 46a-e. RSC Porcia 7a
Richard M10Sep 03, 2017
ROMAN EMPIRE, Hadrian Dupondius 117 AD Concordia16 viewsReference.
RIC 538b; C. 260; BMC 1107; Strack 502

Radiate, laureate, draped, cuirassed bust right, baldric strap over shoulder and across chest, seen from front

Concordia enthroned facing left, holding patera in right hand, left elbow resting on small statue of Spes on small column, cornucopiae below throne.

28 mm

CNG Sale 11/09.
From the Estate Collection of Dr. Richard Doty
4 commentsokidokiAug 22, 2017
GREEK, Baktria, Azes II, Drachm0 viewsMoneda bilinge de 15 mm y 2,42 g acuada en tiempos del soberano indoescita Azes II (entre el 35 a.C. y el 5 d.C.), en Bactria.
Anverso: Azes II a caballo, levantando su mano y sosteniendo un ltigo. Leyendas en griego BAΣIΛEΩΣ BAΣIΙΛEΩN MEΓAΛXOY AZOY (Gran Rey Azes).
Reverso: Atenea con lanza y Nike alada, rodeada por las leyendas Maharajasa rajadirajasa mahatasa Ayasa escritas en jaroshti, que indican lo mismo del anverso. Con monogramas en el campo.

Bilingual coin measuring 15 mm and weighing 2.42 gms minted by King Azes II in Bactria between 35 B.C. and 5 A.D.
Obverse: Azes II on horseback, raising his hand and holding a whip. Legends in Greek BAΣIΛEΩΣ BAΣIΙΛEΩN MEΛAΛXOY AZOY (Great King Azes).
Reverse: Athena holding spear and Nike, surrounded by legends written in jaroshti, which mean the same as those on the obverse. Monograms in the field.

Originally uploaded by Pedro jose D
*AlexAug 19, 2017
GREEK, ATTICA, Athens, Obol1 viewsObolo de plata
449 - 420 a.C.
ANV: Atenea con casco acorazado
REV: Leyenda AQE, lechuza a derecha con rama de olivo y cuarto menguante

Originally uploaded by Pedro Jose D
*AlexAug 19, 2017

Random files - Theme Galleries
ROMAN EMPIRE, Julia Maesa, Denarius7 viewsJulia Maesa, AD 165226, grandmother of Elagabalus.
Obverse: IVLIA MAESA AVG, draped bust right.
Reverse: PVDICITIA, Pudicitia seated left, raising veil and holding scepter.

RIC 268
ROMAN EMPIRE, Diocletian, Silvered Antoninianus.34 viewsDiocletian (AD 284305). AR antoninianus (3.80 gm). Cyzicus(?), ca. 285295. IMP C C VAL DIOCLETIANVS AVG, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust of Diocletian right / CONCORDIA MILITVM, emperor standing right, holding long dagger in left hand and receiving Victory on globe from Jupiter standing left, holding scepter, A between, XXI in exergue. Cf. RIC 306. dupondius
Roman Empire, GALLIENUS - CERERI AVG96 viewsThis Reverse Type exists for Salonina but not for Gallienus, So a mule is born.1 commentsblack-prophet
CAMPGATE, Constantine I "Eyes to the Heavens"372 viewsConstantine I
A.D. 328-9
CONSTAN TINVS head with plain diadem, looking up to Heavens
PROVIDEN TIAE AVGG [In honor of the foresight of the Emperors]
campgate with two turrets and star above.
In exergue SMKB dot
RIC VII Cyzicus 57 r5

from the collection of vic9128
3 commentsvic9128