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Last additions - Bud Stewart's Gallery
Octavian – RSC-1244 viewsOctavian Denarius. Autumn 30 - Summer 29 BC BC. Laureate bust right / IMP - CAESAR, statue of Octavian on rostral column. RSC 124; RCV 1159; RIC 271; HCRI 423Bud StewartAug 19, 2018
C. Porcius Cato – Porcia-14 viewsROMAN REPUBLIC C. Porcius Cato. 123 B.C. AR denarius (18.42 mm, 3.81 g, 8 h). Helmeted head of Roma right, X behind / C•CATO / ROMA, Victory driving biga right. Crawford 274/1; Sydenham 417; RSC Porcia 1; RCV 149Bud StewartApr 08, 2018
Antoninus Pius - RIC 1296 viewsAntoninus Pius. A.D. 138-161. AR denarius (17.97 mm, 3.21 g, 6 h). Rome mint, struck A.D. 147. ANTONINVS [AV]G PIVS P P, laureate head of Antoninus Pius right / COS III[I], Concordia or Clementia standing facing, head left, holding patera and scepter. RIC 129; RSC 226; RCV 4070Bud StewartJan 07, 2018
Hadrian – RIC 2907 viewsHadrian. A.D. 117-138. AR denarius (18.52 mm, 3.28 g, 6 h). Rome mint, struck A.D. 137. HADRIANVS AVG COS III P P, bare head right / VOTA PVBLICA, emperor, togate, standing left, sacrificing with patera over tripod altar. RIC 290; BMCRE 777; RSC 1481; RCV 3550Bud StewartJan 07, 2018
M. Cipius M.f. – Cipia-16 viewsROMAN REPUBLIC M. Cipius M.f. 115-114 B.C. AR denarius (17.12 mm, 3.92 g, 1 h). M • CIPI • M • F , helmeted head of Roma right, X behind / ROMA, Victory, holding palm and reins, driving biga right; rudder below. Crawford 289/1; Sydenham 546; RSC Cipia 1; RCV 166Bud StewartJan 07, 2018
M. Tullius – Tullia-17 viewsROMAN REPUBLIC M. Tullius. 120 B.C. AR denarius (20.46 mm, 3.83 g, 1 h). Rome mint. ROMA, helmeted head of Roma right / M•TVLLI, Victory driving quadriga right, holding reigns and palm, wreath above, X below horses. Crawford 280/1; Sydenham 531; RSC Tullia 1; RCV 155Bud StewartJan 07, 2018
Baebius Q.f. Tampilus – Baebia-126 viewsROMAN REPUBLIC M. Baebius Q.f. Tampilus. 137 B.C. AR denarius (18.64 mm, 3.95 g, 9 h). Rome mint. TAMPIL, Helmeted head of Roma left; denomination below chin / ROMA below, M • BAEBI • Q • F in exergue, Apollo, holding branch, bow and arrow, and reins, driving galloping quadriga right. Crawford 236/1e; Sydenham 489; Baebia 12; RCV 116Bud StewartJan 07, 2018
Tiberius Claudius Nero – Claudia-610 viewsROMAN REPUBLIC Tiberius Claudius Nero serrate denarius. c79 BC, SC Bust of Diana right, bown and quiver before. / Victory in biga right, CXXXVIII below, TI CLAVD TI F AP N in exergue. Claudia 6; Cr383/1; Syd 770; RCV 310Bud StewartNov 20, 2017
Caius Marcius Censorinus – Marcia-199 viewsROMAN REPUBLIC Caius Marcius Censorinus Denarius. 88 BC. Head of Apollo right / Free horse galloping right, C.CENSORI below, NA above, I in ex. Cr346/2; Syd 714; RCV 257Bud StewartNov 20, 2017
M. Lucilius Rufus – Lucilia-111 viewsROMAN REPUBLIC M Lucilius Rufus Denarius. 101 BC. Helmeted head of Roma right within laurel wreath; PV behind / Victory in biga right; RVF above, M LVCILI in exergue. Crawford 324/1; Syd 599; RCV 202Bud StewartNov 20, 2017
Cn. Carbo – Papiria-79 viewsROMAN REPUBLIC Cn Carbo Denarius. 121 BC. Helmeted head of Roma right, X behind / Jupiter in galloping quadriga right brandishing a thunderbolt, CARB below, ROMA in ex. Crawford 279/1; Syd 415; RCV154Bud StewartNov 19, 2017
C. Cassius – Cassia-18 viewsROMAN REPUBLIC C Cassius Denarius. 126 BC. Helmeted head of Roma right; urn and X behind / Liberty in quadriga right; C. CASSI below, ROMA in exergue. Cr266/1; Syd 502; RCV 142Bud StewartNov 19, 2017
T. Cloelius - Cloulia-18 viewsROMAN REPUBLIC T Cloelius AR Denarius. 128 BC. ROMA, helmeted head of Roma right, wreath behind / Victory in biga right; grain ear below, T CLOVLI in ex. Cr260/1; Syd 516; RCV 136Bud StewartNov 19, 2017
M. Aburius Mf Geminus - Aburia-68 viewsROMAN REPUBLIC M Aburius Mf Geminus Denarius. 132 BC. Helmeted head of Roma right; GEM behind, XVI monogram below chin / Sol in galloping quadriga right; M ABVRI below horses, ROMA in exergue. Cr250/1; Syd 487; RCV 127Bud StewartNov 19, 2017
L. Antestius Gragulus - Antestia-98 viewsROMAN REPUBLIC L Antestius Gragulus Denarius. 136 BC. Helmeted head of Roma right / Jupiter in galloping quadriga, L ANTES below. Syd 451; Cr238/1; Syd 451; RCV 115Bud StewartNov 19, 2017
Q. Marcius Libo - Marcia-18 viewsROMAN REPUBLIC Q Marcius Libo Denarius. 148 BC. Roma right, LIBO behind / Dioscuri galloping right, Q MARC below horses. Marcia 1; Syd 396; Crawford 215/1; RCV 90Bud StewartNov 19, 2017

Random files - Bud Stewart's Gallery
Hadrian - RIC 18263 viewsSilver Denarius 125-128 AD. HADRIANVS AVGVSTVS, laureate head right, drapery on far shoulder / COS III, Victory standing right, right hand on head & holding palm. RSC 358, RIC 182, BMC 422, RCV 34801 commentsBud Stewart
L. Mussidius Longus – Mussidia-6b23 viewsMoneyer issues of Imperatorial Rome. L. Mussidius Longus. 42 BC. AR Denarius (17mm, 3.93 g, 9h). Rome mint. Diademed and veiled head of Concordia right / Shrine of Venus Cloacina: circular platform surmounted by two statues of the goddess, each resting a hand on cippus. Crawford 494/42a; CRI 188; Sydenham 1093; Mussidia 6b. 1 commentsBud Stewart
L. Farsuleius Mensor - Farsuleia-244 viewsROMAN REPUBLIC 75 BC AR denarius (19mm, 3.91g). Rome mint. Diademed and draped bust of Libertas right; SC above pileus behind / Roma, holding spear and reins in rearing biga right, turned left to assist togate figure into chariot. Crawford 392/1b; RCV 329; Sydenham 7891 commentsBud Stewart
Ti. Minucius C.f. Augurinus – Minucia-9113 viewsROMAN REPUBLIC Ti. Minucius C.f. Augurinus 134 BC AR denarius (19mm, 3.83g). Rome mint. Helmeted head of Roma right; mark of value behind neck / Ionic column surmounted by statue; at base, grain ear to inner left and right; to outer left, Minucius Augurinus standing right, with foot on modius; to outer right, M. Minucius Faesus standing left, holding lituus. Crawford 243/1; SRCV 120; Sydenham 494; Minucia 95 commentsBud Stewart