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Last additions - Bud Stewart's Gallery
L. Mussidius Longus – Mussidia-6b14 viewsMoneyer issues of Imperatorial Rome. L. Mussidius Longus. 42 BC. AR Denarius (17mm, 3.93 g, 9h). Rome mint. Diademed and veiled head of Concordia right / Shrine of Venus Cloacina: circular platform surmounted by two statues of the goddess, each resting a hand on cippus. Crawford 494/42a; CRI 188; Sydenham 1093; Mussidia 6b. 1 commentsBud StewartMar 14, 2017
C. Servilius Vatia – Servilia-613 viewsROMAN REPUBLIC AR denarius C. Servilius Vatia, 127 BC. Obv: Helmeted head of Roma right; lituus behind, * before; ROMA beneath. Rev: Horseman galloping left, holding lance and round shield inscribed with M on upper half, battling horseman who wields sword and shield; C•SERVEIL (VE in ligature) in exergue. Crawford 264/1; Sydenham 483; Servilia 6: RCV 1401 commentsBud StewartFeb 19, 2017
Ti. Quinctius – Quinctia-611 viewsRoman Republic, TI Quinctius, 112-11 BC, AR Denarius Obv: Laureate bust of Hercules turned from spectator with head left, wearing lion's skin, club on shoulder. Rev: Two horses left, the nearer ridden by naked rider; rat beneath the horses. A to right. Crawford 297/1; A. 1088; Syd 563; Quinctia 6; RCV 1741 commentsBud StewartFeb 19, 2017
Titurius L.f. Sabinus – Tituria-112 viewsROMAN REPUBLIC L. Titurius L.f. Sabinus. 89 B.C. AR denarius (18 mm, 3.59 g, 7 h). Rome. Head of the Sabine king, Tatius, right; in right field, (TA) monogram (for Tatius) / L • TITVRI, two soldiers, facing each other, each carrying off a Sabine woman in his arms. Crawford 344/1a; Sydenham 698; Tituria 1; RCV 247.Bud StewartJun 12, 2016
Julia Domna – RIC-55918 viewsJulia Domna AR Denarius. 209 AD. IVLIA AVGVSTA, draped bust right / IVNO, Juno standing half-left, holding patera & scepter, peacock standing left, head turned back. RIC 559; RSC 82; BMC 38; SRCV 6588Bud StewartFeb 21, 2016
Elagabalus – RIC-83A15 viewsElagabalus Denarius. 220-221 AD. IMP ANTONINVS PIVS AVG, laureate draped bust right / FORTVNAE REDVCI, Fortuna standing left holding rudder on globe & cornucopia. RIC 83A; RSC 50a; BMC 205; SRCV 7516Bud StewartFeb 21, 2016
C. Servilius M.f. – Servilia-117 viewsROMAN REPUBLIC C. Servilius M.f. 136 BC. AR Denarius (20mm, 3.82 g, 5h). Rome mint. Helmeted head of Roma right; to left, wreath above mark of value / The Dioscuri on horseback rearing in opposing directions, heads facing one another. Crawford 239/1; Sydenham 525; Servilia 1; SRVC 116Bud StewartFeb 06, 2016
Orbiana - RIC-319 (Alexander)18 viewsOrbiana. Augusta, AD 225-227. AR Denarius (19mm, 2.39 g, 11h). Rome mint. Special marriage emission under Severus Alexander, AD 225. Draped bust right, wearing stephane / Concordia seated left on throne, holding patera and double cornucopia. RIC IV 319 (Alexander); BMCRE 287 (Alexander); RSC 1; RSCV 8191Bud StewartNov 09, 2015
Trajan – RIC-12213 viewsTrajan Denarius. 107 AD IMP TRAIANO AUG GER DAC PM TRP, laureate bust right with aegis / COS V PP SPQR OPTIMO PRINC, Fortune stg. left with cornucopia and rudder in front of ships prow on left. RIC-122; RCV 3125; RSC 87; BMCRE 306Bud StewartOct 11, 2015
C. Norbanus - Norbana-216 viewsROMAN REPUBLIC C. Norbanus. AR Denarius (18.6mm, 3.86 grams), Struck Circa. 83 BC Obverse: Diademed head of Venus right, wearing single drop earring and pearl necklace, CLXXV behind, C • NORBANVS below. Reverse: Grain ear to left, fasces in center, and caduceus to right. Crawford 357/1b; Sydenham 739; SECV 278; Norbana-21 commentsBud StewartSep 12, 2015
Q. Sicinius – Sicinia-525 viewsROMAN REPUBLIC Q. Sicinius, 49 BC AR denarius (17mm, 3.8g) Rome mint.– Q. Sicinius, Sicinia, 49 B.C. Roma Head of Fortuna Populi Romani r., wearing diadem; before, FORT downward. Palm-branch tied with fillet and winged caduceus, in saltire; above, wreath; below, Q SICINIVS; on either side, III VIR. Cr 440/1; Syd 938; SRCV 410; Sicinia-51 commentsBud StewartJul 25, 2015
P. Lentulus Marceli – Cornelia-2514 viewsROMAN REPUBLIC. P. Lentulus Marceli, 100 BC. AR Denarius (3.83 gm). Bust of Hercules with club, shield above, dolphin behind, control mark T / Roma standing, crowned by the Genius of the Roman People all in wreath, control mark T . Cornelia25; Cr.329/1b; RCV 208; Sydenham 604Bud StewartJul 25, 2015
L. Roscius Fabatus – Roscia-331 viewsROMAN REPUBLIC L. Roscius Fabatus Silver denarius serratus, (Italian provincial mint); Rome, 3.888g, 18.3mm, 135o, c. 64 B.C.; obverse head of Juno Sospita right, clad in goat's skin, jug(?) and column or candelabrum (control symbols) behind, L ROSCI below; reverse Girl standing left feeding snake, low table or bench (control symbol) left, FABATI in exergue; RSC I Roscia 3; SRCV I 336; Crawford 412/1, symbols 16; BMCRR 3411; Sydenham 9151 commentsBud StewartJul 25, 2015
L. Hostilius Saserna – Hostilia-420 viewsROMAN REPUBLIC L. Hostilius Saserna denarius c. 48 BC. Head of Gallia right, hair long and dishevelled, Gaulish trempet behind. / L HOSTILIVS SASERNA Diana of Ephesus facing with stag and spear. Crawford 448/1; SRCV 419; Hostilia 4; Syd 953Bud StewartJul 18, 2015
M. Plaetorius M.f. Cestianus – Plaetoria-635 viewsROMAN REPUBLIC M. Plaetorius M.f. Cestianus. 57 BC. AR Denarius (18mm, 3.91 g, 9h). Rome mint. Draped female bust (Ceres?) right; simpulum to left / Upright winged caduceus. r., M PLAETORI; on l., CEST EX S C Crawford 405/3b; Sydenham 805; Plaetoria 6; RCV 3422 commentsBud StewartApr 29, 2015
Q. Caecilius Metellus - Caecilia-4321 viewsQ. Caecilius Metellus Pius (Imperator). 81 BC. Denarius. (3.91 gm) Spanish mint. Diademed head of Pietas right; stork before / Elephant walking left; Q. C. M. P. I. in ex. Crawford 374/1; Syd 750; SRCV 301; Caecilia-43Bud StewartMar 29, 2015

Random files - Bud Stewart's Gallery
L. Papius – Papia-146 viewsRoman Republic, L. Papius 79 B.C., Silver Denarius Serratus, (3.43g., 24mm), Rome mint, head of Juno Sospita right, wearing goat skin headdress, to left, control mark behind, rev., Griffin springing right, control mark below, RCV 311; Crawford 384/1; Sydenham 773; CNR 1/106; Papia 11 commentsBud Stewart
Vitellius - RIC-90116 viewsVITELLIUS. 69 AD. AR Denarius (18mm - 2.71 g). Rome mint. A VITELLIVS GERM IMP AVG TR P, laureate head right / CONCOR-DIA P R, Concordia seated left, holding patera in right hand, cornucopia in left. RIC I 90; BMCRE 20; RSC 18.7 commentsBud Stewart
P. Clodius M.f. Turrinus - Claudia-15128 viewsROMAN REPUBLIC P Clodius Denarius. 42 BC. Laureate head of Apollo right, lyre behind / Diana standing facing, with bow and quiver over shoulder, holding lighted torch in each hand; P CLODIVS right, M F on left. Sydenham 1117, Crawford 494/23, RCV 4923 commentsBud Stewart
L. Appuleius Saturninus – Appuleia-136 viewsROMAN REPUBLIC Lucius Appuleius Saturninus. 104 BC. AR denarius (18mm, 3.85g). Rome mint. Helmeted head of Roma left / L SATVRN Saturn driving quadriga right; control mark above V • . Crawford 317/3a; Sydenham 578; Appuleia 1; SRCV 193Bud Stewart