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8 viewsROMAN EMPIRE. Philip I. 244-249 AD. AR Antoninianus (3.97 gm; 26mm x 23mm). Rome mint. Struck 248 AD. Radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust right / Antelope advancing left; VI in exergue. RIC IV 21; RSC 189. Secular games issue.

This is an impressive example with sharp details, artistic dies and a large flan! Example of this quality are hard to come by!
paul1888Sep 24, 2019
11 viewsCALABRIA
AR-Drachme, 302/280 v. Chr.; 3,22 g. Athenakopf r. mit attischem Helm, steinschleudernde Scylla als Helmzier//Eule r., r. Olivenzweig. Ravel, Vlasto 1047 ff.; Rutter, Historia Numorum 975. Sehr schŲn Exemplar der Sammlung Kochs. Ex: Dr. Eugen Nitsch, Auktion Adolph Hess Nachf. 236, Frankfurt am Main Monday, April 3, 1939, Nr. 69.
1 commentspaul1888Sep 17, 2019
65 viewsTrajan AR Denarius. Rome, AD 113-114. IMP TRAIANO OPTIMO AVG GER DAC P M TR P, laureate and draped bust right / COS VI P P SPQR, Trajan's column surmounted by statue of the emperor; at base, two eagles. RIC 307; BMCRE 522; RSC 115. 3.53g, 20mm, 6h.
Of all of the truly monumental buildings and commemorative structures which the emperor Trajan built, only one, the Columna Traiani, has survived in a reasonable state of completeness. Indeed, it appears almost identical in person as it does on coins, except that the statue of Trajan that originally surmounted it was replaced in 1588 with a statue of St. Paul. When completed, the column occupied a prominent place between two libraries, the Basilica Ulpia and the Temple of Trajan and Plotina. The column was massive: it was over 12 feet in diameter at its base, and rose to a height of nearly 130 feet. Its core was comprised of 34 blocks of Carrara white marble that were made hollow so as to accommodate a circular staircase of 185 steps. The most remarkable feature of the column, however, was its ornamentation, for the friezes on its exterior are some of the most inspiring works of art ever produced. Monumental in scope and execution, they record Trajanís two Dacian campaigns, from 101-3 and 104-6. All told, there are more than 2,500 individually sculpted figures distributed among more than 150 scenes. The emperor himself is represented no less than fifty times Ė not a surprise considering his penchant for commemorative architecture and his pride in having added Dacia to the provinces of the empire. ď Source: NACĒ

Ex Michael Kelly Collection of Roman Silver Coins
4 commentspaul1888Jun 20, 2019
48 viewsQ. Pomponius Musa. 56 BC. AR Denarius (17.5mm, 3.82 g, 7h). Rome mint. Laureate head of Apollo right; star of eight rays to left / Urania, the Muse of Astronomy, wearing long flowing tunic and peplum, standing left, touching with wand held in right hand globe set on base. Crawford 410/8; Sydenham 823; Pomponia 22.

From the Fay Beth Wedig Collection.
2 commentspaul1888Jun 18, 2019
53 viewsGordian III. AD 238-244. ∆ Sestertius (27mm, 15.30 g, 12h). Rome mint, 5th officina. 12th emission, AD 243. Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right / Victory standing left, holding palm frond and shield set on captive seated left. RIC IV 338a; Banti 106.2 commentspaul1888Jun 12, 2019
21 viewsHadrian Travel Series AR Den. 3.46 gm. AFRICA reclining l. holding scorpion & cornucopia, basket of fruit at feet, elephant-trunk headdress. RIC 299 paul1888Jun 11, 2019
27 viewsDIOCLETIAN.. Ae follis. Lyons.. 285-ca.310 A.D.

IMP DIOCLETIANVS AVG: Laureate bust left

GENIO POPVLI ROMANI: Genius standing left holding patera over altar, - / * in field, PLG in exergue.
2 commentspaul1888May 11, 2019
41 viewsVespasian, 69-79
Denarius 79, AR 3.52 g. Laureate head r. Rev. Capricorn l; below, globe. C 554. RIC 1058.
Ex CNG 42, 1997 lot 860; Triton VI, January 14, 2003 lot 836, Numismatica Ars Classica NAC AG, Auction 92, May 23, 2016 lot 2140, Heritage Auction 3060, 1/16/2018 lot 33400, CNG Web Store (841947); NGC certification 4244139-018
5 commentspaul1888Apr 27, 2019
30 viewsC. 200-49 BC

Obverse: Bust of Artemis right, monogram before.

Reverse: Lion walking right, MAΣΣA above.

Grey tone with a nice portrait and good metal. Ė Old collection ticket included.

Ref: SNG Cop 786

Weight: 2.54g

3 commentspaul1888Mar 17, 2019
23 viewsMaximinus II ∆ Follis. Nicomedia, struck circa AD 311.
IMP C GAL VAL MAXIMINVS P F AVG, laureate head right
/ HERCVLI VICTORI, Hercules standing right, leaning on club; * and B in left field; SMN in exergue.
RIC VI 68.

21mm, 3.92.
1 commentspaul1888Mar 11, 2019
24 viewsIonia, Klazomenai. Silver Hemidrachm (1.99 g), ca. 380-360 BC. Kronax, magistrate. Laureate head of Apollo facing slightly left. Reverse: KΛ-A below, swan standing left; around, magistrate's name: KPΩ-NAΞ. Cf. SNG Copenhagen 16ff; cf. BMC 23ff. Very Rare.
From the Lee Rousseau Collection; Ex Gorny & Mosch 200 (12 October 2011), 1799.
The dies used to strike this handsome hemidrachm of Klazomenai are possibly the work of the famous artist Theodotos: they are reminiscent of the tetradrachm from dies of his that he signed in the British Museum's collection.
2 commentspaul1888Mar 02, 2019
25 viewsSouthern Lucania, Metapontion, c. 540-510 BC. AR Stater (28mm, 7.97g, 12h). Barley ear. R/ Incuse barley ear. HNItaly 1479; SNG ANS 209-16.2 commentspaul1888Mar 02, 2019
12 viewsObverse:

Laureate bust of Constantine right.


SARMATIA DEVICTA: Victory advancing right, captive at her feet. STR (crescent) in exergue.


2.81 grams.


18.81 mm.


Glossy dark patina. As struck, no weaknesses and very difficult to better.


RIC 435.
1 commentspaul1888Feb 23, 2019
6 viewsC. 328-329 AD

Reverse: PROVIDENTIAE AVGG, camp gate, SMNΓ in ex.

Toned with a super portrait and good metal.

Ref: RIC 153


paul1888Feb 23, 2019
39 viewsslands off Attica. Aegina circa 350-338 BC. Drachm AR
Islands off Attica. Aegina circa 350-338 BC.
Drachm AR

17mm., 5,53g.

A-[I] across field, land tortoise with segmented shell / A-IΓI in upper sections of refined skew punch, to lower left, dolphin.

Milbank pl. III, 5; SNG Copenhagen 525; HGC 6, 444.
3 commentspaul1888Oct 28, 2018
22 viewsAegina, Aegina.
Ca. 480-457 BC. AR stater, 12.0 g. Sea turtle / skew pattern within incuse square. Milbank, pl. 1, 14
paul1888Oct 28, 2018

Random files - paul1888's Gallery
117 viewsHadrian, 11 August 117 - 10 July 138 A.D.
Silver denarius, BMCRE III 536, RIC II 206, RSC 218, EF, 3.046g, 19.9mm, 180o, Rome mint, 132 - 134 A.D.; obverse HADRIANVS AVGVSTVS, bare head right; reverse CLEMENTIA AVG COS III P P, Clementia standing half left, patera in right, long vertical scepter in left
Coin and photo ex. Forum
3 commentspaul1888
28 viewsCorinthian Aryballos
ca. 6th century BC. Black figure decoration with winged figure. Provenance:Ex: Toledo Museum of Art; Came to Toledo Museum of Art in 1948. Not accessioned has an ID number of "App 7-30-48". UNACC.3.1948. H: 2 1/2 in. (6.4 cm).
51 viewsC. Augurinus, ca 135 B.C., Denarius.
Obverse: Roam right, X beneath chin.
Reverse: Ionic column surmounted by statue flanked by togate and grain ears.
EX: Laurion Numismatics Winter 1992 fixed price list - the first coin I purchased from a fixed price list.
3 commentspaul1888
80 viewsTHESSALY, Larissa. Circa 356-342 BC. AR Drachm (6.01 gm; 20 mm). Head of the nymph Larissa facing slightly left / Horse standing right, about to roll; plant below. L-S Group 3; Lorber, Hoard, phase L-III; Herrmann Group VII A; SNG Copenhagen 123 var. (horse left). 3 commentspaul1888