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Roman Provincial


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Last additions - cliff_marsland's Gallery
scary radio show for Halloween40 viewslabel pic of originalcliff_marslandNov 01, 2014
the Labienus of radio show collecting.65 viewscliff_marslandMar 08, 2014
Do You Believe In Ghosts disc56 viewsAn image from one of my other hobbies to illustrate.1 commentscliff_marslandFeb 15, 2013
Carausius - AE Antoninianus - PAX AVGGG46 viewsCARAUSIUS AE antoninianus.
MINT: Camulodunum, 290-293 AD.
OBV: IMP C CARAVSIVS AVG, radiate, cuirassed bust right.
REV: PAX AVGGG, Providentia standing, holding cornucopia & globe, S P in fields, C in exergue.
GRADE: aVF, perhaps a little better by wear. black patina.
SIZE 23mm,
WEIGHT 3.4g.
recycled picture.
cliff_marslandJul 04, 2012
Trajan Decius AE Double Sestertius - RIC 115c105 viewsAE double sestertius.
Rome, 250 AD.
OBV: IMP C M Q TRAIANVS DECIVS AVG, radiate, cuirassed bust right, drapery on far shoulder.
Rx - FELICITAS SAECVLI, Felicitas standing left with long caduceus & cornucopiae, SC in fields.
Cohen 40, RIC 115c, RCV 9395.
34.5mm, 21.3g
Recycled photo.
1 commentscliff_marslandApr 21, 2012
Postumus AE reduced Double Sestertius - VICTORIA AVG43 viewsOBV: IMP C M CASS LATT POSTVMVS P F AVG, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right.
Rx: - VICTORIA AVG, Victory walking left, captive at feet.
RCV 11065. 28mm, 10.5g.
Grade: VF by wear, but some flaking
recycled photo
cliff_marslandApr 10, 2012
Philip II Caesar AR Antoninianus RIC 216c - heavy 5.0g.45 views AR Antoninianus. Struck 245 AD
Grade: VF
OBV. M IVL PHILIPPVS CAES, radiate, draped & cuirassed bust right.
Rx - PRINCIPI IVVENT, Philip II, in military dress, standing right with globe & transverse spear.
RIC 216c, RSC 54. Oversized 25mm flan, heavy 5.0g. 23mm, 4.2g.
recycled photo.
cliff_marslandMar 24, 2012
Caracalla AR uncleaned Denarius47 viewsAR denarius,
RIC IV 116a, RSC III 484,
Grade: VF/F,
Rome mint, weight 2.720g, maximum diameter 18.5mm, die axis 0o, 205 A.D.;
OBV ANTONINVS PIVS AVG, laureate head right;
Rx: PONTIF TR P XIII COS III, Concordia seated left, patera in right, double cornucopia in left
Recycled photo
cliff_marslandMar 24, 2012
L. Livineius Regulus - AR Denarius - 2 gladiators43 viewsAR denarius. Praetor, 42 BC.
Grade: G-VG
OBV: Small bare head of the praetor L Livineius Regulus right.
Rx: - L REGVLVS in exergue, combatants with wild animals: one combatant attacks a lion with a spear; another, with shield and sword, defends himself against a tiger; a wounded boar sits on the left, facing right.
RCV 489. 18mm, 3.5g.
cliff_marslandMar 24, 2012
Faustus Cornelius Sulla AR Denarius - 3 trophies41 viewsAR denarius.
Struck 56 BC.
Grade: F
OBV: Laureate and diademed bust of Venus right; scepter on shoulder, SC behind.
Rx; 3 military trophies between capis & lituus; FAVSTVS, monogrammed, in exergue.
RCV 384 19mm, 3.2g.
Recycled photo
cliff_marslandMar 24, 2012
Gallienus AE Sestertius - VIRTVS AVGG41 viewsAE sestertius 27.5mm, 15.7g.
first emission, struck circa 253-254 AD.
OBV: IMP C P LIC GALLIENVS AVG, laureate cuirassed bust right.
Rx VIRTVS AVGG S-C, Soldier standing left holding spear and resting left hand on shield.
RIC 248, Cohen 1295
cliff_marslandMar 24, 2012
Caligula Sestertius RIC 3752 viewsOrichalcum sestertius,
RIC I 37; BMCRE I 38; Cohen 24,
Condition, aVF by wear but corroded, Rome mint,
Weight 24.698g, maximum diameter 34.9mm
Rx: S P Q R / P P / OB CIVES / SERVATOS, legend in four lines within Corona Civica oak wreath
ex Forum SH54869., ; ex Edward J. Waddell
recycled photo
cliff_marslandMar 24, 2012
Marcus Junius Brutus as Imperator, Denarius 42 B.C. Syd 128774 views
AR Denarius
Grade F, filled hole.
OBV: LEG COSTA, hd. of Apollo r.
Rx: trophy with shield and spears, IMP BRVTVS
Cr.506/2; Syd.1287
recycled, photo, looks better in-hand.
3 commentscliff_marslandSep 18, 2011
Didius Julianus Sestertius RECTOR ORBIS74 viewsDidius Julianus
AE sestertius.

OBV:IMP CAES M DID SEVER IVLIAN AVG, laureate head right.
Rx: RECTOR ORBIS, Julianus standing left holding globe and roll, S C in fields (C double struck).
RCV 6077. 29mm, 18.1g.
Condition aF/VG
recycled picture.
2 commentscliff_marslandApr 07, 2011
Postumus Sestertius, overstruck upon Postumus radiate64 viewsPOSTUMUS AE laureate sestertius. 261 AD.

OBV: IMP C POSTVMVS PF AVG, laureate bust right.
Rx: VICTORIA AVG, Victory advancing left, holding wreath and palm; captive before

Appears to have been overstruck upon a Postumus radiate.

CONDITION: F-VF, probably VF by wear, overstruck.
SIZE: 28mm.
WEIGHT: 10.5g.
RCV 11099
recycled photo.
cliff_marslandMar 26, 2011
Tiberius Sestertius Augusta Emerita72 viewsAE Sestertius
Grade: G
Augusta Emerita
24.4 g.
recycled photo.

OBV: laureate bust left.
Rx - AVGVSTA EMERITA, large city gate.
cliff_marslandMar 05, 2011

Random files - cliff_marsland's Gallery
Marcus Junius Brutus as Imperator, Denarius 42 B.C. Syd 128774 views
AR Denarius
Grade F, filled hole.
OBV: LEG COSTA, hd. of Apollo r.
Rx: trophy with shield and spears, IMP BRVTVS
Cr.506/2; Syd.1287
recycled, photo, looks better in-hand.
3 commentscliff_marsland
Elagabalus Antioch Tetradrachm Bellinger 4330 viewsVF/F Elagabalus Syria Antioch Billon Tetradrachm / Eagle

Attribution: Bellinger 43
Date: 218-222 AD
Obverse: Laureate bust right
Reverse: Eagle standing right with wings spread, head reverted holding wreath in beak, star between legs
Size: 26.13 mm
Weight: 13.09 grams
Trebonianus Gallus & Volusian Viminacium AE 33 (Small medallion?)79 viewsAE 33
15.06 g Viminacium
OBV: IMP C VIBIO TREBON GALLO AVG IMP C C VIB VOLVSI AV - confronting laureate, draped, and cuirassed busts

Rev: P M S COL VIM The Two emperors in military attire, standing face to face, holding Victory on globe and resting on spear

In ex: bull on lion on either side of AN XIII

F+ by wear, rough.

SGI 357, BMC 44
Justinian II Follis Constantionople Year 2 Constantinople50 viewsJustinian II (685-695, 705-711)
1st reign: Sear-1260, Year-2, Officina-A, struck 686-687 at Constantinople, 8.07 grams, 26.6 mm. aVF

Obv: IUSJINIANUS P - Bust of Justinian facing, with short beard, wearing crown and chlamys, and holding globus cruciger, a cross in the right field

Rev: Large 'M' between ANNO, Year 2, CON in exergue

Overstruck on earlier issue.

Ex: Dr. Michael Metlich Collection

1 commentscliff_marsland