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Magna Graecia - Italy


Greek coins of Southern Italy

"... cast earth upon my body
And seek haven in Velia once more..."

~ Vergil

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24 files, last one added on Nov 14, 2018

Magna Graecia - Taras


Greek coins of Southern Italy

"...I would that I might end my days at Tarentum."
~ Horace

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80 files, last one added on Apr 10, 2019

Magna Graecia - Sicily


Greek coins of Sicily

"Whatever may happen to the Sicilians, they comment on it with a joke."
~ Cicero

7 files, last one added on Feb 06, 2016

Magna Graecia - Syracuse


Greek coins of Sicily

“Give me a place to stand and a lever long enough and I will move the world.”
~ Archimedes

22 files, last one added on Jun 04, 2019

Punic and Siculo-Punic


Greek coins of North Africa and Carthaginian Sicily

“We will either find a way, or make one.”
~ Hannibal Barca

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Greek Mainland


Greek coins of Southern and Central Greece, the Peloponnesos, and related Islands

"The glorious gifts of the gods are not to be cast aside."
~ Homer

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Thrace and the Black Sea Region


Greek coins from Northern Greece and the lands above the Black Sea

"Bacchus hath drowned more men than Neptune."
~ Dr. Thomas Fuller

9 files, last one added on Jan 31, 2019

Asia Minor


Greek coins of Asia Minor

“Much learning does not teach understanding.”
~ Heraclitus of Ephesus

18 files, last one added on Feb 27, 2019

The Hellenistic Monarchies


The legacy of Alexander's Empire

"Heaven cannot brook two suns, nor Earth two masters."
~ Alexander the Great

7 files, last one added on May 06, 2017

Roman Republic


Coins of the Roman Republic

"What a lot of work it was to found the Roman race."
~ Vergil

4 files, last one added on Dec 28, 2009

Imperial Rome - The Rise


Coins of the early Roman Empire

"I found Rome a city of bricks and left it a city of marble."
~ Augustus

10 files, last one added on Oct 22, 2016

Imperial Rome - The Fall


Coins of the later Roman Empire

"When collapse is imminent, the little rodents flee."
~ Pliny the Elder

22 files, last one added on Jan 12, 2016

Roman Provincial


Roman coins from the Provinces

"I came, I saw, I conquered."
~ Julius Caesar

10 files, last one added on Nov 14, 2018

Veiled Goddess


Coins of the Goddess in mourning

"She was wearing a veil on her head, and a long dark robe
trailed around the delicate feet of the goddess.”

~ Homeric Hymn to Demeter

11 files, last one added on Feb 04, 2019



My wife's collection of Greco-Roman treasures

"Everything passes, art alone is eternal."
~ Hippokrates

8 files, last one added on Jun 19, 2018



3 files, last one added on Dec 29, 2009

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Last additions - Enodia's Gallery
Syracuse, Sicily49 views317-289 BC (Reign of Agathokles)
AE17 (16mm, 3.29g)
O: Head of Persephone left, wreathed in grain.
R: Bull charging right; club and ΛY above, IE (magistrate) in exergue.
HGC 2, 1498; CNS II, 200
ex Praefectus Coins

A rare variant with the bull charging right.

2 commentsEnodiaJun 04, 2019
Taras, Calabria 20 views302-228 BC
AR Diobol (11mm, 0.82g)
O: Head of Athena right, wearing crested Attic helmet decorated with wing.
R: Herakles standing right, wrestling the Nemean lion; club behind, TAPAN above.
cf Vlasto 1365; HN Italy 976
ex Savoca Coins

2 commentsEnodiaApr 10, 2019
Stratonikeia, Caria47 viewscirca 100 BC
AE 20 (20mm, 6.38g)
O: Lareate head of Hekate right, wearing crescent moon crown.
R: Nike advancing right, holding palm and wreath; ΣTPATO above, [NIK]EΩN below.
cf SNG Cop 489; cf Sear 4942; BMC 151,31
ex Aegean Numismatics

Stratonikeia was located in SW Asia Minor, about 11km from Lagina, the largest known sanctuary of the goddess Hekate, "whom Zeus honored above all others" (Hesiod). It is likely that the cult of Hekate originated in this area a millennium or more before Her introduction into Greek religion at the conclusion of the Titanomachy, the legendary battle between the Titans and Olympians.
During an annual ritual the Priestess would lead a procession from the polis to Lagina where she would open the sanctuary with a sacred key. This key would eventually become one of the attributes depicted on later images of Hekate.
5 commentsEnodiaFeb 27, 2019
Thebai, Thessaly13 views302-286 BC
AE 19 (19mm, 5.53g)
O: Wreathed and veiled head of Demeter left, within dotted border.
R: Bridled horse prancing right; ΘHBAIΩN above, X below.
Rogers 552; BCD Thessaly II, 762.1-2; SNG Munchen 185
From the BCD collection; ex Aegean Numismatics

1 commentsEnodiaFeb 04, 2019
Thebai, Thessaly31 views302-286 BC
AE 19 (19 mm, 5.53g)
O: Wreathed and veiled head of Demeter left, within dotted border.
R: Bridled horse prancing right; ΘHBAIΩN above, X below.
Rogers 552; BCD Thessaly II, 762.1-2; SNG Munchen 185
From the BCD collection; ex Aegean Numismatics
3 commentsEnodiaFeb 01, 2019
Pantikapaion, Thrace37 views304-250 BC
AE 20 (20mm, 5.81g)
O: Head of Pan left, wreathed in ivy.
R: Bow and arrow, ΠAN below.
MacDonald 116.1; SNG Poland II; NM Warsaw 178-79
ex Forvm Auctions (Bartosz Awianowicz)

3 commentsEnodiaJan 31, 2019
Taras, Calabria31 views302-228 BC (Period VIII)
AR Diobol (13mm, 0.87g)
O: Head of Athena left, wearing crested Corinthian helmet.
R: Herakles standing left, strangling the Nemean lion; club behind, TAPAN(?) to left.
cf Vlasto 1416-19; HN Italy 1064
ex Nomos (Obolos II)

This coin was sold as being from Teate, Apulia and Vlasto claims that this type was minted "in alliance with Teate". Both of these opinions are based on the ethnic reading TIATI, which it may, but I am not entirely convinced that it doesn't in fact read TAPAN.
In either case it is a very scarce type with Herakles facing left in his struggle with the Nemean lion, and is very similar to my specimen of the Vlasto 1415 diobol but without the Ionic capital below Herakles' club.

1 commentsEnodiaDec 24, 2018
Terina, Bruttium 42 viewscirca 300 BC
AR Drachm (16mm, 2.21g)
O: Head of nymph Terina left; triskeles behind, TEPINAIΩN left.
R: Winged Nike seated left on cippus, holding bird in extended right hand; star to left.
Holloway & Jenkins 111; HN Italy 2642
ex Bertolami Fine Arts

2 commentsEnodiaNov 14, 2018
Koinon, Thessaly30 viewsPseudo-autonomous
41-54 AD (Time of Claudius)
AE Assarion (17.5mm, 4.18g)
Amtigonos (Strategos)
O: Draped bust of Livia right; ΘEΣΣ-AΛΩN around.
R: Hekate advancing right, holding torch in each hand; monogram to right, ΣTPATHΓANTIΓON-OY around.
RPC I, 1438; BCD Thessaly II, 928
ex Frank Kovacs; ex Mark Breitsprecher
1 commentsEnodiaNov 14, 2018
Sybaris, Lucania62 views550-510 BC
AR Obol (10mm, 0.44g)
O: Bull (Ox?) standing left, head turned back to right; VM in exergue.
R: Large MV monogram; four pellets around.
SNG ANS 853; HN Italy 1739; Hands Type I, IV
ex Tom Vossen

This coin dates from the original Greek colony, Sybaris I, before its destruction by the Krotones in 511-510 BC.
The MV monogram on the reverse actually reads 'SY' for Sybaris, and I believe the VM in exergue on the obverse is 'MV' retrograde.
The bull device seen on all early types from Sybaris, and later on the coins of her colonies at Poseidonia and Thurii, may in fact be a white ox at the mother city.
4 commentsEnodiaSep 08, 2018
Taras, Calabria46 views4th-3rd century BC
AR Diobol (12mm, 1.13g)
O: Head of Athena right, wearing crested Attic helmet decorated with Skylla.
R: Herakles kneeling right, wrestling the Nemean lion; crab above, club behind.
HN Italy 976; Vlasto ----; Cote ---; SNG France ----; McGill ---
ex Pavlos S. Pavlou

A scarce variety with the crab control mark, unlisted in most major references.
2 commentsEnodiaAug 08, 2018
Taras, Calabria39 views473-450 BC
AR Drachm (Half Nomos) (16mm, 3.53g)
O: Forepart of hippocamp with pointed wings right; TAPAΣ (retrograde) counterclockwise behind, scallop shell below.
R: Head of nymph Satyra right; TA clockwise behind, all within incuse circle.
Vlasto 157-59; Cote 60; HN Italy 839; SNG France 1610; SNG ANS 846
ex Savoca Coins

A rare early drachm, sometimes referred to as a 'half nomos'. The hippocamp could be seen as a Pegasus, but that device was unknown in Tarentine coinage while the hippocamp was quite common, and the scallop shell certainly gives credence to that idea.
Alfred Hands places this type much earlier, perhaps as early as 520 BC, while Ratto (the Cote catalog) suggests that the nymph is actually the obverse due to the retrograde ethnic.

1 commentsEnodiaAug 06, 2018
Lysimacheia, Thrace7 views309-220 BC
AE 21 (21mm, 8.14g)
O: Wreathed and veiled head of Demeter right.
R: Nike standing left, holding wreath; ΛYΣIMA[XEΩN] around to left.
SNG Cop 905; Sear 1621; BMC 3, 6
ex Romae Aeternae Numismatics
EnodiaJun 27, 2018
Teos, Ionia48 views320-294 BC
AR Diobol (10mm, 0.92g)
Mentor magistrate.
O: Griffin seated right, with left forepaw raised.
R: Lyre; MENTΩP (magistrate) downward to right.
Kinns 95; SNG Kayhan 611v; Imhoof 126A
ex MRB Coins
4 commentsEnodiaJun 27, 2018
Taras, Calabria43 views212-209 BC (Period X - The Punic Occupation)
AR Half-Shekel (Reduced Nomos) (19mm, 3.28g)
Sogenis magistrate.
O: Nude youth on horseback to left, crowning horse with wreath; IΩ behind, ΣΩΓE - NHΣ (magistrate) in two lines below.
R: Taras astride dolphin to left, holding cornucopiae in right arm and Nike who crowns him with wreath in left; TAPA[Σ] below.
Vlasto 975-77; Evans X, B-1; SNG France 2064; McGill II, 119-20; HN Italy 1079
Very Scarce
ex Praefectus Coins

At half the weight of the previous ‘didrachms’ from Taras, this half-shekel coin was minted during the Punic occupation of the city from 212-209 BC.
The story of Hannibal’s capture of Tarentum is fascinating, but of far too great a scope to cover here. Courage and endurance, intrigue and treachery all played a part in the Carthaginians desperate need of a southern naval port to continue Hannibal’s dream of conquering the Italian peninsula. Yet after an occupation of three years he was forced to withdraw from the city, virtually ending the second Punic War. However with a naval command post and a way to access reinforcements and supplies from Carthage, who knows what shape the history of Rome might have taken?

1 commentsEnodiaJun 26, 2018
Bronze Key33 viewsRoman Empire
circa 3rd-4th century AD
33x15mm, 5.97g
ex Forvm Auctions
2 commentsEnodiaJun 19, 2018

Random files - Enodia's Gallery
Taras, Calabria137 views272-235 BC (Period VIII - The Roman Alliance I)
AR Didrachm (18mm, 6.50g)
Lykinos magistrate.
O: Naked boy on horse pacing left, placing wreath on horse's head; ΣY above, ΛYKI - NOΣ (magistrate) in two lines below.
R: Taras astride dolphin left, hurling trident with right hand, chlamys wrapped around left arm; owl behind, TA-PA[Σ] below.
Vlasto 836; Evans VIII, A8; Cote 473; cf McGill II, 92; SNG ANS 1165; SNG Cop 916; SNG France 1999; HN Italy 1025; Sear 374v
ex Olympvs Coins

Following Pyrrhus’ withdrawal Taras was forced to submit to a Roman garrison in 272 BC, although the relationship did not remain entirely antagonistic. Taras remained a free port, the city’s walls were rebuilt by the time of the First Punic War, and they even provided Rome with ships during that struggle.
This would change drastically however when Taras threw in with Hannibal during the Second Punic War.
1 commentsEnodia
Taras, Calabria42 views302-280 BC (Period VI)
AR Drachm (17mm, 3.18g)
Zor... magistrate.
O: Head of Athena right, wearing crested Attic helmet decorated with Skylla hurling stone.
R: Owl with folded wings standing right; TAP behind, ZOP (magistrate) and club to right.
Vlasto 1055; SNG France 1936-37; HN Italy 975; Sear 367v
ex TN Numismatics
2 commentsEnodia
Syracuse, Reign of Dionysius I 41 views405-367 BC (struck circa 380 BC)
Æ Drachm (32mm, 30.12g)
O: Head of Athena left, wearing Corinthian helmet decorated with olive wreath; ΣYPA before.
R: Sea-star between two dolphins.
CNS II, 62-9; HGC 2, 1436; SNG ANS 455-469; Sear 1189 (Timoleon)
ex Saint Paul Antiques
3 commentsEnodia
Taras, Calabria84 views302-228 BC
AR 3/8 Obol (6mm, 0.16g)
O: Two cresents back to back; two pellets above and below.
R: Two cresents back to back; two pellets above and below.
Vlasto 1758; McGill II, 216; HN Italy 1077; Sear 361v
ex Roma Numismatics
2 commentsEnodia