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Greek and Pre-Imperial Roman - Western Mediterranean, Europe, and North Africa


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Greek and Pre-Imperial Roman - Central and Eastern Mediterranean, Europe, and the East (Near and Far)


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Republican and The Imperators


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The Twelve Caesars


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The Adoptive Emperors


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The Severan Era


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Crisis and Decline


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The Secessionist Emperors


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Recovery of the Empire


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The Tetrarchy


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Constantine Era


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The Late Empire


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Autonomous, Roman Rule


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Medieval, Old Modern


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Ancient Imitations/Forgeries


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No Clue


These are coins that have made it all the way through the ID forum with no ID.

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Last additions - casata137ec's Gallery
Sicily, Syracuse mint, BMC 305 40 viewsSicily, Syracuse mint, Dionysos I Tetras 405-367 B.C. AE, 14mm 1.73g, BMC 305
O: Head Arethusa facing slightly to l.
R: Octopus in circular incuse
1 commentscasata137ecNov 17, 2011
Thessalian Confederacy, Larissa(?) mint, The Numismatic Chronicle and Journal of the Numismatic Society, Third Series, XVIII, 1898, Pl. XIX. 1.66 viewsThessalian Confederacy, Larissa(?) mint, 196-146 B.C. AE, 23mm 11.04g, The Numismatic Chronicle and Journal of the Numismatic Society, Third Series, XVIII, 1898, Pl. XIX. 1., Weber 2945
O: Head of Zeus r., laureate
R: to left ΘEΣΣA to right ΛΩN above EYBIOTOY below ..TPΛIO(?), Monster, like a centaur, except that the animal part of him is of a bull, not of a horse, rearing r., and seizing by the bridle a horse rearing r.
1 commentscasata137ecNov 17, 2011
Florian, RIC V 111 32 viewsSerdica mint, Florian Antoninianus, 276 A.D. Silvered AE, 24mm, 2.68g, RIC V 111
O: IMP C M ANN FLORIANVS AVG, Radiate, draped, and cuirassed, bust right
R: PROVIDEN DEOR, Providentia standing right, holding two standards, facing Sol standing left with right hand raised and holding globe
casata137ecNov 17, 2011
Ionia, Smyrna mint, SNG Kayhan 59683 viewsIonia, Smyrna mint, 105-95 B.C. AE, 19mm 4.48g, SNG Kayhan 596
O: Turreted head of Tyche r.; dotted border
R: to right, ZMΥΡNAIΩN to left, MOΣXOΣ, Aphrodite Stratonikis standing right, left hand on column, holding wreath bearing Nike
2 commentscasata137ecNov 17, 2011
Caria, Mylasa (?) mint, SNG Kayhan 934-93880 viewsCaria, Mylasa (?) mint, Milesian standard Hemiobol, c. 450-400 B.C. AR, 8mm 0.61g, SNG Kayhan 934-938
O: Facing forepart of lion
R: Scorpion in incuse square punch
4 commentscasata137ecNov 17, 2011
Marcus Aurelius, BMC 11138 viewsAmphipolis mint, Marcus Aurelius, 161-180 A.D. AE, 27mm 11.8g, BMC 111
O: AVT K M AVP ANTΩNEINOC, Laureate head right
R: AMΦIΠO-ΛEITΩN, Tyche (city goddess) seated left on an ornate throne, legs crossed, holding out a phiale at waist level with right hand
*holed in antiquity
2 commentscasata137ecNov 17, 2011
Geta, not listed in references examined32 viewsNicaea mint, Geta, c. 198-209 A.D. 15mm 1.93g, not listed in references examined
O: Π CEΠ - ΓETAC K (or similar), head bare r.
R: NIKA - IEΩN, caduceus
3 commentscasata137ecNov 17, 2011
Aeolis, Myrina mint, BMC Troas pg. 137, 2762 viewsAeolis, Myrina mint, 2nd-1st century B.C. AE, 17mm 3.23g, BMC Troas pg. 137, 27
O: Laureate head of Apollo right
R: MY-PI, Amphora; kithara to right
2 commentscasata137ecNov 05, 2011
L. Hostilius Saserna denarius, RSC I Hostilia 537 viewsRome mint, L. Hostilius Saserna denarius, 48 B.C. AR, 3.45g 19mm, SRCV I 417, RSC I Hostilia 5, Sydenham 951, Crawford 448/2,
O: diademed female head right (Clementia? or Pietas?), wearing cruciform earring, hair in a knot and falling down neck;
R: L HOSTILIVS SASERNA, Victory advancing right carrying a winged caduceus, Gallic trophy and palm fronds
casata137ecNov 05, 2011
Pisidia, Selge, BMC 20-2569 viewsPisidia, Selge, Obol, 400-333 BC AR, 10mm 0.68g, BMC 20-25
O: facing head of Gorgon with flowing hair
R: head of Athena right, wearing Corinthian helmet, astragalos behind
5 commentscasata137ecNov 05, 2011
Septimius Severus, SNG Copenhagen 43728 viewsThrace, Anchialus mint, Septimius Severus 193-211 A.D. AE, 20mm 5.96g, AMNG II 496; SNG Copenhagen 437
O: AVT K CEΠ CEVHPOC, laureate head right
R: AΓXIAΛEΩN, Cybele seated left in turreted crown, holding patera & drum, lion next to her
casata137ecNov 05, 2011
Ionia, Teos mint, SNG Kayhan 60287 viewsIonia, Teos mint, Silver Tetartemorion (1/4 Obol), c. 475 - 450 B.C., 6mm 0.24g, SNG Kayhan 602
O: griffin head right
R: quadripartite incuse square

4 commentscasata137ecNov 05, 2011
Macedon, Akanthos mint, SNG ANS 5140 viewsMacedon, Akanthos mint, ca. 470-390 BC AR, 9mm 0.45g, SNG ANS 51
O: Forepart of bull right, dotted border
R: Quadripartite incuse square
2 commentscasata137ecSep 28, 2011
Caria, Cnidus mint, SNG Keckman 201 (head to left)46 viewsCaria, Cnidus mint, 250-210 B.C. AE, 12mm 2.78g, SNG Keckman 201 (head to left)
O: Head of Aphrodite l.
R: Illegible ethnic (KNI) and illegible magistrate name, prow l., below, club
casata137ecSep 28, 2011
Thessaly, Larissa mint, BMC Thessaly to Aetolia pg. 31, 83 var 67 viewsThessaly, Larissa mint, 400-344 B.C. AE, 19mm 7.57g, SNG Cop 141 var (rev legend), BMC Thessaly to Aetolia pg. 31, 83 var (rev legend)
O: Head of nymph Larissa facing slightly left, crowned with corn
R: ΛAPIΣ[AIΩN] (or similar), Horseman r. wearing petasus and chiton, holding lance, horse prancing
8 commentscasata137ecSep 28, 2011
Pisidia, Selge mint, SNG France 1975-1976 variant 35 viewsPisidia, Selge mint, 2nd-1st centuries B.C. AE, 18mm 3.81g, SNG France 1975-1976 variant (legend, ΣΕΑ is standard)
O: Head of Herakles facing slightly right, wreathed with styrax, lions skin around neck, club over shoulder /
R: ΣΑ-Κ, Forepart of stag right, head left.
casata137ecSep 28, 2011

Random files - casata137ec's Gallery
Severus Alexander Sestertius, RIC 616 25 viewsRome mint, Severus Alexander Sestertius, 230 A.D. AE, 30mm 14.11g, RIC 616
O: IMP SEV ALEXANDER AVG, Laureate bust r. with drapery on far shoulder
R: VICTORIA AVGVSTI S C, Victory standing r., l. foot on helmet, inscribing VOT/X on shield set on trunk of palm tree
Mn Fonteius Denarius, Cr. 353/1c. 42 viewsMn Fonteius Denarius, 85 B.C. AR, 21mm 3.77g, Cr. 353/1c.
Obv: MN FONTEI CF Laureate head of Apollo Vejovis r, thunderbolt below
Rev: Cupid riding goat r., caps of the Dioscuri above, thrysos below, all within laurel wreath.
1 commentscasata137ec
Sicily, Syracuse, Agathocles, CNS II pg. 249, 12135 viewsSicily, Syracuse, Agathocles, struck circa 317 B.C. AE, 19mm 5.91g, CNS II pg. 249, 121; SNG ANS 545-548
O: Laureate head of Apollo, l.
R: Triskeles of winged feet
3 commentscasata137ec
Constantine, RIC VII Siscia 6139 viewsSiscia mint, Constantine I, 319 A.D. BI, 20mm 2.37g, RIC VII Siscia 61
O: IMP CONSTAN-TINVS AVG, cuirassed bust left, wearing high crested helmet & holding spear over shoulder & shield on left arm
R: VICTORIAE LAETAE PRINC PERP, two Victories supporting shield inscribed VOT PR over altar
EX: ΔSIS dot
2 commentscasata137ec