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Roman Republic


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Roman Empire


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Qart Hadasht/Carthago Nova mint


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Londinium mint


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Macedonia - Alexander III the Great


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Last additions - dafnis's Gallery
0222 - Punic - AE 1/2 unit - 237-209 BC22 viewsObv/ Head of Mars r.
Rev/ Palm tree with fruits.

AE, 19.1 mm, 5.58 g
Mint: Qart Hadasht
ACIP/581 [R3] - CNH/HC41 [R3]
ex-Jesús Vico, auction 148, lot 120
1 commentsdafnisJan 07, 2019
0223 - Denarius Vespasian 79 AC35 viewsObv/ Laureate bust of V. r., around IMP CAESAR VESPASIANVS AVG.
Rev/ Victory standing l., togate and placing shield over trophy, with captive at its feet; around, TR POT X COS VIIII.

Ag, 18.5 mm, 3.36 g
Mint: Roma
RIC II.1/1068 [C] – BMCRE III/246
ex-NAC, auction 101, lot 195
4 commentsdafnisJan 07, 2019
0217 - Nummus Constantine I 323-4 AC9 viewsObv/ CONSTANTINVS AG, laureate bust of C. r.
Rev/ Victory advancing r. holding trophy and branch, advancing over captive on ground; around, SARMATIA DEVICTA; in ex., PLON and symbol.

AE, 20.5 mm, 3.78 g
Mint: Londinium.
RIC VII/2 [R2] - CT 10.01.003 [C]
ex-Roma Numismatics, auction e35, lot 1539 (ex-colln of a connoisseur)
dafnisJan 07, 2019
0218 - Nummus Constantine II c.324 AC12 viewsObv/ CONSTANTINVS IVN NOB C, laureate bust of C. II r.
Rev/ Laurel wreath with VOT X inscribed on two lines inside; around, CAESARVM NOSTRORVM; in ex., PLON and symbol.

AE, 20.1 mm, 4.18 g
Mint: Londinium.
RIC VII/292 [C3] - CT 10.01.007 [CC]
ex-Roma Numismatics, auction e35, lot 1586
dafnisJan 07, 2019
0219 - Denarius Septimius Severus 209 AC16 viewsObv/ SEVERVS PIVS AVG, laureate head of S.Severus r.
Rev/ PM TR P XVII COS III PP, Neptune naked standing l., cape over shoulder, foot on rock and holding trident.

Ag, 19.2 mm, 3.36 g
Mint: Roma
RIC IV.I/228 – BMCRE V/3
ex-Naville Numismatics, auction 31, lot 474
1 commentsdafnisJan 07, 2019
0220 - As Caligula 37-41 AC16 viewsObv/ Bust of Agrippa l., wearing rostral crown; around, M AGRIPPA L F COS III.
Rev/ Neptune standing l., wearing cape and holding trident and dolphin; SC on field.

AE, 28.5 mm, 11.46 g
Mint: Roma.
RIC I/58 [C] – BMCRE I/161 (Tib.)
ex-Artemide Aste, auction XLVII, lot 255
1 commentsdafnisJan 07, 2019
0221 - Denarius Faustina after 141 AC10 viewsObv/ Togate bust of F. r., with high bun; around, DIVA FAVSTINA.
Rev/ Ceres standing r., holding scepter with r.h. and corn on l.h.; around, AVGVSTA.

Ag, 19.1 mm, 3.22 g
Mint: Roma.
RIC III/358 [C] – BMCRE IV/389
ex-Artemide Aste, auction XLVII, lot 301
dafnisJan 07, 2019
0212 - Nummus Constantine 312-3 AC14 viewsObv/ CONSTANTINVS PF AVG, laureate and cuirassed bust of C. r.
Rev/ MARTI CON SERVATORI, Mars standing r., holding inverted spear and leaning on shield. Star on field l.; PLN in ex.

AE, 22.1 mm, 4.97 g.
Mint: Londinium.
RIC VI/254 - CT 7.10.003 [C]
ex-vAuctions (Triskeles), auction 319, lot 348.
dafnisJan 07, 2019
0213 - Denarius Faustina II 147-50 AC11 viewsObv/ FAVSTINAE AVG PII AVG FIL, togate bust of F. r., with high bun held by string of pearls.
Rev/ Venus togate standing l., holding apple on r.h. and l.h. leaning on rudder and dolphin.

Ag, 18.0 mm, 3.24 g
Mint: Roma
RIC III/517c [S] – BMCRE IV/1074
ex-Naville Numismatics, auction 23, lot 413 (ex-colln E.E: Clain-Stefanelli)
dafnisJan 07, 2019
0214 - Denarius Augustus 16 BC20 viewsObv/ laureate head of A. r.
Rev/ Mars standing l. with helmet and cuirass, holding spear and parazonium, on a pedestal inscribed SPQR V PR RE CAES; around, L MESCINIVS RVFVS.

Ag, 18.4 mm, 3.81 g
Mint: Roma
RIC I/351 [R] - BMCRE I/86
ex-CNG, auction 103, lot 672
2 commentsdafnisJan 07, 2019
0215 - Drachm Alexander III the Great 328-23 BC13 viewsObv/ Head of Heracles r. wearing lion-skin headdress.
Rev/ Zeus Aëtophoros seated on backless throne l., holding eagle on outstretched r.h. and scepter in l.h.; behind, ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΥ, club on field r.; under throne, monogram with circle, lines and dot.

Ag, 15.9 mm, 4.29 g
Mint: Sardes.
Price 2562
ex-vAuctions (Triskeles), auction 320, lot 75
dafnisJan 07, 2019
0216 - Denarius Trajan 112-14 AC13 viewsObv/ IMP TRAIANO AVG GER DAC PM TR P COS VI PP, laureate and draped bust of T. r.
Rev/ Trajan's father seating on a throne l., holding scepter and patera; around, DIVVS PATER TRAIAN.

Ag, 19 mm, 3.07 g
Mint: Roma.
RIC II/252 [S] – BMCRE III/500
ex-NAC, auction 95, lot 226
dafnisJan 07, 2019
0207 - Denarius Carisia 46 BC19 viewsObv/ Head of Juno Moneta r.; behind, MONETA.
Rev/ Coinage tools, laurel wreath around; above, T CARISIVS.

Ag, 18.1 mm, 3.89 g
Mint: Roma
RRC 464/2 [120/133]
ex-Ibernumis, private sale
1 commentsdafnisJan 07, 2019
0208 - Denarius Considia 57 BC29 viewsObv/ Laureate and diademed bust of V. r., behind C CONSIDI NONIANI; before, SC.
Rev/ Tetrastyle temple on hill, surrounded by walls and gate, with ERVC above.

Ag, 18.7 mm, 3.75 g
Mint: Roma
RRC 424/1 [
3 commentsdafnisJan 07, 2019
0209 - Denarius Titus 80 AC32 viewsObv/ IMP TITVS CAES VESPASIAN AVG PM, laureate bust of T. r.
Rev/ TR P XI IMP XV COS VIII PP, elephant with cuirass l.

Ag, 18.2 mm, 2.90 g
Mint: Roma
RIC II.I/115 [C2] – BMCRE II/43
ex-Solidus Numismatik, auction e7, lot 227
3 commentsdafnisJan 07, 2019
0210 - Denarius Septimius Severus 207 AC20 viewsObv/ SEVERVS PIVS AVG, laureate head of S.Severus r.
Rev/ PM TR P XV COS III PP, Africa standing r. with elephant skin, holding tunica with l.h.; lion advancing r. at her feet.

Ag, 19.1 mm, 2.82 g
Mint: Roma
RIC IV.I/207 – BMCRE V/531
ex-Solidus Numismatik, auction e7, lot 264
1 commentsdafnisJan 07, 2019

Random files - dafnis's Gallery
0141 - Denarius Julia 103 BC32 viewsObv/ Helmeted head of Mars r.; above, control mark C; behind, CAESAR.
Rev/ Venus in biga of Cupids l., holding sceptre and reins; above control mark C; below, lyre; L IVLI L F in ex.

Ag, 17.0 mm, 4.09 g
Mint: Roma.
Moneyer: L. Iulius Caesar.
RRC 320/1 [dies o/r: 92/92] - Syd. 593a - RSC Julia 4
ex-Artemide Aste, auction 9E, lot 9194
0144 - Antoninianus Julia Domna 211-17 AC17 viewsObv/ IVLIA PIA FELIX AVG, draped bust of J.D. r., crescent below.
Rev/ VENVS GENETRIX, Venus draped, seated l., r.h. extended and l.h. holding scepter.

Ag, 23.0 mm, 4.58 g
Mint: Roma.
BMCRE V/23A – RIC IV.1/388a [S]
ex-J.B. González Redondo (, jul 2011
0103 - Denarius Caracalla/Geta 211 AC23 viewsObv/ DIVO SEVERO PIO, bare head of S.S. r.
Rev/ CONSECRATIO Eagle standing facing on globe, with open wings and head l.

Ag, 19.8 mm, 3.06 g
Mint: Roma.
RIC IV.I/191c [S] – BMCRE V/21
ex-CNG, auction e-249, lot 351
2 commentsdafnis
0202 - Denarius Sabina 134-137 AC9 viewsObv/ SABINA AVGVSTA, togate and diademed best of S. r.
Rev/ VENERI GENETRICI, Venus standing r., raising tunica with r.h. and holding apple with l.h.

Ag, 17.1 mm, 2.97 g
Mint: Roma.
RIC II/396 (C) - BMCRE III/944
ex-Gitbud & Naumann (Pecunem), auction e30, lot 475