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Last additions - dpaul7's Gallery
RHODES - Carian Islands38 viewsRHODES - Carian Islands, c. 350-300 BC. AE 11mm. Obv.: Diademed head of Rhodos right, in earring & necklace. Rev.: P-O, rose with bud to the right; uncertain symbol left. Reference: Sear 5071dpaul7Aug 08, 2013
ENGLAND - Elizabeth I34 viewsENGLAND - Elizabeth I (1558-1603) AR Sixpence, 1561. Third coinage, AR Sixpence (25mm). Pheon mint-mark, ELIZABETH D G ANG FR ET HIB REGINA, crowned bust left, rose behind / pheon, POSVI DEV ADIVTOREM MEV, shield on long cross fourche, 1561 above. Reference: Seaby #SE2561.dpaul7Aug 08, 2013
ROMAN EMPIRE - Gallienus213 viewsROMAN EMPIRE - Gallienus (253-268 AD) AE Antoninianus. Minted 260-268 AD. Obv.: GALLIENVS AVG, radiate head right. Rev.: APOLLINI CONS AVG, Centaur walking left holding globe and trophy. Mintmark H = Rome Mint. RIC 164; Cohen 74; RSC 74; Sear5 10177. dpaul7Aug 08, 2013
CAPPADOCIAN KINGDOM = Ariarathes IX24 viewsCAPPADOCIAN KINGDOM = Ariarathes IX AR drachm 99 - 85 B.C. Diademed head of Ariarathes IV right / ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΑΡΙΑΡΑΘΟΥ ΕΥΣΕΒΟΥΣ, Athena Nicephorus standing left, AN monogram in inner left field, date ΙΓ (regnal year 13 = 87 BC) in exergue. SNG Copenhagen 900903; Simonetta 9a; BMC-6dpaul7Jul 29, 2013
ROMAN EMPIRE -- Time of Augustus46 viewsROMAN EMPIRE -- Time of Augustus (?), 17, Cyprus Mint (?) Die axis is 12:00, if the star is oriented above on both sides. Obv.: Capricorn on a globe, star before. Rev.: Scorpion, with a star above it. Reference: RPC 3916.

LOTS OF ARGUMENTS on where this coin come from... I believe CYPRUS. The obverse with star before the Capricorn is similar to the reverse of Augustan denarii (RIC 542). The Capricorn was the birth-sign of Augustus,
and the other coins found under the same mosaic suggest a date of about this time. Scorpions were and are native to Cyprus and Southeastern Europe. The Scorpion on the coin, is probably a second birth-sign, Scorpio. Livia was born January 30th, which makes her an Aquarius. The exact date of Caius Caesar's birth in 20 BC is known to between August 14th and September 13th (Likely Virgo, perhaps Leo). But, Tiberius was born on November 16th, 42 BC. He was a Scorpio. Perhaps, the coin connects to the dynastic relationship celebrated on larger double portrait dupondii. The 17 mm diameter and 2.68 gram average weight of the sixteen examples of this coin in RPC is about equal to the quadrans of Rome. SOME people say it is a TESSERA.... However, one of the leading experts in the field says DEFINITELY NOT!
dpaul7Jul 29, 2013
BYZANTINE EMPIRE -- Justin II and Sophia31 viewsBYZANTINE EMPIRE -- Justin II and Sophia (565-578 AD) Minted Year 12 (577 AD) - Antioch Mint. Obv.: Ilegible legend; Justin left and Sophia right, seated facing on double-throne, both nimbate, each holding a long sceptre and, between them, a cross on globe. Rev.: Large M center; left side: ANNO, Cross above, right field: XII Gamma below M. Mintmark in exergue: THEUP' . Reference: SB 379, MIB 56-57.dpaul7Jul 29, 2013
POLAND -- JAN CASIMIR54 viewsPOLAND - Jan Casimir (1649-1668) AR 18 Groszy, minted 1668. Reference: KM #A94.dpaul7Jul 25, 2013
POLAND -- JAN CASIMIR35 viewsPOLAND -- JAN CASIMIR (1649-1668) AR Gulden/30 Groszy. Dated 1663. Reference: KM #120.dpaul7Jul 25, 2013
69 viewsGEORGIAN KINGDOM, QUEEN TAMAR, (1184-1213 AD) K'ORONIKON, 420 = 1200 AD; Obv.: Bagratid royal emblem in the form of a standard, to left and right: Initials for T'amar and David; in the corners, Georgian date formula, K'K V K (420 of the Paschal cycle = AD 1200). Two Counterstamps. Rev.: Christian inscriptions in arabic script, which reads: 1st line: Malekat al-Malekaat(s) / 2nd line Jellal Al-Dunya Wal Din / 3rd line : Tamar Ibnat Kurki / 4th line : Zahir Al-Massih. Translation: Queen of Queens Glory of the World and Faith T'amar daughter of Giorgi Champion of the Messiah. Reference: LANG # 11.

Reverse inscriptions read :
ملكة الملكات
جلال الدنيا و الدين
تمار ابنة كوركى
ظهير المسيح
dpaul7Jul 24, 2013
53 viewsGEORGIAN KINGDOM, QUEEN TAMAR (1184-1213 AD) Irregular copper coin. Obv.: Geometric designs, with legends in Georgian; including name T'amar. Rev.: Legends in Arabic letters. dpaul7Jul 24, 2013
ROMAN EMPIRE - Licinius I41 viewsROMAN EMPIRE - Licinius I (308-324 AD) AE follis, Cyzicus. Obv.: IMP C VAL LICIN LICINIVS PF AVG Laureate head right. Rev.: IOVI CONS-ERVATORI Jupiter standing left, chlamys over left shoulder, holding Victory and sceptre; eagle at foot left. Δ in right field. In exergue: Mintmark SMK. Reference: RIC VII Cyzicus 4.dpaul7Jul 24, 2013
ROMAN EMPIRE - Gallienus37 viewsROMAN EMPIRE - Gallienus (253-268 AD) Antoninianus. Rome mint, sole reign. Obv.: GALLIENVS AVG, radiate head right. Rev.: IOVI PROPVGNAT Jupiter standing left, head right, brandishing thunderbolt, XI in left field. Reference: RIC 214dpaul7Jul 24, 2013
ROMAN EMPIRE - Gallienus26 viewsROMAN EMPIRE - Gallienus (253-268 AD) AR Antoninianus. Rome mint. Obv.: GALLIENVS AVG Radiate head right. Rev.: MARTI PACIFERO Mars standing left, holding olive-branch, spear & shield, A in left field. References: RIC 236; Cohen 617. dpaul7Jul 24, 2013
ROMAN EMPIRE - Licinius I27 viewsROMAN EMPIRE - Licinius I (308-324 AD) AE follis, minted 319 AD. Obv.: IMP LICI-NIVS AVG Laureate, cuirassed bust right. Rev.: IOVI CONSERVATORI AVG Emperor borne by eagle standing right, left wing pointing downwards, looking back. Emperor holds sceptre in left hand and thunderbolt in right. Mintmark TARL = Arles. RIC VII Arles 197.dpaul7Jul 24, 2013
ROMAN EMPIRE - Licinius I24 viewsROMAN EMPIRE - Licinius I (308-324 AD) - AE Folles. Larueate bust right. IMP C VAL LICIN LICINIVS PF AVG Rev.: IOVI CONS-ERVATORI Jupiter standing left, holding victory on globe in right hand, sceptre in left, Eagle with wreath left. H in right field. Mintmark SMK in exergue = Cyzicus. Reference: RIC VII Cyzicus 4dpaul7Jul 24, 2013
ROMAN EMPIRE - CONSTANTIUS I CHLORUS32 viewsROMAN EMPIRE - CONSTANTIUS I CHLORUS (292-305 Caesar; 305-306 Augustus). AE Folles, minted 301 AD. Obv.: Laureate bust right. FL VAL CONSTANTIVS NOB CAES Rev.: GENIO POPV-L-I ROMANI Genius standing left, modius on head, naked, chlamys over left shoulder, holding patera in right hand, cornucopiae in left. XX in left field; Δ in right field. In exergue: ALE = Alexandria mint. Reference: RIC VI Alexandria 33a.dpaul7Jul 24, 2013

Random files - dpaul7's Gallery
GEORGIA - Queen Rousoudan44 viewsGEORGIA - Queen Rousoudan (1223-1245) AE Fals. Early Georgian script, letters: RSN (Abreviation of the name Rousoudan) in ornate border; date "In the paschal year 447" (1227) in corners. Rev.: Arabic script, reading: The queen of kings and the queens, Splendour of the world, the empire and religion. Rousoudan, daughter of Thamar, help of the Messiah: May God glorify her victories! Reference: Numismatique de la Georgie au Moyen Age, Victor Langlois, p. 30, #25.
SRI JAYA PRA (Jaya Prakash Malla) 1.jpg
NEPAL - Jaya Prakash Malla22 viewsSilver Dam, 8 mm. Jaya Prakash Malla (1735-1746), Kathmandu. RGV-337. "SRI JAYA PRA"dpaul7
JUCHIDS - Khan Jani Beg I32 viewsJUCHIDS - Khan Jani Beg I (741-758 AH/1342-1357 AD) (Mongols of the Golden Horde) - Anonymous copper pulo, Saray al-Jadid mint. Obv.: Zarb Saray al-Jadid 753 (in a number of lines), all within a hexafoil. Rev.: Flower ornament, no inscriptions. Dated to 753 AH/1353 AD). Reference: Fedorov-Davidov #104. dpaul7
BYZANTINE EMPIRE - TIBERIUS II CONSTANTINE129 viewsTIBERIUS II CONSTANTINE AE follis. Tiberius II Constantine, DNTibCONS TANT PP AVC; crowned and cuirassed bust facing, holding cross on globe and shield, cross to right bust facing/Large M ANNO II, cross, tHeuP (Antioch) in exurge. SB447, DOC 39
Facing bust of Tiberius II wearing crown with cross and consular robes, holding mappa and scepter. Struck regnal year 2, 580 AD. 30mm, 12.2g. Nice desert patina. Antioch was nearly razed by an earthquake in November, 528 AD. Afterwards, the city adopted the name Theupolis.
1 commentsdpaul7