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Last additions - b70's Gallery
Q. Caecilius Metellus Pius Scipio35 viewsQ. Caecilius Metellus Pius Scipio, Imperator, AR Denarius.
Military mint in Africa, legate Eppius, 47-46 BC.
Obverse: Q METELL SCIPIO IMP, laureate head of Africa right in elephant skin headdress, grain ear before, plow below.
Reverse: EPPIVS LEG F C, Hercules standing facing, naked, hand on hip, leaning on club set on a rock.
Caecilia 50, Syd 1051, Cr461/1
1 commentsb70Dec 17, 2009
M. Junius Silanus 145 BC.29 viewsM. Junius Silanus, AR denarius.
Obverse: Head of Roma right in winged helmet, head of ass behind, X below chin.
Reverse: Dioscuri riding right, MIVNI below, ROMA in exergue, linear border.
SRCV I 96, Crawford 220/1, Sydenham 408, RSC I Junia 8.
3.549g, maximum diameter 18.2mm, die axis 0o.
b70Dec 04, 2009
Augustus30 viewsAE; Syria, Balanea; Struck 13/4 BC.
Obverse: Bare head of Augustus right.
Reverse: Unknown deity driving quadriga left. BALAN[?] below. THN? above.
RPC 1.4460; 23 mm.
1 commentsb70Nov 20, 2009
Barcid Spain51 viewsAE 22, Spanish Mint, 237-209 BC.
Obverse: Head of Tanit left.
Reverse: Horse's head right, A below.
Similar to SNGCop283-7 (no letters).
22mm, 9.0 gms.
1 commentsb70Oct 14, 2009
C. Mamilius Limetanus22 viewsC. Mamilius Limetanus 82 B.C.; AR denarius.
Obverse: Bust of Mercury right, caduceus behind.
Reverse: Ulysses walking r. holding staff and being greeted by his dog Argus.
Syd 741, Cr362/1.
b70Jul 09, 2009
P. Fonteius P.f. Capito, 55 BC.39 viewsObverse: Helmeted bust of Mars r., trophy over shoulder, P FONTEIVS P F CAPITO III VIR around.
Reverse: Horseman attacking warrior who is about to slay a kneeling captive, MN FONT TR MIL above.
Cr-429/1, Syd-900, Fonteia-17. 3.88g.
1 commentsb70Apr 03, 2009
Anonymous AR denarius, 206-195 BC.80 viewsAnonymous AR denarius.
Obverse: Helmeted head of Roma r., X behind.
Reverse: Dioscuri riding r., rostrum tridens below horses; below, ROMA in linear frame.
Cr-114/1, Syd-244. 4.26g.
b70Mar 24, 2009
M. Fannius 123 BC.37 viewsM Fannius, AR denarius.
Obverse: Head of Roma right in winged helmet, ROMA behind, X below chin.
Reverse: Victory in a quadriga right, reins in left, wreath in right, M FANCF (AN ligate) in exergue.
SRCV I 150, Crawford 275/1, Sydenham 419, RSC I Fannia 1. 3.977g, 18.8mm, 315o.
b70Feb 06, 2009
Castulo36 viewsSpain, Castulo. Late 2nd Century BC.
Obverse: Diademed head right; hand before.
Reverse: Sphinx standing right; star before.
CNH pg. 336, 38; SNG BM Spain 1323ff. 27 mm. 11.69 g.
b70Feb 02, 2009
Alexander the Great59 viewsAlexander III "The Great". 336-323 BC. AR Tetradrachm, struck circa 325-323 BC.
Obverse: Head of Herakles right, wearing lion's skin headdress.
Reverse: Zeus seated left, holding eagle in right hand, sceptre in left; grapes and M before, monogram below throne.
Price 3641b (same obverse die); Mller 692. 26mm, 16.62 g. Babylon mint.
b70Jan 19, 2009
Julius Caesar60 viewsCaius Julius Caesar, 100-44 BC, Denarius 47-46 BC.
Obverse: Diademed head of Venus right.
Reverse: CAESAR; Aeneas walking left, holding his father Anchises and palladium.
Cr.458/1. 3.75 g.
1 commentsb70Jan 12, 2009
Quadrigatus34 viewsRepublican Billon Quadrigatus, 225-212 BC.
Obverse: Laureate head of Janus.
Reverse: Jupiter in quadriga galloping right, ROMA on raised tablet below.
Craw 28/3 var, Syd 68. 18.81 mm, 4.82 gm.

I think this is a debased Second Punic War emergency issue as it is under weight and billon, not silver. I could be wrong though.
b70Dec 08, 2008
M. Porcius Laeca37 viewsM. Porcius Laeca, 125 BC. AR denarius.
Obverse: Helmeted head of Roma right, LAECA behind.
Reverse: Libertas in quadriga, crowned by Victory, M POR ROMA below.
Cr270/1, Syd 513.

This moneyer was a descendant of P Porcius Laeca, praetor in 195BC who proposed and carried out the Lex Porcia Provocatione. This granted the Roman citizen residing outside the city the right of appeal in criminal matters against the magistrates acting in their military capacity.
b70Nov 13, 2008
Julius Caesar50 viewsJulius Caesar. 44 BC. AR Denarius. L. Aemilius Buca, moneyer.
Obverse: CAESAR D[CT PER]PETVO, laureate head right.
Reverse: L BVCA, winged caduceus and fasces in saltire; axe, globe, and clasped hands in angles.
Crawford 480/6; CRI 103; Sydenham 1063; RSC 25. 18mm - 2.90 g.
b70Oct 15, 2008
L. Titurius L.f Sabinus44 viewsL. Titurius L.f Sabinus, 89 BC, AR Denarius.
Obverse: Head of Tatius right, TA monogram in front.
Reverse: Two roman soldiers, each carries a woman in his arms.
Tituria 1, 3.88 gm.
3 commentsb70Oct 12, 2008
L. Calpurnius Piso Frugi32 viewsL. Calpurnius Piso Frugi. 90 BC. AR Denarius
Obverse: Laureate head of Apollo right; H behind, G before.
Reverse: Horseman galloping right, carrying palm; caduceus above; C below.
Crawford 340/1; Sydenham 670d; Calpurnia 11. 19mm - 4.03 g.
b70Oct 01, 2008

Random files - b70's Gallery
4. Antoninus Pius143 views Antoninus Pius, AR Denarius, 145-161, Rome
Laureate head right
Thunderbolt on draped table
18mm x 19mm, 2.91g
RIC III, 137
Note: RIC describes the reverse as winged thunderbolt, however, plate II, 27 shows the same reverse type without wings as this example.
Theodosius I32 viewsTheodosius I, 3, 384-387 AD, Siscia mint.
Obverse- CN THEODO-SIVS PF AVG; pearl-diademed, draped, and curissaed bust right.
Reverse- GLORIA RO-MANORVM; emperor advancing right, with right hand dragging captive, holding labarum with Chi-Rho symbol in left hand; BSISC in exergue.
RIC IX 38b2, 18.3 mm, 2.94 g.
1 commentsb70
constantivs II12 viewsObverse- CONSTANTI VSPFAVG
Exergue- SMTS
Pompey the Great50 viewsCn. Pompeius Magnus, Bronze AE 19, Soli-Pompeiopolis mint.
Obverse- Head of Pompey right.
Reverse- POMPHIOPOLEITWN, Nike advancing right, wreath in right, palm over shoulder in left, WP (monogram) / POV/DH in right field.
SNG Levante 880 ff. var (reverse field letters); BMC 54 var (same); RPC -.
7.488g, 21.8mm, 0o.
1 commentsb70