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In this album I will present a few coins that is not belonging to the ancient world or othervise artefacts that are not coins.

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Last additions - pierre_p77's Gallery
Lydia, Thyateira (200-100 BC) - AE1518 viewsObv: Apollo r.
Rev: OYATEI / PHN-ON, dubble axe.
Minted in Thyateira.
15 mm in diam, 4,5 g

BMC 4-7
pierre_p77Apr 12, 2017
Seleukid kingdom, Antiochus III (223-187 BC), AE 1614 viewsObv: laurate head of Apollo, hair in formal curls.
Rev: BASILEOS ANTIOXOY, Apollo standing left, holding arrow, resting left elbow on tall tripod.
Minted in Sardes.
16 mm in diam, 3,2 g.
pierre_p77Apr 10, 2017
Sweden - Carl XI (1660-1697), 2 mark - SM 129a20 viewsObv: CAROLVS XI REX SVECIAE, kings bust left, in "Roman outfit", draped and laureate.
Rev: The three crowns of Sweden surrounded by the year 16-76 and 2-M. D below (for the moneyer Daniel Faxell).
Minted in Stockholm 1676.
pierre_p77Mar 31, 2016
041 - Probus (276-282 AD), antoninianus - RIC 90429 viewsObv: VIRTVS PROBI AVG, Radiate, helmeted, cuirassed bust left, holding spear and shield.
Shield decorated with a rider right.
Rev: ADVENTVS PROBI AVG, Emperor riding left, right hand raised, left holding sceptre; captive at foot.
Minted in Cyzicus, second officinae (B in exe), second emission 276-277 AD
Bust type G

Ca 22 mm in diam. 3,8 g.
1 commentspierre_p77Mar 31, 2016
CHILE - 5 Pesos 1927 - KM 17322 viewsObv: REPUBLICA DE CHILE, defiant condor on the Rock Left.
Rev: 5 CINCO PESOS 1927 within wreath.
Minted in Santiago de Chile

37 mm in diam. 25 g.
1 commentspierre_p77Mar 30, 2016
040 - Probus (276-282 AD), antoninianus - RIC 87821 viewsObv: IMP C M AVR PROBVS AVG, radiate, helmeted, cuirassed bust left, holding spear and shield.
Rev: VIRTVS PROBI AVG, emperor galloping right, spearing enemy whose shield lies beneath horse.
Minted in Serdica (KA dot deltha dot in exe), officina 4, 4th emisson 277 AD.
Bust type G.

Ca. 23 mm in diam, 2,9 g.
pierre_p77Mar 30, 2016
039 - Victorinus (268-271 AD), Antoninianus - RIC 10928 viewsObv. IMP C PIA V VICTORINVS P F AVG, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right.
Rev. FIDES MILITVM, Fides standing left with two standards.

Minted in Treveri, 269-270 AD
2,9g, c 2,0 mm in diam
pierre_p77Mar 30, 2015
038 - Gallienus (253-268), Antoninianus - RIC 18(J)41 viewsObv: GALLIENVS P F AVG, radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust right.
Rev: GERMANICVS MAX V, two captives seated back-to-back flanking the foot of a trophy of captured arms, their arms tied behind their backs.
Minted in Cologne, 258-259 AD
Ca 20 mm in diam; 3,1 g.
1 commentspierre_p77Nov 02, 2014
037 - Gallienus (253-268 AD), Antoninianus - RIC 31738 viewsObv: GALLIENVS AVG, radiate cuirassed bust right.
Rev: VIRTVS AVG, Mars standing left, holding globe in right hand and spear in left hand, P in right field.
Minted in Rome, 261-262 AD
1 commentspierre_p77Nov 02, 2014
015 - Arcadius (383-408 AD), AE 2 - RIC 1551 viewsObv: D N ARCAD-IVS P F AVG, pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right, holding spear and shield in front. Above, hand of God holding wreath.
Rev: GLORIA RO-MANORVM, Emperor standing facing, head left, holding standard and resting on shield, kneeling captive to left.
Minted in Cyzicus (SMK delta in exe), 4th officina, 383 AD.
22 mm in diam, 3,9 g.
1 commentspierre_p77Oct 31, 2014
014 - Theodosius I (379-395 AD), AE 2 - RIC 83b42 viewsObv: DN THEODOSIVS P F AVG, pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right.
Rev: VIRTVS EXERCITI, emperor standing right, holding standard and globe, left foot on captive. Rho-cross in left field.
Minted in Constantinopolis (CONSA in exe), 25 Aug 383 - 28 Aug 388 AD.
pierre_p77Oct 30, 2014
013 - Jovian (363-364), AE3 - RIC 118A42 viewsObv: DN IOVIANVS P F AVG, pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right.
Rev: VOT / V / MULT / X within wreath.
Minted in Sirmium (ASIRM in exe), first officina, 363-364 AD.
pierre_p77Oct 30, 2014
Sweden - Oscar I (1844-1859), 50 ore 1857- SM33 viewsObv: OSCAR SVERIGES NORR. G÷TH. O. VEND. KONUNG, head right.
Rev: 50 ORE 1857 in wreath, crown above.
Minted in Stockholm 1857

This was the first year the value of 50 ore was minted. The last 50 ore was minted in 2009.
pierre_p77Apr 13, 2013
007 - Gordian III (238-244 AD), Sestertius - RIC 300a109 viewsObv: IMP GORDIANVS PIVS FEL AVG, Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right.
Rev: LAETITIA AVG N, Laetitia standing left, holding wreath and anchor.
Minted in Rome 241-243 AD.
4 commentspierre_p77Apr 12, 2013
Sweden - Adolf Fredrik (1751-1771) 2 ore SM - SM 16851 viewsRev: two crossed arrows (indicating the origin of the cupper from the province of Dalarna), crown in upper field, 2 ÷R - SM in side fields and 1759 below.

Obv: A. F. S. G. V. R (Adolphus Fridericus Svecorum Gothorum Vandalorumque Rex); lion standing l. on shield with royal crown abowe and surrounded by the Swedish three crowns.

Adolph Frederick was the first king of the house of Holstein - Gottorp. He was a weak king in the hands of the Swedish parliamentary government. But his regin was fairly peacefull. He is most famous for his death that occured after he consumed a very large meal, topped off with 14 servings of his favourite dessert: semla served in a bowl of hot milk. He is thus remembered by Swedish school children as "the king who ate himself to death."
pierre_p77Mar 27, 2013
Sweden - Carl (IX) as duke (1560-1599 (1604)), 2 mark - SM 2053 viewsObv: crowned CDS (Carolus Dux Sudermanniae), 2.M (2 mark) bellow.
Rev: the Vasa dynasty coat of arms surrounded by the year 1604.

Minted in Kalmar 1604.

This coin was struck for Carl as duke of Sodermanland (a Swedish province), a title he held between 1560-1599. After he had autmaneuvered his nephew Sigismund, the catholic king of Sweden and Poland, he was declared regent in 1600 but was not formally made king until 1604. Coins with the duke title was sporadically struck until 1604.
1 commentspierre_p77May 29, 2011

Random files - pierre_p77's Gallery
029 - Roman republic, P Maenius Antiaticus. denarius - Syd 492. Cr 249/135 viewsObv: helmeted head of Roma right, X behind.
Rev: Victory in quadriga right, P MAE ANT below, ROMA in exe.
Minted in Rome 132 BC.
007 - Claudius II (268-270 AD), Antoninianus - RIC 13 30 viewsObv: IMP C CLAVDIVS AVG, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right.
Rev: ADVENTVS AVG, emperor on horseback left, holding scptre and rising hand in salute.
Minted in Rome.
1 commentspierre_p77
015 - Antoninus Pius (138-161 AD), denarius - RIC 21833 viewsObv: IMP CAES T AEL HADR ANTONINVS AVG PIVS P P, laureate head right.
Rev: TR POT XV COS IIII and TRANQ in exe, Tranquillitas standing right, holding rudder and grain ears.
Minted in Rome 151-152 AD.
020 - Commodus (177-192 AD), denarius - RIC 235 var.36 viewsObv: L AEL AVREL COMM AVG P FEL, laureate bust right.
Rev: P M TR P XVII IMP VIII COS VII P P, Fortuna standing left, holding caduceus and cornucopia; star in right field.
Minted in Rome 192 AD.

RIC 235 var, star in right field instead of left field.