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Byzantine Anonymous Folles


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60 files, last one added on Oct 13, 2016

Judaea: Herodian and Procurators

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Coins of the Herodians and Procurators
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Coins are listed by Hendin GBC Numbers: GBC4 / GBC5

90 files, last one added on Aug 07, 2014

Roman Emperors of the 1st Century A.D.


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24 files, last one added on Apr 12, 2016

Mahogany Coin Cabinets


This gallery contains pictures of various cabinets I've build for collectors Additional information can be found at:

15 files, last one added on Aug 03, 2016

Judaea: Hasmonean and Misc.


15 files, last one added on Aug 26, 2014

The Seven Churches of Revelation

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Last additions - cmcdon0923's Gallery
Class = A1 [004]16 views6.26 grams
24.9 mm
Attributed to JOHN I, TZIMISCES (969-976) SEAR 1793
Overstruck on a follis of Nicepheros II, either S-1782 or 1783
cmcdon0923Oct 13, 2016
104 viewsHere is an example of a cabinet showing three different available styles of trays for storage. At the top is a standard round recess type tray....very traditional.

In the middle is an open format tray for displaying items "free form", or for items of unusual sizes/shapes such as large medals, military decorations or pocket watches.

On the bottom is a new offering; a drawer is for slabs. Each drawer can hold 30 slabs from any of the three major slabbing firms; PCGS, NCG, or ANACS. Other commercial, or "DIY" slabs should also fit, provided they are no larger than any from the "big three" firms.
cmcdon0923Aug 03, 2016
Tiberius: 14 - 37AD14 viewsAE As; Rome Mint
Struck 15-16 AD
Obv. - bare head right; TI.CAESAR.DIVI.AVG.F.AVGVST.IMP.VII
Rev. - Livia seated right, S C ; PONTIF.MAXIM.TRIBVN.POTEST.XVII
10.40 grams
1 commentscmcdon0923Apr 12, 2016
Augustus: 27BC - 14AD17 viewsAE As; Rome Mint
Struck 11 - 12 BC
Obv. - bare head left; IMP CAESAR DIVI F AVGVSTVS IMP XX
10.27 grams
ex. CNG; estate of Tom Cederlind
1 commentscmcdon0923Apr 07, 2016
Julius Caesar; 46 - 44BC23 views∆ Sestertius (poss. Dupondius)
Struck ca. 38BC, generally attributed to an unknown "Southern Italian" mint.
Rev. - Wreathed head of Julius Caesar right, DIVOS JVLIVS around
Obv. - Bare head of Octavian right, wearing slight beard CAESAR (DIVI), around
13.82 grams
28 mm

While obviously Julius Caesar does not qualify as a First Century Roman Emperor, I figured that a coin depicting his posthumous image might technically allow me to complete a "12 Caesars" set until a lifetime portrait in bronze can be found.
1 commentscmcdon0923Aug 03, 2015
56 viewsAn 18 tray cabinet with locking doors, built to hold a collection of ancients.
cmcdon0923Jul 09, 2015
44 viewsA 15 tray cabinet ordered as a surprise Valentine's Day gift.
cmcdon0923May 08, 2015
45 viewsAn 18 tray cabinet with doors. This was one of five cabinets I built for this collector to house his collection of ancient electrum and gold.
cmcdon0923Apr 28, 2015
43 viewsA little six tray "mini-cabinet" built for a collector to display her collection of Lincoln a few larger spaces to hold some Native American arrowheads.
cmcdon0923Apr 23, 2015
60 views12 tray cabinet
cmcdon0923Apr 18, 2015
73 viewsA 15 tray cabinet purchased by a collector in Tokyo, Japan.
1 commentscmcdon0923Apr 13, 2015
62 viewsA special smaller coin box I built for a collector. The box measures about 8.5" wide by 9" deep by 5" tall. It contains 6 thicker trays with slightly deeper recesses.
cmcdon0923Apr 10, 2015
61 viewsAn example of a cabinet built for a collector, and friend of mine.
cmcdon0923Apr 09, 2015
68 viewsA picture of a cabinet I built for a collector, featuring 18 trays and locking doors.
1 commentscmcdon0923Apr 08, 2015
John Hyrcanus I (Yehohanan) - 135 - 104 BC17 viewslepton
Hendin 458 / 1134
0.69 grams
cmcdon0923Aug 26, 2014
Mattathias Antigonus (Mattatayah), 40 - 37 B.C13 viewsprutah
Hendin 483 / 1164
1.55 grams
cmcdon0923Aug 26, 2014

Random files - cmcdon0923's Gallery
Class = A3 [005]15 views11.53 grams
29.0 mm
Attributed to Basil II & Constantine VII (976-1025)
DOC: 41 (?)
Class = J [002]26 views6.78 grams
24.2 mm
Attributed to ALEXIUS I, Comnenus (1081-1118)
SEAR 1900
Unstruck lead planchet34 viewsPb planchet, unstruck
4.81 gm
13.92 mm (16.76 across casting sprues)

This unstruck lead planchet is possibly of the Hasmonean time period based on size and weight, although it is not possible to attribute it to any specific coinage issuer with absolute certainty. The center dot from the casting mould is prominent on the "obverse", and the "reverse" is completely smooth and blank.
1 commentscmcdon0923
H_001 [CDM].JPG
Class = H [001]20 views7.22 grams
25.7 mm
Attributed to MICHAEL VII DUCAS (1071-1078)
SEAR 1880