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Vespasian RIC 02
AR Denarius, 3.35g
Rome Mint, 69-70 AD
Obv: IMP CAESAR VESPASIANVS AVG; Head of Vespasian, laureate, r.
Rev: IVDAEA in ex.; Jewess (as type of Judaea), draped and veiled, seated r. on ground in attitude of mourning, knees drawn up, head resting on l. hand, which is propped on knees, r. arm on lap; behind, trophy, consisting of helmet, cuirass, oblong and round shield, greaves, and two round shields
RIC 2 (C2). BMC 35. RSC 226. BNC 23. Hendin 1479.
Acquired from Glenn W. Woods, October 2003.

A reverse which commemorates the Roman victory over the Jews in the Jewish war of 66-70 A.D. Here is what the BMCRE stated about the reverse: "The veil over her head, the head sunk over her hand, her whole posture express utter dejection." One of the most important historical types of the Flavian dynasty. Although listed in RIC as Vespasian's first denarius type, this reverse could not have been struck before August 70 when Jerusalem fell to Titus Caesar and Judaea was truly 'Capta'. Although a very common type, these command premium prices in trade.

A coin that has a wonderful 'soldier-like' portrait and very detailed reverse. Very well centred for the type, most of which were struck on small flans.
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