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Japan. Tokugawa Shogunate. Shin-Kanei Tsuho (new Kanei Tsuho). Fukyu-te: Jumantsubo-sen
Hartill 4.126-6a var; Jones (2007) 218 var; KM C 1.1 var; Zeno # 254355

1 mon (cast copper alloy), cast 1726-1732 (Kyoho 11-17), Jumantsubo, Fukagawa-Edo (Musashi Province); 2.92 g., 24.22 mm. max.

Obv: 寛永通寶 Kanei tsuho

Rev: Blank

Seven mints cast coins in Fukyu-te (Fukyu script, or in the manner of Fukyu), which are named after a Nagasaki merchant who studied the series. The distinguishing characteristics are a prominent protruding 爪 tsume/claw at the bottom left of the 貝 kai component of 寶 ho, and a closed マ ma/head on 通 tsu. The head of the 永 ei is also drooping. On the Zeno website, the coins in the series are orgamized as The five mints of Kanei Tsuho with the character EI inclined to the left, although in many cases this inclination does not appear to be present.

Hartill lists just two varieties of Fukyu-te from the Junantsubo mint, and Jones lists one. Hartill notes that specialist works list many varieties of Fukyu-te (without reference to the number specifically from this mint). The paper, Guide for Identification of Cash Coin Kanei Tsuho with the Character EI Inclined to the Left, identifies three varieties. Hartill notes that the varieties of Fukyu-te are difficult to tell apart. This is an understatement. The coins cast by the different mints can often be distinguished principally by size and weight, with those cast at Jumantsubo having a diameter of about 24.0 mm. and a weight of about 2.8 g. On almost all those cast at Jumantsubo, the legs of 寶 ho are lower than the central hole.

This coin is the variety in which the legs of 寛 kan are high (高寛 Kokan) and the 見 ken component has a prominent vertical stroke, and the 永 ei is centered (退永 Taiei) with a distinct hook of the right arm.

Hartill rarity VC
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