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GALLIENVS AVG / DIANAE CONS AVG antelope antoninianus (close to 267-268 A.D.) "Zoo" series
Obv.: GALLIENVS AVG, radiate bare? bust of Gallienus right, [one ribbon behind, one forward across shoulder?]
Rev.: DIANAE CONS AVG, antelope, walking left. Exergue unclear, mintmark broken off.

irregular 16-19mm, 2.13g, die axis 6h (coin alignment), material: bronze/copper-based alloy supposedly with some silver.

Authority and portrait: Gallienus (joint reign 253-, sole reign 260-268). Mint: Rome.

AVG = Augustus; DIANAE CONS[ervatorix] AVG[usti]= to Diana the Protector of the Augustus.

"Zoo" coins: a significant fraction of Gallienus radiates was issued very near the end of his reign to honor nine Roman deities, asking for their protection. Their reverses depict various animals and thus are known as "zoo" coins. Typically stag or doe is the sacred animal of Diana, but in this case it is antelope.

RIC V-1 181; RSC 165; Goebl 750b; Sear 10200. RIC 181 has some variations: emperor's bust bare/draped/cuirassed, antelope walking left or right and so on. The size is typically 19-20mm, but there are slightly larger types.

Note that as often with Rome mint some letters are made of separate lines and thus sometimes V = II, N = ΛI or III, M = IIII etc.

The officina is unknown, for this type it is typically XI or XII.
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