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Kings of Macedon, Demetrios I Poliorketes, 306-283 BC, AR Tetradrachm - Corinth ca. 290-287 BC
Head of Herakles right wearing lion skin headdress.
BAΣIΛEΩΣ AΛEΞANΔPOY Zeus Atophoros seated left, aphlaston in left field, NO beneath throne.

Troxell Peloponnesian Alexanders pl. XIX, 7 (same dies); Price 681 var. (no royal title and Nikai on throne back), Commerce ("Seleucus I") Hoard 2005 (CH 10.265) #318 (Plate 1, 318 - this coin).
Struck ca. 290-287 BC in Corinth by Demetrios I Poliorketes.

(28 mm, 17.09 g, 2h).
Jencek Historical Enterprise; ex-Hesselgesser Collection: Goldberg Auction 42 (13 September 2007) Lot 39; ex-CNG 72 (14 June 2006) Lot 320; ex-Commerce ("Seleucus I") Hoard 2005 (CH 10.265).

This coin is remarkable for the fact that it can be tied directly to events that transpired around 290-286 BC culminating in the final show down between Demetrios and Seleukos. It was part of a hoard believed to have been a component of Seleukos treasury buried in 281 BC. It was struck by Demetrios Poliorketes probably in the period 290-287 BC and travelled with his mercenary army to Asia Minor in 286 BC during an invasion aimed at regaining the legacy of his father Antigonos Monopthalmos. When his army mutinied, Demetrios was forced to surrender to Seleukos I Nikator and this coin found its way into Seleukos military campaign treasury. On the assassination of Seleukos in 281 BC a portion of this treasury, consisting of at least three thousand tetradrachms and drachms was buried, eventually to enter modern commerce in 2005 at which point the partial composition of the hoard, including this coin, was documented by Brad Nelson in his 2010 paper the Commerce ("Seleucus I") Hoard 2005 (CH 10.265).
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