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Most viewed - Work of Known Forgers
Slavey - Octavian1840 viewscommodus
Lipanoff(?) - Modern Fake Dies1764 viewsJoe Sermarini
Becker - Becker Reproductions (Peter Rosa) Lead Die-Struck Trial Piece933 views1 commentsJoe Sermarini
Toronto Group - Zeugitana, Carthage, Siculo-Punic, 350-325 BC820 viewsLawrence Woolslayer
Utmanzai Group - Bactria, Heliocles II768 viewscommodus
Slavey fakes.jpg
Slavey - Slavey Copies721 viewsVitruvius
Becker No 34.jpg
Becker No 34720 views1 commentsmaridvnvm
Toronto Group - Zeugitana, Carthage, Siculo-Punic, 325-300 BC720 viewsLawrence Woolslayer
Rosa - Attica Tetradrachm, Athena and Owl, Rosa copy691 viewsMassanutten
monneron - French eBay seller monneron - Peculiar Patina678 views
Blagoevgrad Studio - Alexander III, Neapolis, Thasos, Rhodos624 viewsIlya Prokopov
BrutusAndTheIdesof mar.jpg
Rosa - Brutus and The Ides of March Denarius from Rosa dies576 viewsMassanutten
Becker No 3~0.jpg
Becker - Apulia, Arpi, c. 276-260478 viewsmaridvnvm
Slavey473 views1 commentsIlya Prokopov
Pertinax Slavey.jpg
Slavey - Pertinax Den444 viewswolfgang336
Becker No 8~0.jpg
Becker - Italy, Lucania, Metapontion, c. 400-340 BC443 viewsmaridvnvm
Sousek - Macedonian Kingdom, Philip II, 359-336 BC, #3441 views3 commentsLawrence Woolslayer
Becker - Caligula SPQR Denar, Dies by Becker437 viewsMassanutten
Toronto Group - Maximus428 viewswolfgang336
Becker - Claudius SPQR Denar427 viewsMassanutten
VitelliusAnd Children.jpg
Becker - Vitellius Denarius412 viewsMassanutten
Novi Pazar - Faustina Senior - Gordian III410 viewsIlya Prokopov
Cast fakes 407 viewsIlya Prokopov
Becker - Antony and Caesar by Becker402 viewsMassanutten
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