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Last additions - wolfgang336
magnentius multiple2.jpg
Magnentius Silver Multiple458 views3 commentswolfgang336Jan 06, 2006
Gordian III Denarius1.jpg
Gordian III, Denarius, Secvritas PP211 viewswolfgang336Jan 06, 2006
Constantine Repro2.jpg
Constantine Ae3308 views1 commentswolfgang336Dec 17, 2005
Marcus Aurelius154 viewswolfgang336Dec 06, 2005
Aelius, Denarius, RIC -734 viewswolfgang336Dec 06, 2005
julian II.jpg
Julian II Siliqua Reproduction230 viewswolfgang336Oct 11, 2005
Julia Mamaea Reproduction Aureus177 viewswolfgang336Oct 11, 2005
Hostilian Aureus Reproduction112 viewswolfgang336Oct 11, 2005
constantine repro.jpg
Constantine Reproduction Medallion190 viewswolfgang336Sep 25, 2005
Lysimachos, gold195 viewswolfgang336Sep 11, 2005
Alex Fake3.jpg
Alexander the Great, Alexander III, Gold378 viewswolfgang336Sep 11, 2005
Anonymous Denarius551 viewswolfgang336Sep 05, 2005
aureus fake.jpg
Julius Caesar Aureus174 views1 commentswolfgang336Jun 30, 2005
vespasian aureus.jpg
Vespasian Aureus156 viewswolfgang336Jun 30, 2005
antony repro.jpg
Marc Antony LEG III Aureus200 views1 commentswolfgang336Jun 27, 2005
constantien repros.jpg
Constantine Campgate Reproductions674 viewswolfgang336Jun 25, 2005
rosa larissa3.jpg
COPY - Rosa G - Larissa AR Syracus3 Tetradrachm259 viewswolfgang336Jun 17, 2005
Constantius II3.jpg
Constantius II solidus RIC 8 Ant 84496 viewswolfgang336Jun 17, 2005
Fake Julian II3.jpg
Julian II as Caesar Solidus279 viewswolfgang336Jun 17, 2005
licinius fake3.jpg
Licinius Solidus395 views2 commentswolfgang336Jun 17, 2005
romanus III3.jpg
Romanus III Solidus913 viewswolfgang336Jun 17, 2005
theo fake.jpg
Theodosius Solidus323 viewswolfgang336Jun 17, 2005
athens tet.jpg
Athens, silver dekadrachm1547 viewswolfgang336May 07, 2005
Tacitus Aureus282 views1 commentswolfgang336Apr 15, 2005
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