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Those reported to have been servants, maids, slaves and attendants, and their masters





A maid that Penelope had received from her father.


One of the maids of Helen.

Aethra 2

Mother of Theseus captured by the DIOSCURI She became the handmaid of Helen but at the end of the Trojan War she was taken back to Athens by Demophon 1 and Acamas 1.

Agelaus 2

A servant of Priam 1 who exposed Paris following the king's instructions. After five days having found the child safe, he carried it away and brought it up as his own son.

Alcippe 3

One of the maids of Helen.

Admetus 1

Zeus, as a penalty for having destroyed the CYCLOPES, ordered Apollo to serve as a thrall to a man for a year. And this man came to be Admetus 1 (see Alcestis).

Arsinoe 1


When Arsinoe 1 married Alcmaeon 1 she received the Necklace of Harmonia 1. Later her brothers murdered her husband and when Arsinoe 1 upbraided them, the sons of Phegeus 1 clapped her into a chest and carried her to Tegea and gave her as a slave to Agapenor, falsely accusing her of her husband's murder (see Robe & Necklace of Harmonia 1.

Asterion 4

Astraeus 1

Servant of Astraeus 1, the father of the stars.


Harmonia 3

An attendant of Harmonia 3, the Allmother Harmonia.

Autonoe 5

One of Penelope's maids.

Battus 1

A servant of Neleus who falsely promised Hermes not to tell about the cattle stolen by the god, and for that was turned into a stone by the god.

Harmonia 3

Handmaid of Harmonia 3, the Allmother Harmonia; in her dwelling she attended the north gate.


Servant of Hephaestus who was given to Orion to serve him as a guide.



Chelidon was raped by Polytechnos, and became the servant of her sister Aedon (see Chelidon in the Dictionary).

Clymene 6

Helen's maid at Troy.


Cnageus followed the DIOSCURI in their campaign against Aphidnae. Made a prisoner he was sold as a slave in Crete, wherefrom he escaped taking with him the priestess of Artemis and an image known as Artemis Cnagia.

Attendants of the Mother of the Gods.


The old servant that Penelope had received from her father.

Electra 5

A maid of Helen.

Odysseus' servant and swineherd. Odysseus came to him in the guise of a beggar and learned from him the state of affairs in his home.



A servant whom Laertes had procured for the price of twenty oxen. She was the nurse of Odysseus and Telemachus.



A servant of Amulius. He was ordered to expose the twins Romulus and Remus 1.


Alcmena's attendant at the birth of Heracles 1. She deceived those who came to prevent Alcmena from giving birth.



A Sicilian who was present when the games in honour of Anchises 1 were held, with Acestes as host, of whom he was attendant.

See HERACLES 1'S LABOURS that were ordered by Eurystheus.


Omphale bought Heracles 1 as a slave, and he served her for one year.

Hippodamia 6

One of Penelope's maids.

The HORAE are the wardens of the sky and of Olympus, and their task is to open and close the Gates of Heaven. They were handmaids of Helius and were given the ordering and adornment of life.


Lycurgus 3

Queen of the Lemnian women who was afterwards sold into slavery by them. When the Lemnian women decided to kill their husbands and all men in Lemnos because of their having taken Thracian wives, Hypsipyle secretly spared her father. When the SEVEN AGAINST THEBES came to Nemea of which Lycurgus 3 was king, she showed them the way to a spring. At the time she nursed the child Opheltes 1, son of Lycurgus 3

The MAENADS are crazed women, attendants of Dionysus 2.

Melanthius 2

The goatherd and servant who scorned Odysseus and Telemachus.

Melantho 1

A maid in the house of Odysseus who had been brought up by Penelope.


A servant whom Eumaeus 1 had procured for himself during his master's absence.



A Sidonian girl brought up by Cadmus who was Ino's attendant maid and took care of Dionysus 2.


Female slave of Minos 2. Mother, by Daedalus, of Icarus 1.

Opis 4

One of the attendants of Artemis and the killer of Arruns 1.



A Sicilian, attendant of Acestes.


A maid of Helen.


A maid of Tyrian race, attendant of Semele.


Phisadie was given in servitude to Helen by the DIOSCURI. She was sister of Pirithous.

Pholoe 1


A slave girl from Crete skilled in weaving, who was given as a prize to Sergestus.

Phorbas 8

An aged attendant of Antigone 2, and former squire of Laius 1.


One of the maids of Helen.


Aetolian slave of Menelaus, by whom he had a son Nicostratus.


Servant of Poseidon who gave his oracles at Delphi, in the earliest times.


One of Aeneas' servants killed by Turnus.

Horned attendants of Dionysus 2.

Tarchetius' Maid


According to one account mother of Romulus and Remus 1 (see Romulus).

Thelxinoe 2

An attendant of Semele.


Once a queen, but later a handmaid of Helen.

Tisiphone 2

Alcmaeon 1

Tisiphone 2 was given by her father to Creon 1 to be brought up, but was sold as a slave by the latter's wife, who feared her beauty. She was bought by her father, not knowing that she was his daughter, and kept by him as a maid.

Woman 4 Servant

Mother by Porthaon, of Lacoon, one of the ARGONAUTS.

Woman 10 Slave

Mother by a Lydian king of Helenor, whom the troops of Turnus, the man who opposed Aeneas in Italy, killed.

Woman 13 Slave

Mother, by Heracles 1, of Cleodaeus 1.

Woman 16 Sidonian

Ctesius 1

A Phoenician woman who was sold as a slave to Ctesius 1 by Taphian pirates. Phoenician merchants promised to take her back to her land, and when she fled with them, she took with her the boy Eumaeus 1. She was killed by Artemis, and later the same merchants sold Eumaeus 1 as a slave in Ithaca.

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