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Jovinus, 411 - August 413 A.D.

Sebastianus Jovinus was of noble Gallic descent and was proclaimed emperor by a barbarian coalition, which was perhaps part of the Roman army, probably at Mundiacum (near Tongres, Belgium). His support included Burgundians, Alans, Alamanni, Franks, and for a short time the Visigoths. He and his brother, Sebastian, however, were captured by the turncoat Visigoths and surrendered to Honorius' officers. Their heads were delivered to Honorius at Ravenna on 30 August 413 A.D.

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RIC X reports the reverse legend break O-R, as on this example, is known only from a single die.
SH01636. Silver siliqua, RIC X 1712, RSC V 4+a, VF, weight 1.30 g, maximum diameter 15.5 mm, die axis 0o, Treveri (Trier, Germany) mint, obverse D N IOVIN-VS P F AVG, pearl diademed, draped, and cuirassed bust right; reverse VICT-O-RIA AVGG, Roma seated left on throne, holding Victory on globe and reversed spear, TRMS in exergue; nicely toned; very rare (R4); SOLD





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