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Roman Procurators of Judaea

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Judaea, Pontius Pilate, Roman Prefect Under Tiberius, 26 - 36 A.D.

|Pontius| |Pilate|, |Judaea,| |Pontius| |Pilate,| |Roman| |Prefect| |Under| |Tiberius,| |26| |-| |36| |A.D.||prutah|
Pontius Pilate is chiefly known for the part he played in the trial and crucifixion of Jesus. Scholars disagree on the date of this type. If the "S" is actually a retrograde (backward) "Z," the date is year 17 or 30 A.D. If the "S" is actually the Greek letter stigma, the date is year 16 or 29 A.D.
JD97417. Bronze prutah, Hendin 1342a, Meshorer TJC 333b, RPC I 4968 var. (LIZ), SGICV 5623 var. (LIZ), aVF, nice green patina, highlighting lighter green deposit, reverse edge beveled, casting void edge flaw, remnants of pre-strike casting sprues, weight 2.058 g, maximum diameter 15.3 mm, Jerusalem mint, 29 or 30 A.D.; obverse TIBEPIOY KAICAPOC, lituus (augural wand); reverse LIς (year 16) or LIZ (Z retrograde, year 17) within wreath; $125.00 (115.00)

Judaea, Valerius Gratus, Roman Prefect Under Tiberius, 15 - 26 A.D.

|Valerius| |Gratus|, |Judaea,| |Valerius| |Gratus,| |Roman| |Prefect| |Under| |Tiberius,| |15| |-| |26| |A.D.||prutah|
Julia on the obverse, refers to Livia, wife of Augustus and mother of Tiberius. Livia took the name Julia Augusta after Augustus died.

In the book Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ and its derived films, Gratus is almost killed by a tile accidentally dropped by Judah Ben-Hur. This prompts all subsequent events of the story. In the novel Gratus is portrayed as a corrupt governor who acted against Ben-Hur's family in order to enrich himself.
JD97359. Bronze prutah, Hendin 1335, Meshorer TJC 321, Sofaer Collection pl. 219, 18; BMC Palestine p. 253, 16; RPC I 4961, aF, dark patina, highlighting red earthen deposits, weak strike, reverse off center, irregular flan with remnants of pre-strike casting sprues, weight 1.571 g, maximum diameter 15.3 mm, die axis 0o, Jerusalem mint, 16 - 17 A.D.; obverse IOY/ΛIA (Greek: Julia = Livia) in two lines within wreath; reverse three lilies in bloom, flanked by date L - Γ (year 3 of Tiberius); $80.00 (73.60)

Judaea, Antonius Felix, Roman Procurator Under Claudius and Nero, 52 - 60 A.D.

|Antonius| |Felix|, |Judaea,| |Antonius| |Felix,| |Roman| |Procurator| |Under| |Claudius| |and| |Nero,| |52| |-| |60| |A.D.||prutah|
In 54 A.D., violence erupted in Caesarea in response to a local ordinance restricting the rights of Jews. Jews and pagans clashed. The Roman garrison, made up of Syrians, sided with the pagans. Jews, armed with clubs and swords, gathered in the marketplace. Antonius Felix ordered his troops to charge. Violence continued and Felix asked Nero to arbitrate. Nero, sided with the pagans only increasing the Jews' anger.
JD97321. Bronze prutah, Hendin 1347; Meshorer TJC 342; BMC Palestine p. 261, 1; Sofaer Collection pl. 220, 62; RPC I 4970, F, dark green patina with highlighting lighter green deposits, off center, weight 2.300 g, maximum diameter 16.7 mm, die axis 315o, Jerusalem mint, 54 A.D.; obverse IOY/ΛIA AΓ/PIΠΠI/NA (Julia Agrippina - wife of Claudius), within a wreath tied at the bottom with an X; reverse TI KΛAY∆IOC KAICAP ΓEPM (Tiberius Claudius Caesar Germanicus), two crossed palm fronds, L I∆ (year 14) low center; $70.00 (64.40)

Judaea, Valerius Gratus, Roman Prefect Under Tiberius, 15 - 26 A.D.

|Valerius| |Gratus|, |Judaea,| |Valerius| |Gratus,| |Roman| |Prefect| |Under| |Tiberius,| |15| |-| |26| |A.D.||prutah|
In 18 A.D., Germanicus Caesar arrived in Syria, as the new commander for the Roman East. Gnaeus Calpurnius Piso, governor of Syria, ignored Germanicus' order to send Syrian-based legions to Armenia to back his planned coronation of Artaxias III. Some Roman sources of the period suggest that Tiberius gave Piso secret instructions to thwart and control Germanicus. The following year Germanicus died at Antioch. On his deathbed he accused Piso of poisoning him. Tiberius was forced to order an investigation and a public trial in the Roman Senate for Piso. Piso committed suicide, though it was rumored that Tiberius, fearing incriminating disclosures, had him put to death.
JD97363. Bronze prutah, Hendin 1339; Meshorer TJC 328; Sofaer Collection pl. 219, 28; BMC Palestine p. 255, 38; RPC I 4965, F, porous, reverse slightly off center, edge split, obverse edge beveled, pre-strike casting sprue remnants, weight 1.788 g, maximum diameter 15.5 mm, die axis 0o, Jerusalem mint, 18 - 19 A.D.; obverse TIB / KAI/CAP (Greek: Tiberius Caesar) in three lines within wreath tied at base with an X; reverse palm branch curving right, flanked by IOY-ΛIA (Greek: Julia) above L - E (year 5 of Tiberius) in two lines across field; from an Israeli collection; $70.00 (64.40)

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