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Home > Catalog > Roman Coins > The Severan Period > Elagabalus > SH57095
Elagabalus, 16 May 218 - 11 March 222 A.D., Laodicea ad Mare(?), Seleukis and Pieria, Syria
This type is traditionally assigned to Antioch. Prieur suggests Emisa. McAlee identifies Laodicea as the most likely mint. McAlee interprets ∆ − E as "∆ EΠAPXEIΩN," meaning "of the four eparchies" and notes, "After Septimius stripped Antioch of its privileges and conferred them on Laodicea-ad-Mare, some coins of Laodicea bear the legend 'Metropolis of the Four Provinces,' and others have a representation of four Tyches. The letters DE also regularly appear on the coins of Laodicea from the time of Elagabalus to that of Trebonianus Gallus."
SH57095. Billon tetradrachm, McAlee 758, Prieur 249, SNG Cop 236 - 237, SGICV 3096, VF, toned, Laodicea ad Mare (Latakia, Syria) mint, weight 13.298g, maximum diameter 26.8mm, die axis 180o, 219 A.D.; obverse AYT K M A ANTWNEINOC CEB, laureate bust right, drapery on left shoulder; reverse ∆HMAPX EΞOYCIAC YΠ B (holder of Tribunitian power, consul for the second time), eagle standing slightly right, wings spread, head left, wreath in beak, ∆ − E flanking eagle's head, star between legs; SOLD

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