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When we make a special buy, we will give you the opportunity to share our luck. Random selection coins from bulk lots in this section are unattributed and without flips or tags. Please don't ask us to provide individual coin photos or pick a nicer coin especially for you - luck of the draw is fair to everyone. If you want more than one coin, you can change the quantity in the shopping cart.

Lot of 6 Coins, Crusaders, Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia, 12th - 13th Century A.D.
Click for a larger photo Outside the Armenian Highland and distinct from Armenian the Kingdom of Antiquity, Armenian Cilicia was formed by refugees fleeing the Seljuk invasion. In 1198, with the crowning of Levon the Magnificent, Armenian Cilicia became a kingdom. The capital was originally at Tarsus, and later at Sis. Armenian Cilicia thrived economically, with the port of Ayas serving as a center for East to West trade. Armenia adopted Western European feudalism and customs for the nobility including chivalry, fashion, and the use of French titles, names, and language. The fall of Sis and the fortress of Gaban to the Mamluks put an end to the kingdom in 1375. The last king, Levon V, was granted safe passage, and died in exile in Paris.
SP38162. Bronze lot, Cilician Armenia, unattributed, no flips or tags, Fair - Fine, randomly selected by Forum from the coins in the photograph, 6 coin lot; SOLD Out of Stock!

Nevers, France, Mahaut II, 1257 - 1267 A.D.
Click for a larger photo
ME47191. Silver denier, Poey 2141, Boudeau 347, Roberts 4691; c. 0.75g, c. 18mm diameter, F, typical weak strike, obverse + · M · COMITISSA, bar, fleur-de-lis above, two stars below; reverse + NIVERNIS CIVIT, cross pattée; Forum's random selection from the same group as coins in the photograph, one coin; SOLD Out of Stock!

Click for a larger photo
RB11186. Silvered antoninianus, RIC V, part 2, 928, F or better, Tripolis (Tripoli, Lebanon) mint, obverse IMP C M AVR PROBVS AVG, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right; reverse CLEMENTIA TEMP, Emperor standing right receiving globe from Jupiter standing left holding scepter, crescent in center, KA in ex; nice coins, some with silvering, one coin, FORVM's random selection of Tripolis mint RIC 928 from the actual coins pictured above; scarce mint; SOLD Out of Stock!

10 Ancient Mostly Silver Coins
Click for a larger photo Mark Antony legionary denarius, Celtic drachm, CONSECRATIO funeral pyre reverse type, unusual VF counterfeit Septimius Severus denarius. Only $13 each!
LT14126. lot, 10 ancient mostly silver coins, mostly Roman, may include Celtic and Greek, may include ancient counterfeits (silver plated) or bronze limes denarii, the actual coins seen in the picture, bargain priced!; SOLD

10 Ancient Roman Imperial Bronze Coins
Click for a larger photo
LT60254. Bronze Lot, unattributed, actual coins in the photograph; SOLD

10 Ancient Roman Imperial Bronze Coins
Click for a larger photo
LT60255. Bronze Lot, unattributed, actual coins in the photograph; SOLD

Valerian I, October 253 - c. June 260 A.D.
Click for a larger photo Great story coin! The false propaganda on the reverse is particularly ironic considering Valerian's fate. After years of war and great losses, Valerian arranged peace talks with the Sasanian Persian emperor Sapor. He set off with a small group to discuss terms and was never seen again. In Rome it was rumored that Sapor was using his stuffed body as a footstool.
SP66425. Billon antoninianus, Göbl MIR 1700l (Samosata), RIC V 287 (Antioch), SRCV III 9967 (uncertain Syrian mint), Fine or better, Syrian mint, 258 - 260 A.D.; obverse IMP C P LIC VALERIANVS P F AVG, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right; reverse RESTITVT ORIENTIS (restorer of the East), turreted female (the Orient) presenting wreath to the Emperor standing left holding spear, pellet in wreath above; Forum's random selection, ONE COIN; SOLD Out of Stock!

Byzantine Anonymous Follis of Christ, Class B, Romanus III or Michael IV, 12 November 1028 - 10 December 1041 A.D.
Click for a larger photo Bargain Price!
SP11168. Bronze anonymous follis, Anonymous follis of Christ, class B; SBCV 1823; DOC 26, attractive aF or better, Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey) mint, obverse   EMMANOVHΛ, facing bust of Christ, wearing nimbus cruciger, pallium and colobium, holding gospels with both hands, to left IC, to right XC; reverse Cross on three steps with pellet at each extremity, in fields IS-XS (Jesus Christ) bAS-ILE/bAS-ILE (King of Kings); randomly selected from the actual coins in the photo, one coin; SOLD Out of Stock!

Septimius Severus, 9 April 193 - 4 February 211 A.D.
Click for a larger photo
RS01484. Silver denarius, RIC IV 120(c), RSC III 673b, near Very Fine or better, Rome mint, 197 - 198 A.D.; obverse L SEPT SEV PERT AVG IMP X, laureate head right; reverse VICT AVGG COS II P P, Victory walking left, wreath in right, palm frond in left; one denarius, FORVM's random selection from the coins pictured above; SOLD

Diocletian, 20 November 284 - 1 May 305 A.D., Roman Provincial Egypt
Click for a larger photo These coins are unattributed for reverse types and may include scarcer types. To order more than one coin change the quantity in the shopping cart. If you order multiple coins will provide as many different reverses as possible.
SP27058. Billon tetradrachm, Fine or better, Alexandria mint, bargain priced, randomly selected from the actual coins in the photo, no flip or tag, one coin; SOLD Out of Stock!

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