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Coins of the Roman Republic From the Estate of an Anonymous French Collector

Although the name of the collector is unknown, his preferences are easily determined by examining his collection. Every coin in the collection is as nature left them, naturally toned. They have not been cleaned in harsh chemicals, as is so common with coins found today. This collection was almost certainly initially cataloged no later than 1974, since the collector's tags do not refer to Crawford and issue dates indicated on the collector's tags are pre-Crawford.

Roman Republic, Uncertain Moneyer, c. 179 - 170 B.C.

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Neither MAV or MAX monograms are listed in references held by Forum. Similar to Matienus denarius, S 68, Syd 320, Craw 162/2a, RSC Matiena 2, which has the monogram MAT. Very small flan.
RR05587. Silver denarius, SRCV I -, Sydenham -, Crawford -, RSC I -, BMCRR -, Warsaw-, Ontario-, F, weight 3.05 g, maximum diameter 15.8 mm, die axis 45o, Rome? mint, c. 179 - 170 B.C.; obverse Roma head right in winged helmet; reverse Dioscuri riding right, MAV or MAX (in monogram below horses), ROMA in exergue; rare and possibly unpublished; SOLD

Roman Republic, Anonymous, 179 - 169 B.C.

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The weight standard for this issue is about 3.9 grams and an average specimen weighs 3.83 grams. -- Roman Republican Coinage by Michael H. Crawford Symbols used for this issue also include a fly and a feather.
RR05586. Silver denarius, SRCV I 70, RSC I 22, Sydenham 343, Crawford 156/1, VF, nicely toned, weight 3.82 g, maximum diameter 18.7 mm, die axis 180o, obverse head of Roma right in winged helmet, X behind; reverse Luna in a biga holding reins, crescent above head, prawn below, ROMA in a linear frame in exergue, linear border; scarce; SOLD

Q. Lutatius Cerco, 109 - 108 B.C.

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The Q on the reverse indicates the Q. Lutatius Cerco struck this type as Questor. The reverse recalls the victory of C. Lutatius Catulus at the Aegates Insulae in 241 B.C.
RR05627. Silver denarius, SRCV I 182, Crawford 305/1, Sydenham 559, RSC I Lutatia 2, VF, weight 3.78 g, maximum diameter 19.1 mm, die axis 45o, Rome mint, 109 - 108 B.C.; obverse head of young Mars right wearing crested Corinthian helmet, ROMA above, X (XVI ligature, mark of value=16 asses) behind, CERCO before; reverse galley right, Q∑LVTATI (VT in monogram) / Q, all within oak wreath; SOLD


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Coins of the Roman Republic